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Lol. he will hate me now… I’m talking about Al Mascitti.  And  as a disclaimer, I acknowledge that now in hind sight, the Donald stands far more negatively than any American in recent memory so this analogy probably has so much additional clutter attached, it no longer is a good one… sigh.

If I can ask your indulgence, I will only continue to make that connection because like the Donald, Al Mascitti was able to vent the frustration millions of American’s feel towards their government who sold them out instead to a higher bidder… We now understand how a slave teen  felt, growing up in a nice plantation home, friends of the family even though a servant, and at a young age, without warning, being put on the block and auctioned off to a highest bidder…

Al brought that home.. His rages supposedly got him in trouble.  “People don’t want to hear that” is how Rick Jensen tried to gloss over it…  But Al was no different then Glenn Beck and people lapped THAT up. He was no different than Rush Limbaugh. People lapped THAT up. He was no different than Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, or Fox News for that matter…  He simply expressed controlled anger towards the establishment.

Just like the Donald…

And a large number of silent people DID want to hear those frustrations that mirrored their daily lives.. Instead, it was the “control elements” of our society, who didn’t want you to hear it… The same big money Republicans who didn’t want you to hear Donald Trump. First they put their money on Jeb Bush.. That fizzled. Next, they put their money on Rubio… That fizzled, their money is now on Cruz… who is fizzling…  These “controllers” were wrong about the anger just as Delmarva Broadcasting was wrong about Al’s “anger”… and anger most of us called “constructive thought”….

The “anger of the American People” is like a hard rain falling…  It sits on flat land until it finds a place to go, and then the pent of weight of all that water flows with a vengeance….

The anger has slowly been building for 15 years as Republicans stopped the Federal Government from doing its job, as corporate giants moved into the vacuum with impunity, as people became stretched like too little butter on a slice of bread… Now, the bread is tearing…

Trump points to Mexicans, Muslims, blacks, gays, disruptors, and Liberals and says, “these are your problem.  I’ll exterminate them if you let me do so”… and for many people having less competition in the job market is deemed as a good thing… “Great”, they say, “exterminate the whole lot of them..”

Bernie points to corporations and the rich, and says… “These are your problem.. We will restrain them with laws and jail sentences if you put me in power, they must obey the law the same as you…”   and for many people who were raised on America’s moral values in churches and synagogues, putting needs of people over the need to make more money, is not bad at all.

When Trump lashes out, his supporters cheer… When Al lashed out, his supporters cheered.. The difference is in who those supporters were.  Nothing Al said or did was any different than any other anger channeling  human being.  But all the people who said they didn’t like Al, all tended to be people who really needed to hear how their actions are really hurting this state as a whole, by hurting all those living in it…

In removing Al, his message was silenced, making this unmentioned threat real. “We are corporate America” this act of firing, states; “we do not stand for dissent against us”.  As long as you want to get angry at people trying to tax us, trying to regulate us, trying to hold our feet to the fire so we might have to pay them higher wages, then you can be as angry as you like.  You can rail, shout, throw things, no problem.  Just don’t tell the truth about how we are stealing all your money and keeping you down in trash heap, or we will shut you up and shut you down.

When you allow one thing for one side and disallow it for the other side, you are playing favorites.

Now as we look around, that is very obvious what happened…because the other side is still being angry. The liberals side was the only side silenced. Making what he was saying be what got him tossed. Not … in how he was saying it…

But if you are Liberal and cannot grasp how anyone could be so supportive of Donald Trump, look at how you feel about Al.  Though the message is different the emotion is exactly the same…   He told you the truth you secretly knew, but the establishment didn’t want you to hear…  And those conservatives who hate him because of what THEY are, are exactly you scratching your head how anyone could possibly follow the Donald.

I wish there was a way a lot of us could run his campaign against John Carney… That is exactly what Delaware needs….  a path for all the flood water to go. Winning the governorship would not be the prime objective; getting an alternative message out and pulling Carney out of conservatism or painting him into a Conservative corner where it couldn’t win, would be highly beneficial to the state for many generations to come….

Susan Monday came on at 9:00 today.  Susan hails from 105.9, a sister station of WDEL located in Dover. Al has been scrubbed entirely from the WDEL website. Today Susan’s conversation was imported from 2006… “What we should do about waterboarding?”  Really? I flipped stations after 15 minutes because that battle was fought and won 10 years ago… The two callers I recognized from battling them back then on Delaware Politics and Delaware Right.  Even with Al, I always had another station burning in the background but would hold off depending on Al’s topics. With Susan, it is now a no brainer.

Furthermore at exactly the same time,  Allan Loudell’s blog comment section has switched over to only to Facebook verification, there is no bypass.  Those of you who do comment on Facebook, and feel disheartened by Al’s absence, should go to Allan Loudell’s blog  and replicate the thread you put down at Delaware Liberal..

Whether this change was insisted by someone to shut down a very powerful voice which did create multiple backlashes which in fact, did stymie a rather large number of New Castle County crony get-rich-schemes, OR…. whether it was as is being played, a business move to try and grow more conservative listeners downstate,…..  either way, there is now no progressive main stream media outlet in this state.

It’s like the world just went silent.

What can we do?

Use your facebook account to log onto her greeting on Al Loudell’s Blog and express your complaint. (If you get scrubbed, comment on that too, here)

Join the boycott of Boulden Brothers, Sobieski, Calvert (Now One Hour Air) Horizon HVAC, Concord Pet. They are the largest commercial advertisers. (can’t really boycott the DSEA)… Hitting them publicly will put progressitivity back on the burner faster than anything else. Visit them on Facebook.

Scold Susan Monday’s twitter feed that Northern Delaware’s attention span is too short for her ramblings; we are all dropping off …  30 tweets allegedly stand for 30,000 people who didn’t bother to tweet but feel the same way… (That is what Twitter advertising claims.)

And of course tell everyone you know how WDEL has gone downhill. I guess it was destined, being the only true news source in the tri-state area; eventually it would have to go the way of all the others… Now all we get is one sided news, efficiently scrubbed clean of any progressive points, and therefore one sided.  WDEL just went from great icon status, to another News Journal.. Seriously, how many of you still look at that anymore?

Sigh, I guess I’ll have to pay more attention to the blogs…