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I wanted to poke a hole in this balloon before it gets too big. Mike Huckabee is jumping the shark now that he thinks he is the only voice of the Republican Party….

For those of the Judea-Christian tradition, the First Commandant given to Moses, is “thou shall have no other God before me”… fair enough.

The second, is, “thou shall worship no graven image”. Historically that has always meant not to put God into inanimate objects… Again. fair enough.

Yet that is the opposite of what Huckabee is doing, and the opposite of what Santorum carried out.
Both are speaking about forming a “Christian” Government. Both are speaking about “Christian” Businesses….

To be clear, this is something they have invented. God in no way blesses one business because it carries the seal of his approval, and dooms another because they do not… The business is neutral.

Jesus said nothing about a business being Christian. Nothing. All Jesus’s words were about humans. The Apostle Paul, said nothing, nothing about a business being Christian. Nothing. As Jesus, all his teachings were about human conduct.

In fact, the notion of Christian business did not occur until this year, and only then, after they lost the election.. The idea that God would live in a business and flow through every transaction, blessing every coin, and keeping the utility rates low, really is a new commodity in religious thinking.

Also new, is the idea that we should have a “Christian” Government. What does that mean, we burn heretics at the stake?

The biggest point is, if you seek to have a Christian business, or to establish a Christian government, you are violating the 2nd Commandment, you are committing a sin.

Flat truth is… all business is neutral… all government is neutral…. God is a personal god, and only lives in people., If you were to put a lot of Christian people in a government, I suppose one could name it anything one wants, and I suppose that if everyone was of the same persuasion, that government inhabited by those people would operate also along the same lines of philosophy….

But, if those people were ever changed out, and new people put in, the government wouldn’t follow those same values… Proving once and for all, that government is neutral… It has no religion… It’s purpose is to govern…

So only in “the Tea Party of America”, can neutrality be deemed a negative object…. Where a nation that treats all persons equally is hated because it won’t favor one sliver of a tiny minority over the 99% of the majority… It must elicit confusion that members of the fundamentalist right would look upon the government’s neutrality as being negative.

After all, who hates the Swiss?

It began as an answer to a question. Why do economies crash when taxes are cut, and grow when taxes are raised?

The historical evidence is overwhelming. Tax cuts caused the Great Depression. Tax increases caused a bounce back. Tax Cuts caused the second part of the Great Depression in 1937. Tax increases almost up to 100% during WWII gave us the most booming economy in our history.

The 50’s with high taxes, were a boom for America’s business. The boom continued up until Reagan announced a tax cut was part of his platform. A recession followed. As the economy got itself back together, the lowest tax cuts ever in Americas history were enacted in 1988. A huge recession followed. Almost as soon as the Clinton return to a higher tax rate was enacted, the economy bounced back, never stopping until Clinton’s successor, began trumpeting his version of tax cuts. As they were enacted, the economy slumped. It has never recovered, because the Bush Tax Cuts have never been rescinded. One year ago, as it looked probably that the tax cuts would be allowed to expire by the Democratic Congress and President, the economy began roaring back. Then, in November, the Republicans balked in the Senate, and without enough votes, the ice cold water of more tax cuts, put out the economic embers before they could ignite the economy’s flame….

The answer is simple. When you have low taxes, there is great incentive to take money out of the economy and gamble with it….

When you have high taxes, there is great incentive to bury your profits back into the economy by expanding ones business, such as building more manufacturing plants, investing more in research and development, paying more for your employees and their benefits, for the very simple reason that if you have low profits on paper, you have lower taxes…

All that money buried in your own business, is still yours.

America signed on the the Reagan mantra that low taxes would create investment opportunities for businesses to build more plants. Had that been so, then Reaganomics might have worked.

Problem was that corporate profits went instead, to overseas, or, were used to buy existing corporations and joined two companies together, cutting excess jobs. One can see this in Delaware by the elimination of lots of small Delawarean banks that used to dot our landscape.

It seems ironic that countries on the international scale that have the Republican ideal of government, such as low taxes and no regulation whatsoever, are poor like Paraguay. Those on the opposite extreme, with high taxes and lots of rules, have a rather high standard of living for almost all of its citizens… like Norway and Switzerland.

Would you rather live well? or live poorly?

If you chose living well, you should rejoice that now, we are having the idea discussed here in this country, of raising the taxes on the wealthy, just so they choose to invest here in America, in the form of building real jobs, for the very reason they don’t want to pay those higher taxes….