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If you are a writer …… when you stare death in the face you have to write about it.  And that was today in Legislative Hall.

Everyone dies…..

But not everyone truly …lives….

And without question, Beau Biden had a really full life for a man of 46 years.  It is that we should celebrate simply because it is exceptional… Many of us tonight still walking this earth, in the remainder of our lifetimes could not accomplish what this fellow has…

And I think we need to celebrate that…. Here was a man who lived well. Married well. Had a wonderful family.  Served his country in Afghanistan. Ran the Attorney General’s office better than many of recent memory…..

If he could do it… so can we… we are all mortals… the root of which comes from the Latin word for death….  He didn’t sit on his butt.  Perhaps we do…

And that, is what we should celebrate….. That here on this planet was a man who cheated death once as a little boy, and was determined not to cheat himself out of one moment of living knowing it could go at any time…. He lived a good life. Though we grieve for what could have been, had cancer not called his number, we must remember that like him many Americans have gone before and died prematurely.  Not all of them lived as well as he.

If each of us can carry a little of the fire he had, and muscle through the grind of every new day with passion in remembrance of him,  then his spirit lives on, here on earth, as it does in heaven…..


Death is not a bad thing…  It is sad due to the goodbyes, but those goodbyes are temporary… One day we too will be dead and then find ourselves in the same boat… Will we meet up?  Tradition says yes.  Something in our genes tells us yes. And personal stories passed down man to man, woman to woman, of strange, odd, occurrences surrounding people who’ve passed, tell us maybe….

Mankind has always believed so, and being of that species, until I receive direct proof I will continue to believe so with every particle of atom of my body…

Death is like going to Europe… or New Zealand… Someplace so awesome, and so far away, we can only go there once, and must have all our ducks in order before we make the trip.   Some of us can’t make it right now… We have things to do here.  But when we’re done, we too will get our ticket and head over to join the celebration that has been ongoing since the dawn of time….

No.  Death is not a bad thing… It is the next step….. A graduation….  An acknowledgement that we have gone through our trials and tribulations here on this planet and now, have the universe to travel… For that we do.. No longer bound by space or time, we who still are can only imagine the possibilities that being so free can provide…

So for now, Beau… it’s “see you later.”  Say hello to your mom and sister for me… I never met them but I knew their husband and dad, so can only imagine that they really have to be a super great pair of people….

And if you can use your position in space time to enable us down here to continue making the world a better place, give us a wink, will you?  Or nose wiggle, or whatever it is you have to do up there…

Although down here it may seem awhile… up there:  Carry on dude, we’ll be there shortly…..  ❤

No. Death is not a bad thing.