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In an effort to repeat their past glory, Sher Valenzuela has taken Christine O’Donnell’s new mantle… She has become the new Republican “Prima Donna” and the new “Great Attractor”…

I believe it was Al Mascitti who said it on Tuesday… What do Christine O’Donnell and Mike Protack have in common? There was never an office they DIDN’T run for…. I believe he called them political opportunists, and I will use that word today…

I’ll let Sher herself explain her opportunism in her own words….

“this is the first chance we (republicans) have to win in twenty years and I could not let it slip away.” (notice nothing about being a…. treasurer?)

After a chat with State Republican Chairman Charlie Copeland in October, Mrs. Sher Valenzuela pondered running for the position of State Treasurer, (notice nothing about being a …… treasurer?)

“No one was saying anything different or speaking up for our conservative values”, (notice nothing about being a ….. treasurer?)

She was also unhappy that the other GOP candidate is perceived by her not to have an appreciation for the state’s dependence on Casinos… (notice nothing about being a….. treasurer?) Anybody notice a trend here?

“I think the best qualifications for this office in terms of what we need to bring to the arena, is business background. This office should be involved in economic development. We should be looking to build our economic future,” … (Hello… it’s a treasury office, not a governor’s race… Quick question: do you even know what a Treasury Officer does?)

She further states that two of our top ten revenue sources include casinos and unclaimed property, and that both are unreliable.“One of the focuses of the office should be calling attention to the fact that some of our top revenue sources are unreliable and developing more reliable revenue through economic growth,” So getting rid of half a billion dollars, to make that up on a tax rate of 6%, we need salary income growth of $8.3 billion a year covering that short-fall. At a job rate of $50,000/year we would need to hire 166,000 people and put them to work… Currently there are 26,000 listed as unemployed, so we would need to import 140,000 people into this state in one year to do what Sher says she wants to do…

Everything revolves around that economic engine. Hopefully people know that I am not a fly-by-night person seeking office. I am not a person with baseless political aspirations, but the key to getting our state back on track is reducing unnecessary regulation and incubating new businesses” Yeah, how well did that work in the Bush years?

“We don’t need people in office acting like they are smarter than the people they serve. Ken Simpler (Valenzuela’s opponent) was working with a Democratic Official’s son to turn the Seashore State park into a casino location, What would Democrats do with that? ”

“more jobs, less government. I don’t know why the chief financial officer can’t go in with sleeves rolled up to reduce regulation and offer new ways to have sustainable revenue through economic development.” Sher, read the Job description….

Our education process will also include the state’s top ten revenue drains ????? (like education? like highways?) Does she think she does the state budget instead of the governor? ?????

Valenzuela states that she will be an advocate of cutting taxes and reducing the size of government, while unleashing Delaware’s economic engine so the people of Delaware have sustainable sources of revenue.

Now, where have we heard this before? Where someone who shoots from the hip challenges a methodical thoughtful person in a Republican Primary and hits them over the head with a brickbat as soon as they pay the filing fee? Familiar?

Let us not bring up the gigantic contradiction… That elephant in the room here…. She’s for less government, unless they are guaranteeing millions of dollars in loans to her business or contracting with her business to the tune of millions as well. She literally wrote a book about how to exploit loopholes and get government money. Don’t believe me? She’s even selling it on her campaign website!?

Ms. Valenzuela criticizes Mr. Simpler because he was willing to invest his “OWN” money in casinos. I guess if he had gotten a government grant it might have been different…

Furthermore In Sheryl Valenzuela’s world Republicans are never to associate with Democrats, much less they are not to do business with Democrats, and certainly not, if this includes their children.

“Hopefully people know that I am not a fly-by-night person seeking office.” Naa! Why would they think that? You only woke up on the morning of the last day for filing and jumped in a race that had a declared candidate, forcing a primary…….

We have a new Christine O’Donnell who is running: because she thinks she can win….

Did anyone else notice there was nothing about being …… a treasurer?

Now, listen to her opponent…. Ken Simpler…..

“When I began exploring this race, I began with a premise that a two billion dollar portfolio should be managed by someone with experience managing a billion dollar portfolio.”

Sometimes doing things Simpler, is best.

it is probably time to discuss this.

For years we have quietly known and accepted the negatives of having an NSA. Things like we need it for our protection, or it makes things safer, tended to overide our fears that they know too much already, and I can’t do anything in private anymore…

We accepted that as progress.

However, when you have an organization so secret, that members of Congress are shocked to find out what it is doing, that no one knows who is authorizing who gets spied upon and what, that when brought before the courts for overstepping the Constitution, it can’t be prosecuted because a) it operates under “secret” laws, b) with “secret operations”, c) authorized by “secret courts” …. it is time to shut the entire operation down.

Why do we have the NSA when we have the CIA and the FBI. The FBI covers domestic spying. The CIA covers international spying. So, unless we find out that there are aliens and the NSA is really running the world while we think otherwise, then it probably ought to go.

I find it interesting that those on the far right, and those on the far left are the most outraged by this disclosure. We’ve been stating that news on this blog after the story was broken back in 2007-8 and not one press person cared. I supposed the AP Story opened their eyes this time. Struggling to put a finger on why, I came up with the theory primarily by looking at Congress, that it is the libertarians on left and right who are against, and the conformist, primarily in the center who are acceptive. So this gives us a split where the bottom third and the top third of the political body are opposed to the middle third… If you look at Congress that is exactly how it splits up. Moderates are pro domestic spying, the libertarians are not.

Probably similar is the theory that those beholden to corporate interests are pro-spying, after all, that is normal in the corporate environment; interoffice spying is not limited by any judicial system because it is deemed to be private. Those aghast, tend to fight corporate intrusion from their original political perspective, either left of right.

What the NSA does, watch everything to discern what is happening to increase its chances of survival, is not new. Intelligence has been the secret success of many an empire. Knowing what someone will do before they do it, is pretty comfortable in a world where in a day, we probably pass within 10 feet of 10,000 people (that includes inside our vehicles).

That is what all governments with the capacity, do. The biggest argument against it, is that it is un-American. Sure we have the “ability” to do it, but do we have the restraint, not to…

America has always been ruled by restraint. When Washington was entreated to be the King, he restrained and said no. When the heads of Europe all bet that Washington would invent a method to stay in power, he restrained, and government turned over peacefully. When the US was left in charge of a broken Europe, it put it back together and went home. The only country to invade another and give it back willingly to its original owners.

We had a scare in Boston a while back. Did the NSA protect us then? It’s a secret, no one knows. In Newtown 26 bodies littered the floor of an elementary school. Did the NSA protect us then? When a gunman burst into Aurora firing into the audience, did the NSA protect us then? When Gabby Gifford took a bullet, where was the NSA? Did the NSA protect us then?

That is the point. We are always in danger. But our personal lives are more at risk if our private information should fall into a competitors hands, than being victim of a terrorist. In Boston just 2 people died. In Newton 26. But each and every one of us, is at risk that selective information from ones past, can be used in secret to smear each and every one of us, should it fall into the wrong hands.

What would happen if we shut the entire agency known as the NSA down? A big nothing. They overstepped. It is not knee-jerking anger to respond “Shut them down right now!” It it calm, cool reasoning tipping the balance, that points out simply that is the right way to go.

Tomorrow, is the day… like a wedding, can’t wait for it to finally be over so life can go on again…. But there is one last thing to do.

Look at the Republican Party. The only reason Romney is doing well, is because he pivoted in the first debate, and became a liberal. His past track record had almost pushed him to the point of no return, until he reinvented himself upon that first debate stage. In other words, Romney is now the more liberal candidate, if one just looks at what he has said since October 4th.

However the old message is still prevalent in Delaware’s Republican exoskeleton. Kovach who once was considered a decent person, is now a compromised decent person. Kevin Wade, is nothing more than a word to rhyme with suede. Jeff Craig wants us to believe that if you can run a 16 X 40 foot retail outlet buried in the middle of a Fairfax strip mall, you can run the entire state’s government. Greg Lavelle believes that if you trash your opponent hard enough, you will get elected. Cathy Cloutier believes that no one gives enough of a hoot, making it so simple that she can be endorsed by the pro choice and pro life movements in the same election. Evan Quietsch believes the United Nations has set up a secret outpost somewhere in the woods of the 11th District, and that his challenger is the Manchurian Candidate who is actually from Manchuria. Rick Jensen has to ignore 99% of a story to make his case in support of any Republican who shows up on his show. Dori Conner, is running “Go, Go William Penn” down in Cavalier Country. NCCE Blake has to put stickers on his campaign signs, that say “I’m not Tom Gordan.” Then there is DelawarePolitics.Net, which although it has great people, they all get their orders from Homer Simpson. There is Brian Pettyjohn who, whenever his name gets mentioned, reminds one of the Lollypop Guild soliciting a hooker on the side of the Yellow Brick Road… And then, there was Two Timing Booth, kicked out for…. oh my. Don’t even get me started on Bodenweiser…. And above all this mess, flies the green faced witch on her magic broom, saying 2014, 2014…..

What happened? Siegler, is this what happens when you put the NRA actually in charge of something?

From top to bottom this party is (I’ll bend over backwards and be very nice here)…. dysfunctional… It is time for it to go away….

I heard a caller put it very well on Al Masciti this morning. Business needs representation. With this party they don’t have it. What they do have is Jack Markell, Chip Flowers, and Beau Biden, working with them as well as representing “we the people” who simultaneously do the necessary work for these businesses as well as us who depend on their health to live well ourselves…..

Delaware works better as a single party state than as a two party one…. Why? Simply put, everyone is an individual again. There is no reason NOT to work with someone who’s viewpoint is different from yours… It is called “compromise” and with today’s Republican Party from the top down, that compromise gene is simply not in their chromosomes……

Now here is my argument… Any vote for any Republican, weakens our state. I’m guessing we need an 85/15 democratic majority to permanently make this party go away…. I’m worried that many in Delaware may not vote this time because our national election is a foregone conclusion, and really, there is no reason to suspect or worry that any Republican will win….

Here is why you must… Your vote against the Republican Party, is needed to make it be gone forever….. We need single party government now more than ever… WE need cooperation between workers and businesses, and only one party, the Democratic one, can provide that.

Some say we need another voice to balance out one party rule… We will have them. 21 separate voices in the Senate, and 45 separate ones in the House, but only if they are all Democrat … Every person is an individual, and every person has to represent their district. There are some conservative districts, there are some progressive districts. but it still will take a majority to get anything passed.

At least if there is only one party, they will get things done the old fashioned way. The conservatives will express their needs, the progressives will express their needs, and some type of compromise all can live with, will get hammered out….

That can’t happen if there are Republicans anywhere in government to mess things up…..

So do your civic duty… Vote Democratic or Libertarian, or any another candidate…. Just make Republicans go away…. I used to like watching cartoons on Saturday… Now, that I have to watch them 365 days at 24/7, it is too much…. (Now, where’s that Advil?)

Make them go away.

Sher’s new mailing piece is effective. It actually tugged at my heartstrings. If you never see it, it has ten of Delaware state government’s officials, all men, whose headshots are in that grainy black and white only see on political hit pieces, and offset by a color picture of her.

“None of the top political leaders in Delaware today speak for women. They’re all men.”

“Cheryl Anne “Sher” Valenzuela: A voice for women and expanded opportunity for all.”

This caused me for a minute to doubt myself. Wow, it’s true. There are no women controlling the Senate or the House, even though there are many women in the Senate and House itself. There are no women in any state elected offices… So, wow. it’s true…

For a second I had a tug, that said, well maybe I’ll break will and put just one vote to a Republican. That feeling lasted for about one second….

My next thought, was who would I be taking out. It was Matt Denn. Matt is the kind of person that whenever a woman approaches him with an proposition, Matt will say “ok, let me see what I can do.” Matt is pro choice. pro kids. pro family. and especially where it counts: pro woman.”

Sher is a Republican.

The official Republican platform is this: no abortion even if you get raped, even if you get incested by your Daddy, even if your life will expire, (oh, That’s ok as long as that rape-child is kept alive until we can be cut open and extract it. After all, it was God who put that rape child in there.)

That is the “official Republican” position: Romney supported it. Ryan created it. And sometimes Republicans occasionally mess up and forget their instructions are to stay mum, and they it slips out how they “really” feel….

Oh, that is silly, you say? You tell me Sher is not the national Party; she is my next door neighbor?

So then, please tell me: what is her position on abortion? Aye, she’s against it.

Rest my case.

Very often proponents of “the other party” (it doesn’t matter which one it is), bring up this notion. “Well, one should elect a good person irregardless of party; that is how you get good government, by making it full of only good people…”

Problem with that statement, is that though it may seem like common sense, it is not true. Things in reality don’t work that way.

Let us imagine that the college National Football Championship was still decided by a committee. Your cross-town rival was up for a vote. You know if your rival is chosen, he is able to recruit better players in the future, and you will have even a tougher time going against him… Therefore you will do everything in your power to make that choice not happen.

That is how every Republican works. They do not believe that a person goes into government, states ones position, listens to the other side, then votes the best choice for their constituents. They believe their role is to make sure nothing beneficial at all, can come from their competitor, the Democratic Party…. Even if their constituents will benefit economically from a Democrat’s upcoming legislation, they work diligently to make sure that can never happen, or at least it won’t happen until THEY can be in the majority and get the “full” credit for it.




But ONCE the exact same plan became Obamacare, the meme came to “defeat it at every turn.” Fortunately a form of it passed and across the board, consumers now are paying less for coverage and getting a lot more benefit from the little they do pay.. It was a win, win, for everyone, except for Republicans who have it on their record as a black mark because “they” didn’t pass it and Democrats did…

Ok, so that’s the background… now here is the argument. Transport yourself back 80 years to Nazi Germany. You are in the middle of a national election. You have a candidate who earlier said some horrible things, and now, is coming across as a super nice guy who will make change happen. The other side is telling you “what’s wrong with you, are you stupid, here it is in Mein Kampf. HE WANTS TO EXTERMINATE EVERYONE BUT ARYANS.

You can’t believe something so horrible could come from such a nice man. And, you do think it is time for change, because progress HAS been too slow. So you vote for Hitler….

Two years later you have a Jewish friend who you grew up with. He is deep into the same change, and he has embraced the Nazi Party. You think that putting him in will somehow modify those stringent voices you have indeed heard deep within the Nazi’s calling for complete Jewish extinction. But at this point two years after Hitler’s election, you have a choice of electing his opponent, a person from a party who is anti- Nazi or your friend, who is Jewish and yet pro-Nazi…

If you elect your friend, the Nazi’s just swallow him up.(Sooner or later he winds up in a camp). But if you elect the opposite, then you have some chance at mitigating their destructive path… they don’t have quite all the votes they will need to grant themselves dictatorial powers.

In this allegory, Sher is that Jewish friend. She is one of you who is pretending to be one of them… In this allegory, Hitler represents today’s party platform; one that is solidly against women… “you will have no rights over your body” is their official platform.

We are being asked by Sher to dismiss that. “Oh no,” she says. “Look at me, I’m woman. I’ll never let “that” happen to you.”

All I’m saying here is consider what happen to the Jews of Europe after the election of 1933…. Growing up we always learned Hitler was a horrible monster. What I’m just learning now, is that it took an awful lot of little horrible monsters to vote him into power. Im sure in God’s eyes, every single voter who put Hitler into power, is as guilty of the exterminations as is he….

Therefore, even if Sher was a raging femme-nazi (she isn’t), the fact that putting anyone from her party regardless of character into an office, would cause irreparable harm to women…

Just curious. How many Jews in the Nazi Party (there were many in the beginning) were able to persuade Hitler away from his core belief of what he had once written?

It is what it is. Any Republican, no matter who, keeps our current equivalent of the Nazi Party’s hopes alive… Just imagine the difference, if Germany had chosen to elect someone else, and Hitler became the equivalent of Sarah Palin?

We are at that exact point this year. We know Republicans fail women. Any republican that gets elected, even if they are just looking over Wills, supports the party that makes our lives harder, tougher, and more insecure. A lesson needs be taught: we do not want Republicans anywhere near our bodies… period…

You can’t stop it from the inside: we are going to stop it from the outside…

That lesson applies to Sher.

With Sandy’s approach, words of warning went out to all campaigns.. Get your big signs down for the storm.  Feel free to put them up after the storm blows by.  Everyone got an email.

Democrats were in full force, and in New Castle County, not one Democratic sign was left standing…  By noon all  were stored for safe keeping…

There were no libertarian candidate’s signs.  As dedicated citizens, the libertarian team scoured the county and by noon, their signs were all stored for save keeping.

The one Jill Stein sign I’d seen, was gone.  Secured by the Green Party….

In fact the only signs up as darkness approached,  were those of Alex Pires, which is understandable,  it being a one man operation, and those of the Republican line up, which apparently has even fewer supporters.

It looks like Kansas,  at intersections now, with only Republicans contesting a one man operation….

If the Green Party and Libertarian party can mobilize faster than the Republican, it is time to stop calling the Republican Party a “major” party.

Even the Wizard of Oz had more going for it than today’s Delaware Republicans, who with their daily bumbles are rapidly creating a new definition of the English word pathetic.

With High Republican Turnout I'm Sure to Be Wellfed Nov. 6th
Photo Courtesy of Soggy Log

They thought he was nuts.

Miss Step Valenzuela…  How that shoe fits….

So far documented:   She built her business….. (thanks to Federal Government Loans)  No Federal Government; no Miss Step Valenzuela.

Second misstep:  “Many state education employees make more than Governor Markell’s salary.”   Only six.  (This was debunked by Colossus of Rhodey, to put in a worthy plug.)

Now third misstep:

“Matt Denn is a degenerate low life bum, who cheats and steals and propagates false promises, because he supports mentoring programs and supports a program that gives free legal care to those in need, based out of a church basement…….”

One should have expected more from someone who was once called the up and coming future of the New Republican Party…

Really, you are going to bang on a guy who gives out free legal advice, in a church basement.  That, in most people’s view, is heroic.   You are saying being heroic is a detriment to the office of  Lieutenant Governor?

That blatantly lying your way into an office is the better approach?

Cough. cough…  You Republicans really are out of touch……