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Opting out of the Smarter Balanced.

Raising Middle Class incomes.

Wiping out tuition debt for all students.

Getting rid of criminals with guns.

Reinstating the American Dream, where it is possible anyone can become rich.

Free Internet

Protecting species we are killing.

Slowing Global Warming.

Raising taxes on the top 1%

Banning Charter Schools

Dissolve the NSA

Career Term limits on CIA and FBI

Growing more healthy

Giving our children a better world.

Rebuilding America’s infrastructure

Having enough income left after expenses to buy a boat, or other large ticket item.

Toughening the safety net so no one hits the floor hard….

Less time spent in traffic on commutes.

Use tax dollars to put the 50% young Afro Americans into work.

Allow all immigrants to stay and become citizens.

But mostly it comes down to one item..

Taxing the top one percent sufficiently… then all the others naturally occur on their own.