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She lived in Hudson’s district.  But at school, she like the excitement of the “wrong crowd” and hung out with them…  One time they ran, and she was caught…  The plea offered her was to “rat out your boyfriend”, or 10 years in state prison…  An adult would have ratted out the boyfriend.  But a young black girl deeply in love, listens to her emotions and principles.  She went to jail.

She’s out now. She’s smart compared to most ex-prisoners, She is still on state assistance.  She is clean. She spends 8 hours a day following leads for jobs.  They always end at “the box”….

One would never have thought her to be an ex-convict. She is bright, articulate, animated, and when she tells her story, you certainly see how she simply got trapped up in a justice system that has callous regard for anyone with darker skin colors….

She would make anyone, especially the first person who hired her and provided her real living wages, a marvelous employee. But she never gets the chance to tell her story.  Her application gets dropped off, goes into the file DO NOT HIRE, and nothing more is heard….

Deborah Hudson, a Republican Delaware Representative, believes this is great.  “This is wonderful” her actions show the world, as she cast her vote against this black woman, who grew up as a well-to-do little girl in her district,  by voting not to disallow the box…

The box is where you must check if you have been convicted of any criminal violation.

I wonder what was going through her mind.  How can anyone turn their back on real human beings just to support their party, the Republican Party, a party that incidentally is dying out everywhere except in extreme radical pockets, as we speak?

How does one live with that?

I think she should renounce her party, and switch now to the Democratic caucus, so she can finally be allowed to vote her conscious.  That is why she was elected, right?