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Notice the beginning trend of 2016……

This was predicted under global warming models of a few years ago, however the time line was 2070-80.  We are approaching this 50-60 years too early.

Which means we are on a heat-loop and accelerating much faster than expected.

There is serious speculation that all arctic ice could melt this year (2016).  Which means if it transpires, we will wipe out the entire population of polar bears who normally venture on the icecap in summer and will have to retreat to the last point of unmelted ice.


We probably should began formulating a doable plan to rescue them just in case the scenario occurs.


Bottom line, is that events everywhere are driving the point that someway, somehow, we will need access to a lot more money. Which means the last thing we need in this overheating world, is one more Republican unwilling to accept global warming, achieving office anywhere in this country….

(That is not a political statement btw; it is pure truth).


Brrrr Im Freezing

You know it is bad when you are tracking on the bottom of the standard deviation….  Every single year…

Like a strained marriage there comes a time, a moment, when there is no going back… Earth files for a divorce. You don’t know when its coming. But every day it doesn’t come kinda rewards continued bad behavior, until one day… Boom, it’s over and all the consequences you thought would never happen to you, dump very quickly.

You discover your bright future is over. and it’s time to pay.  Boy, do you pay…