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The U.S. economy continues to strengthen. Last week, we learned that 209,000 jobs were created in July. This increase represented the sixth consecutive monthly payroll gain of more than 200,000—the longest such stretch since 1997. Over the past 53 months, our private sector has produced nearly 10 million new jobs. The unemployment rate has fallen nearly four percentage points from its peak of 10 percent in October 2009, dipping to a six-year low of 6.1 percent in June… With real GDP having grown at a strong 4 percent pace in the second quarter, the economy is now 6.6 percent larger than it was before the Great Recession.

As we know, the economy is not great yet. One of the major reasons can be see by the lack of demand for large base items that comes from the lack of spare change among many people resettled into new jobs now paying less than their old jobs.

Take recreational boats… It does not make sense to increase production of boat building when those extra boats will not be sold because there are not enough people with enough money to buy them… There are plenty of people; just not enough with the sufficient funds they once had left over to pay for that boat on the lake…

boat sales

As you can see, despite the positive job data, we have a distance to go before we reach the esoteric heights where Americans are confident enough to spend money on items requiring additional manufacturing jobs to be created…

Essentially people need to be paid more so they can buy more.

So how do we go about that? Write wages in stone? That doesn’t work, it’s been tried. If wages are not marketable, then they become an entitlement. If I can’t sell myself to a higher bidder, then my personal expansion is out of the question. Likewise, I may be very productive, and that covers my coworkers who are not productive at all. If one gets paid for only showing up, over time, that is all some will do. So writing wages in stone as a policy is out.

Economic graphs made across history show us an interesting trend. Wages were flat though the 1800’s. 100 years of flat wages. When the income tax went into effect, the first rise began. When it was cut, the wages declined. Then with the New Deal, with its increased rates, they again soared. When income taxes reached near 100%, national unemployment was in the negatives because of the very high number of people working two jobs. Only when taxes were cut in ’88, did wage rates begin to fall, to rise when taxes were raised in ’92, climbing all the way until the W. Bush Tax Cuts went in, and they’ve been declining ever sense…

Why? It is debatable because it is a task so huge, that mining data is impossible. But we tracked. It happened. As is the usual human tendency, even when it is something we don’t understand such as patting Betty Grable’s pin up’s bottom every time you fly up to engage the enemy, each time we are successful, we keep doing it…

In theory, if you have money as an employer, which is about to be taxed and handed over to Uncle Sam, putting it into your business makes more sense than handing it over carte blanche. At least in your business, you still have control over it and can steer it in directions you desire. That includes paying ones people. “Hey, Boss? I’ve got a baby on the way, and my wife can’t work. I’ve done a lot for you, can you spare more money a week?” “Might as well,” he says, “I don’t get to keep any of it; Uncle Sam takes everything extra I make”..)…

Which explains why the economy only began to really grow, after January 2013, when the Bush tax cuts on the top .5 of one percent were pushed up to 40% from Bush’s 35% rate…. That extra 5% was the catalyst for the growing economy we see now.

Compare what would have happened if Obama had lost in 2012…..

Romney’s budget plan would lead to a net loss of 554,000 jobs by 2014

A budget revenue-neutral, would lead to a net loss of 1.9 million jobs over the next two years, largely because of deep spending cuts, the report found.

The weaker job growth and outright job losses under the Romney plan are driven by his proposal to cap government spending at 20 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), a move that implies very large cuts to overall spending.

And just to put a finger on how well this really is? Here is the growth outlook posted by economic think tanks leading up to the election of 2012. One must bear in mind they are probably going to be politically inflated considering when they were announced….

“The budget plans put forward by Barack Obama would lead to increased employment of about 1.1 million jobs in 2013 and 280,000 jobs in 2014, relative to current policy.”

Where as actually, we outdid that. 2.2 million new jobs in 2013…. and so far as of July 2014, this year has already grown…1.6 million brand new private sector jobs…

Those calculations, once poo-poohed by Republicans as being pie in the sky and based on myth, have simply been crushed…

Raising taxes on the top earners… works.
Tax Cuts Don’t (just ask Kansas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Tennessee.)

Kansas elected one of the most conservative people alive as their governor. Sam Brownback. Today, Kansas’s bond rating was dropped a level due to increased income tax cuts. Riding in on the promise that cutting taxes creates prosperity, Brownback has found that isn’t necessarily so. Kansas is lagging in comparison to five nearby states in nearly a dozen key measures associated with employment and business expansion…

Improvements in the state’s economy trails growth in 11 of 12 categories compared to activity in the six-state region of Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Arkansas in the areas of private business establishment, employment, population, gross domestic product, personal income and private industry wage level. These measures were among the highest priorities of Brownback and his council.

Decline comes from cutting taxes and pushing a pro-business agenda. And the answer why is pretty simple. You see, when you just give people money they don’t have to work for, corporate welfare, they become lazy. Why should they open a new plant? They can just buy out a competitor with all the new money they have, pay for it by cutting staff, and increase margins.

Cutting taxes provides incentive to cut jobs, not hire new ones. Business-television salivates when companies buy each other out. (Ok, their stock do prices rise). But once the acquisition takes place, the firings begin; half of the corporate presidents have to go; half of the vice presidents have to go; half of the secretaries have to go; half of the administration, has to go.. So too much money handed to businesses, cost society jobs. Someone gets wealthier, but they don’t spend that wealth, they just park it. And who can blame them. With stocks rising due to the Fed’s free money, If one can make 20-25% per year as in 2013, why would they invest in a plant that only breaks even 10 years from now?

Now, on the other hand, in those states with higher tax rates,.. if you keep your money, you lose it… to taxes. That provides incentive to bury your money inside your own business. Bury it as in making necessary repairs, upgrading, expanding, research and development, all of which increase the worth of your business, should you ever sell it. In other words, businesses do not serve their first role as a primary means to make money, but instead they become the way to hide or bury ones money and shield it from taxation and store it for when you might need it at some later date..

Consequently, when you spend in Research, and hire all bright people, you just might stumble upon a new concept that is also economically viable. Across this past decade of Bush tax cuts, research into cures for diseases have dropped, research into making better products have dropped, and research into developing new ideas, have dropped…. Across America, business costs allocated to research and development have been scaled back.

This hurts all of society for the gain or one or two people at the top. Unless reversed, we too face the prospect of Kansas who elected a Tea Party Governor as did Pennsylvania. In both cases, doing what the Tea Party says should be done, not only did not work, but worked the opposite way than it predicted. Cutting taxes and deregulating businesses, hurts the economy more than it helps…

Kansas, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Ohio, formerly prosperous, all elected Tea Party Governors… All are growing slower out of the recession than surrounding states who didn’t…

The point is, voters gave several states experimental leeway to try their new approach in the 2010 elections… every one of those states has failed. For those of us who understand the differences between myth and realities, this comes as no surprise. For the rest, you should be asking yourself if we can truly afford another 4 years of pursuing myth followed by finger pointing over the failures each myth-pursuit has caused, or if not,… vote for someone who will simply raise taxes on the rich. Do that, and the boom times return…..

(btw, Delaware Growth was just ranked 13th by Business insider (better than 37 other states)

The lack of Federal funding is eating the heart of America. We see it with the 495 bridge… No inspectors, no one just driving by and saying, “hey, why is there dirt piled there”; those people all missing due to budget cuts. Simple things that could save tons of money, not being done because there is no money to pay for them.

This should not be… Profits are a good thing, like a personal savings account is a good thing… But no one is foolish enough to put more money into his saving account by shorting his power company, his water company, his house payment, his insurance policies…

But the Tea Party and Republicans have done just that. They say we are spending too much, so cut, cut, cut,… As a result, we cut what we need to live on… There is a point where we have to stop.

We need to rebuild our infrastructure. We need to spend more on special education. We need to get jobs into our inner cities. We need to educate our children with an 11:1 student teacher ratios… We need more construction jobs.

Money is just sitting in the accounts of the top 1%… A good plan gone bad, has robbed our economy of necessary resources and put it into accounts, locked away from our use.

I used to think a 40% rate was acceptable. But we have 14 more years of neglect to redo. I now believe that level has shifted upward to a 50% top marginal rate. If half of every dollar earned by the top echelon was reinvested back into the economy, we would all again support the wealthy making themselves wealthier. The problem is not with the rich getting richer… That is to be admired. It is just when they get richer only at the expense of the poor, that doing so becomes morally bankrupt.

The longer we wait, the higher the rates may have to go in order to undo the damage growing every additional day….

We are sequestering too much money. And the Republicans want to sock away even more… They voted two weeks ago for a $270 billion tax cut just to the 1%… and raised the deficit. Fortunately Democrats in the Senate stopped it from going forward…

Our problem is in Washington, DC. It is financial. It is our Federal tax rates, which in fact are too low for the amount of wealth we lock away. It is all due to one party in control of one branch of government who won’t spend available money on necessities,

There is a bright future for America but only if we tax those who have benefited greatly these past 14 years, and use their resources to remake an America ready for the next Century; there is no future when pinching every penny we created over the last century, in order to put into a savings account no one is allowed to use…

We’ve lost the vision of how great America can be; that should never happen.

I’m sure most of you have played Monopoly. With several people playing it is fun for a while.. After a point it stops being fun, and you just hang in. After another point, those people who have left the game seem to be having more fun than you and your competitor. Finally one of you goes bankrupt….

The American economy is the same way. While people think they have an opportunity to get better, the playing is fun. As long as they believe everyone can win, the play by play is mesmerizing.

Hope is missing from today’s economy. Most Americans have been shut out of the game… They are on the sidelines binge watching Netflicks’ episodes… Fewer and fewer players are left making riskier and riskier moves.

What is needed is to get a majority of Americans back into the game. If we were discussing the Monopoly board, changing the reward for landing on “GO” from a palty $200 dollars to $200,000 would be a step in that direction. That way if you land on Park Place you can have a chance at starting over and continuing…

And that is what has to happen to America. We need a chance to make a change and get compensated well for doing so. It takes a catalyst. That catalyst would be to change the tax rates to where money now, not used, could then be returned to the economy for investment. Money now being arbitrarily thrown into additional hotels and houses, just on the hope someone may one day land there and be forced to pay, should instead be put back into players’ hands, who can also buy hotels and houses and get money back when the rich guy lands on their property…

There is only one winner in Monopoly. Monopoly is a game, played with no consequence in a shortened time span. It does not work in real life. Therefore, we need to change the player’s rules of our current system. We need a system with more than one winner. That can only happen when We, the People, elect representatives who stand up against ALL corporations, instead of kowtowing to their every wishes…

Basically, eliminate Republicans, and the game is fun, again.

As we saw in 2010, these mid-termed elections are critical. Far more important than Presidential ones.  It really matters little who the president is these days, as long as the House stops everything he wants from going forward, and the Senate and the President stop everything the House wants done. We get nothing.

Anyone who says “my way or the highway” has to go…   When three people have to agree to get something done, and one person will not agree on anything with the other two,… you get the Congress of  the past 4 years…  and expressed in action by a House that believes plunging the world into repeated financial crises, and shutting down government to get concessions, is the only way to go…

Therefore, they have to go….

Get it?

You should be irate every time you hear a rich person complain about his paying of taxes… “I pay so much taxes ….”  Immediately you should add “because you got all our money.” For that is exactly where it is…

For example, let’s take Ronald Reagan’s tax rate: 50%…. and compare to the Bush W rate of 35%…… Follow up with 1980 versus 2013… as short span of one third of a century….

Chart Courtesy of

Raw Data 1980 (Theoretically Averaged)
0-20%——$12,000     (Times X) 50% = $6000
21-40%—–$15,000     (Times X) 50% = $7500
41-60%—–$25,000    (Times X) 50% = $12,500
61-80%—–$30,000    (Times X) 50% = $15,000
81-100%—-$38,000    (Times X) 50% =   $19,000
{95-100%–$68,000   (TimesX) 50%    =  $34,000}

Total —————————————= $59,500…

Raw Data 2013  (Theoretically Averaged)
0-20%——$12,000    (Times X) 35%  = $4560
21-40%—–$26,000    (Times X) 35%  =,$9100
41-60%—–$50,000   (Times X) 35%  =,$19250
61-80%—–$76,000   (Times X) 35%  =,$26,600
81-100%—-$178,000  (Times X) 35%= $62,300
{95-100%—$317,000 (Times X) 35%= $110,950}

Total ——————————————$121,810…

(This exercise is theoretical. It is designed only to show the mathematical properties underlying our nation’s problems.  There are many other factors not included here which either promote or work against these results… So don’t get bogged down on these results not being real.. Those effects wash out and are not part of what we will show here.)

Below are the across the 33 year  plus-or-minus changes in the theoretical tax burden of each quintile.

0-20%——-$ (-1,440)


Now if you take the theoretical amount of today’s top income, and instead tax it at 50%, you get this figure… $158,500… That is what todays top people averaged IF rates stayed at Reagan’s level of many years ago (compared to $110,950)…  The difference from that and actual is $47,850…. which if you look at the bottom showing the difference from 80 to now, would cover all of the four lower quintiles contribution…  (-1440+ 1600+ 6750+ 11600= 22,570)

So the tax revenue which we need, and have lost, if fairness is to be an issue, must come from the top 1% first and then, and only then, after they have paid back what they’ve earned from less taxes first, then begin to think of raising taxes on the other 4 quintiles…

Unequivocal proof we need to raise taxes on the top 1% as soon as possible..  There are a lot of other reasons of course, but just math theory dictates that to grow America and stop its backwards slide, the top 1% need to pay more.  There is one obstacle … The Republican Party that thwarts any progress for the other 80% of us, just because they won’t budge on opening the door (increasing the top one percents’ tax rate) and let us pass through into prosperity again…

Furthermore:  this put a nail in the coffin for all those arguing “a flat rate”….

For those arguing a flat rate, obviously you can’t take any from the lowest level (its negative) which makes the flat rate argument completely moot because the whole idea of a flat rate is that it is exclusive. As soon as you start picking and choosing, what you are doing becomes progressive and it is not a flat rate anymore…  Throw that out completely.  You can’t tax negativity….

We, the 80%, through our misguided politicians in the 80’s, loaned the rich our money to get rich by.  Now, when we ask for our first installment payment, they say, no, it’s…. their money?  I don’t think so…..

Sometimes when old actors get up and perform, you laugh… as I did when I saw this….

Oh, my, goodness…. Too rich… add some water… or ice.

Before the cataclysmic Republican caused depression, back in 2009, he states: Delawareans earned an average $733 a week… Now, the average earns $709 dollars… AN ASTONISHING 3.8% !!!!! Astonishing? 3.8%? Really? It’s astonishing…..

I’m sure we can all tighten our belts for $24 dollars, especially if we are making $709…..

Who is this guy speaking? He is a Delaware businessman and politician… He was one of only a handful of state legislators to own and operate a family business. In 1994, his small Delaware printing company in Wilmington had only ten employees. . Since then, AGS has grown to over 50 employees and evolved into a high tech business… This person currently sits on the board of the State Chamber of Commerce……

So, Charlie Copeland, if you are seriously angry about business not paying their employees as much as they did before your party caused the recession,

Then give them a raise…..

The reason they are earning less, is because you and your association members, won’t give them a raise….. You, not Markell-Denn, are the problem? Give your employees raises and this issue goes away… Are you implying Markell-Denn should have mandated what you should pay your people? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… 🙂

Silly man… Trying to blame Markell and Denn for something of which only you have control….

Recently a study showing the damage the Bush Tax cuts did, emerged… It was offered to all major publications who refused to publish it. Hence is emerged through what has become one of the best news sources in America today… Al Jeezerah…

The author won a Pulitzer Prize in 2001… David Cay Johnston

The Bush tax cuts, touted as a harbinger of prosperity by the Republican Party, actually robbed each American taxpayer of $48,000 in pre-tax personal income during the twelve years of their existence, for a total of approximately $6.6 trillion dollars.

In other words, you do not have $48,000 you should have had… because of that party that does nothing… How much of a difference could that $48,000 have made to you? It would have been there too, but… sigh, well, you know, you can’t go back in time and give Al Gore the presidency….

“it would have been enough to pay off all the student loans in United States ($1.26 trillion), all the automobile loans ($892 billion) and all the credit card debt ($827 billion),” he noted. “After paying all that debt off and taking taxes into account, Americans still would have more than $2.4 trillion left in their pockets and bank accounts.” Per filer, that $2.4 trillion left would be a cool $17,454 dollars…!

What you CAN do is understand that as long as Republicans have enough people to block legislation anywhere, state, local, national, from changing this… It will continue. Republicans still, at this late date, only care about the top 1%…..(For example after fighting tooth and nail to keep $10 billion that was paid for from being used on our broken down bridges, the Republican House flipped and just passed a bill to add $267 billion dollars to the national debt in the form of a tax cut for the top 0.01% of taxpayers…. ) A $267 billion dollar tax cut for the elite of the top 1%, charged directly to the debt… Meaning your children for years will be paying back this debt for no other reason than make them even richer than they are now… But we can’t have our $10 billion to fix America’s worst bridges because that is too much debt…

These same people, Who, btw… received one whole third of all the accumulative wage increases from 2001 to 2012… a total of under 16,000 households…. roughly 16 city blocks in one city, somewhere in the entire expanse of America….

The rich got richer; the poor get poorer, and the Republicans get kookier…. So are you going to do something about it?

You can. Let everyone know you aren’t voting for anyone who still says we need to cut taxes… because it is your money they are taking.

Oh, can I borrow some of the $48,000, please?

What? You don’t have it?

Ever wondered how much you pay for certain services?  I know Al Mascitti does.  He says so on his show.

Now he and you can find out how much you pay for defense atomic energy policies, or unemployment insurance, or NASA.  In keeping with Obama’s promise that you should know where your money goes, a relatively simple program which simply applies the percentage that each line item costs the Federal budget, to you tax form.

Just take your W4 and plug away.  Or use our tax form to get tax after deductions.  Either way, it only takes one minute, you can now personally know, how much you personally are paying for each and every category……


Dear State of Delaware Legislator:

A,  I voted for you to help make my life better instead of worse.

B.  I am sick and tired of you not taxing the wealthy more, and making me carry the burden…

C.  There should be no excuse for me paying any taxes when I am barely breaking even and my boss pays less or the same  percentage as me while doubling his income this past year….

So tell me Mr./Ms. Legislator?

Where is the legislation raising tax rates on those making a billion or more?

Where is the legislation raising tax rates on those making a hundred million or more?

Where is the legislation raising tax rates on those making ten million or more?

Where is the legislation raising tax rates on those making one million or more?

Where is the legislation raising tax rates even just pennies on those making over half a million or more?


We elected you to do a job.  So damn it.  Do it.  Stop cutting back on essential goods and services to the 99% of us, because you are too yellow and chicken to do what we elected you to do… Balance the budget on those who, with their eyes closed, could pay our entire state budget and never even know it (as long as their accountants didn’t tell them….)


Every single Delawarean…..