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Since this conversation was overheard, I cannot vouch for its validity… I am vouching that I overheard it.. lol.

One drunk was telling another, that he had asked for constituent help from someone within the Markell administration named Josh, in dealing with some intertwining issue taking place in one of the state bureaus…

The person in the governor’s office who received the call, said something during the conversation along the lines of….” for us to move this along faster we will need your birth date… ” Dealing with the office of the governor, one whom actually the teller of this story had supported, the private information was given out tout de suite, even though that information was in no way relevant to the request..

The help this person was looking for, was actually not for him, but for another acquaintance… and Josh did not need that person’s birth-date even when prompted by the caller….

Now everyone knows, that all one needs to acquire the full police record unseen over any telephone, is a persons birth date, and their driver’s license or social security number… Birthdays need to be guarded.

So why would Josh be asking for a birthday which was irrelevant to the process, unless he was trying to phish through private records to dig up dirt?

Now if there is any truth to this tale, (there is), then it is incumbent upon those legislators who regularly visit here, to find out why this practice (if it is sanctioned) is continuing in today’s era of instant information? Or was this informational request coming from someone working on their own agenda?

Just askin…. I think it’s time we found some answers…

From the Houston Chronicle:

Officials agreed with Public Service Commission staffers that Delmarva Power and Bluewater Wind LLC should be given until Dec. 10 to come up with a power purchase agreement, which state officials would consider at a Dec. 18 meeting.

Officials also said Widener University law professor Lawrence Hamermesh, who has served as a mediator in the negotiations, will take a more authoritative role and arbitrate differences between the two parties.

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Lawrence Hamermesh: Courtesy of Widner University

The PSC staff will offer advice and technical support to Hamermesh but will not be directly involved in the negotiations, which unlike earlier talks will focus solely on the proposed wind farm and not include provisions for planned backup power generation using natural gas.

Courtesy of Deldems
courtesy of Deldems: Sen. Salazar, Sen. Carper, Tom McGonigle

Bluewater attorney Tom McGonigle said an independent consultant has estimated the rate increase for Delmarva residential customers under the current proposal at $6.76 a month over the life of the proposed 25-year power supply contract. Delmarva Power contends the increase would be at least $5 higher per month.

In response to Delmarva’s argument that residential customers should not have to bear the entire financial burden for a wind farm, officials suggested that the PSC staff consider spreading the cost among all Delmarva customers.

“If we can spread this across the entire Delmarva base, it might make it a lot more palatable,” said commissioner Jeffrey Clark.

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“If it’s going to be a statewide benefit, let everyone in the state share,” said Delmarva Power attorney Todd Goodman. “There should be no free ride.”

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