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Call it temporary insanity but let’s pretend, let’s just say, …that at one moment in time, if I chose to donate my youth out for my country, to be compensated back in the form of low pay; to completely and unjudgingly offer my fate up to the will of bureaucrats, all for the loss of my own self esteem, all for unending stretches of boredom, sparsed with interludes of a few intense seconds, that fortunately thorough my reactions and training, enabled me to continue living as I do today………….

I could reasonably be expected to be honored for that service to my nation, right?

In a perfect world, that is….

One would think, that in a perfect world, as needs were being debated across the universe of public funding, that a hierarchy resembling this, would sort of be the guideline, if not the rule?

National Heroes…..


We, The People…..


LLC corporations….

After all, if it weren’t for us, there’s a good chance those LLC. corporations wouldn’t be able to do business in a free and prosperous society, you would think?….

One would think, that if one of these heroes needed medical care, with the tremendous amounts of money being thrown away by our government daily, in the forms of corporate tax breaks enabling corporations to make “record breaking profits”…. that they would be put at the top of the list.. don’t you think?

Sorry, CEO… your operation will have to wait… We have a veteran who is in dire need ahead of you….

In a perfect world….

One would think, that a voucher system would be in place, or a blank check, where any veteran could walk into any hospital, and get immediate, necessary medical attention, have his prescriptions filled as a privilege for his service, and that the bill would be willing be paid by those with monetary resources more than adequate for their own needs?

One would think, (right?)… that it would be CEO’s, those who give pink slips so they can break profit records, those who cut benefits so they can break profit records, those who don’t invest in America so they can break record profits, ….who should be the ones finding themselves regulated to CEO hospitals, where they would then have to settle in on a waiting list for the next opening to occur, where they had to endure budget cutbacks and go without life-saving medicine because there was no money left in the CEO fund, perhaps because it had all gone to Veterans to pay THEIR expenses?

In a perfect world…..

In a perfect world, veterans would need no freebies…. They would not need welfare, or a pension, or a humble stipend to eke an existence… They would be working, contributing to society, in any way they could… If they had no legs, they would be outfitted at corporate’s expense, so that would not be an issue… If they had no arms, they could be outfitted at corporate’s expense so that was not an issue. If they had psychological damage, (and who wouldn’t?) they could be treated at corporate’s expense… so that was not an issue.

If they were so badly damaged that they create an efficiency drain on society, they could be honored for their sacrifice, and a useful voluntary capacity could be created to honor that commitment once made so long ago… Perhaps speaking about serving one’s country in every class, in every school, in every county? Can you think of any better civic’s lesson?

There’s a lot that can be done…

The problem is that veterans are deemed as just another expense…. Because to corporate America, that is just what they are… An expense, an obligation to be met that gets in the way of their making more money…

Unfortunately, our Congress is owned by Corporate America….

What should and does need to happen, is this relationship needs to be exposed. We need to call them out on it…

Republicans and Democrats are both complicit in allowing corporate raiders this unprecedented power. But Republicans are the symbol of Corporate America. Republicans are the ones who championed the Corporate Takeover. Republicans are the ones who dismanteled the safeguards that had been put in place to prevent that takeover from happening. That is why they need to go. Disappear… Whoever is left, the remainder, most likely after seeing the elimination of a large majority of their peers, will think twice before following their Dark Lord, now a soul less wanderer eking existence.. ……

In a perfect world…

Unfortunately, today we need to contend with obscene amounts of money saying Corporate is Good; Government Fairness is Bad….

But we have our lives telling us the opposite… It will take courage and strong will, to override all the overload of sensory data being pipelined into our soul, but we still have hearts, and those hearts are attuned to what makes America special. great, and the best place to live on this earth….

WE can still dream….

And those dreams should include a perfect world… one we CAN make happen, at least for those without whom we would not have the freedom, the resources, the nation, we have today….

Here’s to a perfect world?

It is such a great time. The cold front has passed, warm moist air flowing in, misty rain, not enough to get you wet, but enough to wake you up as it dances across the face. In it one can feel the snow coming two days early… For a weekend night, outside it’s peaceful… Those with money, have finished shopping. Those without, are waiting for that last check before the holidays…

The annual tradition of trading favorite YouTube’d carols over the internet, has begun in earnest… Strains of Mozart, Celtic Women, Cat Stevens, Bon Jovi, Metallica, and tons of favorite carols by assorted artists, have caused all the stress, pain, heart attacks, symptoms of short breathing,……….. to melt away somewhere into the distant future, as we float back into all those happier times as we remember fond memories of our past……..

Happy Holidays.. Happy Holidays
Courtesy of All American Patriots

Courtesy of Pat Dollard

Afghanistan: like walking on the moon
Courtesy of Theodore’s World

Things aren’t so nice for 100,000 plus Americans now fighting in Afghanistan. Things aren’t so nice for their families, friends, and lovers back home,… now that things have really heated up over there….

Take a second: Imagine you’re a Taliban fighting this foe invading from a very distant land. Imagine the hope, and shot in the arm a headline like this from the United States, would instill in you upon having it read to you. Imagine how quickly its words would resonate in your blood, and how less inclined you would be to throw in the towel against overwhelming odds? Imagine if you had rounds of waterproofed AK 47 ammo hidden in your well, how inclined you must now be to pull them up, and lay in wait for an American serviceman, any American serviceman, to come close enough to fire a killing shot.

That Headline….

Republicans Shoot Down $700 Military Appropriations Bill Funding War in Afghanistan. Bill Not Passed.

Republicans just aided and comforted our enemy…. Can you hear the Taliban cheering?

It’s the holiday season;  I’ll be honest.

David Anderson: you served. How can you stomach supporting the Republican Party when they refuse to fund American servicemen in combat?

Frank Knotts: How can someone with your passion for all that America has stood for, still call yourself a Republican when they play games with Americans living and dying for our shared values?

Hube:  What gives?  Where is the line across which the Republican Party stops supporting America, and the Tea Party begins to represent the Conservative’s cause?

Tyler Nixon: How can any ex service man, support the party that is so self centered, they have no clue of how their vote to, not fund the war, emboldens our enemies?

Kilroy of Delaware: What kind of political party would play with funding for troops in active combat? How can that be tolerated?

Oh, well, it’s not skin off my teeth. It’s your party… do what you want. I don’t care… But I’ll tell you this… This nation needs a little old one horse Tea Party for this one reason alone: so conservatives have somewhere else to go without crawling on their knees to suck up to the moral backruptiveness of the Republican Party, that’s why…

Oh, well, I’ve said too much already. It’s not my problem. I just think that:

Our servicemen deserve better.
Conservatives deserve better.
Our republic, the United States of America, deserves better.

Conservatives: isn’t it way past time to switch your parties affiliation?  It’s the holiday season!  What better gift to your kids and grand-kids  could you possibly give?

I refuse to smoke it because if I did, I would never have the will to doggedly write such posts as these.

But many of my acquaintances, I suspect, do indulge in one of nature’s most amazing discoveries: Marijuana is better for you than imbibing alcohol.

As the misled generation exiting before us slowly dies off, the signs of Marijuana’s eventual legalization now begin to appear inevitable. The support for it is swelling.

People under the influence of alcohol drive always while intoxicated. Oppositely, those under the influence of marijuana, smoke another joint, crash at a friend’s house, and drive home the next morning. Wasting government dollars to counteract something less harmful than a mosquito, is just that. Waste.

Legalization and governmental control will do more to limit marijuana use, than having our government fighting it.

Since the seventies we have increased regulations on tobacco companies which are legal, and stepped up a war effort against marijuana which is illegal. Since the seventies tobacco use has plummeted drastically. Since the seventies, marijuana use as soared, and even today is growing rapidly.

That is a sign showing all: what works, and what doesn’t.

The smart option available to us would be to legalize marijuana, incorporate it’s growth and dissemination solely as a governmental monopoly, undersell the crime syndicates and black market, and use all of it’s proceeds to balance our national budget.

Even then, I still wouldn’t smoke it, … because it’s effect is counter to that which I like to do,…. but… it could sure help conservatives like Charlie Copeland and Mike Protack get through their current bouts of depression & delusions.

Ok…. so I decided to try out Delaware’s best voter’s guide ever, (already #2 on Google) to see just how good it was… Just to give it a qualifying run, you know, to see if it needed any tune up or additional work… Basically I just wanted to see what it could do….  Since I was discussing the Fourth Representative’s race on Down With Absolutes new site… I decided to carry it over here and put it through its paces…

We’ll approach this challenge alphabetically….  start with Brady..

So we go to the page at the top of my blog listed, I believe as 2008 Delaware’s Voter’s Guide…  and let’s see we scroll down past the words until we see a long list of names…. whoops too far…. back it up a bit……State Rep 17…. go up a little more… there…State Representative 4…. Tyler Nixon and Gerald Brady….. Click on Brady and presto…..we have a google page of all Brady….

Oh look who’s on top?  Dana Garrett at Delaware Watch with a story about how Gerald Brady kicked Gary Fulcher out of his campaign event…  When Fulcher stammers….”when did this event become private….” he gets the proverbial answer….” just now…”  And this is the guy who represented the fourth district for the past two years…..All too often we think of those for whom we vote, to have high personal and moral standards….. They don’t. Actually they are a lot like you and I… See the details here

Ok..move on to the number two spot… Its Gerald Brady’s Legislative Hall dossier… Oh… That’s what he looks like… Looks like he was in the sun a bit too long with sunglasses on… Kind of looks like a backwards raccoon, wearing a light mask, not a dark one….(lol) So lets see what legislation he sponsored…If he is going up against Tyler, it must be earth shattering to be sure….

Wow… looks like he has a thing about dead people……hmmm. that’s different…





Ok so lets see what else Gerald Brady is capable of…. He got hearing aids for children to be covered by insurance companies.. He got liens against property to be valid for ten years, instead of the previously approved five, he got additional paid leave for state employees who were assigned by the military to a position overseas… he got cities and municipalities the power to place a lien against your property based on the allusion that you owed someone, something… He also tried to get those in Homeless shelters to apply for a free fishing license

So we check his occupation…. Oh, look! He’s the state director for the AFL-CIO…. Oh look… he is on the Land Use Committee… I wonder where he stands on eminent domain and workforce housing….? No doubt he is in line with DeLuca who came from IBEW and was the only person to stand in favor of developers taking your home by eminent domain, until Minner vetoed it…and the Senate Democrats refused to overturn her veto….

Ok, next site… Oh, I see Tommywonk is happy (although he doesn’t say it directly… you just have to know how to read him..) that Brady represents him…

Oh, look at this… the Hockessan has a piece on Gerald Brady.. Let’s see… they got all that from his Official State website, which we just looked at… we have something in first person….Let’s see…he wants to build up well as transportation… does that stack up during our current budget crises? Storm Drains need upgraded.. water supply needs upgraded due to new development… um… no mention of developers picking up the cost… I guess it fall on us taxpayers again….

Oh…He knew I was coming… Someone tipped him off! He knew I was going to be poking around…! The final Bluewater Wind contract, along with the legislation establishing “sustainable energy units” (SEUs) was the best possible deal for Delawareans, a fact which is confirmed by the recent drastic turbulence in the various markets. Careful consideration should be focused on contracting and permitting process to ensure project is satisfied in a timely fashion. Oh well, can’t argue with truth… That’s a mark for his good side…

Another mark.. Open government… That doesn’t squire to well with his relationship with the Senate’s Adams and DeLuca, but here he champions Open Government… A good thing…I speak with special conviction and demonstrated this by consistently voting in favor of all open government bills during my two years as a state legislator. (What about this one?) “Say” and “Do” aren’t lining up on the same side here, are they?

And fiscal crises….we should focus on maintaining national leadership in this area by funding core priorities, such as excellence in public education, health and cancer prevention programs as well as aggressive economic programs that continue to attract jobs to our state. My priorities would be to continue funding education reforms, increase resources for police and homeland security needs and secure additional capital funding for surface water drainage needs in and around the City.

Next Link.. Ha! There’s a Gerald Brady holding some office in North Dakota.. Not our Gerald Brady.. moving on.. Let’s see what’s on the next page… Oh… Here we go Project Vote Smart… Lets see where Brady stands.. Ok, his list of organizations is here….
Leader, Boy Scouts of America Troop #285
Member, Delaware’s Workforce Investment Board
Board President, Graham Senior Center
Executive Board Member, Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitor’s Bureau
Executive Board, Friends of Woodlawn Library
Board Member, Wilmington Free Library
Past President, St. Ann’s Home and School Association
Former Member, St. Ann’s Church Parish Council.

So how did he vote?

He voted for the budgets as they were dropped on the desk…
He voted for an alcohol tax increase…
He voted for State Employee Collective Bargaining.
He voted against an admendment that required State Employees to know whether their wages were attached beforehand…
He voted for an increased cigarette tax….
He voted against an amendment that waives state employees’ and institutions’ immunity from those provisions of SB 29 (the Child Victim’s Act), which repeals the statute of limitations on civil suits involving child sexual abuse. (Worried more about liability… than children)
He voted yes to bring sports betting into Delaware.

Next, we have Steve Newton, professor extraordinaire or Delaware Libertarian, poking around the campaign finances of Gerald Brady.. Of course being head of the AFL-CIO he will have SOME union contributions… Steve wonders whether it should be a illegal, or at least a conflict of interest to solicit or collect money from those groups you are overseeing…. in a word… no.. I would certainly support my boss were he to run for some office… My guess, when put from that perspective… so would he? But everyone should know that were a choice needed in order to decide on developers right’s to eminent domain, to decide on developers bonuses for short cycling our current highway structure, and educational capacities, and water and sewage capacities, ….. we know which way Gerald Brady will go… Pro development.

Oh, here we go… Someone with the same name, Gerald Brady, who lists himself as CEO of Liberty Cab company, obviously somewhere in Houston TX, last election gave $550 to Bush and as of February… has given $330 to of all people….Obama… This bit of random information solidifies the view that Americans all over recognize that Obama better represents those American values previously believed to have been better represented by the Republican Party… You know… instead of debating whether they are Democratic or Republican values… we should all bury the hatchet and recognize that Obama represents middle class values… The rich can go to hell.

Ok so back to the race at hand… let’s see here is something from Delaware Way… Gerald Brady and Hazel Plant, has sponsored legislation, HB 161, that would allow the City of Wilmington to change its charter and make Wilmington residents responsible for the maintenance and repair of sidewalks and curbs adjacent to their property. [I have heard that Helene Keeley is removing her co-sponsorship of this bill. There may be others who are second-guessing their support for Baker’s initiative]

So Gerald Brady tried to get Wilmington’s homeowners to be responsible for the upkeep of the sidewalks in front of their house.. The same sidewalks that the city of Wilmington has neglected to repair since their creation (almost). Therefore, the city plans on sending out inspectors, to look at the sidewalks they haven’t fixed, and issue you, the homeowner, a fine they they spend elsewhere, and you still have to pay a “union” laborer money to fix your sidewalk…..

Brady sponsored this bill.. Lets see how much of Brady’s district lies in Wilmington? What all of it? That’s not good.

Ok, now here is something from the Community again from Hockessan (he’s got to lose that picture) … Brady said his focus during his second term would be to make the presence of alternative energy sources a reality in Delaware. Brady said he also hoped to see the passage of recycling legislation that helps divert waste from the state’s landfills. “I had a major role in bringing recycling to the City of Wilmington so I know it works,” he said. Brady said he was proud that all 10 pieces of legislation he introduced during his first term passed in the House of Representatives. He said he was particularly proud of legislation that requires health insurance providers to offer as much as $2,000 to children and young adults for hearing aids. Brady, who suffers from hearing loss, said ensuring proper hearing during developmental years was important. “Studies have shown that those with hearing loss are an average of two years behind their age group developmentally,” he said.

Here is his resignation from Wilmington’s City Council, upon his last election two years ago… And here is a copy of an email sent to Dave Breakiron and ABATE regarding the current status of motorcycle helmet laws in Delaware. (I didn’t know Mike Castle wanted helmets worn by every motorcyclist?) And here is a piece by Steve Crockett, now joined at the hip with Dana Garrett of Delaware Watch in Democratic Talk Radio…mentioning Brady’s assistance in getting project CLEAN off the ground in its efforts to deal with toxic chemicals in the employee environment… (I didn’t know Steve was from Earleville, Maryland…)

OK, Let’s Check Out “The Other Guy”.

Click on Tyler Nixon:

First listing is his own website… lets click and see.

Wow, this is a help.. There is a lot here… Obviously this candidate is savvy with us who use the electronic media to research candidates… We have two of the CommunityPub highlights of his campaign, and we have a recent Comcast Newsmaker Interview detailing his candidacy, and further down, we have the WHYY blurb on last years sidewalk responsibility crises….one his opponent was directly responsible…. and Tyler makes the case that the city…should be the one responsible for the maintenance of sidewalks.. WE HAVE AN ISSUE, HERE. Also we have links to donate or volunteer for Tyler’s campaign…

On single factor is apparent from the beginning.. Whereas we had to scramble through many postings of Gerald Brady just to find the essence of the man, on one sight at the top of Tyler’s list, we can feel the strength of who he is…..Wilmington Native – Attorney – Small Business Owner – Public Service and Reform Activist – U.S. Army Combat Veteran

Also spread out are the agenda which he plans to progress if elected into General Assembly….

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs by Attracting Clean Energy Technology Companies to Delaware

Þ Clean, Renewable Energy Independence for Delaware

o Invest in renewable energy on all state facilities and for fleet vehicles

o Allow households and communities to join in “bulk-buying” when state government purchases renewable energy systems

o Create statewide hydrogen infrastructure for motor vehicles

o Property tax rebates and incentives for private investment in renewable energy systems

o Remove any local administrative or legal barriers to clean energy entrepreneurs and installers

o Public-private partnerships to demonstrate new technologies like tidal power

o Exempt all DMV fees and costs for zero emission vehicles

Þ Protect Delaware’s Environment with Enforcement of Real Penalties for Violators

Þ Quality Choices in Education – Consolidate and eliminate top-heavy bureaucracies

Þ Protect Property Rights – Eminent Domain Reform

Þ Reform and Accountability – Open Government

o End the “desk drawer veto”

o Make the legislature subject to Freedom of Information

o Pass transparency legislation – make finances available online

Þ Initiative and Referendum So CITIZENS Can Directly Make or Repeal Law by Election Ballot

Þ Constitutional Limits on Incumbency Time for All Public Officials in Delaware

Þ State Inspector General with Prosecutorial Powers

Þ Eliminate ALL Taxes and Fees For Lower Income Households

Þ Hold Counties, Cities, and Towns Accountable to Citizens

o No more heavy-handed schemes for parking and other fines

o No more “double” licensing for businesses with State licenses

o No more “instant” ticket schemes that deny due process

Þ Protect Citizen Rights from Government Abuse & Encroachment

Þ Eliminate Mandatory Minimum Sentences – Drug Policy Reform

So what are others saying about Tyler Nixon… Ok, we have some nut (I kill me) from 2006 ranting on his view of a comment Tyler made about the JFK assassination plot…which instead of looping Tyler into a conspiracy theory, casts considerable doubt upon the Warren Commission’s report… here is Tyler’s reply….

When I was in the Army Infantry I was (even in spite of being slightly near-sighted) a sniper-quality marksman, always hitting 38-40 out of 40 pop-up targets as far out as 300 meters at every qualification round. I consistently carried firearms almost every day of the week, 24 hours a day, for over 2 years while on active duty. These included the M16A2, the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon), and the M60 7.62mm machine gun. I have handled firearms of all varieties since fairly young and have fired at least 100 different types, from the best to the worst, including the 6.5 mm Italian Carcano rifle identical to the one purportedly used to murder President Kennedy. I also know, from experience, what it takes to hit a moving target, even with a superior firearm and under ideal conditions. Having said that, the Carcano rifle purportedly used is one of the worst, most inaccurate, and shoddy rifles I have ever handled. The one I fired was so shoddy, even as a rather pristine specimen, that we simply couldn’t get it properly sighted and zeroed no matter what we tried.

Next we have a collection of the most popular blogging apparatus, WordPress, collection of posts tagged Tyler Nixon… We see him connected to the Public Meeting against the Unified Development Code, that the the Libertarian Party endorsed him as well, we see he was linked to the blockage of Harris McDowell’s secret attempt to steal the profits from the SEU, we see he would have made Theodore Roosevelt proud, we see Tyler’s acknowledgment that Republican in Congress, are just as morose as the General Assembly’s democrats, showing non-partisan fevor in correcting governments wrongs…

WE see Delaware Watch come out with this Republican’s comment back in 2006….“Perhaps it’s this capacity that prompted one Republican to say to me, “The problem with Tyler Nixon is that he is ahead of his time” and still another to opine “Nixon’s progressivism won’t sit well with some Republicans.” That was then.. Today is now… The past has done us no good… forward thinking needs to placed out of “neutral”, and into “drive”. “He not only possesses the vision of what we need in Delaware, but he also tells us how to actualize the vision.”

Next we see Shirley, our favorite Curmudgeon (unfortunately still under the spell that Copeland cast upon her at the Brandywine Hundred Meeting) is reverentially supporting Tyler Nixon.

We have the Libertarian Party saying they endorse him as their candidate.

Whoops… That’s not his facebook.….

We have an old interview… from Delaware Watch He is a Gulf War Veteran, a graduate of University of VA Law School, an advocate for solar; wind power, opposes nuclear power
and supports extending Delaware’s FOIA Open Meeting laws to the Delaware Legislature.

We next have an old archived piece again from Delaware Watch, describing the political forum held again in 2006 against Tyler Nixon and Harris McDowell, who if he were running this term would carry the epithet “most hated man in Delaware” but because of that one fact.. he is not running, Charlie Copeland must bear that heavy burden… as being the one person who tried to kill offshore wind from coming to Delaware…. here is a moment of revelation dawning in the mind of its author: Dana Garrett. Tyler Nixon repeatedly pointed out. It’s time for a change. It’s time for a new generation of leadership. Although Nixon is almost a generation younger than me, I realized that night for the first time that he was correct. My generation and the generation before me have left Nixon’s generation a mess, environmentally, economically and socially. And after I’m long gone, Nixon’s generation will still be dealing with the mess my generation left them. Since it will be their burden, it’s time now to left the Tyler Nixons take charge. It’s time for the Harris McDowells to retire.

Another blog, points out Tyler’s sense of humor… this time regarding the sidewalk issue…

What? The Tyler Nixon Band? One of them even looks a little like Tyler… lol

Finally we have the News Journal version of the Sidewalk controversy,a win for property owners, and a loss for city government, at its defeat… Tyler Nixon led the charge… Here is one of the early exchanges that may have led him in that direction…

So after a brief perusal of three Google pages each on the two candidates, you, by now should have a solid feel of which candidate will better represent you during the next two years in Dover… To all citizens everywhere, if we have learned anything from this election’s extended season, it it that voting matters.. IT REALLY MATTERS WHO WE PUT INTO OFFICE…  Each voter has a serious responsibility to pick the person representing the way he wants this nation, state, county, district to go…. We can ill afford to put Joe Schmoe in because he says “hi” to our kids….and walks in a parade.

The Inevitable Conclusion?

That depends entirely upon you… But if you want my brief synopsis, here is how it appeared to me as I plowed through this task..  Both candidates appear to be motivated, and basically extremely good guys.. They agree on energy management, open government, and bringing jobs to Delaware.  (of course who would ever campaign on the opposite).. So now the question depends upon degree… Who will move us forward faster…

Those of us who deal in state government know how the current power structure animates downward from the “closed drawer” of the Senate…  Any threat by the owner of that drawer, stifles good legislation from going forward… Right now, if Delaware is to move forward…. that drawer needs to be opened so a majority of bills opening up government can move forward..  Gerald Brady by his union connection is joined at the hip with fellow Unionists Tony DeLuca, Terry Spence, Dori Conner, Bob Marshall, Harris McDowell, Mike Mulrooney, David McBride, Margarette Rose Henry, Bethany Hall-Long, Hazel Plant, Dennis Williams, John Viola, as well as by nature connected to those of county government embedded in the Union’s plan:  Chris Coons, Mike Kosikowski, Bill Bell, Penrose Hollins, and George Smiley…and Ruth Minner, in keeping the shennigans of government from being seen too clearly…

Nothing can change, until that switch at the top takes place… So having a nice guy support the Evil Empire, or having a tribal warrior fighting for the Jedi, is our choice in the Fourth District…

If you like how things went down during the Minner administration then Gerald Brady is your man..

If you want to take a stab at making it better, you cannot go wrong with Tyler Nixon.  From all the evidence around, he is the one on your side of the “big battle”.

Another very important meeting will take place I am told, on September 5th, (that is this Friday) on Vance Neck Road….just north of Odessa.

This is a public (not political) meeting, although I am sure politicos will be on the sideline…

The venue is at the Crossroads Presbyterian Church… on Vance Neck Road…

How to Get to the

How to Get to Crossroads Presbyterian Church

Like Sussex County, this tiny meeting may determine our quality of life over the next century… At stake, is whether Delawareans want their lower New Castle County to become the next overgrown Bear, or whether they want a different rate of growth, one complete with all the advantages, but lacking all the headaches……

Elections are serious business. They determine the course of our future. What needs to happen at this venue on Friday night at 7:00….is that enough citizens show up, so that it will be equivocally clear that the “GO SLOW, GROW RIGHT” coalition is truly a powerful force to be reckoned with…. Everyone living in New Castle County (how I wish that were possible) needs to be at that location just to find out which politicians are on their side, and which are bought out by the developers…..

They then need to vote those stools out of office.

This should be a must=attend for anyone concerned with the quality of life of where they live…. You have always complained… so now, and here, is a chance to make your stand….

Which way are we going? You will decide……..

A Metaphor Worthy of All of Delaware's Bloggers
Courtesy of Aiming Thoughts At You

I’ll be brief.  Most of Delaware’s bloggers from both all parties (for Steve & Shirley) tend to be progressive.  Even if they are conservatives, they tend to trend towards a progressive conservatism.  Why?  I think the answer is obvious.  If one is going to put oneself on the internet, one is going to try his best to look good….  That is hard to do when supporting a failed policy….  Instead of on the internet, those failed policy supporters can be found behind closed doors, where there is no one challenging their failed assertions.  Places like the General Assembly, leadership of the Republican party, and leadership of the Democrat party, are glaring examples….

I saw one sentence that stands out on Delaware Liberal,  and forgive me if I forgot where…..  Someone decried how sad it was that we had to fight within the Democratic party for progressive ideals….

And yet Tyler Nixon within the Republican party is doing just that, and most of us would agree, he has a tougher time garnering support from his red blooded party than any progressive Democrat would find among their blue blooded brethren.

I think a good moral would be that if one wants a certain agenda, one needs to fight for it….

The conservative element in both parties is playing defense this election cycle.  A golden opportunity exists to overwhelm them with numbers of newly inspired politico’s and (without sounding too much like hyperbole), change the planet.

The change to which I am referring, is not one of a narrow agenda.  It is far more reaching.  It is based on a historical example.  As happened in the forties, after we pragmatically won two massive wars simultaneously in opposite parts of the globe, we looked at problems pragmatically and sought solutions that fixed those problems.  Perhaps the reality of winning battles against formidable enemies, (not Iraqis who surrender on sight), taught us that when doing things effectively, there is residual damage.  It is part of the cost.

Today decisions are based on politics, not science.   Problems such as too much waste, pollution, unnecessary death, are put on hold because they may offend a certain powerful person or powerful group of people….  A question that deserves asking is this simple one…….would Delaware be better if every bill in Adam’s drawer received its time on the floor?  How many helpful ideas have been left to wither because Adam’s would never go for it?

So one example, how to solve our state’s waste problem, is decided not on facts… for they are too boring, but rather on who is “for”, and who is “against” such and such a proposition…  Another example, this time in education, which argues that we can’t use a certain valuable and proven tool to better a child’s knowledge, because the DSEA does not support it..   Why?  Because incompetent personnel might get fired….  So instead,…. now that we are forced to cut back on personnel,  our incompetent teachers who have the greatest tenure, stay, and our best new talent, is laid off.  (A solution based on facts, would be to test the knowledge level of all teachers and keep those who scored highest.)  But alas, politics trumps fact.

Facts used to control our policy.  And progressives of all parties tend to be keen on facts…    I think the population at large backs them for they are considerably factually oriented as well. To me it seems the basic frustration with which citizens feel towards their own government, is that adequate solutions are simply not forthcoming.  Courageous Individual citizens  directly face facts in their jobs, their homes, and sometimes under doctor’s care, and wish that our government would simply do the same.

Progressives can tap into this reservoir of discontent.  Old party regulars cannot.  Therefore anyone willing to sell his reputation to a party line this election cycle, deserves to be dissed this November 4th.

The primary fight is where most of Delaware’s battles will be fought.  I strongly feel that this cycle, Progressives have a duty to engage in an all out fight to restore sanity to our government.  Every Delawarean has a Constitutional right to a state government that offers more than personalities.  They deserve one that offers solutions…

It won’t come without a fight.  It won’t come without action.  It won’t come without some form of sacrifice….  Like a war, it may require an all-out-engagement full of practical solutions.  Like this example:  support progressive candidates irregardless of which party they choose to represent them….  For if we get a simple majority of decision makers, who are concerned with rectifying and undoing the wrongs perpetuated upon us by their predecessors chained to party philosophies that do not work, our lives will get better.

It will take sacrifice to make it happen.  If one is unwilling to stand tall and suffer their slings and arrows, they really have no right to wring their hands and complain, now… do they?

Yesterday Harris McDowell, a Democrat tried to ram a piece of legislation through his committee which would give his committee, the SEU, 65% of all money coming from the sale of REC’s (Renewable Energy Credits). Just imagine…… hundreds of millions of dollars.

Currently McDowell is chairman of that committee. Currently that committee is functioning beyond its scheduled cut off time which was last January, 2008.

That means that 65% of that $100,000.000 dollars will go to a organization not sanctioned, nor legal, and is currently chaired by the same person ramming the piece of legislation though his Senate Energy and Transit Committee.

Members of the audience offered protest, and the bill was tabled. It will show up again if no one is watching……..

Can you imagine?

Sixty-five million dollars would have flowed right into Harris McDowell’s pocket, if citizens, just plain citizens, had not just happened to be watching the proceedings….and objected….

Ponder that.

Part II

This was posted on DelawareLiberal.Net on May 9th. It is lifted from an email sent to DelawareLiberal.Net. by Charlie Copeland……a Republican.

I was unaware of the expiration of the SEU oversight board.

And this was placed before the Senate Committee of Energy and Transit, yesterday, May 14th.

$ 65,000,000 in McDowell's Pocket

What’s important here are the deeds and the dates. Words don’t mean much to this candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Ponder that.

Teddy Roosevelt Looking Towards Delaware's New Leaders

You would have made him proud.

I got this idea 24 hours after reading Duffy’s post here.

Titled “My Most Popular Post”, it states simply that it is his most clicked post and provides a link.

I wanted to do the same. But…… most popular posts, are rather embarrassing.

But if everyone else released theirs……..then to support FOIA……I will too..

We have lost momentum on Around the Horn.…..If everyone on Friday, posts their most popular first, second and third…..we should all get a weekend of laughs…and share some highs, as well as lows, within our clan.

The only rule, is “no spinning” of the results. A simple ….here is mine and a link……will do……

Looking forward to a “fun” weekend for a change………………….

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

The most notable event that took place in our recent blogosphere, was the unceremonious “fuck you, assholes” sent by the Delaware House of Representatives (25 to 11) to those turds in the Senate, who are, and have been for too long,….. clogging up the plumbing of good government. By now, all should know that Charlie Copeland, Harris McDowell, Tony DeLuca, and Thurman Adams, are impersonating the Four Whoresmen (sp?) of the Apocalypse, responsible for keeping Delaware from becoming anything more modern than…………a feudal government.

Gloom and Doom opened the morning of the tenth. The News Journal and WDEL both took the fake, went chasing after a foul ball, and ran squarely into the right field fence. Anyone reading past the headlines would have instantly realized that something was wrong, There was nothing lurking in the background to back the headlines. It was a rumor gone wild. Someone had whispered that the wind farm was in mortal danger.

“What?” “The wind farm is in danger?” “Oh, No!”……..

But no report was out, said both news sources, but fortunately for us, four senators were squealing to the press about the issue.

What? Four Senators? Could it be?……Were we about to see the New Age reincarnation of the four Whoresmen of the Apocalypse? Was Armageddon just around the corner?

The News Journal named no names but gave background quotes from 4 sources…..Can we guess? “Desk Drawer” Adams? Harris McDowell? Tony DeLuca? Charlie Copeland? My……………………… did you know? What amazing powers of prognostication you all possess! (That could, in part, be why you are bloggers).

So as we listened to Karen Petersen stammer from having been aroused too early in the morning (session went late the night before), things didn’t sound so good, Especially everywhere one turned, something was being said about the end of the windfarm……..

But those of us in the know, saw it as a concerted effort by four people. A quick look at the math, leaves 783,596 Delawareans still unaccounted for.

Any basketball team losing 4 to 783,596, would never be considered, even by its most ardent believers, as sitting on the edge of an upset!…………Some of us are wondering why those within the media, who should be immune to this type of fake out, were so gullibly sucked in……..

Tommywonk set them straight on Loudell’s Noontime broadcast, notable for being the first guest in recent memory, that Loudell has allowed to go over his time limit, during an interview without pulling the plug…….. Meanwhile, down south, Maria Evans was filtering through the News Journal story as well.

This flap had occurred just on the toes of Delmarva releasing their on shore prices for renewable wind energy. Or lets say they issues a perspective…..a rosy perspective… almost too rosy of a perspective to be taken with a grain of salt………This was quickly debunked by several of Delawares bloggers as purporting to buy wind energy from windmills whose building rights on the tops of mountains, were not even proposed?

And then, HCR 38 went to a vote. Tommy has the scoop on how it happened. as well as does John Kowalko. It came out………… in favor of Bluewater Wind by a vote 25 to 11. Almost all of the 11 came from Sussex County, and were Republican……..Looks like no help will be forthcoming from Dave for these notorious bashers of Dave Burris and backers of John Atkins. Sussex County is wind country. Don’t believe me? Just ask Lynn Bullock?

There is no doubt that Harris McDowell is tearing up all of the fabric of compromise within the second smallest state, in his all out scorched earth attempt to kick out Bluewater Wind.

Dana at Delaware Watch, sings the praise of one committed Legislator, intent on working for the people of his district, unlike his compatriots in the Senate, who have sold their people “out”. That’s the problem with keeping politicians in office too long. It is only inevitable that they eventually, they spoil like a ripe papaya

There has been a surge of spirit among those willing to take on the sad state of affairs known normally as Delaware Politics. Strange events are occurring. People are not willing to sit back and just take it anymore. Many will wonder where this spirit is coming from, and why it suddenly manifests itself among us……..But some of us know exactly from where it comes ….and will fight to keep that free spirit alive.

Delaware Politics.Net has absolutely nothing on Bluewater Wind this past week. Too occupied with “being bitter” and like the rest of us, they are nostalgic for 1999. When Republicans start fondly reminiscing about 8th year of a Democratic president, during the middle of the 8th year of a Republican one, you know something has broken down somewhere in their philosophy.

However all friendly kidding aside, they, along with JTTR, and Rick Jensen, are taking on the 10% cuts being forced upon our educational departments. This is an issue. Schools are being asked to give back money as well as every other state government entity. Dave asks if that is fair? Is it the best option on the table? Dana shows us where that money is going to. Take it from the schools and give it to………….Kilroy has a better answer…..Translate that feeling into action……Steve Newton takes the message directly to the source. Obviously our soon-to-be-retired Governor, having heard Allan Loudell who seems to be the only one mentioning the catastrophic food shortages, (that quite possibly has the potential to change our global political landscapes relatively soon), is worried that in her retirement, she will run out of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Stay tuned for a photochop of Minner enjoying her retirement dinner, with a twenty years stash stored behind her. Those of you who are parents, get yourselves ready for conversations such as this: “Dad,” “Yes, son,” “Why did you let the governor eat up all our school’s money?” If you are prepared, your answer should go like this……”Well, once upon a time…..It all started off when four people got together, and all of them had funny names. Their names were Tony “On The Take” DeLuca, Charlie “No Wind Here” Copeland, Harris “I love Delmarva” McDowell, and “Desk Drawer Adams”…………………” (more to come later)

From the Libertarian side of things, Shirley shows us that there are other people in this world who also have brains, balls, and the know-how to use both, other than Tyler Nixon. Figures this link would come from the “Live Free or Die” State. What is it with small states having the most vocal Libertarian contingents?

Thank heavens some one is finally getting wise.What a beautiful day

Bet it wasn’t a beautiful day for these people in Berks County, PA. (There is a highly recommended YouTube clip in this post’s comment section.) Obviously some laws are still subjective when it comes time to met out their punishments……

Alan Coffey lays the Republican hypocrisy right on the line with this post. Don’t forget, up until just last November, we were going to bomb them…….

Delaware Libertarian has a short post (Yes Duffy! It’s true……Check it out… 🙂 ) about how an above mentioned controversy will impact our local politics. Try as you may to simplify and reduce it further, it can’t be done……..

Along the same lines…..Duffy has some similar advice about finding simple solutions to big problems: always check the registry, and then, check it again………………..Duffy’s stories always make me feel human again; its nice to know I am not the only one upon who life is not always smiling….

On a more serious note, Duffy brings home just exactly what America is all about. Honor, Duty, and the willingness to sacrifice for a greater cause. Irregardless on how you feel about the war, you can feel nothing but pride after reading this tribute…….It infuriates me that back home, in Dover, we are forced to deal with those pursuing a narrow,specific, personal agenda, focused only on themselves and the accumulation of their own wealth, with not even a smidgen of responsibility to those who will suffer because of their actions.

What a huge difference between our military heroes, and those politicians who stay at home……………..

People ask me if I am worried…….I tell them no, I had an omen that in this week something great would happen……I was right. It did. Blue bug eyed aliens were discovered in and around Sussex County (must see picture). And after some trouble with a blood clot, Mahaffie is now in New Orleans, giving us a first hand look at the aftermath of Katrina. I was relieved to see the Cafe du Monde was still around with their awesome beignets. I hope he gets a chance to ferry over to Algiers, but his schedule may be a little too tight…….I’m still waiting for him to show up at the South Pole, to check out the accuracy of his GPS device. 🙂

And we need to keep Joe M. close to our hearts and in our prayers. Anytime one of us goes silent, I start to worry.

But a real event spinning off one of JTTR’s posts had be worried even more. Although I am fond of his analysis covering his taste in music, he did exceptionally well in reviewing this product. I was able to fight the power of suggestion for twenty one minutes before heading out to the nearest 24 hour location…………only to find, that because of the slowness of the economy, it had cut back its hours…….stranding me unfulfilled with JTTR‘s words echoing though my head….(By the way, his review is on target, and the purchase is worth the effort…) His mirror image, has finished his four years and like everyone who has traveled that path, looks backwards and says ………………..”ok”.

Matt Marshall is on TV. No not like water on Mars, this is the real thing. Those who follow DWA can also get a glimpse of the always articulate, and eloquent Dominique…..
But even bigger news it how Gene Reed, insurance commissioner gets his money……..and how the News Journal tried to hide it and cover it up……Just imagine the Pottersville this state would be in if it weren’t for us bloggers?

The Colossus of Rhodey points out that not all stupidity lies with our administration. The University of Delaware is getting ready for another national firestorm, especially during an election year, by putting this up for all to see….”The University of Delaware has revised a speech code that used to classify “[a]ny instance that is perceived by those involved as being racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, or otherwise oppressive” as an emergency equal to fire, suicide attempts, and alcohol overdose.” Hmmm…a little hyperbole we have there, perhaps? Perhaps the University of Delaware’s officials should watch Battlestar Galactica to learn how one deals with those having different viewpoints, even if that person is yourself. I’m telling you. It’s the best show on television.

Finally full circle back to Bluewater Wind. Jason at Delaware Liberal shows us that as we squabble away valuable time arguing with, instead of simply bypassing one Harris McDowell, the rest of the world is moving forward with Offshore wind very quickly. We have just days before the announcement that the East Coast Hub of Offshore Wind development, will no longer be in Delaware. Because we (1st Senatoral District, Wilmington) elect stupid asses to our Legislature.