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That is why I have left the Tea Party.  I would encourage Rick Jensen of WDEL to do the same.

In the bi-partisan Senate(sic) negotiations broke down today on figuring out how to accomplish background checks for hand held weapons…. By an overwhelming majority, Americans support the notion that every gun be registered to a single owner, and if a crime occurs, that owner can be charged with a conspiracy to that crime, provided he had not reported that weapon stolen….

A reader has brought up the major fear all gun owners have on getting their guns registered.  They hide behind the Constitutionality that registering guns with the Government, is the first step to confiscation.   This is not their real reason.

Their guns are illegal.  Not to them, But at some point in the past, they bought a gun in a shady private deal that did not require a background check, and the possibility lurks that their weapon they’ve had for years, probably in all fairness, was actually the stolen property of another gun owner….and with a registry, that fact will be found out.!!!

As soon as a registry goes into effect, computers will begin matching the numbers….

And, it is not these law abiding gun owner’s fault.  They performed their transactions legally, and the seller of the weapon probably in good faith, performed the transaction legally…. But with the ability to trace weapons, a gun registered in 2013 can be  found to have been stolen in 1989…..

Obviously this is a real fear.  I think all of us would feel the same.  I know I would.  Likewise, for us to move forward in taking effective action to prevent future tragedies like Newtown, we need to solve this issue.

The reality is that these once-stolen guns, are now in new homes, and those new owners are law abiding citizens… Without a registering of firearms, this criminality, possession of stolen merchandise, would never have been determined…

So by declaring no one will be prosecuted for having stolen merchandise, would go a long way to make sure fixing one injustice, does not create another…

We need amnesty against any legal action taken to retrieve ownership of a long lost gun. In most cases a statue of limitations would be long in effect, but we need a blanket Federal amnesty protection given priority over state an local laws on criminal prosecution….

We need this amnesty because we need universal background checks.

That accountability is key to holding criminals responsible..  As we go forward into the future, we will  need that clear accountability to control which guns confiscated from criminal belong to law abiding citizens who can then get return of their stolen possession, and which guns confiscated can lead us to more criminals who are using the current holes in our system to funnel guns to 7-11 and convenience store robbers….

We need oversight and accountability to accomplish this….

And putting law abiding citizens at risk for crimes of the past of which they were unaware,  gets in our way of doing what an overwhelming number of Americans want….  closing the ability of criminals to get possession of guns…..

I think tacking amnesty for gun owners covering any issues a gun registry may illuminate,  needs to be in any gun legislation bill put forward….  It is no different from granting immunity, which across this nation prosecutors do every single day……..

So let’s get it done.

First it was Donald Trump’s amateur fillies… now it’s the professionals… Delaware has lost twice to California…

In the Ms USA pagent, Delaware’s own Katie Hanson, lost to Ms California who naturally, took the crown… When it came to Thoroughbreds, Delaware did a little better……

Delaware’s Havre De Grace, took the lead and California’s blind luck, just came up in time for the wire.

Even when he drew even with Havre de Grace, Gomez said he was unsure Blind Luck was going to get past her.

“We came up to her and she fought back,” her rider, Gomez said. “I thought I might be in a little trouble. But with this filly, as soon as you pull her out and she pins her ears back, she accelerates in two jumps.”

It was all the horse…..
“My horse dragged me to the front, and turning for home she gave me all she had and really kept on digging,” said Dominguez, who was the dominant rider at Delaware Park when he rode there from 2003-2008. “It was just a head bob and the other filly got up just in time.”

The final time of 2:01.28 was the fastest running of the Del Cap since Unbridled Belle’s 2:01.16 in 2006.

It may seem unfair that “great big ole California” beats out the state with the fewest number of counties (only 3) … but, if you compare populations, the simple fact that quite often Delaware and California are pitted neck to neck just before the final wire, it is fair to say that with California’s population of 37,253,956 versus Delaware’s of 897,934 it takes roughly 41.49 Californians, to match up to and equal one Delawarean….. 🙂

We may be small, but we ARE tough!

Today the White House issued this Executive Order.

“Should the debt ceiling not be lifted in time by May 16, in order to prevent the Treasury from running out of funds, I am hereby using the emergency powers given to the Chief Executive by the Constitution, to temporarily suspend the Bush Tax Cuts until: 1) either we can legally borrow the funds to continue paying on our commitments, or 2) we bring our debt down to the 2008 level by having much more tax revenue pour in.

This is in effect, immediately, and I have instructed the IRS to recalculate all 2010 tax forms over the level of $2 million dollars, and asses those individuals and companies, for the differences.

We must take this action because Republicans want to pay politics with your lives. As Chief Executive, I am responsible to you, not them. I won’t let that happen.

With these tax cuts out of the way, and with our austerity programs already in effect, that windfall of profit the Treasury will receive, will be entirely funneled towards the paying off our debt.

This policy will continue until Republicans can act reasonably and in a productive fashion.

Barack Obama.

As the logo suggests:  A good thing for the environment
Photo courtesy of the Telegraph

George Bush was considered a good leader after we had just gotten socked by 17 people in four hijacked airliners, when he picked up a megaphone and set the war against terrorism in motion…

They'll hear this

Fact: that war has diminished terrorism.

Today we are fighting in Afghanistan against Afghanistan people who think we and what we offer, are not the best thing for their future…

They have that right, just like you or I would have that right if an uncertain future were being imposed on us, as say 30 years ago, was portrayed in the movie Red Dawn…. But although the words terrorism get thrown about, …. most of us honestly think far less of terrorists now, than we did even during the most glorious days of the Clinton reign…..

I will say that is a success, one which can be measured by a quantified analysis of results. The US achieved success by diminishing global terrorism. Pretty unbelievable, based on the paradigm of the world we had 10 years ago….

But where I’m going with this,…. is that an event happened that impacted American prosperity, and everyone got together to overcome it…

Today, dead plant and animal material of 250 million years ago, is being forced out at high pressure into an underwater basin. Oil is washing up on shore; oil is creating a desert of life where once life thrived…

The equivalent of 9/11 would to not just simply go after BP, but to go after all of terrorism or in this case… dirty energy…. A real leader doesn’t solve a problem. He changes the paradigm….

What we need to do, is to leverage this unfortunate blemish upon the practices of the past, into a understanding and movement towards weaning ourselves off “dirty energy”….

Today, Obama did just that…

“We cannot consign our children to this future. The tragedy unfolding on our coast is the most painful and powerful reminder yet that the time to embrace a clean energy future is now. Now is the moment for this generation to embark on a national mission to unleash American innovation and seize control of our own destiny. ”

The time to embrace a clean energy future is now……

Sunrise on offshore Wind Farm

Two years ago, Delaware was poised to be the first state to have off shore wind… Legislation was passed, signed… the investment firm was pumped up… and then…. Babcock and Brown… collapsed.

The tragedy in the Gulf ….like a boot camp bugle too early in the morning, means that at this moment… we need to jump up, and go forward with upgrading the plans and building a 600 MWh wind farm off the Delaware coast…

Since private investors can’t handle it… we need a government who can…

We set a very similar precedent seventy five years ago…

Between July 1933 and March 1939 the PWA funded and administered the construction of more than 34,000 projects including airports, electricity-generating dams, aircraft carriers, and bridges, as well as 70% of the new schools and 1/3 of the hospitals built between 1933-1939. Some of the most famous PWA projects are the Triborough Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City, the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington, and the Key West Highway in Florida.The PWA also electrified the Pennsylvania Railroad between New York and Washington, DC. The PWA did not create as much affordable housing as supporters would have hoped, building only 25,000 units of in 4½ years.

Those necessary structures today, would not be there without the Publc Works Adminstration. Simply put… It’s goal was to spread big bucks, on big projects… There is some argument that these expenditure did little to alleviate the Great Depression. The geography of the problem was too great: the solutions too small.. Only with the outbreak of WWII and Roosevelt’s realization that deficit spending was now mandated, did this nation begin to work its way out of the Great Depression.

Now try to imagine getting into New York today without either the Lincoln Tunnel or the Tribourough Bridge… Try imagine Boeing in the Northwest developing without the cheap power off the Columbia River…. Try imagine the US developing the atomic bomb without Oak Ridge, a subsidiary of the TVA…. Try imagining the Empire State, without the public funded Niagara Power Project, which held the price of power consistently from 1961 to 1981…

In each case, the long term benefits to the community far outweighed the benefits caused by just the new jobs alone…

Therefore it is time for us to do the same with Wind and Solar…

Private investment is stalemated; the active engine of the economy is (like it or not), the federal government…

For as little as 2 billion, we could begin construction within a year. The dreams of developing a wind farm construction-center right here in New Castle County, would again take wing. The dreams of importing the brains of energy to set up homes in Delaware, would once again become reality…

$2 Billion spread over 20 years… averages out at $100 million a year… Getting a return on that investment with wind energy, would be fairly simple… Between jobs, economic growth, full governmental coffers, and very cheap electricity for all… we could easily show that investment to be worthwhile…. And not to mention, were we to clear a little of our air, who can guess how much of a medical saving each household would garner?

But dreams mean little without action.. Now is the time to begin the pursuit of landing a large government contract to begin off the coast of Rehoboth as soon as possible..

We all know it works. Evidence as been there in the above structures… all our lives… We just need to do it….


Do it.

……. and if that happens…. this BP disaster will have been a good thing in the long run…..

A Giant Battle For A Little Wind

Greeks hold the line at Thermopylae

A little over two millennium ago, the roots of our western civilization stood on the brink of eradication. Only a small band of Greeks stood between the massive Persian army and the destruction of Athens, the foundation of democracy and defender of fine arts. Ironically had the outcome of the battle been different, perhaps it might be us placing IED’s along roads built and traveled by those descendant of that Persian stock.

But against such invincible odds, this small band of men chose to fight, and took the necessary action, even though outnumbered 10,000 to one, against the greatest army ever to land upon Grecian shores. Through strategic planning and personal courage, they stood fast against the onslaught and in doing so, changed the course of history..

Now we too stand at a crossroads of civilization, where our choices and bravery will lead to great consequences. The nemesis we face, however, is one we have brought upon ourselves.

Of the hottest years ever recorded in history, twenty one have occurred during the last twenty five. The ten hottest years on record, have occurred since 1993. Five of those hottest years have occurred since 2000. The year 2005 was the hottest on record. Last year 2006 was the hottest ever in America. This winter, the one we finished yesterday with the first day of spring, is the hottest winter ever recorded! This problem is not static; it grows worse with each day.

A decision is about to be made, regarding the future generation of Delaware’s electricity. This decision, though made by a few, will certainly affect many. Due to its timing, this is to be one of the first major decisions ever made by a state in real time regarding renewable energy. If chosen, Blue Water could be up and running in little over two years, not fifteen. This gives other states and other nations the distinct possibility of being influenced by our success, to such a degree that man’s ultimate footprint upon this planet, may have the distinction of being first decided in our small state.. One can hope, that instead of the PSC dooming us to continued carbon dependency, a choice will be made that will prove to all, that wisdom, open mindedness, and courage are not yet extinct among Delawareans and that this state of Delaware can indeed count on those traits to remain instrumental when it comes time to choosing what is best for our own future.

It will require great courage to vote for Blue Water’s wind proposal. For we will not know what problems may yet appear over the future’s horizon. As someone already mentioned, on these shores wind power is untested. But a cold eye cast towards gas or coal can quickly discern monstrous problems down those two roads should we choose to follow either of those options. Sometimes, as with cancer, the certainty of knowing what WILL happen if we continue doing what we have always done, can sometimes propel us down the road less traveled.

There will be great pressure upon you in the PSC to take the comfortable choice, and avoid the upcoming battle against the carbon interest should you dare to make the “right” choice. But in years ahead, the gravest of consequences are predicted to befall each of us, should you fail, fall short, and err in judgment. With gas and coal both expected to continue their steep price climb over the next twenty five years, any wrong choice made now, could burden this struggling small state to the point of economic exhaustion.

Only a fresh puff of wind can break this downward trend. Blue Water’s generation plan can give us, this army outside your tent awaiting your decision, the extra economic lift it needs to face down the multitude of obstacles arrayed before us.

Be known, that as you confer in your tent that is flapping in the stiff breeze, and ponder the subtle strategies arrayed upon the ground before you, that you have an loyal army of public opinion, over ninety percent, ready to take on any hardship, attack any risk, and march forward into any battle with you arm in arm, should you decide to lead us to renewable energy. We do it willingly, not for glory, not for honor, not for personal aggrandizement, but because we are truly in awe of the immense and profoundly global consequence that our small state’s actions may impart upon the future of all civilization.

Should Delaware fall short, fail to do its duty, and continue to compromise its future by the rapid exhumation of carbon fuels, we no doubt shall one day be viewed as harshly, as that poor fool who panicked and guided the Persians to a secret path through the mountains, thereby surrounding those brave souls, whose valiant effort against incredible odds of 10000 to one, managed to stall the onslaught and save Athens and the future of western civilization.

Now civilization looks to us.

When the CO2 ultimatum is laid before us, demanding that we too sign over our state’s future to those armies beholden to carbon kings, and threaten to blot out our sun with hundreds of thousands’ of tons of emissions volleyed in our direction, let us hope that we too, fully mindful that we guard our own Thermopylae through which all these monstrous armies of carbon interests must pass, stand shoulder to shoulder, and reply ” “In that case, we shall fight in the shade……………”

I have changed my mind upon the release of the TARP Funds in time for Obama’s inauguration.

Whereas the principal is sound, (I am still in favor of their eventual injection), the direction of their infusion, and the absence of accountability across the board, has given me pause.

Better options have now been placed upon the table. At first glance they appear to be a more effective use of money than continuing the current policy.

I am honored and aware that you read this blog and in return, I felt I owed all this proper warning shot across your bow. The possibility exists that your awareness of my disapproval, may give you pause.

Bottom line: More detailed planning is needed before you move forward. More detailed argument is needed to persuade those still in doubt. If we wish to change this country for the better, we must do it based on facts.. not “gut feelings”, “hunches”, or “feelings that this has to be the way”.

Fortunately you will soon be given the help you need. It’s just taking longer than I expected.

I felt sorry for our legislators. Sitting in that big building, knowing that the vote on which the whole world watches, might come up for a vote this week. And all they have to read up on, is the impossible garbled gobbledygook full of contorted language, supplied to them by the lobbyists of Delmarva Power.

So I thought to myself: why not offer them an alternative? One easy enough to read, that they could even delegate their kids to read it and report back to them around the dinner table of all the pros and cons………One that was perhaps fun to read, and did not have an agenda, as did those writings provided by Delmarva?

Wouldn’t it be nice if our legislators had all the facts placed in front of them for a change?

And so here, for the first time ever, is a compilation of everything I have written about wind……

Of course, if you are not a legislator, you are certainly welcome to browse this catalog anytime you feel like having a couple of questions answered.

I thought I would organize it in chronological order, since most of you reading today are familiar with the most recent posts, but many of you weren’t around to read the earlier ones.

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Because that……. is what we do.

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

Another special election came and went this past weekend….It just barely got noticed in blog land before the weekend ended…..11:58 Sunday night was the time stamp to be precise. Del Lib was the first to post the belated news………Except for Celia, blogland gave a big “Ho-hum.”

Except for Nancy and Donviti, who discovered ESPN signs were not made overnight by avid television sports fans, the big game Saturday,……another “ho-hum.”

So it was a “ho hum” weekend….Christmas shopping perhaps, or that Nordic tendency to pull out alcohol when the sun shines for only 9 hours and twenty minutes…..Whatever the reason, it was a slow weekend for posters… what happened?

Comments went through the roof before and after Ronnie boy challenged the stature of Mike Protack… last count Del Liberal had 83 on the stealth of Alan Levine….Down South, FSP pulled in 28 more, in response to his posting a link to Willie’s column. I noticed a mysterious quietness in the comment wars from Donviti and Von Cracker. A silence perhaps attributable to the cause mentioned in the above paragraph………..or perhaps to the cause mentioned in this comment…..

In other news Nancy covers Biden‘s request for a special prosecutor to investigate “Missing Tape Torture Gate”.

Another surging Presidental “want-to- be” otherwise know as Huckabee, gets pilloried by Dana for crediting, at least one of his kills to angels…..Liberalgeek has the raw scoop on another one of his kills.

Hube gives us a story about the power of the internet to make blame flow downhill. It also involves a religious holiday. That poor store clerk….there is another post on BDS.

Purzycki makes, to my knowledge, his first double appearance in Delaware Blogs; first on Nancy’s Delaware Way, and then on Dana’s Delaware Watch….both of which cover the moving on of Powell. Has Wilmington lost all HOPE?

Congress got a couple of hits….from FSP who called on Carper to explain his no vote on the Alternative Minimum Tax package up for a vote? He was one of 5 who voted “nay.” Nancy beguiles Carper for letting slack standards of mercury to remain intact….

Besides mercury, Carbon returns to the forefront with Tommy’s explanation of Carbon Tax, which was the focus of a multi state forum. One more reason, as if one were needed, to build the full 600MW farm of the coast of Rehoboth….Sell the excess to the grid….there is an increased demand for it…….

Other news this light weekend…..Smitty calls on Jason330 to begin talking like pirates again, but Mike Mahaffe goes one step further…….The patch is you man…..Fortunately he had both eyes open, and a camera ready, as his odometer hits another milestone, and a personal one at that………Not to mention, we need to prepare for more Libertarians…….

Speaking of Libertarians, Alan has the specs on Chavez here. Dana had an earlier posting pointing to his positives…..He lost an election. No doubt it was tabulated electronically and was funneled through a website known only by the initials:

Steve Newton at Delaware Libertarian has a blow by blow description of religious baiting being done by Delaware’s blogger community. Shirley carries the Libertarian theme further with a variation of the US government’s take
on the Who song….”Who Are You…” On a more serious note, Shirley accounts for her meeting up with several tall guys (no Dave FSP, she didn’t include you in that group) who were present at the open government seminar sponsored by CCOBH. She left resolved to make Open Government happen next year….”Welcome back to the fight….This time I know our side will win.”

Kilroy fires another round into “Bob A.” He should have more holes in him than Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship, The Black Pearl. (Time for pirate talk again?)

If one googles “Cheney Hospitalized” there right underneath of MSN and Fox News, lies our own MBA with his existentialistic version of that story. Spot 5, not bad….something to tell the little one. By the time she is computer literate, that may really mean something…..”Wow, my daddy is important….” Of course they know that, but sometimes a little nudge helps…especially during the teen years……

Finally in the end. DWA has Mikes Protacks answer to Mike Mathews challenge on one of the comment streams…….In a rather eloquent retort, Mike P answers the charges…..His eloquence corresponds rather nicely to the jackal howling in the first comment. 🙂

Perhaps we should just get all parties together at a poetry reading and talk things out…….