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A piece of evidence obtained by ABC News, has turned the case against Sarah Palin into one where she is fighting for her political career…

Her attempt to paint Monegan as a rogue element about to blow up the world, has been undone by an 8 by 11 sheet of paper…

Previously on Monday Sarah Palin and her attorneys, said Monegan was not fired over not firing her sister’s ex sexual partner…. He was fired for going to Washington DC against her orders to get funding for his pet project… assistance for battered women…

ABC has in its possession,(a copy included here), the work order FROM THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE, authorizing Monegan to go to Washington DC, and be reimbursed by the STATE OF ALASKA for his expenses…

Alas, our new icon of moral purity and down-to-earth humanity, is nothing but another self-serving politician after all….. Apparently there is no such thing as “truth” in Alaska, either… One could only hope……


You know what is really sad about all of this? It is over nothing… if it were not for the National Republican Party of the United States of America, and the gaggle of lawyers they sent to Alaska, this would have been over quietly and voters would have said “whoop de do.”

If the Republicans can bumble something so simple as a personnel investigation, ….. can we trust them with governing our nation in an international, financial, and ecological crises?

The national Republican Party in charge?……. Forget about it.


News from Alaska…

The Republican’s hand has been dealt…. Remember the giant Republican legal team that flew up to Alaska? Well today they showed their hand ….

Five Alaskan state Republicans, all wishing for an ambassadorship in the Palin administration, filed suit today against the Legislative Committee, citing that it was acting on partisan issues before an election….

The committee doing the investigating, is made up of 8 Republicans, and only 4 measly Democrats… who have no power whatsoever, except to swing which Republican side will win the issue…. The commission voted unanimously to investigate Sarah Palin.

And remember the post where Sarah Palin asked the 3 member handpicked board to handle the probe instead of the Republican Legislative Committee? She was worried the the Republicans Legislative Committee might actually act ethically and find she acted inappropriately.

Mind you these are Republicans… Apparently only on the national scale do Republican ethics actually stink… It seems that once you get out of sight of television, such as our legislative body here in Dover, that there are Cathcart clones who really want to do what is right… in all fifty states…

So the national Republican Party has secretly promised ambassadorships to these following: Representatives Wes Keller, Mike Kelly, and Bob Lynn, and Senators Fred Dyson and Tom Wagoner. Remember to search their names when ambassadorships come up…. And apparently the only way they can keep a guilty Sarah Palin from being given a cuff on the chin before the elections take place……is to have Republicans sue Republicans….

Got to love a party that is so desperate to win, that first they file ethics charges against themselves, and then…they sue themselves…..

So again, which one of you thought Sarah was qualified to be President? (‘Cause she’s so hot…) Which one of you thought the high outstanding morals of America were better represented by the Republican Party?

I dare you to say that you still do… (in public that is…..) lol

Many local bloggers have rejoiced in Sarah Palin’s ethics.. Shirley, Hube, Dave, David, and Paul just to name a few…  A true ethical choice I think she was once called.

Today our ethical princess reversed herself and stated that she would no longer continue cooperating with the Troopergate investigation…

Just like that….

Her political excuse : The campaign insists the investigation has been hijacked by Democrats.

Fact 1:  The investigation is being conducted by the Alaskan Legislature.

Fact 2:  The legislature is Republican.

Alaskans are like some Delawareans.  They don’t want others to tell them what to do.

What plays out in the lower 48, does not play out in Alaska….  She just pissed off her constituency….

A “new ethical government” she ran on….

Yeah, right…Apparently not when lower 48 Republicans are concerned….. Our “ethical princess” is losing her shine…….

“Same as it ever was….”

Courtesy of Mudflats

On of the more interesting blogs that has surfaced on WordPress, since the Sarah Palin announcement, is the one titled Mudflats. which comes out of Alaska…

I have noticed several of the more erudite bloggers within our company have already begun to blogroll him….  What he provides is an unadulterated look at how Palin is perceived in Alaska… something we can’t get otherwise…

Warning:  there is no media filter…  If you haven’t been checking in, you are obviously behind the curve on where Sarah Palin is at this very moment.

Those of us who were following his postings, were looking forward to this day, for within the town of Anchorage, was to take place not one, but two rallies simultaneously… One for the media with pro Sarah supporters, and another sponsored by a grassroots movement, of anyone and everyone who just wanted to protest her narrow views…

The pro movement was the usual organized event.  Busing in supporters to fill the hall for the national television cameras ( didn’t I tell you she was hot?)…. But that is boring. I want to spend time on discussing the other event; one more in line with what our founding fathers envisioned when they created the Constitution.

Mom’s over coffee started it..  Pamphlets around the town spread the word… but then their local equivalent of Rick Jensen (Eddie Burke), got wind of one of the pamphlets, and began smearing them on his talk show…Turns out that Eddie Burke not only announced the rally, but called the people who planned to attend the rally “a bunch of socialist baby-killing maggots”, and read the home phone numbers of the organizers aloud over the air, urging listeners to call and tell them what they thought. The women, of course, received many nasty, harassing and threatening messages.

Ninety of his fans showed up to jeer the protesters… But over 1400 showed up to reject Sarah Palin… When Eddie Burke showed up, his interview had to be scrapped, for the supporting cast drowned him out with their chants… After all, just with an impromptu bulletin, half a percent of Alaskan’s last election’s voters actually showed up to protest the views of their favorite, Sarah Palin…

The takeaway is two fold… Those extreme nazi’s supporting Sarah Palin, have an equal, if not greater amount of oppositely extreme nazi’s, rejecting her…. In Alaska, that is important.

And secondly, those supporting Sarah Palin, are kind of nasty, creepy, yucky, distasteful sort of individuals… reminding one of the foot soldiers of the KKK.. Ever see Mississippi Burning, with Gene Hackmen?” I mean who puts people’s private numbers on the air and encourages nuts to call them at home and harass them?

Whereas those who organized the “Reject Palin” event, would be right at home, married to some or our own state’s most conservative bloggers… Mom’s over coffee…

Americans are starting to wake up, and wipe out that sticky stuff that collects in the corner of one’s eyes as they sleep…. Of course America likes her. Most guys would trade in their wives to be with her one night… but as for running the country, based on her views, …well none of us would trust our hard earned money in her bank, if that bank were run as she did her town and state… None of would trust our children in her schools, if those schools were run as she did her town and state… None of us would trust our religion to her church, if it were run as was her church, with all its views…

America is slowly and surely waking up….

Hopefully they slept with their air conditioner on all night..(Did I say she was hot?)