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Like you, I too grew up thinking America was different. That instead of wars we settled things by voting, and moving on.  Like you I thought America was rather exceptional when compared to other nations across the globe and through history.  Like you, I was probably naive, knowing less about our own history than I should have, but we were coming off the cusp of a magnificent war, which had left us as the world’s policemen and had given us the responsibility to act as we would wish all others to act.

The ultimate question here is not what Democrats want or what Republicans want.  It is what America… wants.

I just saw a piece from a major Republican player already gloating how their coup, led of course by Ted Cruz, had shut down government, and proved to all, that the Federal government was unnecessary…   Wait, a second there.  That is not how I feel about my government.  Nor is it the way anyone I know feels about government, except for those two crazies at the exchange who keep to themselves in the corner, and praise Ted Cruz…  And the rest of us think THEY’re weird.

It dawned on me that this is not a political exercise.  This is an attempt to change how America is governed…  Growing up we feared the Manchurian Candidate.. Ha. Ha. Silly, weren’t we?  Today, we are seeing that process in motion…..

Let us briefly review the history.

Campaign 2008;  Obama versus Hillary and Obama versus McCain.  In a hard fought primary Obama proved to more Democratic voters that he was the better.  He then went head to head against McCain.  He won 365 to 173 electorally.  Popular vote went his way 52.9 to 45.7….

Obama moves forward with a Democratic Congress and Obamacare gets signed into law.

The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare in a politically led challenge.

The US Electorate voted its approval in the 2012 elections, an election the Republicans themselves made into a contest over eliminating Obamacare. By a score of 336 to 202 it passed the muster of the American People.  51.1 to 47.2 in the popular vote, and as Romney himself repeatedly reminded us,  once you hit 47%, you do not matter..

We now know what the American people want.

So now who is creating the shutdown.   80 House Republicans are aligned with Cruz.  80 out of 232 Repubicans or 34 %.. That is only one third of the Republicans in Congress.  These are the people who will not yield, who refuse to compromise.   If Republicans and Democrats would work together,  their total out of the 432 House members is a mere 18%….

So a one third minority of one party in the House of Representatives (18% of the entire body), which is only one half of one third of one of three branches of government, has manipulated the rules to shut down government for the remaining 82% of us….

Which is why neither normal Republicans, or Democrats, or the President can give in.   We must go this route to squash the power of these people who do not accept our Constitution.

For giving in to these single minded people, would be the same as giving in to Osama after the Cole explosion.  What will they attack next?   New York City itself?  And the Pentagon?   With airplanes?

When people are single minded, you have no choice but to take them out.  And this is what has to happen.  If we must suffer, it will be solely because of this single misguided small minority group in the House of Representatives….

The nation has to hold firm in this hostage taking situation.  The Budget impasse is a minor annoyance; but the upcoming debt ceiling could bankrupt the global economy plunging us within a week, back to 2009.  One does not negotiate with hostage takers. One talks them down into giving up peacefully, or one surprises them with overwhelming force.  Doing this in the correct fashion is our future course.

Our nation and the credibility of our Constitution depends upon it.   For if this tactic is successful, it will be tried again, and again, and again.  The radicals only make up 18% of our House of Representatives….  We can not negotiate away 225 years worth of our Constitution….

We, The People, were put in control of our government; it should be us who are in control and not a mere 18% of one half of one third of our Constitutionally mandated government who are running it out from underneath us….. 


Ted Cruz will use this to become the next Speaker of the House.  He will do it by showing he is ruthless and effective.

Last week, Cruz advised the House Republicans to stick by his shutdown or defund Obamacare by passing small, individual spending bills, department by department.

The Republicans in the House scoffed at the idea of passing a plethora of small bills.

Today, as every paper screamed out Republicans had caused the government shutdown,  tours of veterans were turned back from visiting the WWII memorial because of this shutdown, ….

…. the house scrambled to fund the piecemeal “park funding bill”, “veteran’s funding bill”, and Washington DC funding bill….

Cruz was right.  The strategy may disembowel the Democrats.  How can they not pass a bill that puts people back to work?  The Senate will collectively or individually pass the individual bills, leaving the funding for Obamacare, dead in the House.  If the Senate doesn’t pass the unrelated bills, they become the objects of terror.

Cruz will become the next  House Speaker.  He was able to achieve what Boehner was not.  There is now nothing that Boehner can do.  It is finished….

But wait a second.  It has already been disclosed  over the whole course of this event, that there are a number of Republicans (45) whose constituents back home want them to vote for a budget including Obamacare.  All that has to happen, is that it gets put on the floor, and they, with the Democrats, can pass it over the Tea Party’s objections. The votes are there.

The Government reopens.  Ted Cruz, who then appears reckless, dangerous, and who lost, …. does not automatically become the next Speaker of the House.