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It is terrible that today’s news has put fatherhood into a bad light… But things like that happen, and we have to pick up the pieces and go on.. However, through the reflection one can see that fatherhood is an important part of our being, and that those who lack one, for whatever reason, have a tough time making up their loss.

Of course when I was young, I never really believed it. But over time when I compare different people, those daughters who had great relationships with their fathers, tend today to be better balanced and probably will do well in later life…

As I think about it, how women are accepted by men is the one area where having a father while growing up, matters… If women have a father who accepts them as they are, they become self sufficient and rather independent. Once on our own, they tend to look for someone who accepts them as they are, and if not… good bye. If they have a father who sets extraordinary high standards, and they don’t meet them, and they feel they have lost his love because of their failures, they are then in a constant search of approval to fill that need which lies vacant inside of them..

Thereby they become succeptable to capricious whims of their mates and employers… But the best results come from those fathers who show their daughters a father’s love, meanwhile demanding high standards totally independent of their affection,….Out there it is, not so much a man’s world, anymore, but it is still the real world, and every girl going out on their own, needs to be prepared to deal with hard knocks… Dad’s tend to deal with those more gracefully.

A girl who has no father is like a leaf in the wind. When the first guy asks her out, she has no template to compare him to… Even if he is dangerous, she simply does not know… These kids go through a series of hard knocks.. Whereas a single mother can advise, she can never convince a daughter who knows better.. To her, the dad is the ultimate approval giver… Those girls without dads, are always one half of the wild ones.

The other half, are those who had a father they desparately want to please, but who ignores them… They are wild and crazy to receive anyone’s attention, to get noticed. They are simply saying through their actions, “here is some of the pain back at you for what you gave me…”

Over the years, the best thing a father and daughter can do is talk… Father’s say a lot of hokey things, and usually insist on a higher moral standard for females than they do guys, and talking about sex to them is still too weird… But there is nothing like a Dad listening in on a woman’s problem, and saying, “don’t worry, we will all work it out… it’s just a bump in the road… Together we will help you get through it….”

A year ago most of us had given up on Britney Spears.. But here on her twenty-seventh birthday, (today) she is back and again, a force to be reckoned with… What happened to stop the spiral?

A Different Britney Spears
Photo Courtesy of I.D.Com.

Her dad stepped back into her life…

And that… has made all the difference.

So those dads among you with daughters, keep talking to them. Remember they are not your little innocent girls anymore… They are adults, struggling to put pieces together, just as you struggled to figure things out when you were young… And you had it much easier than they do… you were dating women!… They have to deal with men… You know how complex you are yourself; you can imagine all the crap they will have to go through to find someone who will make them happy for life….

So bear with them.. Don’t hold their hands… Don’t patronize them…Don’t give them unnecessary criticism… They are learning as they go… Just a little love is all they need…along with an undiscerning ear once in awhile.. Just that and the confidence of knowing that if you support them, they should after several tries, be able to conqueror anything…

Provide them words of wisdom, but let them learn from their own mistakes…

Happy Birthday, Britney.

The child molester is expected to win in Georgia, It will take a miracle to unseat him… But that win will give every Democrat something to continually kick around for another six years, and having Saxby Chambliss to kick around, may be beneficial to continually point out the discrepancies between “what Republicans say” and “what they actually do“…

(Disclaimer: There are good people reading this who for lack of a better word, may still consider themselves Republicans.. Obviously I do not even remotely consider them to be associated within this category, but again for lack of a better word, must continue using that political term (Republicans) until their party comes up with a way to distinguish between those Republicans who are smart, wise, and pragmatic, from those that are so stupid they don’t know what Africa is, they never heard of a prophylactic, can’t read, can’t pronounce the Senator from Georgia’s last name, don’t know any Supreme Court decisions, and their state is now paying $1.00 more for gasoline than the rest of the country, while their state revenues have fallen 75% with the recent drop of the price of oil….and they are spending critical decision making time campaigning down in Georgia for a videotaped Child molester…). Now how stupid is that?

Now here in Delaware, we really don’t care one iota about who Georgians want to pick to represent them… That is until the blatant incestuous molestation occurred, and the statement: “I am Saxby Chambliss, and I approved this message” came out.. Any parent seeing that, unless they purposefully molest their own children, would love to see that horrible man… taken out….

Instead of taking him out, Republicans bring in their 2012 hopeful to stump for him… Instead, they say they are the “real America”. Instead … well never mind… if you don’t get it by now, you truly deserve the Republicans in government you pick to represent you…

But the whole point of this writing is to help those in the Republican party who are struggling where to go during the next four years… My aim here is to point out that they are trying to win the support of the “dumb”, by being even “dumber”… Their folksy Sarah Palin platitudes, such as Russia’s Putin looking over Alaska (no doubt into Sarah Palin’s bedroom, just hoping she prances out again wearing nothing but a towel), going up in a debate against Obama’s solid track record of solid accomplishments over the next four years? Look dudes… Don’t EVEN give us the opportunity… You were dumb this year; you expect to make it up by being even dumber next time around?… How funny is that?….LOL…

Now who am I too say… but if I… if I were running their party… I would be looking for a smart candidate who could match wits with Obama in four years; not someone who looks like a piece of cardboard whenever the Kleig lights come on. I would be looking for someone who could be pragmatic and say “here is why Obama’s plans don’t work, and mine did… Here is what we need to do to fix this mess”… Not someone who says “no” to the earmark of a “Bridge to Nowhere” and then spends the money elsewhere…. LOL. I would look for a Republican who wisely balances his budget by bringing in lots of revenue, instead of someone who believes if you are given a blank check, you should spend $150,000 on jewelery and clothes from Neiman Marcus…LOL… If I were running their party, I would pick someone who supports family values, not someone who makes America think of putting lipstick on their own dog….LOL… Of course, these are just some ideas… I will not be running their party, simply because their base is plain stupid…

We showed you in Delaware how inept Lee was… We showed you in Delaware how duplicitous Charlie Copeland was… We showed you in Delaware how flat O’Donnell was… We showed you in Delaware how the broken-down Strine mechanization of leadership, has stifled any burst of growth which could have blossomed and made a dark day brighter…. The problem was not all Bush… The problem is Republican leadership… We offered solutions, of course, but because we were bloggers and deemed unimportant..(.LOL..) very few took us seriously… Those that did, are in office now… (You’re welcome.)

Delaware Republicans have two bright stars… (Just thinking outside the box, now)… Cathcart and Burris… If you want to rebuild, you take what works and make more of them… But since Dupont left the local scene… Republicans, I should say on the average, have not made smart decisions…

Copeland could have won… All he had to do was become a champion for Bluewater Wind..That is all he had to do. Had he outmaneuvered Denn by being the more progressive Wind candidate, he could have turned the national trend on its ear… But no… brains were not something he inherited from his lineage… just money.

On the other hand, Cathcart was one of early supporters of the greatest thing to ever hit Delaware, using his position to run interference in attempts to run the spear through its heart while still in its crib…. Likewise it was Cathcart who seized upon Burris’s challenge to Atkins, who kept the threat of censure a hot topic, until the resignation occurred and Greg Hastings took John Atkins place.. Likewise it was Cathcart WHO WAS THE ONLY STATE REPRESENTATIVE OR SENATOR TO SEND BACK DEVELOPER’S MONEY FREELY GIVEN BY THE HOME BUILDER’S ASSOCIATION OF DELAWARE. And it was a maximum contribution too, even in the midst of a very tough fight against Rebecca Walker during a Democratic year! But…. that association was the driving force promoting workforce housing in lower New Castle County.

Unlike every other Republican… Cathcart has earned my respect. He did so by his actions. Not by some stupid, stupid press conference and where he demands his opponent sign some stupid, stupid pledge, and trying to look sooo tough, because he demanded that a pledge be signed, and his opponent wouldn’t sign it… Give us a break… Just because people in your party are not intelligent enough to see competence for what it is… don’t even expect the rest of us to stoop to their level.. LOL… And yet, as I read remarks about who is to become the next RNC chairman… your party regulars are still trying to prove to everyone, that not only are you dumb, but that you think you can actually capture the hearts of America, by being even dumber… LOL….

Well, if you do.. here is my prediction.. Smart people are going to follow leaders like Cathcart and Burris, who will be forced to leave, and your party will become the party of child molesters and towel wearers… LOL… Because granted… your party has a problem… YOU HAVE VERY STUPID PEOPLE IN IT! And to win their support in any primary contest, you have to stupefy yourself to a point where you lose all credibility in the General Election… That is a very real problem and one you will have to make sure you address…

How stupid are these stupid people? LOL… Well I’m glad you asked… Lately one of the stupidest persons ever to hit Delaware’s blogosphere has showed up on Delaware Politics.Net..and in comments has crossed over to here… Now I love this guy, (he’s fake), just as I love Tina Fey’s representation of Sarah Palin… He is so stupid he’s hilarious… And the harder he tries to compensate for his stupidity, the “stupider” he becomes… LOL… and it’s sooo funny… It would be selfish of me to share all of the fun, so here is one thread, and another, where he has posted… You can tell it just eats at him that smart people don’t take him seriously… He just can’t understand why Americans would repudiate all he stands for… He just ignores facts.. and like a stupid robot, just spouts routine platitudes… And what is so funny, I think, is that he thinks he is being clever… LOL…

Republicans, I feel your pain… You have to deal with people like this all the time…. I should feel sorry for you, but you are always making me laugh too hard…. I can’t….LOL..

So do you really like being laughed at year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year… like we all are doing so right now…LOL (Thanks Sarah Palin and Child Molester Chambliss)… or do you want to do something about it… Because those among you who are stupid may cheer when you hear the crowds gathering to hear Sarah Palin attempt to speak… But in all honesty… you should know… the rest of America is making fun of all of you and everything you represent. LOL.

So get with it Republicans. Make a choice… Either go dumber, and dumber, and dumber.. as you have these past few years… or find smart, pragmatic, Republicans and start doing what they do. They’re out there… Try reading blogs sometimes… You’ll pick them out right away.

Because we all know… blogs are written by smart people irrelevant of political party.

Courtesy to Delaware Liberal.

As a parent, this bothers me. It brings up the question as to why he would do it?

Obviously it’s intent is to send a signal. “Like I am master”; “I’m beyond Reproach”; “I am in complete Control”; “My needs trump all Others”.

It also says I don’t care what society thinks; I’m doing exactly what I want.

With today’s technology, were it a misplaced squeeze, it could have easily been reshot and spliced. And with Republican hopes of a Senate victory, you know their top analysts all looked at it before it was sent out?

Puzzling… why was it left in?

Yes, it supports the Republican’s version of family values.. “keeping it in the family” But it also shows a very callous nature on the person playing the role of the father…

What it shows is that in that arrangement, a daughter’s place is to serve the needs of her father, and not what I always thought should occur… a father’s role to grow and nurture his daughter…

When one places this scene in context with his last election, where his Vietnam-ed missing limbed opponent was deemed to be too un-American for Congress… you see a psychologically disturbing trend…

This is one sick man, folks.. This is the last thing Congress needs right now.

You really have to ask… why would anyone do this?

And I won’t even bring up what it does to the daughter who now has to live with this the rest of her life…

Her first college date: “Oh…. so you’re THAT daughter….”

Got to love little children… they see things so clearly…

After seeing this graph, my preschooler instantly “got it” and asked….”If Republicans are so bad for this country, why do people keep voting for them..”

Damn good question….

Here is my feeble attempt to explain their existence….. (grownups were standing around listening too…)

I said…..

Imagine if you had soooo much money you couldn’t spend it …. You could do what ever you want….
So you were sitting there one day and casually said to yourself……”Wow, if I didn’t have to pay so much in taxes….I could…”

To your right someone pipes up, stands excitedly, waving their hand, and says….”I’ll support that….Hey, give me lots of money and I’ll take that cause and run with it….. Just pay my bills and let me live comfortable on the margins, and hell, I’ll even support “NO taxes”.

So your sitting there, thinking “whoa, that was easy”, and decide to see if it works twice.. …. “Wow, if I didn’t have to pay my employees all this money for working for me, I could make even more money….. To your right…. someone pipes up, stands excitedly, waving their hand, exclaiming……” I’ll support that…. Hey, give me lot’s of money and I’ll take that cause and run with it….. Just pay my bills and let me live comfortable on the margins, and damn, I’ll support the erosion of ALL unions…. I’ll run them into the ground…..”

So you marvel at how just a few words can get policy changing… and you decide to push the envelope, just to see if there is even a boundary….. “Wow, if I didn’t just have to follow the stupid letter of the law, I could make so much more money….. ” To your right… someone pipes up, stands excitedly, waving their hand, exclaiming…..”I’ll support that…. Hey, give me money and I’ll take that cause and run with it…. Just pay my bills and let me live comfortable on the margins, and …. Hey, you know….I’ll even support your right to a kingdom….. No problem…. just pay my bills…..

So you see,…. as long as someone has too much money, “those people” will always be there….. No matter what their name may be, whether we call them Federalists…. Whigs….. Republicans…… or even some different name of the Democratic Party that will eventually will split off to cater to those needy people…. The wealthy will always have sycophants…..who will sell their country’s soul out from under us for a few extra dollars…..

Sound like someone you know?

Fortunately we now have a track record…. from 2000 to 2008 when what they proposed was allowed to come to pass, and with clear hindsight, we can see that EVERYTHING they say…….. is bullshit.

nMinner's Rushed Press Conference November 24

I think the picture says it all…. What was “best for Delaware” was not one of the criteria used in the choosing our representative to those handful of people who will shape our country for the next generation to come….

Apparently, despite all my best calculations, I have misjudged the internal damage done within our lame duck governor’s synapses. Again….. had Carney only listened when I urged him to forget the governorship and take on Castle…..

Nothing against Ted. But these things sometimes have their reason…. May the Almighty walk with Ted over these next two years……and when his time comes… he has the courage and convictions of one Senator Ross.

That is the question: Whether it’s nobler in this nation’s mind to suffer those slings and arrows bestowed upon us by our outrageous misfortune, or…. to take arms against a gigantic financial sea of troubles, and by opposing…. end them?

Our two choices; fight or flee.

We can bail out the U. S. automobile industry…. or we can pass…

if we pass, then what happens to the United States if we allow the automobile industry to fail? Obviously, our cars will all be foreign automobiles, which we will have no choice but to buy, since American car parts also will become nonexistent.

Which means….

That with every car purchased…. we are sending an awful lot of money to other countries….when what we really need,….. is an awful lot of money coming into this country…

Again we have the giant vacuum cleaner sucking ….this time it is our national wealth going up the nozzle…. Because of today’s folly, our competitors get richer… and we grow poorer, and poorer, and poorer…

The end of America must be at hand…. in just a few car payments….. for really? How in as bad of shape as we are, can we make up that much money?

From all the press reports that I have seen or hearings that I have heard, no one has yet placed this big picture before the American people.

The effort not to bail out our automobile industry, is sort on the same equivalent of not choosing to fight WWII after Pearl Harbor was bombed, just to punish the arrogance of those Navy admirals who were caught sleeping with their pants down…. Back then, Americans immediately lined up to enlist.

Today they pontificate and argue; eventually they choose not to fight.

We could have used this opportunity to meld society’s wishes with an entire industry, and make cars that run on water… free water… (Search, they are out there already)…. Make something the rest of the world needs and will pay heftily to receive…. Then, once coffers are full, the American people sell back to private companies, and with the profits, write down the Bush Presidency’s deficit. Win, win, win.

Most of you don’t know… during WWII we figured out how to build a Liberty Ship in 6 days… When Hitler heard that… he muttered the war was over…. Great things can happen if we bail out the automobile plants, and with their expertise, we launch a commercial product that will save America…

As Hamlet discovered… when the buzzer buster ball lands in your hands, you take the shot……

A eight year old is to be tried by Conservative laws as an adult… Today we see that perhaps he was coerced into his confession..

WDEL devoted a portion of the Rick Jensen show on this topic…

Questions that occurred to me during the playing of the videotape of the confession.

!) Will trying the 8 year old as an adult, help either of the two victims cope with what has happened?

2) Will trying the 8 year old as an adult, keep him from repeating his crime?

3) Will trying the 8 year old as an adult, serve as a disincentive for other 8 year olds who are thinking of attempting the same crime?

When all these questions get asked, the answers one gets make the whole thing seem silly.

(He is 8 years old.)

Obviously, when you look at who will benefit from trying this child as an adult……. this is being done solely for the benefit of the prosecutors, just so they can brag “Look how tough I am.., I even sent an eight year old to the electric chair….”

Well, where I come from…….to ramrod an 8 year old boy for the sole benefit of a prosecutor…. seems to demean the world’s definition of the word “justice’.

Are Special Interests Playing With Your Vote?

So what do we have here?… The error supposedly is in Paradee’s absentee voting totals…. Supposedly a “republican operative” noticed an anomaly….. Looking fresh here is what we see…in the original totals…

In the first and second, Paradee’s absentee totals are double those of special interest’s candidate Thornburg.

In the third, the fourth, and the sixth, the absentee totals are rather even, (reflecting the district race as a whole which was within 31 votes)… In the fifth and seventh, Thornburgs absentee totals are two to one over those of the people’s candidate, Paradee…

One would, based on the totals, expect some districts to be more Republican and some to be more Democratic… Since these totals balance out and since the numbers match the closeness of the race, one would not appear to believe an anomaly had occurred.

So how do these absentee’s stack up with other races in that district? Let’s take a normal row house seat that has no political significance and see how those absentees stacked up based on party? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…. I’ll choose…..Kent County Register of Wills…..
Paul Harvey Now The Other Side Of The Story

Here is how they stack up:

===========Representative District ================ Register of Wills========

District 1……………….62/32 ………………………………………………65/8
District 2……………….82/44 ………………………………………………94/6
District 3……………….27/32 ………………………………………………33/12
District 4……………….10/7 ………………………………………………… 9/9
District 5……………….13/24 ………………………………………………19/18
District 6……………….28/26………………………………………………..26/28
District 7……………….35/50………………………………………………..39/47

Now if we look at districts one and two… we see an anomaly of a different sort… IT APPEARS THAT PAM THORNBURG’S TOTALS WERE INFLATED BY 28 VOTES IN #1, AND BY 38 VOTES IN # 2.


Something stinks….

This attempt to snatch an election away from the choice of the people needs to be investigated very closely indeed. If the evidence is there, fine, so be it… but apparently… it’s not…(see above)

After all,…. we all know who we are dealing with here…. and it’s not the party of “WE, The People.”

I very rarely copy others works and feature them as a full article… but today, I’m really too busy to think and to be honest…to busy “do-ing” to have time to think… Serendipitously, this fell in my lap….

I’m running it as a human interest story for those who are in the Casablanca mode: waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting…….

It is lifted from the Christain Science Monitor and is written by one Jonathan Curley…..

My wife made me canvass for Obama; here’s what I learned

This election is not about major policies. It’s about hope.

Charlotte, N.C. – There has been a lot of speculation that Barack Obama might win the election due to his better “ground game” and superior campaign organization.

I had the chance to view that organization up close this month when I canvassed for him. I’m not sure I learned much about his chances, but I learned a lot about myself and about this election.

Let me make it clear: I’m pretty conservative. I grew up in the suburbs. I voted for George H.W. Bush twice, and his son once. I was disappointed when Bill Clinton won, and disappointed he couldn’t run again.

I encouraged my son to join the military. I was proud of him in Afghanistan, and happy when he came home, and angry when he was recalled because of the invasion of Iraq. I’m white, 55, I live in the South and I’m definitely going to get a bigger tax bill if Obama wins.

I am the dreaded swing voter.

So you can imagine my surprise when my wife suggested we spend a Saturday morning canvassing for Obama. I have never canvassed for any candidate. But I did, of course, what most middle-aged married men do: what I was told.

At the Obama headquarters, we stood in a group to receive our instructions. I wasn’t the oldest, but close, and the youngest was maybe in high school. I watched a campaign organizer match up a young black man who looked to be college age with a white guy about my age to canvas together. It should not have been a big thing, but the beauty of the image did not escape me.

Instead of walking the tree-lined streets near our home, my wife and I were instructed to canvass a housing project. A middle-aged white couple with clipboards could not look more out of place in this predominantly black neighborhood.

We knocked on doors and voices from behind carefully locked doors shouted, “Who is it?”

“We’re from the Obama campaign,” we’d answer. And just like that doors opened and folks with wide smiles came out on the porch to talk.

Grandmothers kept one hand on their grandchildren and made sure they had all the information they needed for their son or daughter to vote for the first time.

Young people came to the door rubbing sleep from their eyes to find out where they could vote early, to make sure their vote got counted.

We knocked on every door we could find and checked off every name on our list. We did our job, but Obama may not have been the one who got the most out of the day’s work.

I learned in just those three hours that this election is not about what we think of as the “big things.”

It’s not about taxes. I’m pretty sure mine are going to go up no matter who is elected.

It’s not about foreign policy. I think we’ll figure out a way to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan no matter which party controls the White House, mostly because the people who live there don’t want us there anymore.

I don’t see either of the candidates as having all the answers.

I’ve learned that this election is about the heart of America. It’s about the young people who are losing hope and the old people who have been forgotten. It’s about those who have worked all their lives and never fully realized the promise of America, but see that promise for their grandchildren in Barack Obama. The poor see a chance, when they often have few. I saw hope in the eyes and faces in those doorways.

My wife and I went out last weekend to knock on more doors. But this time, not because it was her idea. I don’t know what it’s going to do for the Obama campaign, but it’s doing a lot for me.

Jonathan Curley is a banker. He voted for George H.W. Bush twice and George W. Bush once.

As we race toward tomorrow, and blue maps of the US are on every blog, and if you want to find the Republican party these days, you must search the bars….. it would be wise to remember that we faced the same jubilation in 2004, when even as late as 17:00 hours on Election Day, we were ecstatic over what we assumed would be the outcome….

We face the same confidence in 2000, that a cocky Republican stalwart would be slapped down by the greatest human being to ever walk the planet…(lol, I kill me)….

And to be honest we are there today…. again… waiting in trepidation… hopefully anticipating our nation’s move past the doldrums of Reaganomics and Phil Gramm’s destruction of the global economy…

We have one reason to be optimistic… Eight years of failed Republican policy which took a nation, poised to do great things, and bankrupted it… Eight years of failed Republican foreign policy, which took a nation esteemed and emulated…. from Communist China to Pitcairn Island…. and turned its reputation into that of a crazy old Uncle Sam…. Eight years of failed Republican moral leadership, who scrambled to play footsie under bathroom stalls….or romp with underage Congressional pages… or prostitute their agencies at the bidding of corporate giants….have given us a distaste for all incumbents who we once esteemed… We can change it this year for good….

Bottom line: everything Republicans have promised they got to implement… their tax philosophy, their foreign policy, their moral superiority…..

And we are much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much worse off.

So perhaps Americans will be a little wiser this time around…. Republicans they will say?..”Forget about it!”

But there is hope for Republicans this time around as well.. Actually Republicans have a very good chance of winning every seat they want… For you see, while we were campaigning and chanting “yes, we can”; while we were scrambling to find new voters, while we were canvassing neighborhoods, while we were combating the misstruths told on Republican blogs with cold hearted truth, our nation, under its fringe Republican Leadership, was using the powers enabled by the Patriot Act, to splice into fiber optic lines under San Francisco, where Yahoo, AOL, Google, all intercept, store and monitor every single phone call and or electronic data transmission, and be able to change whatever comes in………..into what they wish to go out……… We have that potential. They can do it………. I’ve seen it done……

It’s simply a question of “Will they?”

I think we saw with Dick Cheney’s endorsement of John McCain just lately….. that all the processes are in place and that at least that Dick Cheney believes, he has the capacity to change the totals irregardless of what every voter thinks…