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Newark City is thinking of privatizing their garbage collection.

Here are things to remember:

  • As a public service, their prime duty is to their customers. Which is you.
  • As a private service, their prime duty is to their investors, not you.
  • As a public service, there is public input allowed on raising the rates.
  • As a private service there is no public overseer of rate rising.
  • As a public service hiring locals, all the money spent on labor, returns to your economy.
  • As a private service the money spent on labor goes to where each employee lives.
  • As a public service if you complain someone follows up.
  • As a private service they can tell you, we just don’t do that…
  • As a public service, a contract is valid as long as the city is standing or until it is replaced by City Council
  • As a private entity, a contract is null and void as soon as the company is acquired by another investor.

These are the grand points to ponder… Another is this…  can a private service perform the operation as well or cheaper than the city.  If savings are sufficient, it may pay to switch….

But this concerns all of you…  Please go to the Church of the Nazarene on Paper Mill Road for the discussion and public airing of this proposal… Set this date… Monday, September 21, 2015 … at 6 pm….  Don’t be pushed around… And don’t believe everything you hear about privatization… some of you still remember what happened with Delmarva Power….

If your public school mandated that all graduates need to jump a 6 foot high bar in order to pass, would you simply let them go through with it, or would you opt them out?

If your public school mandated that all graduates needed to perform Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto Number 3, with only 7 errors or not graduate, would you simply let them go through with it, or would you opt out?

If your public school mandated that all graduates needed to dance the first half of the Swan Lake ballet perfectly in order to graduate, would you simply let them go through with it, or would you opt out?

If your public school mandated that all graduates needed to memorize the Koran in order to graduate, would you simply let them go through with ti, or would you opt out?

If your public school mandated that all graduates needed to recite back the 5th Chapter of Hitler’s Mein Kempf in order to graduate, would you simply let them go through with it, or would you opt out?

If your public school mandated that the final exam must be answered in Ukraine, would you simply let them go through with it, or would you opt out?

On the same scale but with different topics, this is what is being asked of every Delaware child this spring….  Can you meet the super high bar we have set for you?  Because if you don’t, you will fail; your teachers will lose their jobs; and your schools, whether Gateway Charter, Moyer, Warner, Shortlidge, Bancroft, Bayard, Highlands, or that other one, will be shut down and sold off to the highest bidder in a closed auction.

The test is designed to fail 70% of students….  If all the students miraculously do very well, the curve still stands: 70% will fail… If all the students unsurprisingly do very poorly, the curve still stands:  70% will fail… It is fore-ordained.

Your child has a 7 in one chance of failing… Not because he is not smart… His brain capacity does not change… No, he is being failed over an administrative action…  “WE HAVE TOO MANY CHILDREN PASSING…. RAISE THE STANDARDS HIGHER SO FEWER CAN MOVE ON.”

A two-tiered educational system is being created out of the burned out hulls of our public schools. Those who are given the “cheats” ( two educated parents, lots of early brain development, 5000 word vocabularies at age 5, reading and math games from age 1 to age 5)… versus everyone else.  If you can think like the test makers want you to think, you will pass and advance to become one of the future privileged.  But if you had immigrant parents, one parent, or one guardian, were poor, had no books, imprinted on an English accent other then the King’s tongues, then too bad.  You were deemed stupid.  The super-hard test says so. No good jobs for you.  McDonald’s is hiring.

So instead of giving every student an equal opportunity, the Smarter Balance Assessment will cull out only those who have been privileged, and leave absolutely all others in squalor. This is why it must be stopped.  If it goes through, many children will undeservingly be left behind… In fact, all except the fortunate 30%, will cease to develop further and never be given the equal opportunity our forefathers hoped all citizens could rise to achieve.

This Smarter Balanced Assessment was never discussed with the public… It’s implications are mostly unknown to the majority of Americans without school aged children.   It is just one more prong to establish an elite among American citizens.

If your child or grandchild would fail any of the requirements offered in jest above, there is a very good likelihood he is going to fall into the 70%….


How to stop this.


A good example is to study Prohibition.  That too was caused by a handful of temperance radicals (who through trickery) sneaked through the act of Prohibition, foisting it upon millions of Americans who woke up one day and went… “Huh?”

“Fvck it” (the Latin version) they said, and like low speed limits and anti-hand cell phone legislation, decided en masse not only to disobey it, but flaunt their disobedience unless someone enforcing the law was watching… Even most police forces chose not to arrest places serving liquor or patrons receiving it, as long as they got to drink there as well.

Eventually Prohibition was quietly repealed by a new administration who simply didn’t want to deal with enforcing such a bad law.

The same must happen with the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  There is a highly contagious flu this season.  So keep your child out during the Smarter Balanced Assessment window so as not to contaminate all others … (Nothing gets taught during the testing window; they show movies (PG-13 and R) to those waiting their turn to take the test).

If no one takes the test. the micro results have no credibility and can’t be used.  It is like enforcing prohibition.  No one wants to enforce a law that is extremely unpopular….

If you truly love your child, you need to opt them out of their taking their Smarter Balanced Assessment, otherwise they will come home demoralized and feeling pathetically stupid. They aren’t the stupids… The stupid ones were the parents who didn’t opt them out.

It is common among politicos that after an election we once again take notice of our surroundings … Like sleeping in the back of a car while someone else is driving, we wake up and before saying something idiotic, we quietly look around.  Here is what I saw.


Corporate profits are at record highs… Higher than in 1929… Capitalism at its best ever. More than 200,000 jobs are being added every month. Unemployment is under, under 6%.

U.S. gross national product growth is the best of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries..  The dollar’s value is at its strongest in this millennium.  Stock Market is at its all time record high.  Gasoline prices have finally fallen to where we think they should have been all along.

There is no inflation; yet interest rates are lower than they have ever been.

Dependence on imported oil is declining. Domestic oil production is climbing. the deficit is rapidly declining and the wealthy are still making considerable amounts of money.

In sharp contrast to the Bush years, America is leading the world once again and respected internationally  Obama brought soldiers home from Iraq, Afghanistan, and we killed Osama bin Laden.

This is the most successful Republican President, ever.

Yet this really did just happen.  Conservatives just voted in the party that got us into this mess and kicked out the party that dug us out….

That’s about it.

Time to crawl back into the shell of the next upcoming election….

Tonight we will hear about achievement gaps… People will pontificate “not enough is being done”. These poor children will suffer …(if we don’t make them suffer even more because that is what education reformers do)…..

Michelle Rhee promised great changes in Washington.  We had to be tougher; we had to fire teachers who were not raising standards; and if we just physically smashed learning 24/7 into poor black’s and Hispanic’s heads, we could close the achievement gap…..and we had to pay the leaders exorbitant salaries.  That is how you got talent in the door the was good enough to close the achievement gap.

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free;
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless,
Tempest-tossed to me
I will beat them over the head with tests so hard they will shriek for mercy!

Did it work?  It’s been 6 years.  One would think it did, because here tonight, in Wilmington, we will have the exact same crowd (charter schools) stacking a meeting to turn public schools over to charters, saying the exact same things Michelle Rhee did years ago….

Question is… did it work?

blacks don't achieve dickHispanics don't achieve dickhispanics don't achieve any dickhisp

As we can see, just as soon as the erasures stopped, the diversion from the goal began… The cheating scandal is responsible for the first two marks, showing too perfect alignment.  The rest took place once Michelle left with her big erasure,

Wilmington must stand guard…  Re-eating Michelle’s leftovers could give our city one major case of  Dia Rhee A……..

New kid killed by cop.  Independence Missouri…

This time, the kids dad is a cop.

Witnesses blame it all on the arresting officer… Wanted to show his buddies he was worthy of the KKK.


If you are black, you need to vote this November… no matter what district you live in.

If you are women, you need to vote this November… no matter what district you live in.

If you have kids in Common Core, you need to vote in this election, no matter what district you live in.

If you are making too little money at work, you need to vote in this election, no matter what district you live in.


The America of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s is under attack.  Extreme nuts want to take us back to 1859…..

As long as they aren’t completely routed events beyond belief will continue.  Everywhere as well as in Missouri….

This is about hate.  The best way to get rid of hate is to vote for love…  Think about it…

Florida and Missouri…

When was the last national murder outrage in a Democratic state? I think it was in the Republican enclave of LA, with Rodney King, in the otherwise Democratic state of California….

But I don’t know of any in New York. Vermont… Massachusetts…. Rhode Island…. Minnesota…. It always seems to take place in states that have lots and lots of Republicans…. like Missouri… and Florida…..

I don’t mean to cast disparagement upon all Republicans, but this is a puzzling conundrum… Why is it only Republican states that exist in such a state of dysfunction, that when someone murders a black, they get away with no criminal charges?

I think several generalities apply.

One, Republicans are just plain scared of black people. “Don’t get out of your car till he passes”..

Two, Republican philosophy stresses individuality as well as that a government’s rules and regulations should not apply to people and that everyone already in power should be allowed to do whatever it is they wish, because they are the “true” Americans and have a little flag patch on their upper sleeve to prove it….

Three, Republicans believe that having a gun, means killing something… What’s the point of being a policemen (or self-appointed vigilante) if you can’t kill your fellow human beings the Republican mentality goes. We saw it in Florida’s legislature. They throughly enjoyed and almost could not contain their rapture that their law, allowed for the public elimination of a black person. Almost it seemed that any means available to legally kill black people, especially if it gets around that inconvenient(to them) law that says, black people are equal to whites and deserve the same protections,… is something good….

Four, Republicans honestly feel blacks are not people… “Those darky things, over there..” they say. Republicans unlike Democrats, do not see blacks as their fellow brothers or sisters from a different mother…

Five, Republicans have an inflated sense of their own importance. If they tell you to stop, and you do, it gives them the right to shoot you dead… Sort of as in, “I’m SOOOOOOOOO IMPORTANT… I AM THE OMNIPOTENT AND CAN KILL PEOPLE WITH IMPUNITY. BUT IF I KILL WHITE PEOPLE, SOMEONE WILL BE MAD. HEY! BLACK PEOPLE DON’T MATTER. CAUSE ROMNEY, SAID SO…

I’ll stop there. Now keep in mind, not all Republicans feel that way. Chris Christie, for example, would agree exactly with everything I said, if he was talking about a fringe of his party… Because they are a fringe. Just like those clowns at Bundy’s ranch, those people who were too insane for mental internment so we gave them guns and banished them to a desert…. So I think all (even Republicans) can agree. It is this fringe that keeps biting all good Republicans in the ass… And we have to wonder why?

I think we can see the answer right here in Charlie Copeland, who is in charge of trying to mend a party that was shattered into single atoms, back into a viable political entity… In order to have any numbers promoting his self-respect, he has to cater to the fringe: those outlandish impostors who think they alone are a gift to all under-aged women… In Delaware, the far right fringe eliminated all viable Republicans from power. I believe that in other states, which due to their geography may be less Democratic, one encounters far more fringe elements and therefore, the party must due to their numbers, cater to their episodes of psychological dysfunction….

This allows the fringe to think they can act with impunity, and if they want to shoot a black person… what the heck. no one cares… stupid fool happened to show up while I was here… Oh look, he’s stopped running away and is putting his hands up? Good, let me get closer. Ok, he’s only 5 feet away, I can hit that. Let me empty this clip into his freaking big head… Pow. Pow. Pow. Pow. Pow. Pow. Pow. Pow… Ewww wow, neat “O”.. did you see how his head exploded with each hit and all that blood and meat shot everywhere… Cool… Wonder if there is another one I can still shoot?…

And that is my theory on why, white cops shooting underage black children, can only occur in states run by Republicans… Because there is no consequence. If you only said… the next black child who gets killed by a white police man, will cause all handguns, assault rifles, and miniature cannons to become illegal in the state of Missouri or Florida, then such incidents simply would never happen. For there would be real consequences then…. If in your capacity as a police officer you accidentally shot and killed a black child, the NRA would have you dead before the sun rose the next day.

What happens to elected officials when turned out of office?  They become lobbyists.   Prostitutes for hire.  The higher bidder, the better.  With so much money currently floating among the top 1%, there is currently a very high demand for those former elected officials, who can ply their skills, prestige, and contacts, into pushing “special” legislation down the corridors of change……

Based on his actions back in his twenties, I was expecting more out of the former Mayor Baker. But I guess, everyone has got to eat… And if you are staving badly enough, there is nothing to which you won’t stoop, to get a free meal…..

The check is in the mail, Mr. Baker…    Obviously in your new position, facts don’t play a role. Though those were important in your old job, they are the opposite of what your new one entails…  We understand that… You are forgiven….

The one factor you forgot to mention;  is poverty.   Poverty determines proficiency levels; not skin color… and brains do come out of the womb pretty much all the same.

The second factor you forgot to mention, is charter schools under-perform  public schools.  Of course one can compare a top white basketball player to a poor black one, and say… “see we need more whites on the basketball court”… But there is something missing in your argument. That is all the white basketball players who shoot under 20% under the basket.  You failed to mention the proficiency rates of every other charter in the state.  And cherry picked only the best two. and cherry picked the worst two public schools….

We understand your concern for black males. Your cause is noble.  However there are white males out there who are poor too and they have similar scores.  Maine and Delaware both test almost all their students on the SAT… Whereas Delaware is mixed with a high urban percentage, Maine is all white and rural. Delaware scores are higher than Maine’s   Both states are poor, with Maine being poorer than Delaware. So you see, it is poverty that is the problem, not the melanin in one’s skin….  It is extremely hard to educate a child who leaves school, doesn’t eat, has no electricity, and has to be wary of being attacked 24/7.  To them, classroom is a vacation, and anything said there, is irrelevant to the jungle which is his/her real world. …..

You mentioned Warner.  and the figures you quoted were accurate.  What you failed to cover was that children in 3rd grade tested at 33,31 and in fourth grade rose to 41,35.  Not bad for a poverty level of 93.5%.   And they held those gains in 5th grade as well. Net gains?  +7 ELA, -6 Math.  This comes from the same DOE chart you looked at.

Kuumba which you praise, BEGINS third grade at astronomical levels… Wow… Do they only select rocket scientists and don’t have to take everyone that comes in?…. Their third graders tested at 82,83… then rose only in ELA, while dropping in math at fourth grade to…. 92,76…… then  DROPPED both ELA and math in 5th Grade… 85, 61.… Net gain for Kuumba was +3 points ELA, -22 for Math..

All you did in this piece was the equivalent of taking the Philly 76’rs that are highly selective, and compare it to the pick-up teams on the worn down courts in East Side, who have to take whoever comes on in their pickup games… You further failed to mention the equivalent of the 76r’s track record this year, or that the pickup team elevated itself into a championship round on the intramural courts…. So which team’s structure is better? Tthe team that improves over its tenure? Or the team that falls apart?

It doesn’t take a basketball coach to see that all those smart children in Kuumba, would do much, much better if they had the quality teachers of Warner, instead of being pulled out of class to dance in the streets every time a state official comes by to give their headmaster a plaque….

If the failure rate of Kuumba was applied across all of Wilmington’s children, the negativity would be catastrophic.  Which is why, all our smart legislators are saying we need full control over charters…. And mind you, I did this presentation with the very best charter, Kuumba.  I could have used Pencader, REACH, or Moyer, (but the performance of those charters would embarrass you too much…).  Can you imagine if every black child was placed in a Pencader?

Now you asked, why would anyone want to limit charter and impede growth?

Charters take money away from public schools.  If a school like Warner which is forced to take in the lowest of the low, allows a charter to skim off all it’s top students, it loses $3700 for each of those students, and depresses its proficiency level… Which means it has to make do on 85% of what it did prior to the influx of charter, and do so with a higher percentage of its students in special ed and high risk…. Across this state there are 92% of Delaware’s children in Public schools…Only 8% are in charters… Next year it has been approved to jump by 2300 more students with four new charters opening or an 22% jump in the number of Charter students…. That means that even if those charters are performing as well as the current public schools do now, (which they won’t; look at Kuumba above), 90% of the rest of Delaware’s students will have their schools underfunded.…..  Now if you are having trouble paying your bills now, how are you going to do it on 15% less?  Huh?

You can’t, so you cut back essential goods and services…  And those 93.5% of Warner’s children listed as low income, are now given even  less of an opportunity to succeed in a world that is so inordinately stacked against them….

What is sad, Mr. Baker, is that you know better.  As a young man you stood on the courthouse steps and wagged your finger and demanded equal opportunity for the black folk, (I think that is the nice term we all called them back then… )

So why are you selling them out now,  for a paycheck?   Of all things?

Instead, what you should be saying is that we need more funding in public schools, that we need higher taxes on our top one percenters to pay for it, that we need charter schools funded as are vocational schools by a line item in the state budget as a luxury, and not a necessity stealing funds away from public schools that currently show more growth than Kuumba… You should be crusadeing for an 11:1 student teacher ration, in every k-5 school with over 50% levels of low income students!

You should be demanding that no charters open and take public money, until ALL the problems are first fixed in the public schools. Because public schools perform better than charters…. when you look at the growth in each child…

If we had your way, we would mediocritize all the best potential the African American community has to offer, and then completely destroy the other 90% of all the rest…Your plan will make us into a Chester,  Camden, or Philadelphia.  We are better than that.

You are selling the black man out.  With your amazing history, that is heartbreakingly sad… sort of like Brutus who fought along Caesar all those years, turning and  stabbing Caesar in the back…….