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I’m sure every one has followed this…

The transcript was as follows….

Photo op:  Arne visits children washing dolls and playing with clay… Too painful to visit an English or Math Class pulling out their hair over  Common Core..  We got the equivalent of Rep. Ryan washing clean pots and pans for the cameras…  Anyways:

Here are Delaware’s Achievements.

  • Test Scores Up. (the state average actually fell down in 2013 due to the first implementation of Common Core Curriculum)
  • Drop out rates down (due to programs targeting dropouts, involving high intensity teachers who are allowed to “just teach”.)
  • More young people taking AP classes (a national trend coinciding with allowing the use of smart phones now allowed to accompany students)
  • More low income students going to college ( made easier by the smaller number of students – about 2,000 – considered now to be academically ready for college. About 7,000 were not.)

Governor Markell tells of his next steps.

  • reform teacher compensation. (not pay more for higher degrees)
  • revamp the state’s education funding formula (go with 100% charter schools)

Overall Duncun stated “This is a state that’s helping demonstrate to the nation what’s possible with tenacity, with courage, and a willingness to challenge the status quo,”

In most ranking over the past 5 years, Delaware’s education still remains flat, and in the middle of the pack.

A real education governor would eliminate charter schools and work towards an 11:1 student teacher ratio in all elementary schools with poverty levels over 50% and in ninth grade…..