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Christian Hudson at 30045 (Eagles Crest Road, Milton, Delaware 19968; (302) 729-2178; is responsible for the robo calls now dialing off hate-lists compiled out of zip codes undergoing the Chrisina Referendum.

If you go to the beach, the above property is that old airport that has always been just north of Lewes…

If you’ve been here very long you may remember it as the location when as a child you looked out your window and saw this….Futuro Home

It was also one of the early fields featuring Pumpkin Chunking….

Today it is headquarter for Hudson Management, a wide ranging assortment of investments scattered across the winds, some of whose seeds have drifted close to home. Some of which include the wooden Fairfield Inn, Rehoboth Beach, Sam Yoder and Sons, Village of Five Points.  Other investments include:

  • 300MW Wind Farm and Solar project in northern Ontario, Canada (under development)
  • 150 unit ocean-front luxury residential development in San Juanillo, Costa Rica
  • Video commerce network- TV Page in San Diego, CA
  • Leading digital news and information network in Dallas, TX
  • Self-storage investment firm with 12 locations in the US, and 2 locations in Ontario, Canada

As would any investor, zeal against taxation would become a cause celebre because taxes sap some of the return off investments… And Christian Hudson has almost zealfully crusaded against any form of taxation….

Any form of taxation…. as would any zealot I could imagine.

Here is one of his ads on removing all taxes. Here are his ideas of cutting the state budget instead of raising taxes.  Here is why they are against “smart” growth, advocating for its opposite instead.  Here is him as a plaintiff trying to remove Delaware from the Regional Gas Initiative.

Those of us who have sparred with Christian Hudson across and are familiar with his single-mindedness whenever anything interferes with the personal accumulation of money.  Nothing wrong with that; were I raised differently it would make sense to me too.

But why would someone with no bone to pick in Lewes (Milton), employee his Robo-tax-cop machine to bother people in a district far-far away?

The first and simple reason:  it costs nothing for him to do so.. The apparatus is set up; calls are free; and all it takes is 5 minutes to leave a greeting on tape, and then off to the Sussex Country Republican Convention while voters in Christina drop what they are doing when the phone rings, rush to their phones, only to hear a taped message telling them their taxes (but not their time) are wasted and they need to vote no on the upcoming increase….

For whether your taxes are or not wasted, here is a first rate breakdown of their funding… Basically Christina District is one of the most efficient districts in the entire NATION and if it weren’t for the abject poverty endemic in both Wilmington and the Route 40 Corridor, they would be considered one of the best districts in the United States…  For the real fact is, those who are paying school property taxes across that small swath of state, are carrying the bulk of the weight for up to 90% of its students….   The real fact is that all the bad press being used to smear that district, is strictly because of the poverty that district bears; from the DOE website, we see one student in every two lives in families making less than $16,000 a year. Here is a quick succession of charts from the above Delaware-Liberal article.
Comparisons ChristinaComparison Christina bComparison Christina c
Over 98% of all salaries go directly to people in the buildings or bus drivers.  From a quick search over multiple educational funding sources, that seems to be the highest of any United States of American school district….

When you don’t vote FOR a Christina referendum…. you are voting to kick children in the teeth…  Those lies of being too top heavy may apply to other districts INCLUDING  CAPE HENOPLEN WHICH ENCOMPASSES CHRISTIAN HUDSON’S DISTRICT, but it does not apply to what is probably the most efficient school district in the entire nation:… Christina.

Of course. We understand there may be personal legitimate reasons, (such as living on limited pension income that is being too-quickly drained by ever-increasing corporate fees), which could push you not to want even one more dollar of money taken from you which you can’t spend on absolutely necessities.  It’s just like there are reasons you don’t always put money in the collection plate as it’s passed by you in your church.  You are entitled to vote and that is why we put it up to a vote.  But be advised. Outside influences spreading mis-truths to achieve a certain outcome from which they are completely insulated, such as Christian Hudson and everyone who votes his way solely on ideologically grounds…. are putting loaded guns to the heads of children and pulling the triggers, especially in a place where one out of every two children comes from an under-$16,000 income family.

Just thought you all should know that…..



Because son, in this world, if you don’t make your own decisions,… someone else will make them for you…..


The following candidates support We, The People, and not Corporate America, being the ones to make our own decisions for our own kids…..


John Young —  Christina School District

Michael J. Piccio —  Red Clay School District

Melodie Spotts —  Colonial School District


Hmmm…  There is no clearer way to have put that…..


Irish Cookies

Courtesy of

Our country is falling apart because in each locality, the best people are too shy or too busy or too embarrassed to run and to serve in public offices. We just bake more and more cookies. They are delicious, but I am pretty sure that they do not save our nation as quickly as running for and serving in public offices can.


One would think, right,  Like having the call go out today at 4 pm instead of 4 am, so parents can make secondary plans….

Did you read the State’s DOE charter report posted on Transparent Christina?

Did you skip this category?

D.  How do per-student costs at charter schools compare to those of other public schools?

“(Although 14 Del. § 514 requires this report to share information comparing the per student expenditures of charter schools, considering all sources of such expenditures, with those of other public schools, the DOE will not have the necessary data to make this calculate and make this comparison until mid-April, well after the February 1 publication deadline. The most recent available data is for the 2011-12 school year, and that information was shared in last year’s State Charter School Report. The DOE will share this information in an updated version of this report when it becomes available.)…..”

Oh come on… Who do you think you are fooling?

Did you not say the law says you must report this by February 1st?  And when did the 2012-2013 year end?  June 30th.  And last year you had no trouble compiling the data by November 1st….   And the 2013 Delaware Checkbook has been closed since June 30th…  So put all together, and we have a negligent or intentional violation of state statute…

Speculation:  Why?  Why would the Delaware’s Markell Administration violate a public statute and withhold this information from the General Assembly?

Most likely it is to pass future charter laws without this information being given beforehand.  For if the public were to find out that Charter Schools did indeed cost the state far more to run, compared to the running of Public Schools, and that despite all that extra expense, they still underperformed Public schools teaching in similar economic strata,… the public would ask the common sense question…  So why are you racing to create MORE charters?

A.  There is no real reason the financials are not in.  This is a digital age. The totals have been accumulating since the year started. As every new expense gets added, the total increases.  All one has to do is open the file similar to Excell, look at the bottom line… One must think the legislators in the General Assembly are really dumb, stupid, idiots, low-enders, and brain dead to believe that today, when we know every student’s parent’s political affiliations, but we can’t compile the expenses already compiled from every public school district, and every charter district, which finalized immediately after June 30th, and do in in 7 months…

B.  Mark Murphy tells us they won’t be done until…. the end of April…

What kind of crap is this?  And this comes from an administration which in its opening Inauguration Address, stated he wanted to be the most open Administration in history?

No. Wool is being pulled over our eyes…   We are being set up for a distraction:    Look over there…    A 10 cent’s gas tax!….  Meanwhile the Charters Growth Bills are going to be slipped right through under the guidance of Sokola in the Senate, and Schwartzkoph and Short, in the House….

Here is why this should concern every parent. Every legislator.  Every Charter School is bad for our students.  Even if it were the best of the best of schools, and excels in every aspect,… , the money it pulls away from the district, leaves those left behind, with a lower level of substandard education.  With incoming Charters, not only does a poor school’s funding not climb to help it meet the problems which that neighborhood may have, but it’s funding actually decreases further as students flock to Charter Schools.   Our worst schools needing the most, receive the deepest cuts. This is why Charters are bad. It’s just numbers.  There are a lot  more district children who suffer when Charters come in, than there are Charter School students who prosper... (That is assuming the theoretical Charter School is the best of the best of the best. Reality shows us Charters are much worse than Public Schools, simply for the very reason that Charter Schools aren’t run by professional school administrators, and therefore don’t know what they are doing… )

So if out of every 100 students, 10 children benefit and 90 children suffer horribly, by the numbers overall, we are worse for having charter schools than we were before hand….  Mathematically, if we were at a zero before, then with the advent of Charters, we drop to a negative 80.  (+10 – 90)…

The biggest part of the Charter School equation is:…. WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE STUDENTS WHO DON’T GET IN CHARTERS!  Every argument being made so far is about how Charter’s help a handful of children do better if they go to this charter school.  We so far have always allowed these charters in order that a handful of students can and do get that opportunity.  But what up to now has been left out of every charter school discussion, is how that new Charter School affects the 90% of other children who do not get to go to a charter… For one to approve a new Charter School, one has to say that the other 90%…. don’t matter.  Here is what happens to the 90%.

The get less funding per pupil.

They have vital programs cut back and eliminated.

They have physical plants decaying from financial neglect.

They don’t get the attention, since staff is cut to augment cuts in student population.

They must make the same bus runs, but with fewer students climbing aboard, they get less money to pay for it.

Charter Schools are grossly unfair for 90% of our school population.  Sure, some Charter schools are Afro-American.  But that aside, when one looks at who gets into Newark Charter and who gets into Wilmington Charter Schools, the lack of low income and the lack of Afro-Americans is practically bordering illegal.  Furthermore, allowing Charters is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.  Allowing any Charter, even an Afro-American one, takes money away from the teaching of the 90% of other students, of which over 60% are black.  This is desegregation.  Taking from the poor to give to the rich. and making sure the blacks stay in the inferior schools.

It may take time to make adjustments, but every second that ticks past, puts our Afro-American population at a further disadvantage. … WE, THE PEOPLE, have two options.   We can either let the Charter Schools be absorbed by the district they are in, so that districts funding is unaffected, or…  We can increase through our General Assembly, and by taxing the wealthy who have money burning now in their fireplaces which could be better used to fund public schools, set up a Charter School Account so independent Charters receive their funding from the state as do Vo-Techs on a per-pupil basis and not… steal tax money away from a community ostensibly and originally taken to fund their community school…

Outlaw independent Charters this legislative session.  Say it costs more than do public schools and we have to kill the program.

or fund Charters through state moneys by increasing the state’s revenue stream, and having the state independently pay for each student, and not take money from the districts for that purpose.

One of two answers.  We need to discuss this now….

It goes to show why if you believe in something you should never give up.  You never know who is listening… Despite the doubling down by our Chief of Change (pennies on the dollar, get it?) here in Delaware, in a land far, far away, (believe me it is far removed from the real world), a budget gets passed and signed that all but does in Race To The Top and the former Common Core, now called JYAKWRAL

And as touted here and other blogs, the real area that does so much to improve education in poverty areas, is  Head Start’s early

It won big, with a billion increase over their past record… That is wise. That is good.

But, wiser and better, are who lost….

Drumroll please…. xxxx—xxx—-xx-x-x-x—-xxxx—xxx—x-x-x-x—-x-x-x-

Two initiatives high on the Obama administration’s wish list—a Race to the Top for higher education and $750 million in new grants to help states improve their preschool programs—won’t receive funding in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30 of this year.…..

Before one gets upset over the $750 cut in pre-school programs, that was all signed off to go to think tanks developing early learning Common Core (I mean JYAKWRAL) standards for children too small to fill in bubble tests properly enough to assess their teachers. That money was earmarked to be used teaching 3-5 year olds how to mark tests adequately enough so scanners could read them….

Good thing it’s gone!

So while Arne Duncun and Jack Markell and Dave Coleman and Mark Murphy and Dave Sokola and the Rodel Foundation all turned a tin ear towards parents, students, and teachers, Congress was listening…

Congress chose to put money into students, instead of corporate pockets….  It’s a small victory, but it does show, that the fight against Common Core (JYAKWRAL) is indeed the right fight to be having….

The true fixes for poverty laden schools are:

  • Early preschool education to build up word vocabulary.
  • 11:1 Student teacher ratio
  • Standardized tests used to track educational development; not as a firing tool for teachers
  • Rank students by their abilities on those tests; not their ages.

Simple, simple, actions, which if followed, would again give the promise of America’s dream back to 80% of the American population.

Further good news out of the Federal education budget…..

Under the spending bill, schools would no longer have to choose one of the administration’s four controversial turnaround models, which call for dramatic actions such as extending the school day, putting in place merit pay programs for educators, and replacing school leadership. Instead, the measure offers schools and states two new choices, including the chance to try out any school improvement strategy that’s been proposed by the state and gotten a green light from the U.S. Secretary of Education. On top of that, the measure adds a fifth model, known as “whole school reform,” which would allow schools to partner with an outside organization that has proven track record in turnarounds.  And the bill would allow schools to receive the grants for five years, not just three as under current law…

Christina School District comes out smelling like a rose; not so much for Markell and Murphy who appear to have been undercut by the unusual politics of compromise in Washington….


It is a really odd name, isn’t it?  But seeing it in writing barely makes up for the fun one has in having it roll off one’s tongue. The easiest way to explain it’s pronunciation, is to mention it sounds a lot like ‘jackel”  The first syllable is pronounce like “yak” but with an audible J pronounced in front of it.




(Don’t talk back….)

(Sorry, 50’s song reference….)

The second syllable is pronounced as it looks… wral… and should be said with a similar snarl as does a cat when it takes a swipe with claws fully extended….




Put the two together and you have it….

Jyak wral

Jyak wral

Jyak wral….

Pretty good you all.  You are good learners…  So this is the new Common Core. Why change the name?  Isn’t an Edsel still and Edsel even if you call it a Ford Fairlane?

The answer is flat no… It is not an Edsel, even though it once was.  When you change the name of things, you open up new possibilities.  It becomes a chance to suspend ones momentary grasp on reality and grab a tether to a dream emanating from the next world…. It IS a Ford Fairlane, because you say it is a Ford Fairlane… Ford Fairlanes are really cool, so this former Edsel, is now really cool…

It works like magic.  If you don’t like the Edsel because it was an Edsel, and someone says… “Hey, that is no longer an Edsel, It’s a Ford Fairlane”,… then you had better like it, because Ford Fairlanes are really cool.  You don’t want to be considered a real square now, do you?

And that is why Governor Markel overruled Mark Murphy and changed the name…  Common Core just wasn’t cool enough… With our new Chief Of Change, we had to have a name that was different, cool, slides off the tongue so well one can’t stop saying it….  and so now, Delaware, the Small Wonder, The First State, The Diamond State, teaches JYAKWRAL to its students….

Imagine the reactions of friends and family… “Where do you live.”  “Uhhhhhhhhhh, it’s a little state on the East Coast, across the river from Chris Christie’s New Jersey, and at the end of the Philadelphia Airport …..”  OH MY GOODNESS! YOU DON’T MEAN DELAWARE, DO YOU?  YOU HAVE JYAKWRAL.  WE LOVE JYAKWRAL.  WE WISH OUR STATE WOULD GET JYAKWRAL TOO. JYAKWRAL IS SOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOLLLLLL……..YOU GUYS IN DELAWARE ARE SO LUCKY….

It is possible since we are now so cool, other problems will go away.  We won’t need a 248 MW power plant in Newark to be cool, we have JYAKWRAL  We won’t need to gut the Coastal Zone Protection Act, because we are so cool for JYAKWRAL, people will flock here and bring jobs.  We won’t need to sell the Port, for the same reason.  We have JYAKWRAL…..

It will probably turn Goveernor Markell’s future around… Jobs go up, Tax revenue goes up, House construction goes up. Transfer taxes go up. District funding goes up. Test scores go up. Teacher’s moral goes up. Racino income goes up.  WDEL advertising revenues go up…

So!. let’s get this show on the road, turn things around and bring our little Delaware back out of the doldrums… Cause… nobody puts “Baby” in the Core-ner…..

No more Common Core… Starting tomorrow!  Onward with JYAKWRAL

Since the advent of modern technology, we are terrible as humans, myself included. Therefore in celebration of that, I have taken some words for Transparent Christina’s reblogged item “A Brief Audit of Bill Gates’ Common Core Spending” by deutsch29 and just randomly highlighted key phrases and randomly pasted them here….

To get the full extent either go here, or here and skip me….

if you are still here…. well here goes nothing…

It is important to those promoting CCSS that the public believes the idea that CCSS is “state-led.” The CCSS website reports as much and names two organizations as “coordinating” the “state-led” CCSS.

On those principally involved in CCSS development, one views a listing of 29 individuals…, only 2 out of 29 members are not affiliated with an education company.

CCSS is not “state led.” It is “Gates led.”

In total, the four organizations primarily responsible for CCSS– NGA(National Governors Association), CCSSO(Council of Chief State School Officers), Achieve Inc., and Student Achievement Partners– have taken $147.9 million from Bill Gates.

Neither are the following endorsers of Common Core unscathed. …

American Enterprise Institute: $1,068,788.

American Federation of Teachers: $5,400,000.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development: $3,269,428.

Council of Great City Schools: $5,010,988.


Education Trust: $2,039,526.

National Congress of Parents and Teachers: $499,962.

National Education Association: $3,982,597.

Thomas B. Fordham Institute: $1,961,116.

Over all Common Core has received $171,432,405 from Bill Gates.   It is NOT state-led.


Common Core took quite a few arrows into the heart with the release of New York’s Test Scores.   One of the huge questions being asked, is how did the Commissioner John King, know what the drop would be before the tests were given?

We are learning; new reports popping up every hour on how those scores were derived.  To understand the process, you must first be familiar with how regular grading scores are determined.  Most teachers when they score their tests assume that if a student can show that they understand 65% of the material, they can pass the class.  It is reality based.  Here is the material, you know this much, you shall pass because it is above the 65% threshold.  If you have a good class, you can pass all of them.

I hope you are sitting down.  The Pearson tests were taken, then graded.  After that was done,  they were then scored.  They were not scored on whether a person got the answer right or wrong.  They were scored on where the benchmarks should be.  A benchmark is that spot where a score of 1 then becomes a 2, or a score of 2 becomes a 3 and so on.

This is the story of how those bench marks were determined.  Close coordination was done with the College Board SAT’s.   The tests were going to determine which students were… or were not, college and career ready.

So how was the level where one is college-ready determined?.  It was decided to be at that level where there was a 75% chance that a student would receive a B- or above in ELA,  and writing, and a 65% chance that he would receive a C+ in math, in his first college course in those two subjects… Got that?  “That” is college ready.

Once that arbitrary level is set, and it is arbitrary.  Is a B- the same at Harvard as it would be in Michigan State?  is a B- the same if given by Professor X or Professor Y?   Anyone who has ever picked their college classes over the alleged difficulties of certain college professors, certainly knows that this method is very suspect.  But regardless of whether it makes sense, once the threshold is set, one can compare the SAT scores of those students and come up with a correlation.  The correlation  between these grades  and those SAT scores that would determine if one was college ready, happened at the score of 1550.

Now that you know how this score was determined, you can forever dismiss its validity.  That is not being snippy. That is a real assessment of the credibility these scores now have.

From the score of 1550, the next step was to determine how that works downward to the test scores of 8th graders who still have 3 years before they take the SAT. The Breakdown of that score was 560 Reading, 530 Writing, and 540 Math.

To those teachers gathered for the opportunity to cut the scores, the Pearson executives showed them all the data, then told them where the bookmark should be for a 3.  From there the groups determined where to draw the lines for a 1,2,3 and a 4. Then they went and did the 7th grade, then the 6th.  Each grade was determined by the previous one, all of which went back to comparing the 8th Grade to the SAT to be taken 3 years into the future.

They returned to the 8th grade, and re-walked through that process then, that was the cut turned into the commissioner.  Because he had given them the rubric  or guidelines upon which to make their judgment, he already knew ahead of time how the results would turn out.   Does that make sense?

Here is an first person account of what went on inside those cutting rooms…  and here is a humorous account with diagrams, which help a lot in understanding the twists and turns taken to determine this result.

Your test question now. Did you add the three individual scores I posted up above? Had you done so, you would have noticed that they came up to 1630 instead of 1550. It is 1630, significantly higher than the 2011 College Board’s index associated with a B- in college.

The above illustrates how one can manipulate the percentage of college readiness by hopping between the columns and changing the definition of “college ready” to suit oneself. If the State Education Department had increased or decreased the grade and/or the probability, the college readiness indicator would move up or down. In the end, they chose values that are extraordinarily high, producing an index that exceeds the College Board’s index for achieving a B- average.New Yorks score was already higher than the national average. 

From this assessment, comes the criteria that permanently classify a student, that fire a teacher, that close down a school, that wreak havoc in a district.  An assessment that has no basis in reality…

What does have a basis in reality?

Decades of research have shown that the SAT test can be an accurate indicator of IQ. Which is why, test prep classes rarely move the needle on the actual scores themselves.

According to the College Board’s own research, the SAT is not such a great predictor of college grades. The correlation between the SAT and college grades is about .48, which means that its predictive power (r squared) is only 23 percent. High school grades are a better predictor of how students will do in college courses (nearly 30 percent). In addition, other research has found that high school GPA is three to five times more important in predicting college graduation than an SAT or ACT score. Even with all of that known, the State Education Department aligned students 3-8 scores with later performance on the SAT to create cut scores that give the illusion of being on the road to college readiness.

They created this report to justify their methodology.

If you connect the dots and read all of these links you will see that these scores were supposed to be low for a reason, a reason of politics,  They had the data and knew that the results would be scored low, that was their plan.

As they even state here, education did not fall apart; the students are not dumber; the teachers are not derelict; the schools are not failing.  They were just graded on a different curve, that’s all.

It was all done politically to show that large numbers of students did not meet the arbitrarily decided new standard of being college and career ready…

Yes, in even those in Third Grade.,

This story bears repeating.  I first became aware of Common Core by being shown a text assignment to a student.  It was inane.  When I asked at the beginning of the year what literature they would be studying, the room I was in was told by the instructor that there was no literature in the curriculum.  Now it is time to finish the rest of this story.  This student you may remember was brilliant in his non Common Core English class the previous year (2011-2012).  This year he squeaked through with a C- though his DCAS scores were all in the high end. The other courses’ grades were consistent across both years.  There appears to be a problem with Common Core.

In the past I have described Common Core as a sausage.  If made with the right ingredients it can be great.  My post right below this one shows how.  But the problem with Common Core as with a sausage, is that until one cooks and eats it, one does not know what is inside.  its insides are not shown to the public before it gets sold.  If it is shredded beef, it is a good sausage.  If it is cooked pork, it is a good sausage,  It could be Grade A chicken, turkey, or lamb; no one knows until it is cooked and eaten.  But what if it is poop?  Simply poop scooped up from the floor of a poultry farm, stuffed into an intestinal casing, tied at both ends, and looking like any sausage, it gets picked, cooked, cut into, and eaten.

Earlier this spring we had a blogger’s frenzy here in Delaware as we tried to determine what exactly was in Common Core.  We finally found the standards and for the most part, thought they were ok.  We deduced that the problem lies somewhere with the meat processors who are creating this educational sausage without any oversight or accountability.  They’ve figured how to make money, and students/parents were being cheated in the process..

So then, the biggest problem with Common Core is that it is run as a business, not just any business but as a monopoly.  There is no competition between opposing curriculums so one must take whatever one is given.  Llike any monopoly, this business isn’t worried about keeping the customer; it is worried about its bottom line.

The second largest problem is that Common Core program completely ignores the fact that outside influences, particularly poverty, impact education.  It waves a magic wand in its calculations and then proceeds to ignore that students who have a huge issue just trying to survive that day, can’t do well in school.

So, here are the issues:

A) Common Core stifles innovation.  School becomes boring and learning takes a back seat to all other activities.

B) Common Core and Standardized tests go hand and hand.  Test at the beginning and at the end.  The accountability piece attached, means the tests must be passed; the stakes are very high.  Therefore teaching to the test is what we shall get.  Students won’t know how to solve life’s problems unless it is on a standardized test.

C) There is no public input into Common Core.  It if is bad, too bad.  All students will digest it anyway.  No school board, no General Assembly oversight, nothing.  It comes straight from the developer to your child.

D) The standards are too low.  In and effort to narrow the achievement gap, the levels of knowledge are dumbed down so all students will have the same low basic level of knowledge.  No more will the affluent white schools outperform inner city problematic ones. We will teach the exact same to both; they won’t be taught any differently..  The Core material is the same for all schools; students at  both will easily pass it.  There are no higher state standards anymore, simply because if there were, the achievement gap would continue to grow, not shrink.  We are closing the achievement gap primarily by bringing the top end down, not the bottom end up.

E) The repetitive standardized  tests will tell a lot about one’s child.  Especially over time.  Common Core is collecting data on every child, which can then be sold to highly interested Corporate advertisers.  It tracks every child after leaving school across their entire work-path through out their career.

F)  Common Core has a super high price tag. $16 billion over 7 years. One has to buy copyrighted lessons from a supplier because they go hand in hand with the questions on the final test.   All those packets and  that software isn’t cheap.  Of course, data miners and data transcribers have to be hired to read and explain the data to teachers, principals, and administrators.  The money could be spent elsewhere in the school and perhaps to more good.

G)  Common Core by making everyone study the same thing at the same time means that no one will know anything else outside the Common Core agenda; the national data base is narrowed.  Under the current somewhat haphazard individualized approach we had up to now, people matriculated to that area in which they were most interested.  Later when an employer puts people on a team, over the width of the group there is a diversity of opinion upon which to draw for the best solution.  But when everyone knows exactly the same thing, has the exact same shared experience, there could be trouble.  If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.

H)  Common Core is being figured out on the fly.  Legislatures signed on before knowing any details.

I)  Common Core Standards were not created by the states.  They actually supplement the state standards previously in place.  No, Common Core Standards were developed by corporations in Washington DC, with the lavish funding by the Gates, Broad, and Walmart foundations.  These standards they created are not intended to develop doctors, lawyers or  teachers, but to develop first year entry level workers for corporations.

J)  Common Core standards are designed not to prepare students for entrance into a four year college or university, but for two year programs or four year programs in a community college.  In that sense they are much lower than almost all of  those  state standards which they are replacing.

K) Common Core  in that it is being forced by the US Department of Education onto the states through strings attached to basic funding, violates the Federal Statute prohibiting the Fed’s direction, supervision, or control of curriculum.

L)  Common Core Standards are not developed by anyone remotely accountable to parents. They are copyrighted standards owned by large educational corporations, completely unaccountable to either legislators, governors, school boards, teachers, parents , or students.

M)  Common Core is like a virus that implodes one cell, then scatters replicates to attack and implode other cells.  With Delaware’s passage of SB 51, Common Core standards will now begins watering down our great teaching schools within the University of Delaware, Delaware State, and Wilmington University.  As it does with the curriculum in public schools, it will be substituting weaker Common Core Standards for more stringent state standards involved especially when it comes to teaching teachers how to teach.

N)  There are thirteen issues above that need addressed.  Yet this faulty program is being used to fire teachers who are only arbitrarily accountable to test results based on this faulty program..  Even good teachers in poor income school districts will lose their jobs, as factors outside the school such as that area’s poverty, pulls down student scores below the acceptable level, and those teachers must suffer the consequences.  Impoverished schools will become closed for the same reason; test scores were too low.  High stakes testing is for  high stakes. Yet there are so many multiple factors impacting those test scores out of everyone’s control. For every teacher, every new school year is metaphorically like charging across the fields of Gettysburg inside of  Pickets Charge; you just hope in all that mass madness, a bullet or cannonade’s  grapeshot does not find you. Your fate is completely out of your control.   Common Core has begun and will continue to cost us many great teachers who up to now had turned many young children into upstanding citizens.


Done.  Notice there is no agenda 21 listed.  That is an issue which lies in a different arena ( a political one) and is not part or this issue which is how this poop gets dressed up as a sausage.  Both Jack Markell and Educational Secretary of Arne Duncun have recently tried to deride each and everyone of  those against Common Core, as being kooks fearful of Agenda 21 and perhaps even SPECTRE.

I think this short list illistrates there are serious problems with Common Core.  In fact, this problem is so serious that recently Michigan, Pennsylvania, Utah, Alabama, Indiana, Missouri, Georgia, South Dakota, and Kansas have passed or tried to pass legislative bills controlling or stopping the impact of Common Core upon its students. None of their reasons came from what Arne Duncun or Jack Markell dismissively alluded.  They come from the very real concerns mentioned above…  Parents of children bring home Common Core materials, are leading the Common Core pushback.

Bottom line: as illustrated here in Delaware with the student whose example leads off this post, Common Core is bad for students.  They can’t succeed living on just poop…. stuffed into an intestinal casing, simply because it gets  stamped in black food ink, “Common Core; Quality Grade A”