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If you have money, you can buy an ad…  There is nothing wrong with that.  And, you can say whatever you want on any issue ad, even if it is not true…. There may be something morally wrong with that, but it is certainly not illegal…  It is protected under free speech….

So if I were to try to get a view across that benefits me, I would buy an ad that lies and says my way is a great way, and possibly demean others who had different views….

This ad begins by saying they will refute the lies told by people living in Newark, those neighbors of the new power plant who don’t want a one spewing carcinogens over top of their properties…

A clock starts and game show music begins to play….

Lie one…  Power plants can safely be built in residential areas….

They cite Princeton New Jersey as having a power plant within its city…. As you can see, it is a 14.6 MW facility…   Delaware will put in a 248 MW facility…   What is the difference?  I’ll show you.  Imagine each X below represents 100 people getting cancer from carcinogens these plants put out through their smokestacks…….

Princeton New Jersey     X

Newark Delaware             XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

You tell me…. are they the same?  (Being all male, the perpetrators of the TDC probably  think size doesn’t matter.  Every female knows differently.)

Lie two…. This efficient gas driven turbine power plant is safe because compared to coal, it has less pollution….. 

The latter part is true.  Gas does have fewer emissions than coal…. But the argument glosses over one very important factor which is visible by keeping he argument as is, but simply changing the topic…. As in:  it’s ok for your daughter to sleep around with 4 different guys each week because prostitutes sleep with 28 guys or more every week…

What the hell kinda parent are you?

We are not talking about putting coal into Newark… We are talking about putting a gigantic gas fired turbine into Newark (see X’s above) … Coal is not even part of the equation… It is a distraction… What is at stake, is this:…. having nothing polluting our air RIGHT NOW…. versus to having a gigantic gas turbine spewing carcinogens 24/7 at full capacity for the next 75 years….

And if you remember…the EPA report showed that more people get cancer from gas turbines than coal fired ones… Really?  Yes, really.  Simply because gas turbines are located in high density areas, and no one…. lives right next to a coal fired power plant… Just like more trees fall on houses in cities, than they do in the middle of forests…..

No big deal?  I would think not.

Lie Number 3….  The Sound is no louder than that of traffic..

They play two clips….  That is actually true.  Listen to those clips and think of that sound continuous 24/7…. while you are sitting in your pool.  while you are entertaining guests, while you are catching a few zzzzz’s. or at 3:30 in the am when you can’t sleep……  I mean when chirping birds can wake you out of a deep slumber at 4:30 am, what do you think I-95 running down your street will sound like?  I mean, have you ever stood on an overpass across a major highway?  You have to shout to be heard…..

And this they say… is not a problem….

That is because they are some ad agency being paid a lot of money to try to influence people and have no incentive to tell the truth. They get paid more if the data center goes in…. and get little or nothing if it does not…  They have a vested interest in making you think what they want… Not what is best for you….

The announcer then says time (60 secs.) is up and steers you to their website so they can track you and continue to send you more misinformation…..  As with all ads, it is not what they say that is most of the problem… it is what they don’t say….

Their report on the level of carcinogens which they are required by law to do… shows that many carcinogens will rain down on Newark… if this plant goes through…  Far, far, far more than are falling on Newark now…..

In Washington State, there is a chart showing cancer frequency rates among its towns… One town is off the charts… It has a similar sized gas turbine near its residential area….

75 years is an awfully long time……  Any other business other than a power plant, would give all the benefits… with none of the problems….   And the power plant could then be built in some rural area, with none of the problems this one will give here.

It is all about precision.  When they say this power plant is good, they don’t say this power plant is good here… When other say this power plant is bad, they aren’t saying all power plants like this are bad….

It is just that campus of the University of Delaware, 200 yds from families’ houses in the town of Newark, is not the best place in the world to build a 248 MW gas fired CHP power plant…. 

That will never change, no matter how many ads get run on WDEL…….


They don’t say they are Koch ads.  And they don’t say anything really… Just moan and groan about nothing….

One of the statements being made by a senior women, is “and they promised us we could keep our own insurance, well you know how that goes.”

Whoa, Back up old lady. The fact is, that you can keep your own insurance if you wish.  Not only was that extended originally, but it was extended again.  If you want your crappy piss poor insurance policy, you can keep your crappy piss poor insurance policy, even though it gouges you in they eye and pays nothing if you go blind.

Those type of policies should be illegal…   The only reason they aren’t, is because in order to fill the spirit of a promise, they are grandfathered into existence despite the fact they hurt everyone who has them…. Hopefully those people will grow some brains and get a cheaper policy that covers them far better… But if they are adamant in their stupidity, well, a promise is a promise.  They can keep them….


But what is funny, it that this old senior woman,  jumps into minimum wage….   Raising the minimum wage will hurt women …..


Even demented old seniors in nursing homes know that making $10.10 for every hour in a forty hour week, is better than making $7.25 dollars an hour in a forty hour week… It doesn’t matter if you are a man, or a woman… It is $2.85 dollars an hour better or $114 dollars a week, better, or $456 dollars a month better….

That will hurt women the Koch Brothers say….


The only thing stupider than a Koch Brother is someone who actually believes them…..

Hello. Rick Jensen?


If Delaware has 11,000 workers making at or below minimum wage, and all of those theoritically were given a $450 monthly raise,  the spending power of the Delaware economy would jump $5 million dollars a month…

If the Koch’s owned half the wealth, that means this awesome  jump in the economy is $2.5 million a month out of their own pocket….  No wonder they are throwing $6,000 at WDEL to try to trick you into calling for NOT improving our economy.

If you liked Ronald Reagan, you need to switch to the Democratic Party, now!

Now, if only Rick Jensen was as smart as you are….  😦

I’m sure every one has followed this…

The transcript was as follows….

Photo op:  Arne visits children washing dolls and playing with clay… Too painful to visit an English or Math Class pulling out their hair over  Common Core..  We got the equivalent of Rep. Ryan washing clean pots and pans for the cameras…  Anyways:

Here are Delaware’s Achievements.

  • Test Scores Up. (the state average actually fell down in 2013 due to the first implementation of Common Core Curriculum)
  • Drop out rates down (due to programs targeting dropouts, involving high intensity teachers who are allowed to “just teach”.)
  • More young people taking AP classes (a national trend coinciding with allowing the use of smart phones now allowed to accompany students)
  • More low income students going to college ( made easier by the smaller number of students – about 2,000 – considered now to be academically ready for college. About 7,000 were not.)

Governor Markell tells of his next steps.

  • reform teacher compensation. (not pay more for higher degrees)
  • revamp the state’s education funding formula (go with 100% charter schools)

Overall Duncun stated “This is a state that’s helping demonstrate to the nation what’s possible with tenacity, with courage, and a willingness to challenge the status quo,”

In most ranking over the past 5 years, Delaware’s education still remains flat, and in the middle of the pack.

A real education governor would eliminate charter schools and work towards an 11:1 student teacher ratio in all elementary schools with poverty levels over 50% and in ninth grade…..


There needs to a mandatory class required for all politicians;  one that teaches them when and when not to expound reality beyond what is really there… I accept that there are times when stretching the truth is proper… As one example, immediately the first phrase jumping into my mind as I write this, was Franklin Roosevelt’s  “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself…”    For actually… they did have quite a bit to fear.  Would their jobs last?  Would their bank fail? Would there be any food in a month?  Would the bank call their loan?  You see, they lived under unfettered capitalism back then.  Capitalism with no controls and no safety net, meaning they really did have quite a bit to fear.  But, FDR simply brushed all that aside and closed the banks like he said he would, and reopened the banks like he said he would, and put Americans to work like he said he would, and you know, if one didn’t fear fear, everything would turn out alright…

A bad example, is what Delaware’s Governor Jack Markell tried to do yesterday in defending Common Core.  Poor fellow is about to be eviscerated.  Not that anyone really wants to, but…. a) when facts show a totally different reality from what you say, and b) when you are on the wrong side, not like Roosevelt who was on the right,…  you should have predicted  it was going to happen…

At least you would.. if I taught politicians the class… ..


Some purist may fault me for my immorality, but if you are going to lie, and seriously, you have to if you want to be elected, you need to lie about things that can never be proven otherwise… Our example: ” We have nothing to fear but fear itself”; how can anyone disprove that?   Another example:  the Republicans and Big Oil are still lying about Global Warming:  It bought them 20 extra years ( can you believe it has been that long since Al Gore invented it?”)  Lying about tobacco’s connection to cancer;  bought tobacco companies 40 years before truth finally caught up to them in the form of punitive damages.  So lying has its place and one probably should not be too harsh on Markell and the Chamber of Commerce types thinking they have similar clout to pull similar wool over your eyes…

Common Core is different.  You can’t go in with a microscope and see a tar molecule bond to human protein, and then change the genetic makeup of a lung cell making it cancerous… You can’t determine for sure how much each motor vehicle, each power plant will raise the global temperature.  There is room for doubt because it can’t be measured and that is what you exploit… However, any parent can tell if ones child is reacting to school in a completely different way than any of his siblings, and that he is doing so, solely because of Common Core…

That lie will get busted….

Here in shortened, scrunched down form, are some of the lies in what The News Journal reported Jack Markell allegedly said….

mythology” and “misinformation,”/…Delaware shows the standards are working.(cough, cough, cough)/… endangering our childrens’ future/,…the value of these standards (cough, cough)/…it’s about raising the bar for our children.”/…nonprofit Hunt Institute./.  some Common Core-aligned classes in action (wtf?)/.. preparing them for college or jobs /..more competitive against international peers/… standards were created by and for states/….Small-government activists have been some of the loudest opponents of the standards (only if they are parents first)..

Then there are the really big lies, that can only be expressed in full….

“Critics argue the effort is a federal power grab, taking educational decisions out of the hands of local school boards and teachers. They see the millions of dollars the U.S. Department of Education has given to states that adopt “college and career ready standards” as the federal government strong-arming states.” (No mention of child abuse? Lack of learning? Dumbing down of standards? Component 5? Accountability based only on one test? No mention of the horrible tests themselves?)

Jim Douglas, the Republican former Governor of Vermont, said the debate shouldn’t be about politics.  “There are conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats alike who think this is important, and we think people need to know that,” Douglas said. (umm. pretty easy to solve that:  there are parents and non parents.  Those parents whose children have been exposed, are against common core; non parents, especially those getting rich off it, tend to be in favor of it,  Politics has nothing to do with it, but being a parent of a Common Core child has everything to do with it.)

But here is the one that really cracked me up….. He announced the plans at Lancashire Elementary School on Monday after showing representatives of those groups some Common Core-aligned classes in action.

Ha, ha, ha, ha… How do you show Common Core in action?  It looks just like any non Common Core class.  A teacher, students, exercises.  Perhaps a slogan or two on the wall?  Lol…  Why was this Common Core class chosen, and not one in the Red Clay District, or Christina District, or  Colonial District, or REACH Academy?   Why was a school picked that is only 22% Afro American?  Why was a school picked that was only 37.5% low income?  Why was a school picked that is only 7.8% Special Ed?  Why? To show a dog and pony show… Jump kids, jump… Nice job teacher… when on the entire state average is 31.3% Afro-American;  51.9% low income; and 12.7% Special Ed….

Do you really think anyone was fooled walking into one of Holodick’s best schools and saying:  this is what Common Core is accomplishing?  Wasn’t that school accomplishing the exact same results a year before, and the year before that? ( Yes, it was)  Yet still, even in this showpiece of a model school being used for the press dog and pony show, Blacks didn’t meet 70% AYP (60%).  Special Ed didn’t meet 70% AYP (43%).  Low Income didn’t meet 70% AYP (66%)…  yet the entire school is listed as meeting 70% AYP (79%), know why?……  Thank goodness it has lots of rich white people there….. 84% of them hit AYP and carried the entire school….


What happens to schools in entire districts where 40.6% are Afro American?  Where 61.7% are low income!  Where 15% are Special Ed?  No rich white people there to help them out….  I can see Mark Murphy wagging his finger now… “You John Young, are failing your students.  Get your act together son…”

The reason this event was staged in Holodick’s Lancashire School, is because Common Core is not working.  It is not making Afro Americans do fantastically.  It is not magically turning low income children into Einsteins.  It is not the philosopher’s stone enabling Special Ed’s to prosper forever in our society…  This is a dog and pony show presented for public consumption with the News Journal and Amy Cherry of WDEL accompanying.   I wish I could find the link to WDEL’s pictures showing the classroom, and of course every parent looked at that picture and went… huh?  What’s so special about Common Core?  Ha.  It is so obvious from WDEL’s video that those children were coached how to behave…

A Hollywood moment….

Which media will be there when they take the test?  Any news organization there to show the kids breaking down?  The frustration? The tears? The crying?  The wetting?  The vomiting?  That is the “real Common Core”  That is what every single parent who has been exposed to Common Core is so mad about , and is bound determine not to be dismissed. or ignored, or called some right wing small government extremists…

For no.  Common Core is worse than No Child Left Behind.  Common Core will destroy the American Educational System because it is crap…  David Coleman’s crap…  Not because of Constitutionality; not because of libertarian type beliefs, not because of anti-corporate sentiments, not because of labor unions, not because of Federal influence, not because of some Wall Street Ponzi Scheme.   Common Core hurts kids.  It really, truly, hurts children…  Which is why…. you have a governor and an ex governor, with a local newspaper and local radio station, staging a dog and pony show in a predominantly rich white suburban school, calling out all those who are against Common Core…….

And then…. you have all these, which in just this past week, on the other side of Governor Markell, trying every way possible to get legislators to notice that Common Core is really bad for both children and politicians who support Common Core against overwhelming evidence which is very real, and  is not staged, not white washed, not glossed over….  And who are these people against Common Core?  Parents.  All these parents. (thanks CCEWP 🙂 )

* Alabama – “Bill In Works That Would Allow Common Core Opt-Out For Schools

* Arizona – “Senate backtracks on Common Core

* Connecticut – “Stamford Rep. Molgano Calls For Public Hearing On Common Core

* Florida –  FLA Ed Commissioner’s Arrogant Letter Angers Mother of Recently Deceased Disabled Child

Florida –  Testing Fixation Drives Florida School Board Member to Quit, Fight on Larger Battleground

* Georgia – “Common Core bill debated in Georgia House

* Maryland – Dressed in Clown Suits, Maryland Teachers Protest Excessive Testing

* Maryland – Super Tells Parents State Test is Useless

* Mississippi – “Common Core comes back up at State Capitol

* Missouri – “Mo. lawmakers debate retreating from Common Core

* Illinois –  Educators Boycotting Chicago Exam – Spend Day Teaching Not Testing

Illinois –   National Leaders Support Chicago Test Boycott

Illinois– Resources for Supporting Chicago Parents and Teachers Protesting  the ISAT

*Indiana –

* New York – “Assembly Passes Bill Halting Common Core

New York Protests Intensify as Common Core Tests Loom       Rochester, NY, Teachers Association Brings Suit Against “Value      Added” Evaluations

Massachusetts –  Worcester Mass. School Committee Will Allow Students to Opt Out of  Common Core Pilot Exam

More Massachusetts Education Leaders Criticize Double-Testing

* Connecticut – Connecticut Educators Want to Reexamine Test-Based Teacher  Evaluation Model     Connecticut Parents Seek to Opt Children Out of Common Core Tests,0,1363518.story       The Brave New World of “College and Career Readiness” Testing

*North Carolina –    North Carolina Families Opt Out of Standardized Tests
Penn. Parents Join Forces to Opt Kids Out of Standardized Tests

*Arkansas –   Arkansas Professor Urges 11th Graders to Opt Out of Literacy Test

*Tennessee –  Tennessee Teacher Sue Claiming “Value-Added” Assessment is      Arbitrary and Unconstitutional
Virginia Lawmakers Seek to Reduce Number of Standardized Tests

*New Hampshire – Nashua, New Hampshire Board Backs Delay of New Test

*Nebraska – Testimony regarding Common Core Academic Error:

* Washington, D.C. –

I have to heartedly laugh now at Jim Douglas, the Republican former Governor of Vermont, who is quoted saying the debate shouldn’t be about politics.  “There are conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats alike who think this is important, and we think people need to know that,” Douglas said.

Lol… Look above.  There are far, far, far more conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats…  who think the exact opposite…. and we think people need to know that too…




I was done with my shopping at Acme, had picked up a bouquet of flowers, and saw the Blue Crab and ducked in to get some food to go…Heck, I didn’t feel like cooking…  I decided to pass upon driving through the new WSFS atm, and instead came straignt out of Suburban Shopping Center, got stuck at the light where the Soviet interference blocks out WDEL, and with the green, pulled straight ahead onto Rt.4 towards the Bob… I go up the rise that is the bridge, squeeze down to one lane, and look to my left at where the new power plant will be. thinking of course it would be way off in the corner by the railroad tracks… As I looked, it slowly dawned that it would be right at the corner, right next to the bridge i was on…  Holy Crap.


I would be directly under that smoke stack at least 4 times every day… Why would that concern me?  Because concentrations of the heaviest particles are thickest the closer one gets to the stack…  My open window or car vent would suck those in, and keep them in my car, for what? maybe a mile, or two?  I would be breathing lots of stuff that normally stays deep underground… Like lead.  Like cobalt, Like uranium, Like Radon. I know, as do you, that all it takes is one atom to get sucked into my lungs, bond with a cell tissue, and stay there, and I die of lung cancer.   Of course it could happen in Ohio, and since atoms never die, get blown from there over to Rehoboth Beach, and be hanging right above the ocean about an inch, right where I come up and gasp for air… and the same thing could happen… Therefore I have to look at probabilities.  My probability of dying from cancer is almost infinitely larger when I drive under the stack 4 times every day, or 28 times every week, or 1456 times at the minimum, every year I live in Newark…  Just imagine the probability from those living in Devon, less than 200 yards from the belching stack…

Belching, as in burping up lead, cobalt, antimony, uranium, cesium, strontium, radon,  Ever had to work with someone who had bad breath?  This would be infinitely worse….

Here is where you say… Wait!  But Jack Markell and Sam Latham all said that gas was cleaner than coal.  How does you headline fit in with your claims that gas is dirtier than coal….

Great question… Let us answer that with an entertaining example….  let us say there is a house up the street, shared by 4 young people, maybe they are in a band even…. But rumor is they smoke pot…   Now let us say, you rent one of your rooms out to Justin Beiber, and Lo, come to find out he smokes pot too…  but not that much…. Now, which of the two, is going to provide you the greatest opportunity to get high from second hand smoke:.  The reggae band 15 houses away, or Justin Beiber who crashes at your house when on breaks from his tour?

It’s the same way with carcinogens in pollution.  Coal plants are in Ohio.  This 248MW natural gas co-generation power plant, is 200 yard away….

The figures for mean damages per ton of emissions are higher for natural gas plants than for coal plants because of the locations of the plants. If you think about it, a power plant located near an urban area will do more human damage than one located in the country, all other things being equal….

There can be no question.  The rate of death will jump in areas surrounding Newark if this power plant goes in.  Explaining it is cleaner than coal is irrelevant for there is no coal plant going in… The comparative factor must be against the status quo.  Right now, there is nothing polluting the air breathed by the citizens of the town of Newark. Soon there will be… and obviously as a result, more people and animals will die horrible, painful deaths than do now.  That is inevitable, and must be recognized, while at the same time, not blown out of perspective.

There are times when the benefits might be worth the risk of dying prematurely. WWII for example.  And not everyone will die early. Just those unlucky to breathe in the unlucky molecule, which today, doesn’t exist in Newark but when finished, will soon be belched out 24/7 right there by Route 4’s bridge over Amtrack..  Those in receivership will die, while the rest of us live on… The question stands: is this power plant worth dying for? Is the money being made for its investors, worth the copays our estate will fork over on our own terminal medical bills…

You say yes?  or was that a no, I heard?

It used to cost 40 pieces of silver. Now it costs $45,000 dollars.

Apparently there was a giant rally at the Chrysler Plant in support of the power plant. A quick check of car plates (and bumper stickers) showed that Union members from Philly, New Jersey, Maryland were there. Surprisingly, none identifiable from Delaware were there. The surprisingly few Delaware plates that were there, all were black, and stuck on the back of $70,000 cars or trucks…

It appeared to be an attempt to show Newark that lots of people still support putting in the largest power boiler in the state right next (only 20 Wal*Mart aisles or 200 feet) to houses with kids and dogs and cats playing in the yard….

But none of this crowd came to all the public sessions. All those were 20 to 1 against installing the power plant.

So vans of strange people who talked funny were roaming Newark neighborhoods last Saturday and Sunday. They put on two door hangers... One in support of the power plant. One in support of Polly Sierer, candidate for mayor.

Polly Sierer denies she knows who is doing it… “I wish they’d stop she says…” Well, one person whose name is on the pamphlets, is Mike Mullens. The pamphlet says for further information, contact the Delaware Department of Elections. A lot of people did.

The Department of Elections said…”we know nothing of this. Nothing at all”… Most politicos just shrugged and said, “well they got us; they filed under the window of the 8 day reporting, so we will have to wait for the year’s end filing to see who was putting up all this money… It has to be a lot of money.

Very late Sunday night,last night, someone actually looked up the code and discovered that Bob Gilligan changed it last year. And it was signed by Jack Markell. After my memory was jogged, I can now remember El Sonambulo discussing it on Al Mascitti’s show… They have 24 hours to contact the Department of Elections upon either spending or receiving money.

They scrambled all night and most of the day, trying to create a political action committee, get officers in line, get everyone’s story straight, and then file with the Elections Office… There is nothing still on the websites. The election is today….

Finally just before closing yesterday, around 4:46 pm, those who emailed request, begin to get their answers….

The PAC is worth $45,000! Prior to this notice, Polly’s 8 day report shows the total expenditures at around $5,000.… The PAC IS SPENDING 9 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF ANY CANDIDATE TO THROW THE ELECTION….. It may be throwing it your way if you are a Polly supporter; it is throwing it against you if you are not….

Polly still says she has no idea. The man she is pictured with on the PAC’s piece of literature, former Mayor Vince Funk, also says he has no idea of who is running the PAC that features him on the front page…

Here is what the Department of Elections told us….

Among its founding board members is Andrew Lubin, University of Delaware’s real estate director, who is responsible for the development of the STAR Campus….

It is safe to assume, that the University of Delaware is probably putting in $45,000 dollars to swing Newark’s election, in order to get the go ahead from Newark to build the largest gas boiler in Delaware…. nine times the amount any other candidate can raise….

The University of Delaware put up the money, and for cover, had the Delaware and New Castle Chambers of Commerce, the 100 Club, the Delaware Contractors Association, the Home Builder’s Association, Delaware Realitors Association, and a dummy corporation called DEED, for Delawareans for Environmental and Economic Development… a shill sounding name and website if I’ve ever knew one…. It had all these companies pile on…

Why not, to them it was free.

But they all got caught because of Gilligan’s law…

The question is, Newark… what are you going to do about it? Stand there and take it, let the University buy your vote as if you don’t matter, without you even considering any of the alternative?

Or……. you can set them back by voting for Amy Roe…. She is not for sale… nor is she someone who can be pushed around or bullied, she will have your backs…

I happen to think it is a pretty easy choice, but the beauty of democracy is that each one of you gets to decide… Your decision sets in stone a power plant for 75 years… Good luck Newark… As of 7am this morning, everything is riding on you…..

In a tone bordering on haughtiness, Cassandra of Delaware Liberal, implies that she is not going to apologize to Chip Flowers. Nor should anyone else she insists.

Her retort implies some serious issues with objectivity.

“How about we get an apology from Chip for this stupidly belligerent performance and for the serious incompetence he isn’t doing a good job of hiding?”

Chip Flowers took a trip and couldn’t find a receipt or two when he returned. One would assume from the tone taken, one has ever lost a receipt before. This accident was further complicated because these meetings were top secret encounters with principals of interest, held primarily to determine how Delaware could use the banking industry to one up every other state. Were details ever leaked, or were the guest list ever know, Delaware might be facing 49 separate high cost law suits; all cast mind you not because Delaware did anything wrong, but because it did something very clever, and did it first. The same way Microsoft sues Apple, and Apple in turn sues Samsung, who then turns around and sues Microsoft. Anything to keep lawyers busy and well paid.

Although not asked, it is clear that Cassandra is in no mood to apologize. All must wonder why. Does she feel jilted. After all, it is a known fact after high school, that when people feel jilted they either overly demand, or refuse to apologize.

One must assume that particular human trait is playing out here, barring any other evidence to the contrary. The next question is whether Trey Paradee is involved. Precluding this refusal to apologize, her co-conspirator El Sonambulo of Delaware Liberal posted a hit piece on Trey Paradee as well, calling him by the ugly “C” word and implying he was to “conservative” for his district. Two hits in less than 24 hours by the same publication in the world of Dick Cheney, is called a conspiracy. Since many of Dick’s values live on today, a conspiracy it is…

One must puzzle as to why Cassandra would not apologize? What is her motive? What are her means? What is she hiding? What does she have in for Chip Flowers? Why is she against the Treasury Department? Is she a follower of Ron Paul?

That would make sense. Ron Paul boasted a huge army of supporters who failed to turn up at the polls. One could now quietly be working for Delaware Liberal or simply be Anthophobic. In any regards, all should demand that Cassandra apologize quickly so Delaware’s news can move on to more important things….

Finally, and almost as an addendum, it should be noted that if one is going to make a parody, one is best to use someone squeaky clean to ensure that parody does not go beyond it’s original intention. Cassandra is squeaky clean. So, unless you have the brain of a horse, by now you should know something was up…

This is simply a copy of a hit piece that is being proffered by the main stream media every day. It’s sickening actually. Almost every story by any of the big 4 television networks, is slanted just like this. If Republicans look good, it is because serious effort was put to make it so. You can indeed put lipstick on a pig (Sarah Palin as an example). (You can also put lipstick on Joe Biden, but he looks funny when you do; Palin at least looks hot)

So thanks for Cassandra for being an unwilling accomplice to this plot. If you even believed it for a minute, then my skills are still intact… Imagine… asking her to apologize to Chip Flowers… Lol. 🙂

Point is: dont’ trust anything from CBS, ABC, NBC, or Fox. (Notice I used a lot of their tactics, like imaginary experts who don’t exist, lavished the term common sense which isn’t common, talked more about other people talking about what other people were saying, over what really actually happened, utilized mock outrage, used one big word that everyone will have to look up, etc.)

You are so being raked over the coals right now… What to do? News at noon and 4-7 on WDEL.

(This was lifted from a regular commentator over at Allan Loudell’s blog on WDEL.  It is a response to reports that Obama made more gaffes than Quayle, Biden, and Bush put together.  It is a perfect example how to implode a Republican attack campaign….  )

When I looked up the topic for today, I couldn’t believe it? Really? What a gigantic overstatement: “arguably more factual misstatements on a single occasion than EVER delivered by Joe Biden, George W. Bush, or Dan Quayle.”

Not to mention, but all of you who piled on, none but one of which watched the interview, adding stuff that had no relevance? Unfortunately that is human nature and if Allan was trying to generate interest, the hits on this topic, compared to all others he’s posted this week, sort of bear the judgment that he really is catering to the lowest elements of the American Population, which in this case would be my fellow commentators. (Mr. Pizza surprisingly excluded)

The reason for my disbelief, was that those who watched the interview.. literally thought Obama nailed it. It was an amazing talk, covering the breadth of life in America, and was exceeding long… It takes a lot to get a gaffe past an astute person, but all of these supposed gaffes, were not picked up until haters of Obama had a chance to go over the transcript… And then, they really had to bend over backwards three or four times to make it stick…

Let’s go through them…..

Exhibit A: President Obama confused the Winter Olympics with the Summer Olympics,

Here is the full transcript…

Leno: Do you think it will affect the Olympics?

THE PRESIDENT: I think Putin and Russia have a big stake in making sure the Olympics work, and I think they understand that for most of the countries that participate in the Olympics, we wouldn’t tolerate gays and lesbians being treated differently. They’re athletes, they’re there to compete. And if Russia wants to uphold the Olympic spirit, then every judgment should be made on the track, or in the swimming pool, or on the balance beam, and people’s sexual orientation shouldn’t have anything to do with it. (Applause.)

Leno: Good enough for me.

We’ll be right back. We’ll talk about the economy when we come back.

Who but the stupidest fool in Christendom would think he is mixing up summer and winter Olympics? He is clearly talking about the spirit of the sport, and incorporating the memories of recent American victories or just last summer. One really has to stretch truth to its lowest level to call that a gaffe. That isn’t journalism. It is pure libel.

Exhibit B: the President goofed on the geography, placing Charleston, South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; and Jacksonville, Florida along the Gulf coast

Here is the transcript:

Leno: You mentioned infrastructure. Why is that a partisan issue? I live in a town, the bridge is falling apart, it’s not safe. How does that become Republican or Democrat? How do you not just fix the bridge? (Laughter and applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t know. As you know, for the last three years, I’ve said, let’s work together. Let’s find a financing mechanism and let’s go ahead and fix our bridges, fix our roads, sewer systems, our ports. The Panama is being widened so that these big supertankers can come in. Now, that will be finished in 2015. If we don’t deepen our ports all along the Gulf — places like Charleston, South Carolina, or Savannah, Georgia, or Jacksonville, Florida — if we don’t do that, those ships are going to go someplace else. And we’ll lose jobs. Businesses won’t locate here.

So this is something that traditionally has been bipartisan. I mean, it used to be Republicans and Democrats, they love cutting those ribbons.

Leno: Yes.

THE PRESIDENT: And we’ve got a bunch of construction workers who aren’t working right now. They’ve got the skills. They want to get on the job. It would have a huge impact on the economy not just now, but well into the future. So I’m just going to keep on pushing Republicans to join with us, and let’s try to do it.

Once again… only the worst human being could make the assumption that Obama made a gaffe here… Every person listening verbally knows the —– in the transcript stands for the word “and”.. He took a breath right there!…
So everyone listening interpreted it this way:

If we don’t deepen our ports all along the Gulf (and)— places like Charleston, South Carolina, or Savannah, Georgia, or Jacksonville, Florida — if we don’t do that, those ships are going to go someplace else. And we’ll lose jobs. Businesses won’t locate here.

And that my silly friends, is a very factual statement.

Exhibit C: Claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin once “headed up the KGB”. (I confess I thought that too. per Allan Loudell) Putin only rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel.

Check out this fact: On 25 July 1998, Yeltsin appointed Vladimir Putin head of the FSB (the successor agencies to the KGB), the position Putin occupied until August 1999.
That is the reason Allan (myself and Barack) thought he was head of the KGB. Anyone paying attention to global politics in the 1990’s (it looks like only Allan and I were) knows full well the KGB was alive and well in its successor organizations. Probably more appropriately said, would have been “he was their head of intelligence”, but all insiders know, He was really the head of the KGB.. That is a complete factual statement. It is not a gaffe at all.

Only the stupidest person in Christendom would dispute that. Sigh… I’m sure some here will try.

Exhibit D: a probably unwise comparison: “The odds of people dying in a terrorist attack are still a lot lower than in a car accident, unfortunately.” (Is that fortunate or unfortunate?)

here is the full transcript:

Leno: What do you say to those cynics who go, oh, this is an overreaction to Benghazi — how do you respond to that?

THE PRESIDENT: One thing I’ve tried to do as President is not over react, but make sure that as much as possible the American people understand that there are genuine risks out there. What’s great about what we’ve seen with America over the last several years is how resilient we are. So after the Boston bombing, for example, the next day folks were out there, they’re going to ball games. They are making sure that we’re not reacting in a way that somehow shuts us down.

And that’s the right reaction. Terrorists depend on the idea that we’re going to be terrorized. And we’re going to live our lives. And the odds of people dying in a terrorist attack obviously are still a lot lower than in a car accident, unfortunately. But there are things that we can do to make sure that we’re keeping the pressure on these networks that would try to injure Americans. And the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to bed is making sure that I’m doing everything I can to keep Americans safe. (Applause.)

When one listens to the tape, it is obviously that the unfortunately means it is unfortunate that people die in either terror attacks or traffic accidents. If you don’t think it is unfortunate to lose someone in a traffic accident, just ask the Vice President what it feels like. He knows. Sorry, but only the stupidest people in Christendom would think that it is “fortunate” that people get killed in either a car accident or terror attack.. Both are unfortunate, and that is exactly the point being made on tape.. Notice not one person notices or gasps; the audience goes right along because, we all know exactly what he meant. This in no way can be considered a gaffe. It is an acknowledgment of tragedy, pure and simple.

Exhibit E: Earl brings this up, not Allan…” the blatant NSA lies were offensive to the intelligence of Americans (left and right)”   Before you read further, I might add this is a whole different topic than gaffes, and Earl and I would probably disagree only over the word “blatant”, but with enough argument, even we might come to an agreeable definition…

The transcript:

Leno: It’s safe to say that we learned about these threats through the NSA intelligence program? Is that a fair assessment?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, this intelligence-gathering that we do is a critical component of counterterrorism. And obviously, with Mr. Snowden and the disclosures of classified information, this raised a lot of questions for people. But what I said as soon as it happened I continue to believe in, which is a lot of these programs were put in place before I came in. I had some skepticism, and I think we should have a healthy skepticism about what government is doing. I had the programs reviewed. We put in some additional safeguards to make sure that there’s federal court oversight as well as congressional oversight, that there is no spying on Americans.

We don’t have a domestic spying program. What we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or an email address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat. And that information is useful. But what I’ve said before I want to make sure I repeat, and that is we should be skeptical about the potential encroachments on privacy. None of the revelations show that government has actually abused these powers, but they’re pretty significant powers.

And I’ve been talking to Congress and civil libertarians and others about are there additional ways that we can make sure that people know nobody is listening to your phone call, but we do want to make sure that after a Boston bombing, for example, we’ve got the phone numbers of those two brothers — we want to be able to make sure did they call anybody else? Are there networks in New York, are there networks elsewhere that we have to roll up? And if we can make sure that there’s confidence on the part of the American people that there’s oversight, then I think we can make sure that we’re properly balancing our liberty and our security.

Line by line all are true. Notice this line: ” We put in some additional safeguards to make sure that there’s federal court oversight as well as congressional oversight, that there is no spying on Americans.

He doesn’t say there is no spying on Americans. He says we put in additional court and congressional oversight to make sure there was no spying on Americans… (Correctly meaning the oversight is there, it is just ineffective in making sure it did not happen; essentially shifting the blame to Congress and the courts for not catching it.) True but devious. Likewise, in the next line, where he says we don’t have a domestic spying “program“. There is no program.. there are mechanisms (cough, cough) but there is no program. True, but devious. Then he states… “none of these revelations have shown the government has abused these powers, but they are significant powers”. Which so far is true. We don’t have evidence yet of a case where someone was imprisoned for something they said years ago caught up in their data banks. But that does not mean it isn’t being done. What we do have is evidence that the potential is there for abuse, and I’m not sure if Allan is yet aware, but it looks like in Delaware that cracks in that morality of not abusing that power, are beginning to show. In other words, we really don’t have to fear our federal government, (it’s scope is too big), but we do have to fear our neighbor who wants to know our business and now has access through his buddy at the state police data bank, which is tied into the federal repository… Scary stuff.

And so, the fact that these were not gaffes at all, but were misconstrued by selectively twisting the transcript, or by taking it too literally in some cases without accounting for breathing patterns of  human speech, makes all those taking it at face value … suckers (to use a term from the forties, lol)..

You were baited, took the hook, line and sinker… and now you’ve been gaffed and hauled upon the boat… Examples… from commentators….

“and yes, he really does need a telepromter. He’s just not an off-the-cuff type of man.”

Actually with out a teleprompter, he does very well… See this:

Leno: Now, I’ve seen Michelle tease you about your gray hair. You have a bit of silver in your hair. Do you tease back?

THE PRESIDENT: No. (Laughter and applause.) That’s why we’re celebrating our 21st anniversary. (Laughter.)

Leno: As I’m married 33 years, I know exactly what you’re saying. (Laughter.)

or this commentators assertion:  “would this be excused IF he were not Black?”

it is obvious that conservatives are the whole entire problem involving racism; when they say Obama has divided America like never before, it is only in their hearts that it is so.  The rest of America has no problem, except with Conservatives no matter what race they may be. They live in a world of their own fabrication, not everyone else’s.

“Allan’s link above showing that the big 3 morning shows ignore the Obama gaffes on Leno’s show proves my case.”

Actually the Big 3  don’t report on fabricated news. this wasn’t a story. They usually don’t make up news out of nothing. They report things that “really” happened, you know, as in “real” life? They aren’t Breitbart, short for “make up fake news on the spot by deleting the relevant elements”.

“It also points out that he cannot speak without a teleprompter.” He is far more eloquent and a much greater speaker than George W. Bush or Dick Cheney. That is superfluous criticism at its worst.

The fact is he did quite well, actually. Just shows that life would be so much better without Republicans making up lies over anything and everything… There is no story here at all. Just propaganda…

Here is the full transcript…

i don’t have time right now to look it up, but can anyone tell me whether the Daily Mail broke the story, or was it just picked up by them from their monitoring of the Republican propaganda sites alluded to in Allan’s piece above? I did notice the story did NOT make it into the Guardian? Looks like their filter system is working well as the big 3 American networks…

However…for  Allan’s  headline to reflect the circumspect accuracy this station usually exhibits in its news stories, should have at least, the words “Conservatively Alleged” inserted before the word “gaffes”, since it is only a tortured and bizarre mind who would rationally come to any such conclusion.

Close up Courtesy of gene hanson

Allan and I were commenting on his WDEL blog, that Monarchs were in very short supply this year. I had seen none. Neither has he.

It brought to mind that great losses were expected this year because a census in the mountains of Central Mexico recorded millions were missing from their winter home. Since colonies like to fly together and land together, I was hoping our Monarchs were not privy to that catastrophe.

I am now worried I was right. Monarchs have always played an important part of rural people’s psyche. Seeing a Monarch, since it is so recognizable, gives one an uplift to the spirit, invariably followed by an excited voice saying, “look it’s a Monarch!”… Former President Jimmy Carter, a farmer by trade, commented on this special feeling one gets, by saying the Monarch united three nations in peace. How true.

Monarchs are personal to me. I was fortunate to have lived on two different flyways, in two different states, and well remember lining up carseats of children on the back porch to watch the parade of Monarchs steadily bob their way south. As elementary children, our very kind and thoughtful principal would break all classes to let us out onto the playground to stand in awe and silence, and watch hundreds of the King of Insects go bobbing by. They never wavered side to side; they never stopped; just kept flying one right after another.

Why are they missing? Well that is up to speculation. For you see, they being Monarchs, are mysterious, secretive. We just simply don’t know? Speculation ranges from loss of milkweed due to new development; insecticides on farm land. As a side example it was just found this year, that a new fungicide has wiped out millions and millions of honeybees. But Monarchs were so secretive, it took almost all the formative years of Allan’s lifetime before we even discovered where the Eastern Monarch rested during winter. Once discovered, it was breaking news on NBC. We now know a migration takes multiple generations coming north, and one super-generation going south, and it is through genetic code, that they pass the knowledge of exactly which field where home is. Amazing.

Anytime one hears something like this one assumes the worse, such as when one gets a message while at work that one’s spouse was ambulanced to the emergency room. “Will I see them again” is the first thought one wonders! So it is with this revelation, and probably the reaction is premature but being human nature, I will certainly wonder until confirmation comes in otherwise, if the Eastern species died out, at least the local tribe, and whether or not we will see these mysterious creatures ever again!

We are very fortunate to have Allan Loudell as our state’s prime newscaster, because of his interest in this topic, tomorrow at 12:18 (or closely approximate) he will be interviewing the prime expert in the world on Monarch butterfly migration.Dr. Lincoln Brower at Sweet Briar College in Virginia.

If you have ever said… “oh there’s a monarch” and felt a little tingle of excitement flow through your veins at the sight of it, I encourage you to set your radio to the AM side of the radio dial tomorrow at lunch, on there at at the 1150 mark, especially around 12:18. This is a lifetime, golden opportunity. Not just for enthusiasts, but they are welcome to listen too.

Perhaps we can learn there is something we can do to help… like plant milkweed. In any regard, what may be now happening is a real tragedy, one worse than the extinction of the passenger pigeon. If it is determined that it is human activity that winds up killing off this most brave of insects, a bug who quite possibly travels in its short life, further than 85% of Delawareans ever get away from home, it will be a huge blemish against our human species.

And if you happen to see a Monarch, you can report your sightings here. You can be part of something big.

The Delaware Department of Education said there have been plenty of open meetings regarding Common Core.

There may have been.. However when only one side is given notice of a meeting and only one side shows up, that is not an open meeting.

The Sokola meeting last Tuesday at Troop 2 in Bear had less than 24 hours of public notice.   Proper notice would have been two weeks. Less than 24 hours were given for the Senate Committee, the House Committee, the House Floor vote, and the Senate Floor vote.  The bill was introduced on 4/24.  Four days later, 5/2 it was voted out of committee. The same day, hours later, it was voted out of the Senate!  That was  the first chance the public had to view it. After only one legislative session day in between, it was voted out of House Committee! After only three days of session later, it received its last public appearance in the full Senate at the beginning of the fourth day.

Therefore the “appearance” is that this is being pushed through stealthly.   Stealth by definition is not out in the open.  From start to finish, SB51, one of the most damaging and monumental game changers in public education of the century, became law in  10 legislative session days…  Ten days.  The public only knew of it for just four of those days.

The first real hearing on Common Core across the entire state of Delaware took place  yesterday in Sussex County. Hat’s off to the 9/12 patriots for making it happen.  They organized quickly (under 24 hours) and responded as good citizens should. I’m so proud of them for drawing a line in the sand….

There is severe and gigantic opposition to this bill.  They are a homologous group called “parents”  They consist of Tea Partiers; they are progressive; they are Democrats; they are Republican; they are farmers; they are executives.  They are those who vote.  They are,… everyone who has children in public schools.  In Delaware, there has never been a debate between the two opposing forces on these issues.  That is wrong.  Very wrong! That is what we heard when we were little children that the Communists did in the Soviet Union and in China.

Every parent of every child who has seen the materials in these packets, who has looked at the homework their child brings home, will be aghast.  This Common Core program will devastate the current educational structure across America… It will shatter it into broken pieces.  It is that bad.

The first debate occurred yesterday.  So to characterize implementing Common Core as an open process, stretches the truth almost within lying range.  More debates will come.   All Delawarean citizens need to call their legislators and ask, them…” How could you!  You could YOU!  We trust you to do WHAT IS RIGHT!  And you failed us… YOU FAILED US!……”