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Today HB 35 is up. This will make background checks required for criminal purchases as well as for those of good citizens. Currently, if one is a good citizen, one must go through a back ground check to buy a gun.. But if one is not a good citizen, and would probably have difficulty passing a good citizen’s back ground check, the NRA has many places one could buy a gun without any type of background checks whatsoever….

Killed ten people already? We have just the gun for you….

This is not something to be taken lightly. Delaware has always been right when the nation has been wrong…. That is because unlike Georgia, Kansas, or Mississippi, we have mostly good people here. People who do what is right, not what is wrong and then scream and cry for protection from the law for the crimes they perpetuate…. We are good people…

Good people always get the bad end of the stick… The bad people cry and in the vacuum, get what they want… After all, everyone tries to calm a crying baby…..

But it is when the good people stand up, and say enough is enough, that the bad people have to take a back seat… There is no requirement that bad people always get what they want, and that good people always have to take it on the chin. They can only do so, because good people being good people, are too busy doing good in their personal lives to have time to argue….

Like the little Who who saved the civilization in Horton Hears A Who, a child’s book by Dr. Seuss, who was jerked out of her room and added to the screams of the entire population screaming for their survival, your voice may just be the one heard….

If you don’t call, it is certain failure. If you do, it is one more step towards righting a wrong that can affect us all…

Give criminals the right to walk in and buy a gun? Not on Delaware’s watch… Here are the numbers….

Colin R. J. Bonini Phone: (302) 744-4169
Catherine Cloutier Phone: (302) 744-4197
Gerald W. Hocker Phone: (302) 539-9662
Gregory F. Lavelle Phone: (302) 577-8714
David G. Lawson Phone: (302) 744-4237
Ernesto B. Lopez Phone: (302) 744-4136
Brian Pettyjohn Phone: (302) 858-0694
F. Gary Simpson Phone: (302) 744-4134

And for good measure, add a call to the main desk and they will record your call and send it to each legislator as a tally… So you get twice the power…

Republican Offices
Phone (302) 744-4048
Fax (302) 739-5049

Be the most important citizen in our state. Call before 1 pm today! You might want to share this line with them…
Tell them if they ever want to get their party mainstream again in this state, they must vote in favor of at least, at least, making criminals have to jump through the same hoops responsible people all have to do to get a gun; tell them you don’t give a damn what the NRA says otherwise!… Criminals should not be allowed to get guns easier than good citizens. This bill will stop that. Encourage them to vote for the Comprehensive Background Check reform bill…..if they ever want a Democrat to cast a vote that way again….

Especially that Greg Lavelle in former Senator Katz’s territory….. He should be reminded that with his very tight victory last election year, that 90% of America is solidly behind stronger background checks with zero NRA criminal loopholes embedded in….

Funny, Funnier, and Funniest
Courtesy of Politico.Com

I just love right wing humor… It is so funny… Ha, ha,, .. stopping abortion with a gun… Hilarious… Can we have some more please…

Ma’am? After we’ve given you the abortion, we’re required by Republican law to take you out back and shoot you execution style. Good news, is that modern science gets to use both your body and the fetal tissue at the same time! How great it that? (slapping knee gasping for air)

Or how about this….

Ma’am? I’m Rick Perry, Uhhh, you just had an abortion, right? I’d like you to just stare at this little hole right here for a second…. see how perfectly round it is? Oops…. lol.. (sore ribcage hysterics)

Btw, if you support really good humor that makes fun of all blacks, women, Hispanics, Chinese, those with college degrees, federal employees, and encourages people to blow up courthouses in Oklahoma City, please patronize these radio stations right here in Delaware… We need more humor like this! I haven’t laughed so loud in hours… Ha, ha, ha… Require each one occur with a gun… What a wit…..

You can now hear Rush Limbaugh heap additional humorous insults on these Delawarean stations…..

1450 WILM Business Line 302-395-9800
1410 WDOV Business Line 302-395-9800
92.7 WDMG

Rush Limbaugh is a subsidized spokesperson of Freedomworks which owns and controls this blog for a very large fee.

Please contact these stations to tell its managers we need more humor like this to chase all ‘dem liberals back to Africa.

The reason I began listening to local station WDEL, was because they dropped Rush Limbaugh from their afternoon programing. Instead of hate and stupidness, I got to hear of matters important to me. My county government. My city government. My state government. And of course, national politics always interjected.

I can’t get enough of it. I read the paper in the morning, and I can’t wait for the local talk shows to come on. The progressives own the morning. The conservatives own the afternoon, and I’m still trying to figure out who owns the evening…

It is kinda silly, I know, but because I listen and hear the advertisements, my kids sing their jingles in the car. Driving down Main Street in Newark, they’ll blurt out, “there’s Alex and Ani’s“. The older kids insist they want music on, but I’m the boss.

Some of the advertisers seem like old friends. One hears them over and over, and even can go back and note the different commercials back through time. Calvert Plumbing and Heating is one I hope to use next time fate strikes. The best one, besides the “Alex and Ani” with sitar music put in place by Rick Jensen, is the featuring the harp player. I hope that gets nominated for CLIO, the advertiser’s equivalent of the Oscars….

And this should be in everyone’s Northern Delaware bookmarks. It is the tower cam. One rarely thinks of us being in eyesight of downtown Philadelphia, but we certainly are. One can tell the weather with one visual click.

Anyways, the point of this was not to brag on WDEL and extol how fortunate we were to have it at our disposal, but to point to the dark side, which is about that human being whose leaving is what drove me to begin listening to WDEL in the first place.

Rush Limbaugh is in trouble. For a while he was harmless harping at Democrats, and we all know, sometimes Democrats need harping at. But as his worth became higher, he had to push buttons to justify his high expense. His audience no longer consisted of regular Joe’s, but had to become fanatics who would listen and respond. And the biggest thing fanatics crave, is more fanaticism, and Rush obliged.

Now, he bashes the poor. Now he bashes every gay person. Now he bashes Liberals. And last March, he bashed a woman for simply being a woman.

That made people take notice. WHOA, this guy is an ass…… Seriously, when you demean 53% of the population (women), knowing that at least half the men are married and will dutifully side with their spouses (YOU’D BETTER!)….. ticking off 75% of the American population, can’t be good for business.

That is bearing fruit.

Arising from that, several organizations are targeting his advertisers. This is not a hate campaign. It is a calm, respectable, and very businesslike campaign. They are calling up advertisers and saying …”yesterday your ad played on this station at this time, and this is what went before and after it… Advertisers were appalled…. Most of them do not support Rush Limbaugh, but buy ads with a local radio station…. The radio station then puts their ads in holes where ever they need them… Radio stations that carry Rush Limbaugh are bound by contract to still do so, and are having a terrible time scheduling just those advertisers who … so far… have not expressly said…” Make sure we aren’t on Rush.”

2200 sponsors have pulled their ads so far. At first these were mentioned but Rush supporters attacked these businesses with threats of shooting them with NRA sanctioned assault weapons (they were idle threats, no events occurred) that now, the names are kept hidden. But anyone listening over time, can certainly, after hearing only one advertisement on his program get played over and over, realize his brand is in deep trouble.

The show is doing so badly that Freedom Works, the Karl Rove PAC that garnered $300 million dollars, is using their money just to keep Rush on the air…

So in what seems like an outrageous chain of events, the only reason Rush Limbaugh is still on air it appears, is because billionaires have too much money on their hands… In 2013, Freedom Works plans to spend between $25 and $30 million. Glenn Beck is also included in its largess.

Freedom of speech is a right. No one is arguing over whether Freedom Works benefactor Stepheson can say what he wants with his $100 million donations. But that right goes both ways. Advertisers have the right to know what their money appears to be saying about themselves when their ads show up on Rush Limbaugh.

It says, “I the advertiser, support the embarrassment of the poor. I support the deportation of Mexicans. I support the incarceration of the entire black comminity. I support the killing of Liberals with assault weapons, and I support the rape of women”… In fact, supporting Rush, say something like this: ” Hey, woman, come take your clothes off and dance for me….. After all, that’s all you’re good for!!!! Ha, ha, ha.”

You too must join in taking him down, for the simple reason that it allows many more Americans to enjoy the benefits of local radio programming as we have here in Delaware for 6 years….

The stuffing of the goose is done. Time to cook the goose, and at the feast, get back to being Americans again. Working together, and not against each other…..

Please feel free to copy and past and email various radio stations that carry Rush Limbaugh’s show. In Delaware,

WDOV-AM   1410   M-F  12-3       Clear Channel
WDMG-FM   92.7    M-F  12-3       Resorts Broadcasting                                                                                                                               WILM-AM   1415    M-F  12-3       Clear Channel


Dear  Advertiser  c/c station manager (of one of the above stations):

I was driving and heard your advertisement on Rush Limbaugh this afternoon.  I will no longer buy anything from you until Rush Limbaugh is removed from this radio station.  Allow me to explain why.

It’s the hate.  I may be older than you but I remember such times whether hard or not, we all strived to get along.  That is not happening today.  Upon hearing Rush Limbaugh berate liberals, of which my children are (not me though), berate women (0f which I’m one) and berate blacks, Hispanics, and gays (all who go to my church), it occurred to me that this was the reason we can not get anything done.  People have to defend themselves against his accusations, whether founded or not.

I decided, that though I am one person, I had some small power to make a difference.  It may be $50 dollars, it may be $100 dollars, it may be my life’s investments.  But if I hear any of my patrons being advertised on his show, I will drop them in a heartbeat….

Why?  Because my country deserves better.

Right now I plan to tell any advertiser in person, face to face,  as to why I am moving my business to his competitor.  However, if I can’t get out like I used to,  I may not be able to fulfill this promise some day.

I would rather hear health news, like they have in a doctors office, or in depth reporting, or music.  I’m just tired of all the hate.  I know one letter matters little; I just hope others feel the same way..



Please join in the national movement to rid America of Rush Limbaugh. Clear Channel which is partly owned by Bain Capital, is quietly trimming its payroll. It didn’t want to open any fissures in Mitt Romneys campaign.

Please feel free to use the links above, send an email and cut and paste the body of this letter into the message. If you hear an advertiser, write it down, and when you get the chance send them the basic email you previously sent.

Just curious, if we do get him off the public airwaves, do you think someone will take his place, or is it only there because he has been doing it so long? I don’t think anyone else can fill the vacuum. I think that if it obviously becomes commercially nonviable, that hate radio will disappear, hopefully replaced as is on Delmarva Broadcasting’s WDEL with an outstanding news team….

It is called Creative Destruction.

Here is how it works.    Delaware Liberal and Wilmington Trust (now gone) make a bid to buy DelawarePolitics. Net.   They get help from the News Journal, WGMD, and WDEL.  Together they come up with $50 which gives them a 51% voting share of Delaware….  Once they have voting control over,  they fan out to banks, investment houses, and borrow money on DelawarePolitics fine name… They get $50 dollars from Hube.  They get $50 dollars from Duffy.   They get $50 dollars from Jack Markell.  They get $50 dollars from Tony DeLuca.  They get $50 from Steve Newton.  They get $50 from the ShopRite manager off Marrow’s Road.  They get $50 from Ernie Lopez.  They get $50 from Rick Jensen.  They get $50 from that guy selling papers on 11th and Market…..   So, how much did they get?   $450 for a company that was only worth $100.

The board then moves $450 to be paid out in dividends.   $450 gets divided by the 5 entities that went in with $10 and each gets $90.   Net profit $80.

Now, Delaware politics (only worth $100) must pay back on a timed schedule the $450 in loans it took out.  Assuming  it pays $1 per month to each entity, it needs to come up with $9 every month.   Before the takeover it was a profitable firm just chugging away at  earnings of $5 a month…  Now, the consortium led by Delaware Liberal, is screaming at Delaware Politics to come up with $5 dollars more every month…  David Anderson lays off Frank Knotts.  $1 dollar saved… David lays off Tennessee Walker; another dollar saved.  David Anderson lays off Pat Fish… Another dollar saved… But .. without those colorful writers, DelwarePolitics slips down in market share… No one reads Delaware Politics.  What used to be a $5 a month company is now a $3 a month company…  A  $3 a month company which has to pay $9 a month back….

It sues for bankruptcy.  As DelawarePolitics gets liquidated, the computers get sold, (worth $10 by now) .  So, all nine lenders, Hube, Duffy, Jack, Tony,  Steve, ShopRite man, Ernie, Rick, paper man, who put in $50, get back $1 from the first payment, and $1.10 from the sell of DelawarePolitics assets…   In other words, they are short $48….

But not the 5 investors.  Since they moved the money to dividends, they are protected and none of that money gets touched by the bankruptcy court.  It is their property and not that of the corporation, and is therefore not acquirable…..

So Delaware Liberal,  gets rich… Just like Mitt Romney….

This is how Bain Capital makes money.  This is not a job grower….

Is there any fairness in a system where a group of people can borrow a bunch of money to buy a company and pay themselves millions of dollars in dividends and fees, while the company itself ends up bankrupt and its employees lose their jobs, health insurance and pensions?   According to Romney in the debate, it is unAmerican…. NOT to do so….

It makes people angry….

Which is why, we have to be very careful whether this video, which purports to show U.S. Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters, is doctored of not….

If you’ve been in war, and most of the third world has, this action is believable.. After all, these dead characters had just tried to take the live ones life in a game of brinkmanship, and the Marines prevailed… There is sort of a giddiness that up-wells during moments like that. Sort of the real world’s equivalence of a touch-down dance… one that could easily happen during such a moment of euphoria… One person comes up with the idea, probably as a joke, and in their limited world of the moment, there appears to be no harm done, and it happens… Anyone who has ever been in war, knows a lot worse things could have happened. …

But there are a couple of problems with this easy answer. One, this is the Second Battalion of the Third Marine Corp.. It is one of the finest in the world. Very hard to believe that four guys who one day one day are building a hospital in a village to show we are the good guys, (who are positively trained and aware of how their personal behavior ripples out to determine the fate of the war), are peeing on cadavers of slain enemy warriors on the next. Yes, it can happen, of course. But I would believe David Anderson turned Muslim, before I’d believe THIS group would violate everything they’d been trained to do… (It would take hell freezing over for me to believe David Anderson had become a Muslim.)

Of course, I can be accused of turning a blind eye because ” I CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”… lol.. I’d say, no… I’d think the video was faked because that, considering all the players, all the activity, a fake video would actually make more sense, than having four random Marines desecrating several enemy bodies…

How? You Ask?

Ok, you twisted my arm so tight it hurts…if you promise to let go, I’ll tell you……

The United States is pulling out of Afghanistan. That means there will be no market for munitions. Currently the United States and Afghanistan have a very fragile relationship. There is little trust. We do not trust Karzai and his way of governing through corruption. We know he is in cahoots with the Taliban. Not publicly, but privately. We don’t tell him much, because it will cost American lives. He, upon realizing we are acting unilaterally, doesn’t trust us at all, because we will one, not confide in him, and two, not listen to him because the intelligence he could be giving us, could be leading us into a trap… One that will cost American lives.

Anything that pours gasoline onto this fire, will reap great amounts of money for people who sell weapons for a living… The absolutely very last thing those people want, is a cessation of hostilities. They will do anything possible to prevent that from happening… Not publicly of course, but surreptitiously .

So there is this tremendous pressure building, much of it emanating from the America Right and remnants of what once was called the Military Industrial Complex, that does not want this conflict to end…. And that pressure, is what makes this video popping up right now, kinda suspicious…

I’m no expert, but even as I looked at the difference of shadows between the bodies and the soldiers, I noticed the sun was at different angles.. (you can tell by tracing the shadow to the object and the angles should be identical). So I asked a 14 year old knowledgeable about video editing if such a thing was possible.. He responded by running the video through gaming software, and replaying the video with miniature anime characters holding umbrellas dancing on the dead bodies as the urine cascaded down… It was that easy…

So, looking with a clear eye, we have the motive. We have the means. And we have the evidence.

Of course, I could be over-speculating; it could be a real event, but I will hold my breath until the military investigation is complete. We have the Marines, we know by now who they are, we know if they are guilty or innocent. If guilty, we will condemn them and punish them just like we do a touchdown dance that goes too far… If it turns out they are innocent, and this is a circumstance of trying to poison the well, we can recognize the real enemy: those who sell weapons to both sides, and negate their influence on the diplomacy of that region…

It would be no different than two people at work, who upon finding they’ve been manipulated into hating each other, join forces and together, expel the perpetrator of all problems…

Right click to open full image… Pictograph Courtesy of Viral..

So, can someone tell me again, why we shouldn’t tax the rich, and instead, balance the budget on the backs of everyone else?…….

I seem to be missing that little detail where that all makes sense……

The current party system is broken. Gridlock ties up DC, even to the point where the Republican Party will filibuster a bill that they themselves proposed when both houses were Republican. The filibuster is only pursued because if passed it will be considered by us, the public, to be a success for the standing president.

You can’t blame Republicans. They are just trying to survive. Tying up Washington so that nothing gets done, is the only option they have.

Which leaves us with a choice… Should WE the voters continue this same gridlock? Or shall we take matters into our own hands and do something about it?

If we split our votes, the Gridlock continues.

The only way to prevent future gridlock is to make the penalty for doing so, so severe that any future party treads very lightly if it dares try using gridlock as a political weapon again….

That penalty needs to be that the party obstructing all activity in Congress, not receive any votes to return.

Let’s examine this proposition…

Assume all Democrats and no Republicans return to Congress starting 2013. The House would be completely 100% Democratic, and the Senate Republicans would drop down to 36 if all 11 Republicans up this year lost and all Democrats won.

We would have a one party system… or would we?

The Democratic party would soon split. The Progressives from the Blue Dogs… We would continue to have two parties in Congress. It’s just that that they wouldn’t be jockeying around for political points against the other side.

Instead we’d have what Congress was supposed to do. Debate bills on their merits, and once all facts are on the table, vote them either up or down based on the personal convictions of each Senator or House Member…

We’d still have the same debates as the powerful lobbyists swirled around those who would most likely represent their interests…

But if would be as if America took one step to the left. As if the entire political tone of Congress, just shifted left.

Would the same thing work if the Republicans are put into all seats they run for?

No, and here is why. Republican policy is what got us in this mess. Phil Gramm deregulated derivatives. Eventually that caused the enitire markets to catch up to where Enron went earlier, and collapse. It was the Republicans who decided over Democrats objections, to not raise taxes on the wealthy in order to pay as we went for two wars. So now, we we have a bill coming titled “Payment Due,” for those two wars plus interest. It was Republicans who because we had a surplus, decided to stop that money coming into the Treasury that was paying off our debt. So under them, we added debt on, and stopped paying our payments. No wonder the deficit is so high.

They are the wrong person to put into unlimited power.. simply for when they were there, the got to exercise with impunity all their dreams. We are bankrupt now…

Harken back to the era of Clinton, and everyone was making money… whether you were poor, middle, or rich… You made money and had more left over to spend on yourself, than you do now…

That simple comparison is why we need to go to an all Democratic Congress and not an all Republican one.

We will always have divided government. It is just that when it becomse divided along party lines, and not along the lines of the American people, that we get the gridlock we see happening daily today…

Republicans are the cause.. Their elimination (no offense to the nice Republicans I know) will be the beginning of a new day for America.

The last time we eliminated Republicans was in 1932. It took 64 years for them to return. Those were the best years America has ever had.

Pondering over Steve’s return and the ramifications which came with it, (for example, I noticed the re-humanization of Dana Garrett), I was reminiscing why so many bloggers had fallen off the wagon…

Back in the glory days, there was a rather eclectic collection of men and women who put their thoughts down nightly or almost on a regular basis. A few are left today… But missing are Mike Matthews, Shirley Vandever, Tommywonk, Dave Burris, Dana Garrett, Duffy, Maria Evans, Joe M., Mat Marshall, …..

Most all of these posted their reasons for giving it up…. and they all sound the same. Tireless demands of time, no real feeling for posting anymore, realization that it was a lot of hoopla and little real substance.

And ironically the more successful you became the more time you felt you had to spend answering comments. And for the amount of time spent, the numbers of people actually reading them, were dwarfed by just the voting totals of Delaware alone.

But it is with Steve’s return that I think I finally was able to put my finger on just why the blog-world fell apart. It was because we had stopped becoming a community. It is rather interesting to read something someone posts that says: I think thus about this subject and here is why…. It is less interesting to have a blurb saying: “check this out” and then click a video and sit back waiting through the commercial….and then after watching, think: “that was a waste of time…”

Each person had a personality. Shirley tried portraying herself as a crusty curmudgeon but she was anything but…. Dave would bluster about, but then, without warning come through with brilliance. Mat, provided a odd twist from the enlightened eyes of a Cab Calloway student. Donviti was … well Donviti..and that’s a good thing. Hube could on the turn of a dime, surprise you by agreeing with what you said. Kilroy roasted Red Clay school district, no doubt causing them to cringe with his misspellings, and put New Castle’s school troubles on the map. Duffy always found the most eclectic random findings, and mainstreamed them for the rest of us. Nancy, with her sources, and emails, provided the bulletin board for all of us to snatch our next story from… Coupled with airplay on WVUD,WHYY, WMGD, Al Mascitti and Rick Jensen, actual influence over current events was projected… or at least it felt that way…

What we had was a community. And that peer group was who you wrote for. Sometimes you wrote evocative pieces just imagining Hube reading it and reddening his ears. Other times you could get Nancy’s gander up, just by praising Chris Coons. One out of this group, even considered running for Governor, and probably should have, considering the complete tanking of the campaign by that person who did run.

But mostly, we wrote for each other… If other’s wanted to read they were welcome. I think some who tried to fly too close to the sun, and write like they were the News Journal, got burnt out, and dropped by the wayside.

It is interesting to see the change in both Hube’s and Delaware Liberal’s format, comparing todays with yesteryears. Today, everything is bite sized. Before, we had the extended version.

The difference is like eating crackers off the table in back of the meeting room, or, breaking for dinner. Taking a break for dinner, is much more enjoyable.

All great moments pass. It is fact that we look back on them in admiration, that makes them great. So, I guess, though the characters are still alive, and a few still active, we cannot return to those times, long ago and far away.

I can only hope that a new generation, may someday read this, and happen to come across something like this, and find inspiration within themselves to do it again….

I think it is safe to say, we “pulled it off big time”. We really did something, which in it’s time was unheard of, and what we did, still has lasting ramifications rippling through our state government today…

I think most of the problems we dealt with, got fixed. Although no one can point to us and say we did it, that we influenced the changes, they certainly can’t deny. After all, each and every one of those problems haunted legislature for a quite a long, long time, and.. they are gone now. We exposed them for what they were…

With that said and done, … it’s pretty cool.