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And can someone hold he door for Valerie Longhurst then let go of it so it hits her on her way out?

If the gas tax had gone in place  January 1st,  Gas would have paused one week before dropping lower…  Instead of going:

  • $2.69
  • $2.59
  • $2.49
  • $2.39
  • $2.29
  • $2.19

it would have gone like this….

  • $2.69
  • $2.59
  • $2.49
  • $2.39
  • $2.39
  • $2. 29

Did you see the difference?  You would’t have if you weren’t paying attention at the pump…

Now, look at what we are losing…

  • No construction projects to alleviate blockage on SR 1 south of the mall
  • No construction projects to move traffic around Middletown.
  • No money to fix pot holes causing $88 dollars of damage every time you hit one…
  • Road construction companies idling their employees over lack of contracts.

And one major asset for having this gas tax passed?   40% of it will be paid from people just passing through who get gas.  There has never been a better tax.

And everyone is begging  for more taxes now; more taxes make for more prosperity… Schools need more taxes. inner Cities need more taxes, the County needs more taxes, all of which get spend and then go right into our pockets.

But due to some lack of wisdom in Valerie Longhurst. the time for a new tax came and went…  If we were paying $3.55 a gallon then, we’d be paying $1.99 a cheap gallon today.  No one will miss ten cents.

This should be the first bill put up in Both state houses.

There are myths, and there is reality.  Sometimes they coincide, but usually myths are invented to achieve a reality that otherwise would have such opposition, it would never occur.

Keystone is like that.

The myth is that Keystone will lower oil for us at the pump, and create jobs in the construction industry. If those were true then the bill would have a much easier time passing… They aren’t.  The truth is that the Koch’s own a large part of the tar sands in Alberta and must have that pipeline to move that oil southward to their refineries.  Otherwise if the pipeline goes east or west, other billionaire’s refineries will get the profit, not the Koch’s.

The oil is for import only.  Not domestic consumption.  There is no benefit to the USA to transport Canadian oil across America to refine it near Houston, and send it overseas in tankers.  At best, we would have 10 more people monitoring the flow of oil, provided technical advances do not replace even them.  There is a good likelihood they will.

As for jobs-building the pipeline, it appears that perhaps 2,500-3,000, most of them non-union and therefore low wages, would be the short term benefit…  I believe Senator Mitch McConnell estimated 40,000 jobs.  However Kinder Morgan which is building a bigger, better pipeline than the Keystone in question, is only swelling its job estimates to 4500, the equivalent number EDIS hires in Wilmington to build one single building, or Reybold hires to build one apartment complex in a former cornfield.

This is paltry.  We create 250,000 new private sector jobs a month… 2500 + or –  won’t make a dent anywhere.

The negatives are far more severe.  First it would transfer the worst type of oil through America… Whereas an oil well is environmentally non-intrusive, a tar sands operation creates an environmental hell.

Tar Baby

Photo courtesy of KQED

Far more worse than any train wreck to which Rick Jensen was alluding. Secondly, this pipeline crosses an aquifer that supplies the central US with almost all of its water.  Were oil to seep, that water though plentiful, would be useless as ocean water for any agriculture purposes…  No farming from North Dakota to Oklahoma. The bread basket of America, simply gone.

Proponents say pipelines are safe… they point to tankers on highways and trains that derail. However they go completely out of their way, even banning reporters from the town on Keystone I that had oil come up out of the ground and take over that town.  It’s water supply is undrinkable.


If this already happened on Keystone I, it is a safe bet to assume it will certainly happen somewhere along the 1000 miles where the pipeline crosses America’s most important aquifer.

Tar leak Arkansas

Courtesy of The Star

We have so far completely put a dent in any argument stating that Keystone is important for America’s survival.

Now we shall show you why it is currently a hot topic and is being rushed through a Republican Congress over all cognizant objections.

it is not a random occurrence that Sen. Mitch McConnell went to the Koch’s summit, promised a load of goods, got campaign money, and upon arriving as Majority Leader, made Senate Bill #1 the passage of Keystone.   The Koch’s funded 44,000 ads in 2014. 

The following map shows why.  From this it is clear the pipeline has no other purpose than to get Koch oils sands down to existing Koch refineries.

koch props

Courtesy of Google Maps. 

Koch operates crude oil gathering systems and pipelines across North America. Its Flint Hills Resources subsidiary owns refineries in Alaska, Minnesota, and Texas that process more than 800,000 barrels of crude oil daily. The company owns a 3% stake in the Trans Alaska Pipeline System, 4,000 miles of oil and products pipelines in the US, and an 80,000 barrels-per day refinery in Rotterdam. In addition, Koch Industries has held multiple leases on the polluting tar sands of Alberta, Canada since the 1990s and the Koch Pipeline Company operates the pipelines that carry tar sands crude from Canada into Minnesota and Wisconsin where Koch’s Flint Hill Resources owns oil refineries.

So it is clear as this debate goes forward.  There is no advantage for America to build this pipeline.   In fact there is a huge disadvantage if the slightest thing goes wrong.  Yet there is a great advantage to the Koch Brothers who funded a large number of congressional races with both dark and legal money.  In this time and age, it appears that if you spend enough to get in who you want, then they do exactly what you originally asked them to

The People be damned.

Yesterday, the first day of the Republican Congress, a bill was rushed through the House and passed:  requiring the Congressional Budget Office to use dynamic scoring when figuring out future budgets…

Republicans have been saying lower taxes cause the economy to grow and that growth generates more revenue. They’ve said that for years… We’ve tried it for the past 15 but things got worse for all of us, instead of better…

Last couple of years, under Paul Ryan (that little whiz-boy from Wisconsin), they tried writing budgets for their first time and found, that everything they have been saying, was indeed wrong…  The math would not work out…

The reason the math would not work out, is because of a simple fact that when you don’t pay your bills and instead splurge and waste that bill-money, at some future point there will be a reckoning.   Like if you choose spend your mortgage, electricity bill, water bill, gas bill money on big-ticket orgies, there comes a point where you are left dry, cold, in the dark, and have no domicile.

This is terrible they said… What can we do… ..

The answer obvious to any 5 year old, is to pretend.    We can pretend that we will get tons of money later and pay our debts off then…

So we convince ourselves that IF we spend $10,000 over budget, we will soon be making $100,000 more so we can pay it back then.  IF we get a $10,000 raise every year, then next year we just run the same as this, and have $10,000 extra dollars with which to pay it back.

Now this does work if you are indeed guaranteed to get $10,000 increases every year… What dynamic scoring does is make the assumption we will set-in-stone increases to our salary by $10,000 every year for ten years straight.  So your yearly income will climb like this:

  • Base rate:  $40,000 per year
  • After Year One:  $50,000 per year
  • After Year Two   $60,000 per year
  • After Year Three  $70,000 per year
  • After Year Four   $ 80,000 per year
  • After Year Five   $90,000 per year
  • After Year Six   $100,000 per year
  • After Year Seven $110,000 per year
  • After Year Eight $120,000 per year
  • After Year Nine $130,000 per year
  • After Year Ten:  $140,000 per year

Then what they do is add all these together and come up with an argument like this…  We can easily afford this orgy and hire Taylor Swift to sing for it because look, over ten years we are going to earn $990,000 so we can easily pay back the $10,000 we blow on ourselves right now… ( Now if you’ve been a Republican shut out from parties for a long while, not being invited to do the bump with Jerry Jones) just hearing this may make you decide to jump in, no clothes and all.


But here is reality… You probably are not going to get a $10,000 (25%) raise… Let us look at this logically.. How long have you been working?  How many $10,000 raises have you ever gotten before?  Did any of your costs also rise with that raise, so you really didn’t have all that money to spend?  Across history, was there ever a time when $10,000 raises per year were the norm?  If not, why would they suddenly start now?

So what usually happens in households that pursue false dreams, is that if they do not tie expenses to actual income, they usually come up short and that shorted gap grows bigger and bigger.

Here is what to expect in reality… The first year we spend $10,000 over what we make.  It is either loaned to us, or we simply just skip paying our bills for one year… The next year we not only again spend $10,000 more than we make, but we still make the same $40,000… So that year on our $40,000 income we owe $10,000 from year one, and $10,000 from year two. We can’t live on just $20,000 in order to pay it all back… So, assuming we will get much more income the following year, we stretch the loan a little further…  But again, no raise comes that year.

Where we pretended that we would be making $60,000 by that year (year 3) {and over the three year span would have accumulated $150,000 (40,000 + 50,000 + 60,000), enabling us to pay back three years ($30,000) of $10,000 overdrafts having $120,000 left over}… Instead due to a lack of “pretended raise” amounts,  we only got $120,000 over those three years, and borrowed $10,000 each year, so our net balance is $90, 000, which as you see divided by 3, equals $30,000 per year, whereas our regular living expenses continued at the original $40,000 per year.Yet we live like we are making $50,000, $60,000, $70,000 each subsequent year due to our over-extended loans….

This is dynamic scoring…. It should be illegal, and until yesterday, it was.

It is possible, it can work if the assumptions work out… So one must look at the assumptions very carefully to see if they are realistic… Dynamic scoring has only one reason for existence.  To convince people who don’t want to spend that hard earned money of theirs on a risky venture, to go ahead and spend it on that risky venture by consoling them it will be painless when looked back upon from the future.

And the” risky venture” this time, is again take the bulk of your money and hand it over to the top one percent, giving them even more power over you… If you do that these people say, money will just grow for them and everyone will be rich…. give them your money; give it to them now.

Alas we’ve tried that already… We didn’t get rich. For it, we got a very deep recession, We got the 1% owning more than ever; the 99% owning less. We got 80% of our population living day to day, week to week, just a little above subsistence…  We went backward.  Now with this Congress we are about to have a new battle of inequality on a level unseen in America, And this time: it will all take place up within the top 1%… Who among them will win the final championship monopoly game?.. Who will lose?… It matters little to most of us, Most of us were eliminated long time ago.

But first, for all of this to occur, they first have to change the way we do math itself in order to justify it, because it doesn’t work out their way using real numbers.  And that, my friends,… is what was done yesterday.

Stealing this from Steve Newton’s Whiskey. because a) it will be awesome, and b) it drives the message better than 5 of my paragraphs every could…


“In Delaware, folks we have exactly the government we deserve and that the corporations paid for:
–An Insurance Commissioner gouging customers as a proxy for corporate interests …

–A Secretary of Education destroying our schools for corporate interests …

–DNREC committed to the continued gutting of the Coastal Zone Act for corporate interests …

–A Department of Homeland Security and Public Safety that spies on law-abiding citizens and shares the information with corporate interests …

If you’re beginning to see a pattern here, you’re correct.”


Point Steve made whether he intended or not is that we don’t have a series of battles spread widely across the fields of opportunity.  We have one enemy… And if both Delaware and America are ever to again have a hopeful future, it is this enemy we must capture, try, and hang…  or behead… or open an airlock door into space…

Now if we can all unite against this enemy we can beat him… We did before, during the Great Depression.  Basically we have to minimize the power this enemy has, and bring things back into balance… a balance that for the most part propels forward policies that benefit We, The People, our government, and our local business interests. ..

Here is all we have to do…

Raise taxes on the wealthy.

  • 90% tax rate on incomes (both personal and corporate) over 400 billion.
  • 80% tax rate on incomes (both) between 100 – 400 billion.
  • 70% tax rate on incomes (both) between 50 – 100 billion.
  • 60% tax rate on incomes (both) between 25 – 50 billion.

Stop there. The lower echelons are taxed adequately… Notice I said “billions”… What we attempt to do is penalize the accumulation of wealth in very few hands, and encourage the idea of paying less taxes by spreading money around… ..  And even if no one ever pays that much in tax because they choose not to make that much money by spending as much as they earn… Everyone still wins. …  …


Secondly.  Minimize the impact big money has on politicians… That can be done by returning America to the age-old notion that we force there to always be ties between money dumped and real human beings… If you want to give $100 million dollars to a candidate, you had better find 100,000 people who will donate it for you…. If you can’t, then probably the influence you are trying to impose, is not in the best interest of this nation….


Third.  Make it manditorily clear that anyone can form a union.  That punishing anyone for union activity can result in fines and payments 5 times over what that individual would have made if they’d continued working..  Now bosses need to again make sure that their employees are happier without a union, than they would be if they had one.  If they can’t do that simple thing, then a union most likely should have already been in place for decades….


There are more,  But none of them matter if the first and second issue are not addressed… Even the third is not critical..  But I want you, for just one moment, stop and imagine how nicer things would be if you were just making $10,000 more than you would be every single year of the rest of your working life.

Do steps one and two and it happens almost immediately.  Now imagine how great a country this would be if everyone, everywhere was making $10,000 per year…  This needs to be to where we steer…

Privatizing Schools. Gouging Health Insurance. Destroying the Environment. Increasing Domestic Spying. are like a cough, sneeze, runny nose, and scratchy throat… WE  need an antibiotic to wipe out the sinus infection.  Not cough drops, Nettie pots, Vapo-Rub, or walking around with a tissue stuffed up our nose.

There is one enemy… All parties must join and focus their death rays upon it…..

Two things this past week:  Charter schools sued locally, and courts across this nation absolving white cops for crimes against black humanity …

What both speak of is an overriding, institutionalized standard intended to regulate black people to second class citizenship…

Before continuing, let me knock down some incoming pitches.

A) There will always be racists… The seeds may lie in part of our genetic code for sub-species survival.  But ever since mankind began and until mankind finishes, if racism didn’t exist in primitive cultures, civilization created it. The only thing changing across 8,000 years is whether that embedded racism is allowed by one’s institutions to become a bedrock piece of that society’s structure, or not.

B) Most people are sheep… When told to be racists and given a reason, they become one.  Once racism has been installed top down by one’s power structure, society’s economic survival overpowers its moral guilt and keeps it thriving.

C) Most people do not care about race unless it becomes thrust on top of them.  Children raised in racially co-mingled environments have to be re-programed to then become racists, and fortunately for all, childhood bonds are usually more resilient than propaganda.

D) The more poor and ignorant one is, the more likely racism will do their thinking for them….

E) Because of our susceptibility to quickly hate what is different, racism is a very useful tool for behavior modification and social control.


Those who grew under and saw televised racism and read first-hand accounts of its segregated effects, are shaking their head over how we returned to this point again…. These are not isolated cases.  It is a pandemic.  But why now? What happened from those days in 1999. back when it looked like racism (if not defeated) had been banished forever to negligibility?

It appears two things.

  • One… Americans allowed a political party to run their government, whose firm belief is that it should purposefully look the other way if and whenever racism occurs.
  • Two… An Afro-American was elected (over-top all the best efforts of racists to prevent it), which indirectly now allows racist’s noise machines to spew vitriol under the guise that it is an expression of political freedom.

So we got a lot more overt racism and a lot less policing over it.


This same party fully backs and supports the statement of one Supreme Court Justice who paraphrased:  “racism doesn’t exist anymore”. America woke up this week to find out that this Justice could not have been more wrong!

The charter school situation shows the slow slide across this decade better than  do our courts.  Charter Schools almost always only occur in  predominantly black districts.  They are to either separate whites out; or to cull out blacks …Schools are segregated today in ways that would be illegal under the finding of Brown versus The Board of Education if charters were indeed considered to be public schools.  But because Charters are considered “outside” of all normal regulations, such confining laws (unless individually ordered by a court), do not apply.

Whereas in public schools opportunity gaps are closing; in charter schools they are widening.  Once again, separate is not equal.  But in most states the expansion of charters is being encouraged by governors and education chiefs regardless of party.  For them, this is seen as a way of shirking the responsibility to properly educate all our children… First privatize the schools and then,… blame their failings on someone else’s incompetence… ” It’s management’s fault, not ours; we’re going to close that school.”

The grand point one must understand is that this did not happen overnight.  Ever since Delaware’s Charter law was pushed through in the early nineties, there have been relatively very few charters until recently.  Now there is an explosion.  This mushroom cloud didn’t happen on its own. Fake non-profits and for-profits have lobbied and pushed both charters and pro-charter legislation into reality!  No one was watching. No one cried foul. No one cared because they didn’t know.  The point I’m making is that without this concerted institutional push and lobbying of legislators by large amounts of wealth, this segregation of schools could never have happened naturally on its own.  Today’s schools would remain public open to all, and whites and blacks would be receiving the same education at the same time in the same schools.

In other words, this Charter School racism was instituted from the top down.

Similarly in our court systems we have allowed our police leeway over what used to be considered our Constitutional rights.  As conservative judges became appointed to vacancies on the bench, and as non-Conservative judges were denied conformation, the bench overall began applying conservative principles whenever it dealt with our local police forces.

This anointed our police forces to the point of where they could do no wrong.  This is now Communist Russia, Communist China, or Hitler’s Germany. or Tojo’s Japan.

Both these two grand juries had their outcome predetermined by their prosecutors who had the (not so hidden agenda to not incriminate a police officer.

If the actual visual proof of an execution happening before the viewer is still not enough evidence of wrong doing, then anything done against black American citizens can now be allowed… And that is a problem. A very big problem.

Most experts believe another Grand Jury under another prosecutor would have given another verdict… Both these two verdicts were orchestrated from the top down.  Those institutions holding the real power in those two communities, told their prosecutors that they needed the policeman to go free… and the prosecutor obliged.

The relief point here is that on the whole, most Americans are not really into racism.  But a few in power since we first put a “2” in front of our millennium, have worked very hard to make us appear that way…  and now their efforts appear to have been successful. Today based on social media reporting, we are a very racist society.  And since 1999, racism has been put into place by Republican bureaucrats from the top down…. primarily during the Cheney-Bush administration and then later  in Obama’s, the Tea Party Republicans blocked all Democratic attempts to undo the damage. (Remember the Republican meme that Katrina was not a terrible disaster because only Black people lost their homes? It was a disaster, they admitted, but not a terrible disaster.)

As long as Republicans are not held accountable, racism will grow only worse. The attempts now to hold a clear conversation about race, without holding the Republican party responsible are meaningless.  If you don’t get rid of Conservatives, this issue will never go away….  Yes. We could kill them… But that takes approximately 5 years and they still get to keep their horses and guns.  Better to use the majorities embedded in the American voting system to eliminate that party which privately promotes and publicly condones racism. Next we need to use our economic power of withholding purchases to blacklist all those companies who advertise on and stop it cold….Fox TV who as of right now, is the biggest force driving race divisiveness across this once-great nation.

We got past it once.  It took a long time.  In less than 14 years of FOX and the Republican party, racism has now been institutionalized again from the top down….  The grand point of all this, is that no change will ever come about; no matter how many demonstrations you through; no matter how many petitions you sign; no matter how many police cars you overturn; no matter how many shops you loot and trash…. The problem will not go away until you A) both vote en masse and B) shut down Fox’s Propaganda….  it is completely ridiculous to believe that any change will come for any person of color, as long as Mitch McConnell is running the Senate and John Boehner is running the House….   Because racists run that party; only super-majorities of Democrats in both houses can change things now.

So in your discussions about the proper ways to execute white people for revenge (which based on the two injustices you have just witnessed, it would be foolish to assume it is not going on among the most vitriolic of you right now), please make allowances for separating out those whites who voted Democratic, and focus your revenge expressly on those who absolutely deserve it all, Republicans. Because the problem is not… all whites… The problem is…. as little children well know and say everywhere….Republicans…

Democrats and Independents… if you don’t take it upon yourselves to go to a rally for equal rights and equal justice for our black brothers and sisters. you too are the big part of the problem.  Passive racism is:   “Oh, I’ll stay home and watch my college alma mater get their butts whipped in a conference game; black people getting lynched in St. Louis or New York or Cleveland, yeah, I care a little, but it is no problem of mine”…   For if only black people show up at these rallies, white Republicans say:  “look, only black people show up at those rallies; let’s hurt them some more to punish them enough so in the future, as we take all their rights, they will be too afraid to even have rallies..”  

No, it will take all of the 83% of us who are non-racist to stomp out the 17% who are…  The minority population of Republicans have no power except that Fox Propaganda makes you think they have all the power… Our odds are 83% to their 17%.  Just curious. Have you ever fought off 4 people? One doesn’t usually win, and one tends to get hurt pretty bad… So show up at the demonstration. Make racism go away. Dis-associate yourself from die-hard Republicans and show them there is a social price to be paid for working overtime to bring institutionalized Racism back into America.






“I am disturbed anyone could be against a president willing to take action.  Imagine if FDR did nothing about Pearl Harbor… The American system of government is designed to have laws created by the legislative branch, and have those very same laws faithfully executed by the chief executive. On this, Congress has flat out failed in their obligation. An Immigration bill did clear the Senate’s hurdle, but was never brought onto the floor of the House, where all knew there were enough moderate Republicans and Democrats willing to pass it.. All Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, should be dangerously concerned about each Conservative’s blatant disregard of his oath of office. They swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and to do so, by voting up or down upon our most necessary laws inside both halls of our Congress. Our broken immigration system compromises our national security and hampers our economy. This issue, like Pearl Harbor, must be addressed. If the Republicans in Congress are incapable of addressing it, and by law, the President most certainly is allowed to do some things to alleviate the problem, than not doing so would be a dereliction of that President’s duty.  As an American citizen, I am proud the president’s action tonight has moved us forward in a direction first proposed by Ronald Reagan in 1984.  This President acted as would a Ronald Reagan. Congress did not act!  Their inaction puts America in danger, and  gave the president no prudent choice other than doing what he did.  If anyone deserves to be impeached, it should be Conservative Republicans… “


(Lower Keystone Pipeline Rupture; Mayflower, Arkansas) EPA

Death and money. The two things that really move politics forward.  If something will kill you, it is possible to get a law passed to rectify it.   The Environmental Protection Agency came about because people were dying… enough people dying so it became hard to elect people who said, “what the heck if people die; it costs money for billionaires to protect people from hazards.”

Instead people who stated: “this will kill us; I’ll stop it immediately” were elected as the alternative, which today, … is why we have clean air and clean water.

The only other thing besides death that can move things through legislative halls is money.  And since people won’t die from Keystone as they would from breathing in toxic air spewing across Newark out of a giant TDC smokestack, the money angle has more of a pull.

There are a lot of argument out there both for and against the Keystone Pipeline. However the principal brainstormed idea behind the Keystone pipeline, is to raise your gas prices.  For those who don’t know, the current glut in the price of oil is being caused by the emirates of the Persian Gulf dumping oil at very low prices onto the international market.  Their motive, taken straight from John Rockefeller I, is to drive out their competition which is us.  After we give up, after we throw up our hands and stop fracking, they again have the monopoly and with the price war over, their price bounces up a dollar per gallon and guess who is stuck?  They can get  a barrel out of the ground for under $25 dollars.  It averages out to $75 in the US today… So if they can get the price under $75 a barrel, then people will switch to cheaper foreign oil, and the frackers close up shop….

Except there is this giant pool of very dirty liquid tar in Alberta.  Stuff that burns with gross black smoke, but can be refined into automotive fuel and much of it is owned by the Koch Bros through various unrelated companies.

This oil will not sell well in America due to its filth and residue, but other nations do not have such scruples.   The oil can go out either of two ways.  One is across Canada to the Pacific; the other is across the US to Houston, Texas.  The Canadian route is an environmental nightmare and Canadians are environmental sticklers over their pristine wilderness.

But conservatives in control of the Congress make the US route far more attractive.  If a giant oil spill were to occur destroying the aquifers of millions of Americans as well as those of millions of cows, pigs, corn, and soy; there is a very good chance Mitch McConnell’s Senate and John Boehner’s House will pass a gigantic tax break to reimburse the Koch billionaires for any or all of their spilled oil…

Keystone II will raise your gas price at the pump.

The best way to describe how, is to imagine that your family has an oil well out back attached to a refinery…. You just back your car up and fill’er’up…. Pretty cheap…  Now imagine your spouse, decides to make some money so they sell 10% to this client, 25% to that client, 35% to that client’s neighbor and the sells three shares of 10% on the open market…

You never stop hearing how smart they were for selling those rights and making all that money…. (Did you do the math? Add the percents?)  You will find that you have no rights to your oil… You now need to buy it on the open market!…  And the price is much more than when you could back your truck right under a tank and fill’er’up!

If we have rights to 100 million barrels of oil, which we can tap later at our leisure, and suddenly with a pipeline, have zero rights unless we too buy it at the world price, we are going to pay more for gas….

Which is what everyone wants…. except those who aren’t making billions of dollars.

For those who want to argue that America will use the oil first, and not import it, answer this question:  why would any fool sell something cheap when he can get a lot more for it from somewhere else?

All the oil is intended to be imported.  We know this because when legislation was brought on the floor of Congress, requiring some of the oil in the Keystone pipeline to be designated solely for domestic consumption,  every single Republican voted against it….

They want you to pay more for gas because: you are not their boss; rich billionaires are.  Unless you can makes some people start dying, the money is going to win this one……

Delaware's Heroes
They offered to give it all up for you; many didn’t make it back…

Did you vote?  (66% of America did not.)

If so, thank you for honoring America’s veterans.  If not, take one minute to think of you going into hell for something you so strongly believe, perhaps more than anything, only to have future generations say…pshaww… this is way too much effort, I’ll get a tub of ice cream and find something good on Netflicks instead.

They fought so you could have the right to vote. 🙂 Now go ahead and post your pictures on your social media sites reminding all of us to honor our veterans this Veteran’s Day….

It is common among politicos that after an election we once again take notice of our surroundings … Like sleeping in the back of a car while someone else is driving, we wake up and before saying something idiotic, we quietly look around.  Here is what I saw.


Corporate profits are at record highs… Higher than in 1929… Capitalism at its best ever. More than 200,000 jobs are being added every month. Unemployment is under, under 6%.

U.S. gross national product growth is the best of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries..  The dollar’s value is at its strongest in this millennium.  Stock Market is at its all time record high.  Gasoline prices have finally fallen to where we think they should have been all along.

There is no inflation; yet interest rates are lower than they have ever been.

Dependence on imported oil is declining. Domestic oil production is climbing. the deficit is rapidly declining and the wealthy are still making considerable amounts of money.

In sharp contrast to the Bush years, America is leading the world once again and respected internationally  Obama brought soldiers home from Iraq, Afghanistan, and we killed Osama bin Laden.

This is the most successful Republican President, ever.

Yet this really did just happen.  Conservatives just voted in the party that got us into this mess and kicked out the party that dug us out….

That’s about it.

Time to crawl back into the shell of the next upcoming election….

The answer is to look at the House, and see what bills passed there which would then, clear a Republican Senate and find their way to the President’s desk for a veto….

Here broken down by issue, is what has actually passed the House, but was stopped by the Senate…

Women’s Issues:

*A law that would make it a federal crime for an adult to accompany a teen across state lines for an abortion and hold doctors liable for knowing that.

*A law to ban abortion coverage in all state health-care insurance exchanges.

*A law to ban abortions after 20 weeks with an exception only for the life of the mother.

*A law to end the contraception benefit in the ACA.

These will need to be stopped by the veto pen of Obama. The real danger is if they get slipped into necessary pieces of legislation, funding bills, so he has to bear the burden and blame of shutting down government or letting them pass.

Paul Ryan’s Budget

*Protect tax breaks for the wealthiest.

*Austerity put in place to hold back growth.  Non-defense discretionary spending would fall by $783 billion.

*The Ryan Budget would cut nearly $2.8 trillion from the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies and Medicaid.

*The Ryan Budget cuts all Food stamps, all Earned Income Tax Credit, all unemployment insurance, and all retirement funding for federal workers up to $1 trillion.

*Reducing Pell grants, food stamps, money for renewable energy.

*Target the EPA.

*Federal subsidies for the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting can no longer be justified.

*Allow for further drilling access in Alaska, the Outer Continental Shelf, the Gulf of Mexico,  and the Inter-mountain West National Parks.

*Keystone Pipeline

*Go after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, gutting Consumer protections by giving business more control, or taking it out from under the Federal Reserve Bank, which could reduce its authority.


*An immigration reform  with no path to citizenship, sweetened so that Obama would have a very hard time vetoing: DREAMers, border security, STEM, and temporary legal status.

*Plenty of ways to try to force Obama to accept GOP priorities, especially on immigration matters, or issue a veto that would be difficult for some red-state Democrats to defend.


*Repeal is unlikely now for political reasons… They would nip and tuck. Starve the ACA by budgetary means. What happens if Congress doesn’t pass the health budget the president requests.

*Doing away with the medical device tax and cutting expenditures required to properly implement ACA and in generally making things nasty for the administration.

Supreme Court

*GOP give a nominee a hearing but sit on the vote, leaving the Supreme Court with only eight members until we see who wins the presidency.

Hillary Clinton

*The Republican Senate will try to keep the Benghazi attack in the headlines until the day Hillary Clinton gives her acceptance speech, and beyond.

*With 2016 coming? The best thing for them to do: (in political terms, that is, albeit not for the country)—is dig in, and drag down Obama’s poll numbers. If you are running to succeed a two-term incumbent from your own party, you are in some sense running for his third term. Gutting Obama hurts Hillary’s chances.


Ironically more legislation will pass both Houses if Republicans do take the Senate.  If a piece of  legislation clears the House, it will likewise clear the Senate to then land on the desk of the President.  Question is:  is that type of legislation what you really want passed?


As long a the president has his veto and the Congress cannot override it, the big changes like the ACA already embedded into todays society by the Obama administration cannot be rescinded.   But, considerable bites can be taken out of them.  The next two years will be all about reversing the growth and development achieved over the past 6.

This is what is predicted to pass.. Of course those predictions are being made based off of 2010’s voting results…  (Looking at who voted in 2010 and predicting who will win based on those “probable” voters)…  This is why all the polls are showing the Republicans taking over the Senate….

But this all changes if and only if every single Democrat does go out and vote as they did both times in 2012 and 2008…. if they vote Democratic…..This election is all about getting them off their ass… If every Democrat is motivated to get off their ass, America continues it’s great economic  track record and even continues shuffling forward a little faster…

If they don’t, then we indeed have the road to hell ahead of us…  Conservatives will be grateful, of course, if you stay home… However, your children and grandchildren when they grow up and find out what you you could have prevented and didn’t do, won’t.