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Delaware’s Unions, particularly the Building and Trades, have over-stepped.  In a world where the one percent owns 45% of America’s assets, where billions are being spent to destroy unions in every capacity, where the middle class has succumbed to its worst level since 1880, the rat-demon that the Building and Trades chose to blacken, was Delaware’s biggest friend of labor, John Kowalko.

There is something very sick in Delaware’s unions…  That this was ever allowed shows complicity with the 1%.

The only people hurt by not putting the power plant inside the University of Delaware, were those investors who spent $800,000 and got nothing.  It would be safe to say none of them were of the 99%.   When something else goes in, those jobs will be there as well.  Labor did not lose one job…

Instead, we just got further proof that in Delaware, labor has been coerced, infiltrated, and is being run by the 1%… No normal working man would want to poison 30,000 people into cancer by his efforts.  We all know the 1% have no qualms with killing people as long as they make over 5%…..

Organized labor is no longer working for its members.  Whether it is the DSEA, AFSCME, or the Building Trades, the lack of new jobs here in Delaware is due to only one thing.  Their coziness with those with money… the big 5 developers and their friend, the governor.

I know the details of why there is a history behind it this coziness.. But there was also a history behind Colonial America and Great Britain… But at some point a split had to occur.

When you have Quisling leaders telling their members that “yeah, they are doing everything they can”, and at the same time telling the Delaware Way that they “got their people handled”, it is their members who are getting royally screwed…..

It is past time to scrap old leaders.  It is past time for new aggressive leadership, someone in their 30’s..  It is time for work stoppages again.  It is time for muscle…  When you have our ex-heroes, “organized labor”, those who built the America we had (at least up through 2000),  attacking their most ardent legislative supporter in the General Assembly because he wouldn’t go along and maliciously kill 30,000 of his constituents with cancer, you have a corrupt and poorly lead organization…. They are not working for their members; they are working for Charlie Copeland!

I hereby pull my support for prevailing wage….  and urge John Kowalko and every legislator elected from the Greater Newark Area up through Hockessin to do so as well. … 

Until unions get new aggressive leadership who will daringly take on the Delaware Way and grind it up and crush it, forget it, I won’t reconsider. 


Irish Cookies

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Our country is falling apart because in each locality, the best people are too shy or too busy or too embarrassed to run and to serve in public offices. We just bake more and more cookies. They are delicious, but I am pretty sure that they do not save our nation as quickly as running for and serving in public offices can.

Quiet, Quiet, Hush It Down, Please! John Sweeney is Stirring, About To Soon Speak....
Courtesy of Disney’s Alice in wonderland

Someone stirred the embers of John Sweeney’s soul. They shouldn’t have…. Sometimes it IS better to rest on one’s laurels…

In a News Journal op-ed Mr.Sweeney
tries to shame the Democratic Party… It is worth the read, for in its chutzpah, it reminds old timers still left, of how the very brave Poles road their horses with swords drawn in calvary formation towards the fully armored German Panzer divisions attacking them….

On the rank of futility, his efforts are similar. On the rank of bravery, his efforts are similar.

I think what we are experiencing is the passage of one century into another… Mr. Sweeney is a product of the last century. Things were very different then from how they are today. As one ages one is prone to becomes sentimental, and emotional, and embrace those good things they remember in ones youth…. As a result those things called facts, which depart from the other side of the brain, get vetoed out of existence in editing, and their interference with a fictions narrative is negated…

We get a nice story that if it stayed on the porch in the company of old men rocking their hours away, would remain that, a nice mixture of observation and opinion….

The problem is that this is not staying on the old folks home porch, but is attempting to interject itself into policy and plans for our future. Therefore, it must also be served alongside a complete rebuttal, so that policy makers are given a clear view or our future, both the dreams and reality, and not just the one sided wistfulness of one single old man.

Mr. Sweeney remembers Wilmington of a different era… 1973…. He doesn’t remember it very well for his piece is entirely devoid of any mention of the riots and subsequent war zone imposed on the city of Wilmington 5 years just before. He conviently fails to even mention the despondency of that time captured by then City Supervisor O. Francis Biondi in his telling the New York Times, “the National Guard here has become a symbol of white suppression of the black community. That may be a useful way to get elected, but who wants to run a city under those circumstances?”

He also fails to bring up the Court ordered desegregation rule that evolved from the ashes of that occupation and racial pot stirring. A rule that has the blessing of no political party, and still is the predominant problem underlying New Castle County’s education today..

These alone throw cold water on his assertions that life was ideal back in 1973. Just maybe… if you were a wealthy white; but certainly not for any black… Sweeney simply sweeps all blacks aside as he continues his claim.

Let us take and break down his opening paragraph….

  • Is Wilmington a better place to live today than it was in 1973? Why, yes. Yes it is.
  • Is crime worse or better? Crime is better. Despite overall shootings in and among drug traffickers, all other crimes are fractions of what they were in 1973.
    Are the schools better? Public schools are; particularly for those of Afro-American descent who come from the city. Charter schools suck though.
  • Are more kids going to college? More kids are going to college than back in 1973. And at higher percentages too.
  • Is business booming?Walk down market street some evening and tell me. Yes, business is as good, if not better than before the ’68 riots.
  • Is the city’s future brighter? We have the Riverfront, a baseball team, a civic center, a walk along the river. A very attractive city. Market Street, an Art School. Two state universities and a state college. I would certainly say our city if much brighter than 5 years after we had our national guard overextend their record.

So even his opening assertions, which he never attempts to defend, are at their very starting place, horribly misconceived…

If ones entire premise is horribly misconstrued, then everything afterwards is such as well… Were anyone to make a mistake and use sand instead of flour to make bread, their end product would not be bread would it not?  Logic works the same way….

The second gigantic flaw in Mr. Sweeney’s reasoning just oozes out of  this statement right here….  (I should warn readers that even in Sweeney’s advanced age, two parts of what he will ring true…  both are about his abysmal party, the Republicans…) ==“The easy – and accurate – answer is that there are barely any Republicans left in town. A second – and only slightly more complicated – answer is that the Republicans of late have shown little interest in cities and their problems. The final answer comes directly from the first two: Since the Republicans are no threat, the Democrats do not have to do anything to retain the voters loyalty. They will win automatically.

Did you catch the flaw? If not, allow me to point it out.. Mr. Sweeney seems to totally forget something called “primary elections” Perhaps he can be forgiven for that; Republicans have only had a few primaries in my entire lifetime, and they were only because of Mike Protack. Yet Democratic primaries have been some of the closest, competitive, promise driven contests in this state. If you are voted in, and don’t listen to your constituents, you are going to face 11 challenger for your seat the next session… Hell, the only way to get re-elected in this town, is once lucky enough to get in, you take damn good care of your client base….. And as Mr. Sweeney himself points out, those clients aren’t Republican voters…

You see, Wilmington voters are not voters who follow party rule as Mt. Sweeney so blandly assumes. The reasons they don’t vote for Republicans is because Repulbicans don’t care about them. Republicans only care about big money and is why they can’t get votes in Wilmington. Party has nothing to do with it. In fact you could make Wilmington flip Republican in just one election cycle. Just run a Republican who says he is going to tax Charlie Copeland and his friends 100% out the gazoo. Then you would find it was the issues keeping Republicans off the roster, not the name of their party… Republicans can’t get elected because they are wrong for Wilmington.

Yet Mr. Sweeney makes no mention of that either… And here is where Mr. Sweeney loses it.

He blames Barack Obama. Yep, blame the black man not just for this cities problems, but all cities problems… In his statement that all cities have democratic mayors and Barack Obama is not helping them, her forgets a couple of other observations by which only his statements could have the hint of truth.

He forgets that prior to Barack Obama, there was George W. Bush, a Republican, and he ignored cities too. (Remember New Orleans?) He forgets that not all mayors are Democrats. There are Republican mayors too… New York, Fresno, Miami, Mesa, Tulsa, Virginia Beach, are just a few Republican mayors experiencing the same city problems as is Wilmington. The truth is, that running a city on cutting taxes, getting rid of government, and instilling disciplined religion in all aspects of life, is a very hard sell. The reason almost all town mayors are Democratic, is because Democrats are the only ones who make sense. So if one has Republican mayors and a Republican Executive Branch, and a Republican State government, and still have the same problems, Sweeney’s argument is completely undercut.

He also seems to have had a tad memory slip up, and has forgotten that despite Democrats holding the presidency, and despite the Senate being blue, there is a Republican house. which has proposed nothing, and which has voted down every expenditure brought before it, even Hurricane Sandy aid. (It took Democrats to finally get that passed). With political realities like that, making grandiose plans that never get off the ground is nothing but an exercise in futility. Sweeney fails to mention the elephant in the room: that there can and will be no help for cities as long as they is not a super-majority of Democrats in both houses…

In a complete disembowelment of disbelief, Sweeney states that national politicians have stopped wooing City voters. Two things are missing on Sweeney’s radar. One, Republicans have tried to make inner city voting next to impossible by limiting voting machines and forcing intimidating long lines, and two, it is the growth of urban areas that propelled Democrats in every state. All states have counties red and blue. If a state is more urban, it’s blueness wins out…and more than anything, that is why Republicans are losing.

It is no ones fault but their own…

Is anyone shaping Wilmington’s future Sweeney asks? It is bizarre questioning, because Sweeney already answered it….

In some areas, the city is safer. In others, there are more jobs. Certainly, some schools are better today than they were in 1973. And individual organizations and people, including elected officials, have worked hard and have put together effective coalitions. The Financial Center Development Act brought new banking and credit-card jobs to town, a federal judge desegregated the area’s schools, the decaying dock areas were redeveloped into the Riverfront, with an I-Max movie theater, a convention center and a host of new businesses and condos and apartments

I’d say we had some good plans for our future. We’ve come a long way since 1973…

Is Wilmington better off? Hell yes… If so, that makes Sweeney’s argument that we need to go back to 1973 rather pointless and odd. I can think of no afro-American who wants things returned to 1973….

In the end, Sweeney’s arguement breaks down. We should have one political party he says, and that should include Democrats and Republicans. Well, (confused) that’s what you’ve been complaining over what we had?

Since Sweeney’s arguments boggle th logical mind, I struggle to find a box to put them in. At best, it is someone wistful of their younger days, of back when they were in power and who wishes their privileged class like that of Nicholas and Alexander, could once again rein supreme and not have to deal with “those people”…

The rest of us, are better off with all we got since then.

What do you think?

Novemrber 6th was almost a let down in the 11th Senate District, since the take-down of Tony DeLuca took place 56 days before election day, but the voters in the 11th District need to celebrate they now have someone who really “does” represent their interests and takes them to heart….

Thanks to the Newark Post for publishing this.

The Tea Party Candidate was buried with only 21% of the vote. 2012 was a good year. 🙂

My spotters say 40 vote margin.

Be prepared for another Paradee-Thornberg.  It has to happen.  IT HAS…. TO HAPPEN…..


“One does not simply walk into Mordor.”

The amount Tony DeLuca spent to the Washington DC firm that is sending you all these pamphlets in the mail……


None of that came from you… It came from banks, from loan sharks, from power companies, from cable companies, from collections companies, from investment companies, from insurance companies, and from development companies.

In fact, ironically, every single bill that you get in your mail telling you owe them money,…. supports Tony DeLuca….

People in his district have never heard of him, until the $60,407.77 of pamphlets started clogging their mailboxes…

Really, Tony, you are too busy to come to any local meetings? You bump local constituents because you have a bankers meeting? And you don’t even know the boundaries of your district (was caught campaigning in the wrong district)…?

You don’t even know who we are, but because you have a Washington DC Political consultant paste your pictures overtop stock photos of constructions workers, overtop stock pictures of school classrooms, overtop stock family pictures….. you think you deserve our vote?

Wnen we needed something, did you help us? No?

Then fair is fair….

Bryan Townsend has been in every neighborhood at least 5 times since this election season started. We know him. If we ever needed someone to interfere and stand up for us between us and people who are wrongly trying to take our money… Tony, really, who do think is going to back us?

One Number says it all…. $60,497 dollars…

This primary, people, we need to send a message, that yes, we the people have needs too… One vote can make that happen across the whole state of Delaware; one vote will drive fear in the hearts of our bill collectors, one vote will take away the protection these guys have had for years… That is a vote for Bryan Townsend.

Because Bryan doesn’t yet know those guys. He knows us….

If Tony DeLuca was in a Warners Brother’s cartoon, he would be the little red devil flirting above the head… Karen Petersen, his Senate antagonist, would be the winged, angelic figure, flirting about the other ear…

Recently Karen was alluding to Tony DeLuca when she said…. “When any member of the Senate abuses power, we have not only the right, but the obligation to elect a better representation. The 11th District deserves a Senator who has integrity, a good work ethic, a record of community service, and a desire to serve the people who elect him…. “ She obviously supports Tony DeLuca’s opponent.

Recently someone in Tony DeLuca’s District was quoted:… .. “I never heard of the guy and now I get 5 pieces of mail a day from him!!!… You say fourteen years!!!!! And I never heard of him? That’s ridiculous.. He’s got to go…”

Which to this intriguing mind, begs the question: How is this guy able to be keep getting reelected?

Naturally one pulls up his campaign finance forms….

As of the 30 day financial report, Anthony had raised $48,760… That is to be expected… When you single handedly control which bills get onto the floor to be voted upon in the corporate capital of the world, $48,760 is really not that much… One would certainly expect the maximum contribution allowed from corporations with names like Axcess Financial Services, Inc., Artesian Water, Advance America (Spartanburg, SC); Cozen O’Conner First State PAC (1900 Market Street, Phila. PA); DELBANKPAC, Delaware Association of insurance&Financial Advisors PAC; Delaware Automobile and Truck Dealers Association; Delaware Park Management Company; Delaware Standardbred Owners Association; Delaware Supermarkets; Franklin Strategies; MacFarlane Group Inc (Mission KS); NRG Energy (Princeton NJ); Orrick, Harrington& Sutcliffe.LLP (San Francisco,CA); PLF Properties (Mission KS); Pilots Association for Bay and River(Columbus Blvd,Phila.PA); Retail Services and Systems (Potomac, MD); Senate Victory PAC (209 Linden Ave. Wilm); THE PAC (1201 N. Orange Street); The Committee for a Better Future; The Hertich Family of Automobile Dealerships (Seaford); United Distributors of Delaware; Wilmington Trust Corp PAC…….. and that is just up through August… The next report, the 8 Day report, gets turned in… now in fact… The election is in 6 days…..

Hmmmmm…. Has anyone seen the 8 Day Finance Report for Anthony DeLuca 2012? Hmmmmmm…. It seems to be missing…. Let’s check the calender one more time…. Let’s see… The election is on Tuesday, right? That is September the 11th. So… one day would be the tenth, one more the ninth, then the eighth, seventh, sixth, and today. … I count six days, which means,,, ELECTION LAW VIOLATION? … go figure it was on the President Pro Tempore of the Delaware General Assembly, Mr $48,760 himself….

Hmmmm, maybe it’s a glitch within the Elections Office….

Anyways, the point being made, is that if Tony has not been seen in his district, and if there are no addresses within his district who support him on his campaign finance forms, and he has the maximum being dumped into his campaign from groups in Mission, KS; Spartansburg, SC; San Francisco, Market Street in Philly, not to mention the global corporate capital of the world, ….. who exactly is he spending all his time working for?

So back to my original question…. How does one then, buy a District’s Vote?

Expenditures: Campaign Finance Form. 30 Day Primary……

People in the 11 District have received on the average, one campaign piece per day… They are slick pieces that extol Tony’s virtues as a community organizer (cough, cough)… as a champion for open government (cough, cough); as a labor supporter (cough, cough); as someone tight fisted with government’s money (golf courses, cough, cough); as an educational leader (cough, cough); as an anti industrial friend of the environment (Valero cough, cough); as a fearless labor negotiator who stands up for the working man while he cuts their salaries (cough, cough)…. These come flying in at one a day… One a day? I exaggerate… try two a day… You can tell you are in Tony DeLuca’s district because when you look down the street all the mailboxes are tipping sideways…..

Expenditures: Tony DeLuca 30 Day Primary 2012

787 8th SE Suite 202 Washington DC 20003 $6887.50 8/10/2012
737 8th SE Suite 202 Washington DC 20003 $3443.75 6/26/2012
737 8th SE Suite 202 Washington DC 20003 $3770.00 7/31/2012
737 8th SE Suite 202 Washington DC 20003 $10,875.00 7/18/2012
737 8th SE Suite 202 Washington DC 20003 $3987.00 7/18/2012
737 8th SE Suite 202 Washington DC 20003 $3987.50 7/17/2012

Aggregate Total of money leaving Delaware and going to Washington Dc to this address?

$32,951.25 going to a Petel & Company….

Patel & Company to whom you pay a fee, and they create an “image” of a candidate who really does not exist in real life…. I gotta admit. They do a good job and the CEO is “hot”… I hope this piece steers some credible business their way… Because they do a good job. The Tony DeLuca in everyone’s mailbox is not… the Tony Deluca they have had as their Senator for the last fourteen years…. Yep… Fourteen years of an invisible presence… Well, I shouldn’t say invisible…..

The Lobbyists sure see enough of him….. Lol…

And that, my friends, is how you buy a district’s votes…..

The impetus for this came from a thread over at Delaware Liberal, discussing crime around Adams 4 Shopping Center in Wilmington, in the number one unsafe city in America…

Those of you that follow me regularly know that every once in a while I get an idea and run with it, just to see how viable it works. I did so here and you are welcome to ride along….

Is there a religion out there that centers around imbibing alcohol? If so, I haven’t heard of one… I would think things would get rather tense, after inhibitions wore off and everyone started getting sick… But there definitely are religions centered around marijuana and peyote… two natural highs…

So the thought occurred to me… What would Wilmington be like if you gave everyone free pot? Don’t even worry about the cost if the city bought it… instead of burning it in WV, the DEA could just cut in and put in on a Norfolk Southern train car… so consider it a free remedy… What would Wilmington be like?

Have you ever shot a gun while on a marijuana high? In fact, the thought of pulling out a gun never occurs to you. And with free pot, the walls especially in summer seem to be closing in, so everyone in the neighborhood, would congregate outside on the streets… And if some straight person did come in from out of town, the bullet fired would travel along in s l o w motion, and everyone would have plenty of time to limbo around it.

So you have a bad day at work… and a bad commute home… It doesn’t matter… In minutes your with neighbors smokin’ a bowl… Soon the best jokes ever told come out into the air, and everyone is bent over laughing…

The city is full of social problems… How many would having free pot solve?

Unwanted pregnancy… solved. Can’t get it up. No sex.
Robbery; pot is free, one doesn’t need drug money.
Fighting: never happens when everybody love everybody
Violence: even if started, by the time you stop laughing, it is all forgotten.
Drug Sales: who could sell crack when pot is free? Keepin’ my money dude.
Drug violence: head honchos would remain straight, but everybody working for them would be floating on moonbeams. No suburban girls driving in for pills, if pot was free. There would soon be no money coming in; the business would have to move.
Traffic accidents: pot smokers are very conscientious drivers.
Crack Houses: don’t need them; you can smoke pot openly on the street.

Since there would be no crime, police working that beat should be allowed to smoke too, It would improve bonding between police and community. The population would be overall healthier from all the natural cures that marijuana can supply…

And then there’s guns. I think if everyone is high, even the NRA would think taking guns off the street would be an enlightened idea. It would aid the community spirit. Plus, after you lit up the entire block with some good bud, all you had to do was ask nicely and all the guns would be brought down to you…. no explanations demanded…

Simply put, if you remove the guns, and dissolve the anger, and create a positive friendly environment, you fix the problem….

In fact the only foreseeable problem requiring any expenditures, is that Wilmington doesn’t have any Taco Bells in its downtown region… That would definitely have to be rectified before we begin giving out free pot…

For sure…

Global warming. When someone knows they lie, they scream louder for the truth. That is what Ceasar Rodney Institute does when confronted with Global Warming…

As heard on WDEL (Rick Jensen show hosted by Flattery Bros on Monday August 20th) “these alarmists complaining the sky is falling… ha ha… haven’t they ever heard of volcanoes. of, of, of thunderstorms… lightening flashes? There are lots of natural things that make the world hotter… Mankind is too small to have the power to make the world hotter…”


But like a dog who messes up your carpet, it always feels good to rub their noses in it….. Maybe they’ll bite their tongue next time…..

From Britain, the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading,
determined that if all nature went totally berserk, ripshod crazy… it could only cause 30% of the current damage to the ice levels we now see.. And that was the best scenario… there were some cases where the most damage caused by natural phenomena… could only cause 5% of the damage we now see…

Sooooooooo, if only 30% of the damage comes from nature…. hmmmm… where does the other 70% come from?……
The authorities at Caesar Rodney, are left to conclude … God. Because if it was truly 70-95% man-made, then they have been totally wrong all these years….

That’s sad.

State Senator Tony DeLuca is “Making special interests play by the same rules as our hardworking families.

When you think of Tony DeLuca, the first thing that comes to your mind of course is that you automatically think of someone holding special interests accountable.

Accountability…. It means different things to different people. To Tony DeLuca, it has always meant playing by the same rules as our hard working families…..

For example, Tony has been the open government leader in the Delaware General Assembly. demonstrated by bringing up reform bill after reform bill to be voted upon by the senate. State Senator Tony DeLuca is making our government more transparent and damn it, .. he is also making special interests more accountable.

Because of Tony DeLuca, and only because of Tony DeLuca and his single handed effort with both hands behind his back, the legislative process is open now, for the very first time, to citizens…. Tony DeLuca modernized state government with information available on the Internet; and now, because of Tony DeLuca, all lobbyists are required to let the public know within five days who they represent and who they are lobbying for on each and every bill.

After all, Tony DeLuca…. He’s one of US…..

Tony’s commitment to accountability is clear. Check the facts:

1)SB212, 6/13/12; SB235, 6/12/12; SB50,4/12/11, HB5, 4/7/11; HB 1 16/2/09.
2) SB185, 5/2/12 “Governor, lawmakers, intorduce lobby reform bill ” Dover Post 3/29/12

SB 165 Supported by Common Cause.

Delaware should consider itself lucky to have as fine a man in the Delaware State Senate, as it has in Tony DeLuca.