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From the CBO, we have it outlined like this… If we raise minimum wage to 10.10, we lose 500,000 jobs.  If we raise it to $9.00 we lose 100,000 jobs…

Is it better to work and receive more money, or is it better to have more people working for less, but at least they are working….

Great question.  There were 3.3 million people making minimum wage in 2013…. The wage will jump from $7.25 to $10.10 or jump from $7.25 to $9.00.   The first is an increase of  $2.85; the second is an increase of $1.75…  The impact of that increase on 3.3 million people are as follows.

3.3 million X  $2.85  =  $9.405 million/hour increased purchasing power

3.3 million x  $1.75  =   $5.775 million/hour increased purchasing power

3.3 million X $0 (no change)  =  $0.00   No change; same as it every was.

But wait.  Job losses are bound to occur.  If we take the CBO’s estimate, we get the first minus 500,000; the second minus 100,000.

(3.3 million  -500,000) X  $2.85  =  $ 7.98  million/hour economic benefit

(3.3 million  -100,000) X  $1.75  =   $ 5.60  million/hour economic benefit

(3.3 million- 0)  X $ 0 (no change)  =  $0.00 no change from the past

There you go… We get more economic push by going with the $10.10 number despite the possible loss of jobs.  .We got an answer.  Gee. What was so hard about that?



Someone  else brought up the idea that those people put out of work, have a negative influence upon the equation… To be honest prior to their mentioning it, at first, I really hadn’t thought about it. It never occurred to me, because mathematically they would be zeros. Interesting, huh? How the brain works?  My focus was on how much positivity a minimum wage increase would generate…  And because of my positivity I have trouble accepting that there is a negative influence for letting those people go. But just in case there is, let me put it down here as well since someone brought up the fact that those leaving the work force would be decreasing the total pool of potential earnings by their future estimated earnings with which had they been previously working.   Which in this case,  would be the minimum wage rate… applied at both the levels of 500,000 and 100,000….

((3.3 million  -500,000) X  $2.85)  – (500,000 X  $7.25)  =  $ 4.355  million/hour economic benefit

((3.3 million  -100,000) X  $1.75)  – (100,000 X  $7.25)  =   $ 4.875  million/hour economic benefit

(3.3 million- 0)  X $ 0 (no change)  =  $0.00 no change from the past….

That changes the impact. There are several problems with this last model. One, is that its total, is a theoretical rate representing everyone working per hour.  Those being laid off can’t really be a negative against this because everyone who is still working, IS making that much… This is the net increase amount which will be  reported, earned, and taxed. Secondly, if you are out of work you are making zero dollars, and not an actual negative amount which challenges whether the principle is sound to deduct a cost away from the benefit when making  this particular comparison.  One could do so, if one was expostulating a potential benefit which would have to be benchmarked against full employment, and not against the incremental amounts.  For example if we had access to the number of hours worked at minimum wage in this country over a set time period, we could actually make that comparison by plugging in these two rates..

As it stands we can already compare these totals to the status quo, and there is a definite positive bump in economic activity…  Plus, if those temporarily laid-off people get other jobs, ones that actually pay more than minimum wage, then they are off the chart, and that negative is not there at all.  The underlying assumption for there to be an existing negative, is that these people losing their jobs, immediately and forever stop contributing to the economy…

Therefore probably the best comparison to achieve that would be painted like this…

3.3 million X  $2.85  =  $9.405 million/hour increased purchasing power –  (.5 million X 7.250  =  $9.405 –  $3.625  =  $5.78)

3.3 million x  $1.75  =   $5.775 million/hour increased purchasing power  – (.1 million X 7.250  =    $5.775 –  $0.725  =  $5.05 )

3.3 million X $0 (no change)  =  $0.00   No change; same as it every was.

That probably is the best description since it contrasts against the potential possibility of earnings.

But as policy this shows Delaware’s Tom Carper to be very wrong when he was quoted as saying that the lower amount of increase would be best for this country…



I’m sad…

A really great post I wrote yesterday was completely ignored… It was the first time I looked at our health care debate and traced the money behind it… Steve has been doing that for a while, and I always glanced over his work on this topic without really reading deeply..

Then I wrote a fluff piece. It started simply because of the alliteration between the words “off-day” and “day-off”.. I looked around for someone who had had an off day, and low and behold, right in my comment section that day, was Mr. Dave Burris. So guess what: Burris and Bueller were so similar, I ran with it.

Here’s how you do it. You tab Ferris Bueller’s day off, and you work off that page. Sometimes one struggles to find a connection, and other times, it is so obvious it jumps..

Now we all know Dave gets bent out of shape…. usually for a few days, and then offers an apology. Because of the disappearance of FSP, Down With Absolutes, and changes at Delaware Liberal, it is hard to post the links of this repetitive behavior. So I will indulge on the memories of those who have, through arguing vociferously with me over several years, become closer than my dearest friends… (They just don’t know what I look like.) They can reminisce over all the times Dave has jumped the gun, then… humbly and lovably, offered up an apology….

Some may think this crass.. To praise a man who is attacking you.. or then, perhaps, crass is not the right word, maybe stupid is…and if so, and if it is right, then I’ll be stupid for a moment. Despite his foibles, I believe in Dave. I think Dave Burris is a good man… Dave is something different. I was just a partial blogger dallying about, pinging smart ass comments over silly things, until I read his greatest post and said “DAMN”. (The post has been deleted, but here is proof it was there which shares my sentiments.) In a way, I’m sorry to have to bring that post up, because I made a deal last November to real voters, that if they supported their previous representative of the 19th district in his attempt to retake that office (I supported his opponent)… then he fully represented his district. As an American, if you fully represent your district… you are alright by me…

We forget that sometimes, and blame that representative for their failure to take our almighty side of positions, especially when he/she is actually doing their job…..which is to do the will of those people who elect him. If they don’t do what their constituents want, and instead choose the opposite tack, then that electorate was cheated out of their fair representation… Democracy is not about right or left… It is about what’s right or wrong…

And that is where we bloggers come in.. We are the bacterial scum of the oceans…or let me borrow a quote that better phrases it:

We are pond scum. Well, lower actually. We’re like the fungus that feeds on pond scum. Lower? The pus that infects the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum.

Ok, that’s extreme. I’m sure my friends on either side the extremes of right and left would object to such a definition of themselves… They have pride…( Me? Pride is something that gets in my way, so I do my best to ignore it) …. But there is an interesting fact about the bacterial scum surviving off the oceans…

From 3.5 billion years ago until about 1.5 billion years ago, bacteria (prokaryotes) were
the only life forms on Earth.

Today, we breathe..their 2 billion years of ancient waste product. Oxygen.

Completing my metaphor… we, the bloggers, are where all ideas seem to come from… Why? Because we are not bought out….. yet… That is another post coming… (about supporting Freedom of the Internet)…

Before I move on, blogging is where it is at! For where else can one argue back? Television? Radio? The News Journal? And that’s what sets blogging apart. America was formed in taverns across each of the thirteen colonies. Without the passion of spirits, we might be sounding like Pirates right now… But, … we argued back.

So that is what we do. We take a position and sound it out… Now as astute professional studiers of Delaware’s blogs have pointed out, I came to the CRI debate late… But we’ve been befooseled so many times before by think tanks who, as one example told us that “deficits do not matter”, only to find they weren’t think tanks at all… They were propaganda mouthpieces who had no grasp of facts;… paid in full by those who stood to collect the interest such a deficit would bring them.

But because there was no counter balancing force to say “hey, wait a minute,” we went pell mell into meltdown. Or we came damn close…

This blogger will not let it happen again. Even with all the press at Delaware Liberal, there wasn’t enough oomph out there showing that CRI was heavily connected to the party of failed ideas… Obviously, if forewarned, our collective reading public, (who if I may brag, includes any and everyone out there who IS influential), might this time evaluate their policies appropriately… Does CRI do some good? Some say. Will they do more good under public scrutiny? You had better believe it…

And that’s where I come in… I’m not really left… but that is is the direction to where we need to steer, to counteract the policies we passed over the last 8 years…. Were this the year eighty eight, it would be much more difficult to ping me as leaning left… I choose to lean towards what I think is best for the country at a specific point in time… Knowing me, that will switch with each switch of the pudendum…

Right now, I’ll admit it.. I sound left-ish…. and right now, that’s a good thing….

(And as some who are extremely wordy can see, I intend to keep my humor…) lol

So now, there is an attempt to silence me… That’s fine… It’s been anticipated for years. As a result of one Dave Burris screaming at me for connecting CRI to the party of failed ideas, two of my posts about him have jumped off the charts…. forever immortalizing my former hero, Mr. Burris who alas, chose not give Markel the fight he deserved (a contest of brilliant ideas bouncing off each other),… with words like these:

Go step in front of a train. I could go on, but it’s safe to say that like you, this entire post is a pile of shit. You are a vile, lowlife piece of garbage and you deserve whatever comes to you as a result of this post. Kilroy switched back, douchebag. “It is the lying. And kavips may have proven himself a bigger liar than you guys are. And that’s saying something.”

Now I realize there may be some out there who think such talk IS gubernatorial… and those kind of people tend to keep low profiles on the other side… But if I… were to choose a governor? I would want one who maintained eloquence and provided stability in times of turmoil.. You see? Something like these words would be what I’d expect from someone I once thought as gubernatorial…

Sorry. I find nothing offensive in what you say and therefore cannot muster any madness, insanity, or malice in return…As anyone who actually lived through last year knows, I’ve stated true facts. You’ve offered a rebuttal, a weak one, albeit, but still it’s a rebuttal. Done. let the people judge….

And most of you have.. Most of you have remained silent or have been supportive.. It’s the handful of gleeful few, who tied up all my comments with innuendos and references that make no sense to me yet… Something about a face book page, a past election, PSC, and something called beer pong… And that is fine. It actually works for me.

For with each threat, and ghetto-like blustering, they prove my point to be dead on… We cannot afford to have these types of people leading us.. We cannot afford to be intimidated into accepting their weird grasp of reality… We cannot afford our whistle blowers to be killed off prematurely to prevent truth from becoming known.

So, publish who you think I am… Can’t say you were forewarned that you have a case that is not even based on coincidence… I just hope you talk to whoever it is before you subject them to whatever it is you think you are bringing down on me…

If he (I’m guessing) reads me like you say he does, then I hope he can make sense out of the comments being thrown my way, and can prepare himself for the onslaught….

Like the rest of you in the dark… I’m waiting to see what happens next…

On the other hand, thank you for loving me that much, that way. It’s pretty flattering. Except it makes me fungus.

But this post I now write, may be exciting because it’s personal, but really…. is nothing but self-righteous ramblings… The one post you should be reading this week,.. which thanks to Dave Burris received only 1% of my hits yesterday, is this one…

Unlike this post, that one actually makes a difference to the world we share.

I would be remiss if I did not comment on a major shift that occurred quietly upon the Delaware bloggers scene.

A Republican has called upon Mike Castle to disengage his support for Bush.

Congressman Castle I think it’s time to call it a day with supports President Bush on his desire to continue the war in Iraq. I know it hurt many of us to call it quits but the time has come to do so.

With a touching only-in-Delaware-story that would make Celia proud, we hear of two bloggers clowning around with Castle…..and then a soft appeal from a “nephew”, for Castle to take off the yolk of oppression he has diligently worn to support Bush in Congress, and take up the mantle of wisdom, once beheld by his bespectacled ancestor……..

A brave man has stepped up. May more follow………..

Taking the Easy Pass Lane

So there I was as a young man, traipsing over the grassy knolls of a compound called Dachau……..and the single image of which I could not shake from my mind, was a view back home from the top of the former Twin Towers.………taken while walking  around the observatory in a slow 360 degree circle and realizing that the entire mass of humanity in that circle of twenty miles, was less than the amount of those eradicated by the Nazis, without a whimper from the German people.

And as my eyes watered a bit, ((no I did not cry), I was still too young), while gazing upon the fake showers, and peering into the cyanide vats on the other side, a tiny child’s voice between my ears, kept repeating a phrase I had stumbled across before the tour on the floor inside the museum. ” You saw us being beaten, you saw us wearing stars, you saw us humiliated, you saw us being transported, and YET YOU DID NOTHING……… I remember at the time being quite angry at the timidity and the complicity of the German people. For a brief moment I hated them…….and in a typical fashion common of that gender in possession of high and excessive levels of testosterone, in those emotional moments I vowed that I, (superior being that I was) would never fear or cave in to brutal intimidation………..

Today, my friend’s friend, lies buried in Arlington……And when I clicked on a forgotten link……(do I still need this?…) and saw the face of a very brave New Castle citizen…….looking back from her high school picture…..those jaded eyes of mine wet over again as I slowly realized that I too had failed to live up to that promise I once made on a bright July afternoon, while standing beside a giant trench planted over with flowers……….

So where was I when it happened? What was I doing that was so important as events played around me? Nothing earth shattering really, and if you probe and scrape all the residue away, I was simply way too busy going through motions in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, to really worry making those tough sacrifices that are personally required to implement the necessary changes (piece of crap, I am)……. Then,……… something about that girl’s picture…………..pissed me off. I think it was how much like my own daughter she was……

So what can I do? Not much, I am no Kissinger nor Howard Baker. I cannot bring these people together and make a settlement. But I can make a choice……and that choice is this.

I can choose to STOP DOING NOTHING. I can go on record and suffer the surprise trip to Guantanamo that may come in the middle of the night (risk diminished), or the bullet to the back of the head in some forgotten landfill (not likely), if it comes to that. And most particularly, I can look at those who enabled and supported this administration when it chose to invade a nation that had not attacked us, a nation that had no intention of attacking us, a nation that had nothing to do with 9/11…….but only a nation that had the poor unfortunate distinction, of being the chosen victim that this bully of an administration had decided to make an example of………..long before the 2000 elections were ever held!

If any of you have ever felt that you too have done too little, that you too were lulled and fooled into believing this war made you safer, then come, join me outside Delaware congressman Mike Castle’s office on Friday July 6th. And should you be too busy, I will understand. Most likely you do not have that haunting childlike voice as do I between my ears, that implores ……..AND YET YOU DO NOTHING…….…But if, by some ancient gene, you do…… possess the capacity to know right from wrong, and if…… by the grace of God, you have been given time to come and be counted, and if…… you do not want to pass on, having never made a difference in anything………… then take the half hour, and come and join us; be counted on this upcoming Friday at 11:00am. (Tell Boss-women you have a doctors appointment if you have to……or call on someone you know who feels like you do, and unlike you, has nothing going on at moment in time.)


If ten people show, the war goes on, but us ten can rest at ease that we did our part. If twenty show, our numbers just grew 100% !!…….If hundreds show, one or two lines will appear in the News Journal and it will not have been in vain. If a thousand people show, the Congressman and staff will take notice. And just maybe……just maybe……..find within themselves the moral courage to add their voice to echo ours……..WE CAN MAKE A CHOICE……WE CAN DO SOMETHING.

In democracy, the real leaders are always “We, the people“: it is us who tell the government what We want them to do…… Please……..come with us……….and make our stand?

Donvitti brings up some interesting news. The rich are getting richer.

Whoopi, what’s wrong with that?

Nothing, if it happens as it did during the 1990’s. when each layer of income experiences some growth. However a potential problem occurs whenever an upper bracket increases its own prosperity at direct cost to everyone else.

This is dangerous. Throughout most of the economic cycle, whenever a large percentage of wealth remains locked into goods and services, the economy remains more resilient to little fluctuations.

But as more and more of a higher percentage of any nation’s GNP is invested in speculative markets, throughout history, a crash has occurred immediately after.

In plain talk, if your business reinvests some income in itself, it is better able to weather the little hills and valleys covering the economic landscape. But if that business, rapes its assets, to utilize them on speculation, and an economic pitfall unexpectedly materializes, then ALL is lost in an instant.

That happened to this country in 1929.

Every water heater or boiler is built with a safety valve. That was because houses in the old days used to explode. For our sake, before it is too late, a safety valve needs to be reinstalled on our economy.

A start would be the expiration of tax cuts. That is a quick, if not unsavory, method of returning to fiscal sanity. Being conducted in open forums with spirited debate, may just stave off a financial meltdown that data shows us may lurk right around the corner.