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Please Riot Here

When riots happen in Wilmington, which i’m sure they will, I hope they will learn from Ferguson Missouri’s mistake.

That mistake is to riot in your own neighborhood… That is just plain silly. Did we attack ourselves when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor? Or did we wage war with Japan?

Why people would loot and burn in their own neighborhood, is beyond me. I write this now, so when the opportunity to riot does occur, those with above average intelligence will have a plan to move the crowd out of their impoverished neighborhood, and instead riot in neighborhoods where the a) the loot is much better, and b) those responsible for the policy that has kept you down since Clinton left office, are directly affected. If you are going to riot, you should do in on the enemies home turf. Republican Country.

A riot has a purpose. It is to change things. To make things better by creating a situation that is worse than doing nothing, therefore something has to be done. Blacks didn’t protest on the back seat of the bus. They sat in the white section. Black students didn’t do their sit-in at the black counter. They did it at the white. Black students didn’t march into Tuskegee Institute with the National Guard. They marched into the all white University of Alabama. Martin Luther King didn’t do his marches within all black neighborhoods. He marched across the bridge into downtown white Selma….

So battling police in your own neighborhood, looting your own corner store, burning out yours and your neighbor’s houses, kind of double hurts you. Not only are you being oppressed by Republican Policies, but you are also setting those who support you, back even more….

So I’m writing this to tell you where to protest so it will do you some good.

It is called Westover Hills. There aren’t many people living there, but those that do are rich and very old and feeble. They couldn’t stop a crowd breaking into their house if they tried. Plus, when you loot, you could actually get something you could sell. Whose going to buy all the banana flavored Laffy Taffy you stole from the corner market? But you could easily swipe a Bose Stereo, or maybe find a safe with a couple of hundred thousand in it.

And instead of hurting mom and pop, or Uncle Joe and Aunt Alice, you would be hurting those whose money is directly responsible for you not having a good job, a good house, a good future. Those in Westover Hills vote Republican and it is Republicans who have allowed all the money to go to the top 1%… and none to you…

If you remember the Clinton Democratic years, it was different. You, or your mom and dad, did get richer every year and if that had only continued, you would have been doing rather well by now. But you got lazy and enough of you didn’t vote for Democrats in 2000 and now, we are stuck with the rich getting richer, and you and your neighbors, getting poorer…

So take the number 20 bus from 10th and Market side of Rodney Square and in 8 minutes and 15 stops later, you will be just north of the riot zone. Do your peaceful protests there, in the middle of the streets, and shout how Republicans have ruined everyone’s lives but those of themselves… When the riot police arrive with their single tank and tear gas, make them fire it at you so all those rich billionaires have to breath it too. Then when all hell breaks loose, break into the houses and rob yourselves silly. Don’t even worry. Unlike those corner stores, everything you take here is fully insured… Destroying their property, will in days, put all Delaware’s construction workers back to work. These guys are rich. They don’t dilly-dally around.

The main point is this? When you riot in your own neighborhoods which these Republicans never venture into, it only serves to reinforce their notion of you as a sub-human race. “Look at those pathetic people”, they will say over their Maker’s Mark and Hennessey, “they’re tearing up their own neighborhood. Maybe we should keep them doing it so they move and haul their sorry asses elsewhere.”

They will not be in any hurry to lift one finger… “make them suffer more” will be their outcry. But … if you do it in THEIR neighborhood, they will at least wonder why? In their asking around, what’s the real cause of these people rioting, they will come to the conclusion that they, with all the money, need to invest more, need to hire more, need to pay more, and that if they had previously invested more in our people, this riot would never have happened. That is your key… Getting them to call their out-of-pocket legislators and say, “raise my taxes; we can’t afford any more riots like these, even if we are insured. It’s the third time this year. I’m too tired for another round of tax free shopping!”…

You can even walk there. So forget the bus. Just send the coordinates out on social media, and anyone with a phone app can get there…. It is pointless for you to have to bear the cost and trauma of what THEY caused. It makes such great sense for them to bear that cost, and after doing so, quickly create the changes you need to pull yourselves out of poverty…

So pastors and neighborhood watch leaders. Start talking your kids to riot in Westover Hills, instead of your own street. Isn’t it about time, the real criminals get to feel the heat?

They are the ones who put you there…. Make THEM pay, not those who are poor like you. And pick up something nice for me while you are there… A nice oriental carpet would be cool… blue and white if you find one.

It appears the TDC has run aground as did every Revolutionary warship that tried to attack up the Delaware Bay……

Newark’s newest populist hero, Mark Morehead, has found new discrepancies.  The problems are in violation of the project’s previously-awarded city zoning verification….

There are four tables listing data….

A.  There are several basic arithmetic errors in the first table.. Apparently the engineer fabricating them was trained by Common Core, and can’t do basic math.  (Common Core is 85% inferior to the mathematical teaching methods of the 70’s,80’s, and 90’s).

B.  TDC lacks the ability to complete the power plant project effectively,   Can anyone trust their life to someone who can’t add 20 + 20?

C.  “The multiple errors in the phasing chart, which was certified by Mr. Beringer, confirm the validity of the doubts expressed by Dr. Roe about Mr. Beringer’s competence,”

D.  Of the four interlocking tables submitted by TDC, the data does not match.  It fluctuates in all four to achieve whatever result the TDC wishes to convey….

E  Despite initial claims of excess energy to be sold out to the grid, the actual plans show that in phase one there is a deficit of 7.0 MW less than is necessary… meaing the Data center will be stealing power from Newark proper, and esculating everyones electrical rates through the roof… In phase 2 there is even more of a deficit, 17.4 MW less than required, which takes half of Newark proper’s hourly need of 34 Mw just to keep the lights on!

F.  No one but stupid builds a power plant in the middle of town.  But if they did happen to do so, they would require at least 30% extra power to be given to the town in payment.  The figures show this will not happen, and this was the prime contingent for moving forward with the project in the first place…   It is like you go to ShopRite and buy coffee and after getting rung up, you say:  “unh, unh, no way.  I want it for free. I’m not paying you”… hoping they will be too busy to make a fuss and just say “get outta here.”  We have a word for that in the English language.  It is: criminal.

G.  The university which allegedly has in its employee, some professors, did not have anyone double check the numbers before signing on…  Hmmm.  Or maybe they did, and THAT is why they are being so coy and secretive about it?  Hmmm.

The Council voted to uphold the people’s right to know, and stopped the forward movement of the Data Center… These are you heroes.  Rob Gifford, Mark Morehead, Polly Sierer, Luke Chapman and Marge Hadden …..

Here is pure unadulterated evil… Vince D’Anna…

It would be a rather wise idea to form a class action suit against Vince D’Anna in regards to potential damages he brings to all Newark’s citizens, and thereby force him to make a simple choice between either jail time or great personnel financial loss, or … turning to state’s evidence and informing us of all the corruption and criminal action of which he knows.  We have multiple lawyers, and I’m sure for the sake of their children, they would be willing to spend 5 hours of personal time perusing Nancy’s blog for data leading to a simple filing…  It’s for our kids, for heaven’s sakes….

PISA Scores To Poverty

On a different topic, this correlation does show how educational scores directly correlate to poverty…  The more luxurious one’s lifestyle is, the more one learns….

That is so common-sensical it is almost laughable that America pursued the corporate get-rich-quick No Child Left Behind Approach and wasted an entire generation of talent, instead of focusing on the obvious.  (Notice I said.. almost laughable.  None of the Millennials are laughing at it these days.)

But that is not what I want to talk about right now.  I want to address the bigger picture…  I want to address why the US can’t have nice things too?

I need you to do two things…

  1. Find the US on the chart above.(The chart enlarges if clicked)
  2. Ask and answer this question to yourself, “why?”

Mexico, Chile, and Turkey, are the only developed nations having a higher percentage of families below 50% of the global medium income than the US.   Now look at some who are higher….

  1. Israel
  2. Slovak Republic
  3. Slovenia

Does anyone remember what these countries were like in the 40’s?  Why is it that the United States despite all its opportunities is barely above the status of being a third world nation?

This was reinforced earlier this week by an article using the same title I chose above, which was based off a returning Americans vision of our nation after being in Europe for a while….

It stated something like: imagine what a First World traveler must think after emerging from JFK and riding the New York Subway into Manhattan…..

That was one of those pieces that stick; I’ve been thinking about it ever since…

Why do we as a democracy, totally and fully support those who are pushing us lower and lower down on the global economic scale? What is so great anymore, really, about being an American?

Oh, I wish I could fly to the Canaries for the weekend… But I can’t.  I’m an American.

Oh I wish I could hop on the train and see you a couple of hours (200 miles away) but I can’t.  I’m an American.

Oh, I wish I could have healthy food to eat, but I can’t.  My store won’t sell it.  I’m an American.

Oh, I wish i had enough left over to go to the movies this weekend, but I can’t.  I’m an American.

Oh, I wish our schools would teach that to our children, but they can’t.  We’re Americans.

Oh, I wish someone would fix that damn pothole.  I keep asking. But they can’t. We’re in America.

Oh, I wish I had enough money to buy everyone in my family a Christmas present. I can’t. I’m American.

Oh, i wish  they’d kept those woods as a park, instead of making more trashy apartments. But, we’re American.

Oh, I wish they’d make that refinery stop polluting. But they won’t.  We’re American.

Oh, I wish we could buy food that wasn’t Gentically modified.  But we can’t.  We’re American.

Oh, i wish someone would try to save the Monarch Butterfly before it goes extinct. Nevermind, I live in America.

Just some random thoughts… proving that compared to other nations… as the chart well shows, we really do have it bad….

Now why is that so?

Why is the supposedly richest nation in the world, on it’s own accord forcing itself to live in austerity, when it has all the possibilities that have ever been open to the race of men?

Obviously other nations aren’t so picky.  They are living much better!  So why can’t we have nice things too?

Why can’t we pay ourselves enough to fly to the Canaries for a weekend?

Why can’t we invest more and build ourselves a train system equal to China’s and Europe’s

Why can’t we have healthy food to eat by having unhealthy food cost more to cover it’s future medical expense?

Why can’t we earn enough per week to have enough left over to spontaneously go to the movies this weekend?

Why can’t our teachers teach three foreign languages to all our children by age 8?

Why can’t they fix that damn pothole?

Why can’t I spend what I wish on everyone I love and still have enough to live on later?

Why can’t we keep those woods as a park? Why do we had to commercialize absolutely everything?

Why can’t we establish rules that stop pollution, or cause a non-compliant place to close shop?

Why do we have to have everything genetically modified, even if it kills us later?

Why did we do nothing and let the Monarch butterfly go extinct… when we could have easily saved it?

The easy answer is that we chose to go down that path… Putting blame on any and everything else is a cop-out. We collectively made choices and this is the choice we made….

The hard answer, the one we struggle with, is why did we make that choice?

Why did other nations not make the same choice as did we, and now have all these nice things, while we are entrapped by our poverty and have really very little to show for all our good productive work? How come they got stuff, and we didn’t?

Why does Israel, which lives with rockets falling on top of them daily, live better than do we?
Why does tiny Denmark have so many wealthy people?
Why is the quality of life in the United States more closely ranked with that of Turkey, Chile, and Mexico?
Why are all the nations called Socialist and Communist by the Tea Party and the Republican Party of the United States of America, all doing better than us, and nations where cut-throat self expression is honored, are nestled at the bottom against us?

Time for a new scatter chart…

Happiness Is A Progressive Tax Rate
Courtesy of New York Times. (Click image to read)

Riffing off a Beatles tune title, “Happiness Is A High Progressive Tax Rate.”

Those people above who are happy, who have all those nice things… aren’t Socialists. They just come from a highly progressively tax country. People with no taxes are horrifically bitter… don’t believe it; you should try living in Somalia. Of course, no taxes are great if you are wealthy… but as one takes away each tax, one reduces the number of wealthy one will eventually have left…

So when America decided to reward the rich, and let their wealth and abundance “trickle down” all over us, we chose to go down this path of austerity. Without first thinking clearly that no one gives up their money unless forced, we assumed the bounty would flow to all.

The wealthy kept the money, and it has grown immensely. For them.

So now, they can afford to pay us lower than our worth, because others will jump at the chance to take our spot.

So now, they can afford to buy those who pass laws. to make laws for them, at our expense. For what we think doesn’t matter; they can buy the election.

So now, since they can afford cabs, we don’t need trains.

So now, since they can afford private schools, public schools should be mined to earn them even more money.

So now, since they can eat healthy food, we can’t because the profit margins are higher when they serve us sawdust, instead of real protein products.

So now, with copyrights paying them across two lifetimes, they don’t need us to go to the movies as they in the past.

So now, that pothole which affects only 1000 cars a day, can wait for the intersection into their newly developed shopping center to be completed.

So now, just why should they pay workers a living wage. They’re starving. They’d work for free if we’d just let them.

So now, parks are a nuisance and an extra cost. Better to develop the land underneath and collect rent instead.

So, now because it costs money to stop pollution, we don’t. Cuts into profits too much.

So now, all food is genetically modified… Cheaper to produce and that makes it more profitable.

So now, who needs a dumb-assed Monarch butterfly? It creates no benefit, costs money to save, it should just die and decrease the surplus number of species this planet is gasping to carry…..

We made that choice. This is our legacy. The good news is that we make choices every day. This choice we once made defines us now, but does not have to define us forever…

I’ll now leave with words from Dicken’s, rather proper for this time of season….

“I see an empty place at this table. I see a crutch without an owner, carefully preserved. If these shadows remain unaltered by the future, the child will die.”

Well, I’ve said too much. I…You’re the People here. You do what you want with this thing. Just one more thing, though. This planet needs this measly one-horse institution to change its course, if only to have some place where people can come without crawling to the 1%.

Just think about it over these holidays… Why is it that the US can’t have nice things too?

In a tone bordering on haughtiness, Cassandra of Delaware Liberal, implies that she is not going to apologize to Chip Flowers. Nor should anyone else she insists.

Her retort implies some serious issues with objectivity.

“How about we get an apology from Chip for this stupidly belligerent performance and for the serious incompetence he isn’t doing a good job of hiding?”

Chip Flowers took a trip and couldn’t find a receipt or two when he returned. One would assume from the tone taken, one has ever lost a receipt before. This accident was further complicated because these meetings were top secret encounters with principals of interest, held primarily to determine how Delaware could use the banking industry to one up every other state. Were details ever leaked, or were the guest list ever know, Delaware might be facing 49 separate high cost law suits; all cast mind you not because Delaware did anything wrong, but because it did something very clever, and did it first. The same way Microsoft sues Apple, and Apple in turn sues Samsung, who then turns around and sues Microsoft. Anything to keep lawyers busy and well paid.

Although not asked, it is clear that Cassandra is in no mood to apologize. All must wonder why. Does she feel jilted. After all, it is a known fact after high school, that when people feel jilted they either overly demand, or refuse to apologize.

One must assume that particular human trait is playing out here, barring any other evidence to the contrary. The next question is whether Trey Paradee is involved. Precluding this refusal to apologize, her co-conspirator El Sonambulo of Delaware Liberal posted a hit piece on Trey Paradee as well, calling him by the ugly “C” word and implying he was to “conservative” for his district. Two hits in less than 24 hours by the same publication in the world of Dick Cheney, is called a conspiracy. Since many of Dick’s values live on today, a conspiracy it is…

One must puzzle as to why Cassandra would not apologize? What is her motive? What are her means? What is she hiding? What does she have in for Chip Flowers? Why is she against the Treasury Department? Is she a follower of Ron Paul?

That would make sense. Ron Paul boasted a huge army of supporters who failed to turn up at the polls. One could now quietly be working for Delaware Liberal or simply be Anthophobic. In any regards, all should demand that Cassandra apologize quickly so Delaware’s news can move on to more important things….

Finally, and almost as an addendum, it should be noted that if one is going to make a parody, one is best to use someone squeaky clean to ensure that parody does not go beyond it’s original intention. Cassandra is squeaky clean. So, unless you have the brain of a horse, by now you should know something was up…

This is simply a copy of a hit piece that is being proffered by the main stream media every day. It’s sickening actually. Almost every story by any of the big 4 television networks, is slanted just like this. If Republicans look good, it is because serious effort was put to make it so. You can indeed put lipstick on a pig (Sarah Palin as an example). (You can also put lipstick on Joe Biden, but he looks funny when you do; Palin at least looks hot)

So thanks for Cassandra for being an unwilling accomplice to this plot. If you even believed it for a minute, then my skills are still intact… Imagine… asking her to apologize to Chip Flowers… Lol. 🙂

Point is: dont’ trust anything from CBS, ABC, NBC, or Fox. (Notice I used a lot of their tactics, like imaginary experts who don’t exist, lavished the term common sense which isn’t common, talked more about other people talking about what other people were saying, over what really actually happened, utilized mock outrage, used one big word that everyone will have to look up, etc.)

You are so being raked over the coals right now… What to do? News at noon and 4-7 on WDEL.

A bill was placed on the docket to change Delaware Law.  It was supposed to slip through the last minute when no one was watching.    That is Blevins SB 151 regarding the Treasury…   Since it was a surprise, a lot of hoopla as been thrown  in the fire by pundits reacting to the impact of first impressions.   In their defense that was all they had to go on…

Due to time constraints this investigation will take a series of small steps, probably spread across Delaware’s official blog circuit, with help from Starkey of the News Journal

But to back up the word coup in my title,  I first want to show you how the original language was written then show you how it looked with the changes after SB 151.  Of course this was stated as necessary to keep the state treasure in line, a ploy that El Som and Cassandra seem to have swallowed hook, line and sinker.

First the original bill:

For those who follow along (you all are great) here is the passage number  Title 29; 2716(a)(2)


(1) Require as a condition to any deposit of such funds in any state or national bank or savings and loan institution that such deposits be continuously and fully secured by direct general obligations of or obligations the payment of the principal and interest on which are unconditionally guaranteed by the United States of America or other suitable obligations as determined by the Board;

(2) Require that the selection of financial institutions to provide banking and investment services pursuant to this section be conducted on an open and competitive basis; and

(3) Require that temporary clearing accounts as well as major disbursement accounts be established in a bank or banks whose principal office is located within the State.


That was the original piece of legislation.  Patty’s bill seeks to amend the section 2 of that piece, the embolden area.  From SB 151…


(2) Require that the selection of financial institutions to provide banking and investment services pursuant to this section be conducted on an open and competitive basis as defined by the Board.; It shall be the responsibility of the Board to approve the selection of each of the said financial institutions by a majority vote of the members of the Board. The Board, by a majority vote of its members, shall be responsible for setting the policy as to the allocation between short and long term investments and the allocation of funds to the respective financial institutions selected through the open and competitive process; and


Notice a “lot” of new language. In the synopsis this was sold as a clarification of the responsibilities of the board and the trimming of the responsibilities of the Treasurer. Instead, in what is now typical Markell modus of operandi, this if more of a surreptitious law-change than a clarification.

Previously the directive was this should be done in on an open and competitive basis. The previous directive specifically states this further down: 2716 (e)(1)


The investment of money belonging to the State shall be made by the State Treasurer in accordance with policies established by the Board and subject to the terms, conditions and other matters, including the designation of permissible investments relating to the investment of the money belonging to the State,


It is obvious to all that the existing law separates the Treasurer specifically out from all other board members when it comes to the investment of the state’s finances.

And that was really all existing code says in regards to the investment portfolio of the state’s money.

But, the new law, the one proposed by Blevins titled SB 151, makes HUGE changes. Now the board must make that decision. The board which according to Title 29; 2716(c)(4):


The Board shall meet as often as shall be necessary to properly discharge its duties; provided, however, that the Board shall meet at least 2 times annually; and provided further, that the State Treasurer or the Chairperson of the Board shall be authorized to call special meetings of the Board.


and 2716 (c)(2)


a quorum of 5 members shall be necessary to hold a meeting of the Board.


and 2716 (d)(5)


The use of teleconferencing or videoconferencing is authorized for use in conducting meetings of the Cash Management Policy Board.


Even now under existing policy only 3 people out of nine, if they time their conference-call correctly, can decide the future investment strategy of this state. Patty Blevin’s law would now give those three people (whomever they might be) unprecedented power and remove the current oversight of the only elected official responsible to the public.

“Coup” is the proper term for it.

future of Wilmingtons Port

Kinder Morgan will pay a $316,000 penalty for not implementing sufficient risk management plans at two natural gas processing facilities in Casper and Douglas, the Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday. The penalty results from EPA inspectors finding that the company had not developed and submitted an adequate risk management plan, a Clean Air Act violation for facilities containing hazardous or flammable substances above specified thresholds…

Kinder Morgan subsidiary operating in Eugene, was issued penalties totaling $1,500 “for permit violations at a bulk petroleum storage facility located on 1765 Prairie Rd. in Eugene.” ODEQ said the Kinder Morgan subsidiary exceeded their permitted discharge limit for oil and grease and failed to perform required monitoring.

Kinder Morgan likes to give money to Democrats.

“In Louisiana, Kinder Morgan’s coal export facilities are so dirty that satellite photos clearly show coal dust pollution spewing into the Mississippi River.”

“In South Carolina, coal dust from Kinder Morgan’s terminal contaminates oysters, pilings, and boats. Locals have even caught the company on video washing coal directly into sensitive waterways.”

“In Virginia, Kinder Morgan’s coal export terminal is an open sore on the neighborhood, coating nearby homes in dust so frequently that even the mayor is speaking out about the problem.”

“In Portland, Kinder Morgan officials bribed a ship captain to illegally dump contaminated material at sea, and their operations have repeatedly polluted the Willamette River.”

“Kinder Morgan has been fined by the US government for stealing coal from customer’s stockpiles, lying to air pollution regulators, illegally mixing hazardous waste into gasoline, and many other crimes.”

“Kinder Morgan’s pipelines are plagued by leaks and explosions, including two large dangerous spills in residential neighborhoods in British Columbia.” The source for the above is here…

Consider that on 4/25/12 Hess Corporation had to pay an $850,000 civil penalty and spend more than $45 million in new pollution controls to resolve Clean Air Act violations at its Port Reading, New Jersey refinery, one must expect the same, if Morgan Kinder takes over our port and uses it for energy transference.

The prime reason Kinder Morgan is excited about this prospect is it’s long term plan to build a LNG platform near the Philly market. These tend to always be offshore because an explosion of a LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) ship, can flatten a thirty square mile area. If Kinder Morgan gets the contract and expands the port to take on LNG ships, we may one day flatten New Castle County with the same force that destroyed Hiroshima.

The bottom line, is that Kinder Morgan is an energy company and as is the rule with energy companies, environmental concerns are not their top priority. In their view, it is cheaper to pay the fine…. Delaware is the only state with a Coastal Protection Act.

For this reason alone, Kinder Morgan and Delaware are not a good match…. It would be very sad if the medical use of the blue blood of Horseshoe Crabs had to be forbidden because of a hazardous waste. A waste that came from sloppy accounting for which Kinder Morgan is apparently known by the EPA…..

Remember those few donors during the Republican primaries who were sheltering candidates almost to the point of being their prime funder?

Among the nouveau riche, it appears one hasn’t arrived until he/she has a prize winning candidate in their barn… It used to be racehorses. It is now GOP candidates…

These people donating up to $100 million in support of their champion, according to sources in the Wall Street Journal (disclaimer: it is a Murdoch rag)… are the very reason so much noise by Boehner, McConnell, Norquist, are being made over raising the top marginal tax rate…

All sorts of schemes are being created by Republicans to deflect this increase in top marginal rate. The removal of or cap on deductions hurts those earning between $250,000 and $500,000 considerably more than it hurts billionaires. The higher marginal rates is the only tax that makes billionaires pay more.. All others they can use loopholes to get out of…

In other words when it comes to Republicans, as Romney said when speaking of the 47%…. YOU DON’T MATTER. Today’s Republican leadership has taken that level up to 99% who do not matter.

One can’t be too hard on these individuals though. With out the billions being funded by a “few good men”, the Republican party would shrivel up and wither away.

You saw how bad they got beat! Just imagine how worse it would be if they had 90% less cash to spend?

If we do go off the cliff, it will be solely because these Republicans don’t want to tax the 1%….

It will not be because of the other side…..

Got this from a local grade school teacher.  A discussion ensued and she stepped in to get the little minds back on track with their studies.

“He likes Romney” said one little kid, pointing at the other.  Figuring she would end it with a speech on how we have to get along and accept that others might not share our beliefs,  she set him up with this question…..  “So, what’s wrong with that?”

“Romney wants to take money from poor people and give it to the rich people…. ”

In her head, she thought…” Why yes, yes he does.”  Stunned by his simple direct and true assessment,  she forgot what she was going to say, and simply ordered all the kids back to their seats…..

“Romney wants to take money from poor people and give it to the rich people…”


You cute little witch, you.... Photo Courtesy of CNN

I love it best when she wiggles her little nose… mmmmmph. 

PAC  Christine has been active.

Taking in contributions amounting to $70,462 over the first quarter of 2012, she has so far managed to spend out of that, $60,026… Considering she only had  $10,259 at the beginning of the period, she has doubled her cash in hand, and will be starting out the next period, with $20,696.

From whom did the money come?

She received $9345 from Capitol Lists.  She received $5156 from Campaign Solutions. She received $5667 from Newsmax. And from the Prosper Group out of Greenwood Indiana, she took in $48,239.

Oh, and yes… she had one individual contributor, a Benjamen Bennett, out of Tamarac, Florida.  He dropped $500.


And so, where did it get spent?


$8567 went to a local resident, Annette Burgess, head of the Rail Splitters Society, and is listed as PAC expense. $1500 went to Patricia Quinn, in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, listed as PAC Project Counseling.  $6170 went to Jennifer Warren, residing in Moorestown, New Jersey.  The total for these three people socked up $16,237.

The other $43,786 over the first three months of the year, went to pay for normal things.  Insurance ate up $3182.  Legal fees $5046; Black Rock wanted their $7500. The IRS wanted their $5000. Banks wanted their $233 in fees. Trips cost $.2665. TLS Solutions charged a consulting fee of $1575. (means she chose not to go with them).. For her meeting she has $305 in books printed up, rented $450 in office equipment, paid roughly $170/per month for her cable bill ($505); And her PAC rent from Mid Atlantic Reality, at $1600 per month. ($4800)… And Delmarva got paid this time: $273.

Then their was $1500 in public relations counseling. administered by Shirley & Bannister Public Affairs, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Magic.  Then there was $6014 to Professional Data Services listed for PAC Compliance Counseling. 

There are a couple of take aways here.  First, this is why we require  candidates to list file their reports.

Second, when you get that email, that pleads with you to part with your money, remember there is a huge industry that requires a candidate to spend lavishly to maintain their lifestyles. I wonder if poor Grandma Moses in backward Tennessee, knows this when she choses to send her $35 to PAC Christine, money intended to be used for groceries, but since she was dying anyway, she thought it would be better spent to preserve conservative values.

I wonder if she realizes it is mostly going to Fairfax County, VA, and into hands of people making over $1 million or more?  

And particularly, these corporations or LLC’s?  They are using these candidates to prey on the unsuspecting, in order to generate huge blocks of money for themselves…  I’ll leave you with what one of these businesses said about Christine O’Donnell….

“Few people represent the Tea Party ideals and the incredible 2010 fervor to win the Senate better than Christine O’Donnell. This list contains dedicated conservative donors who share those ideals. They were on the front lines strongly supporting candidates across the country and will do so again. These donors are ready and willing to step up and give to help return our country to its Constitutional principles.

This is a must try for your next conservative mailer.  Sample required with all orders and commission of 20% to all recognized brokers. Pricing and selects are subject to reciprocal charges”




This headline just appeared out of nowhere…….

Gingrich to rivals: You’re Much Too Chicken

Of course, it spawned a meme…..

Rivals to Gingrich: You Eat Too Much Chicken.

Gays to Rick Santorum: You’ve Choked The Chicken?.

(Yeah, I know it might leave a bad taste in some people’s mouths, but, hey sorry, that’s politics….)