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The Antimatter of Democracy

“What sluggards! What cowards have we brought up in our court, who care nothing for allegiance to the people. Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest!”


Due to lack of an outcry by bloggers and citizenry in general, the Democrats elected the same three who stifled open government in 2007 and 2008,… back in to chair things during 2009.

All three were unopposed in their party’s caucus. This year there are not enough Republicans to make a difference when they vote them in at a later date.

Karen Peterson did not vote. I think her comment was that none of them supported open government anyway….

I cannot shake the silly notion that if everyone reading this post, just mailed Adams a dildo with open government stenciled on the side, and we leaked the details of that protest to the national media, it would be considered a very appropriate form of protest, considering the situation……….

It would forever alter the way Senator Adams would be remembered by history and by his posterity.

Wind is not an “all to be all”.  But those who supported Wind early, showed themselves to be visionaries, which is what this country and state will need right now… Those who opposed wind found themselves winding up on the wrong side of 90% of our citizens… If they got it so wrong once… why give them a chance to screw up again?

Many of you have asked for a comprehensive list covering each race of this state as regards to wind… Here it is… You have also asked me for advice… on who would do the better job if elected… For some of those who are running unopposed, I am recommending leaving their position blank…by not voting for them at all and skipping down to the next one.. Consider it a vote of no-confidence.,,  Here we go…

President  and VP —  Barack Obama and Delaware’s Joe Biden

US Senator  —  Delaware’s Joe Biden (His opponent never got past spray-painting “VOTE” on her big signs.)

US House of Representatives — Karen Hartly-Nagle (Obama/Biden need new blood in the House)

Governor  —  Jack Markell (first champion of Bluewater Wind)

Lieutenant Governor  —  Matt Denn (early champion of wind);  his opponent was one of the 4 wind killers.

Insurance Commissioner  —  John Brady supports wind

State Senate 2 — Margarette Rose Henry  —  unopposed…. vote no confidence by leaving her office blank

State Senate 3 — Bob Marshall  — unopposed…. (he voted yes to release the bogus McDowell report)  blank

State Senate 4 — Michael Katz  —  his opponent is for oil drilling off Bethany Beach

State Senate 6 — Liane Sorenson — loyal to her, because she was early pioneer for wind… .

State Senate 10 — Bethany Hall-Long — More in tune with wind than her opponent

State Senate 11 — Tony DeLuca — unopposed — vote no confidence; one of 4 wind killers

State Senate 16 — Colin Bonini — one of the first Republican wind supporters

State Senate 17 —

State Senate 18 — Gary Simpson– one who favored wind rather early

State Senate 21 — Robert Venebles — unopposed– voted to release tainted McDowell report– NC; blank

State Rep  1 — Dennis Williams — voted for HCR 38; pro-wind

State Rep 2 — Hazel Plant —  Which way am I supposed to vote?  Unopposed… definately leave blank.

State Rep 3 — Helene Keeley unopposed —  Signed letter with Harris McDowell

State Rep 4 — Tyler Nixon — very early supporter of wind; while his opponent was behind NRG.

State Rep 5 — Melanie George Marshall — unopposed– voted “not voting” on HCR38

State Rep 6 —                                        — unopposed, special election to follow

State Rep 7 — Bryon Short —  his opponent was for NRG, Connectiv and is an XOXOXO Delmarva lover

State Rep 8 —

State Rep 9 — Richard Cathcart — early Republican wind supporter

State  Rep 10 — Robert Valihura — wrote the bill HCR 38 to force-push wind through the House

State Rep 11 — Gregory Lavalle  — supported Wind early

State Rep 12 — Debbie Hudson — unopposed — voted against HCR38 — leave blank for no confidence

State Rep 13 —

State Rep 14 — Pete Schwartzkoph — early (one of the few Democratic) wind supporter

State Rep 15 — Valerie Longhurst — unopposed– Absent for HCR 38 vote.. no record.

State Rep 16 — James Johnson — unopposed — wind supporter; voted yes on HCR 38

State Rep 17 — Mike Mulrooney — voted for Bluewater Wind on HCR38

State Rep 18 — Terry Spence — signed on to wind early; voted for HCR38

State Rep 19 –Robert Gilligan– voted for HCR 38

State Rep 20 — Nick Manolakos — unopposed– voted for HCR 38

State Rep 21 –Pat Creedon —

State Rep 22 — Rebecca Young — one of the first to twist Democratic arms in favor of Bluewater Wind

State Rep 23 — Theresa Schooley — voted yes to Bluewater Wind on HCR 38.

State Rep 24 — Bill Oberle — voted for Bluewater Wind on HCR 38.

State Rep 25 — John Kowalko — Bluewater Champion.  His opponent is primarily sponsored by wind killers

State Rep 26 — Jeremy Filliben — His opponent was strongly NRG

State Rep 27 –Vince Lofink — was in favor of wind early

State Rep 28–“Johnny” Carson — unopposed

State Rep 29 — “Trey” Paradee — his opponent was bought and paid for by the demons of Delmarva Power.

State Rep 30– William Outten — unopposed — voted “not voting” on HCR38…

State Rep 31– Darryl Scott — his opponent was to busy with nepotism to worry about wind power

State Rep 32–Brad Bennett — his opponent was a Delmarva Stoolie; voted against Bluewater Wind

State Rep 33–Harold Peterman — his opponent voted against wind on HCR 38.

State Rep 34– Donald Blakely — voted yes to Bluewater Wind on HCR 38

State Rep 35–

State Rep 36–George Carey– unopposed– vote no confidence (leave blank) anti- wind

State Rep 37– Helan Truitt — her opponent was one of the roadblocks in the House

State Rep 38– Mary Ryan — her opponent was firmly in the pockets of Delmarva Power…

State Rep 39–Jerry Semper– his opponent voted against HCR 38 to approve Bluewater Wind

State Rep 40– Barbara Hudson– her opponent was not helpful to wind…he voted “NO”

State Rep 41– Greg Hastings– his opponent ran against wind and lost in a special election

New County Council District 12 — Laura Brown– her opponent spent the whole term  at Hooters

Kent County Levy Court 3 — David Anderson — was a protagonist for wind early (was on TV!!!!)

Sussex County 3 — Joan Deaver– Early supporter of wind — her opponent wants to develop the seafloor.

Those of you who are still worried about going to hell and need to do all you can just to stay out…you especially should not vote for these people:  Charlie Copeland, Tony DeLuca, Pam Thornburg, George Carey, Joe Booth, John Atkins, or Gerald Hocker….

All of these thought Delmarva’s profits mattered more than what you were paying for electricity… All of their opponents strongly deserve your support.

Cheaper power for all.

I heard Mike Matthews going off today on Charlie Copeland’s purchase of votes from the Black Community. Essentially the point he was making was that black votes were for sale, and by donating money to certain black pastors in Wilmington, Charlie Copeland could guarantee that the black vote will turn out for him…

Charlie Copeland $200.00 Canaan Baptist Church 9/9/08
Charlie Copeland $250.00 Delaware State University 9/15/08
Charlie Copeland $ 75.00 Ezion-Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church 9/09/08
Charlie Copeland $ 48.00 Newark NAACP 9/11/08
Charlie Copeland $100.00 Newark NAACP 9/16/08
Charlie Copeland $ 96.00 Newark NAACP 9/24/08
Charlie Copeland $ 30.00 Wilmington NAACP 5/28/08
Charlie Copeland $355.00 Wilmington NAACP 9/24/08
Charlie Copeland $ 60.00 Wilmington NAACP 10/21/08
Charlie Copeland $1019.00 Walt’s Flavor Crisp Fried Chicken 10/09/08

Obviously the Black Vote is up for sale

Now I certainly do not want to begrudge Charlie Copeland for trying to buy the black vote… It’s legal. Nor can he decry my pointing it out to everyone… That is legal as well.. In fact … that is why we mandate the publishing of campaign finance reports to bring into the open all that which goes on…

But only because I was curious, and since no one ever asked me how much I would charge to have my vote bought, I couldn’t help but wonder the dollar figure that a black person’s vote is worth….

If you take the 200 members who regularly attend Caanan Baptist Church as a rough guide, that amounts to roughly one dollar per vote… Both electronic and print advertising are far more expensive….

Now of course Charlie won’t say anything but expect his ring wraiths to swarm in and say that those were not direct purchases of votes but were instead just him…(oh I love this) “spreading the wealth around”. You know… just a “little bit of socialism.” But whatever you want to call it, even if it is totally innocent (socialism), it sure is reminiscent of the “old days” when the big Lincoln drove up the dirty streets, you know, in the section of town that had no plumbing…. and money changed hands….

But back to the 21st Century…those days are gone… Lynchings don’t occur these day…. One never takes a black person and puts them up on a stand, and brutalizes them in public, so no other black person will get uppity and try to buck the system…. you know…. just keepin’ ’em in their place…. Those days are gone… Good riddance…

Yep, times are tight, and money is hard to come by….. And it’s silly to look a gift horse in the mouth… especially a stupid gift horse…..

But understanding the grace of God, I am sure we, including Mike Matthews, can relax and count on our black preachers to do the right thing..

Trust me. It is God’s Will which is important… By His grace, they WILL do the right thing….

A Good Delawarean Comparison Between Gubernatorial Candidates

We’ve all been there…

It could be at Cold Stone, Haagan Daas, Ben & Jerry’s, Brewster’s, or even the Dairy Palace….

The question that stumps us all: What Flavor?

We finally decide on a purchase, someway, somehow….

I feel that way with our governor’s race… What Flavor?

We are comparing maple butter pecan to black raspberry here, both are fine quality indeed….. But in the candidates own words, I think the campaign has drawn down to a dead heat, with the only distinguishing factor being whether one looks first to experience, or to innovation as ones first gut reaction when burrowing down against a strong head wind….

Those in the real world know that both qualities do well in a pinch….

I sympathize with John Carney…. As a youngster, there was no one in my field more qualified than myself, to run my organization… I was the expert, the driver, the go-to person, the human specialist who knew exactly what buttons to push to get things done… I had exemplary results to prove it…
(Why do we always think we are the best qualified on the planet, lol)…..

But I got passed over by someone brought in from the outside…. who could only get things done by using my talents… It wasn’t fair…. But if they convinced me to remain aboard, I usually came to the conclusion that several years later that they made the right choice… Things I never would have thought of, we tried, and some of them worked splendidly… We could have always done, what we always did, and gotten what we always got….. but there was a better way… and I learned from it…

People are good at what they do… Most people are not flexible and able to change their personality on a dime…. The trick in personnel placement, is to match the right person to the right task….. Sort of like mapping up the future…

We saw the future clearly on June 30th, 2008… the last day of legislature… Carney riding high on his part in Bluewater Wind, dropped back to even on eminent domain….. Both of those show who he is tied to, who he is part of…

Our state’s most pressing problem is our royalty… Thurman Adams, Tony DeLuca, Harris McDowell, Charlie Copeland, and all who support them, that DO NOT LET THE PEOPLE’S BUSINESS COME TO THE FLOOR TO BE DISCUSSED AND VOTED UPON…..

Now if one is having problems with mob violence in one’s neighborhood, putting a mob boss in charge will most certainly calm things down once the opposition has been completely eradicated, but will do nothing to stop the protection payments from coming out of your pocket….. They may have tommy gun battles among each other, but no one else will get hurt….

Enter Elliot Ness. The playing field has changed… Now cops are getting whacked, political families are targets, the public is terrorized so it will not cooperate, but eventually the public weighs in on the side of the law and the criminals are pulled off the streets…

Life goes on; this time though, the individual shop owners are keeping what used to be protection money and investing it into their businesses…. We have progress, store by store, street by street.

The only parallel this history lesson has with Delaware Today, is that we have a mob….

Do we acquiesce and let the mob run things, and wring our hands and accept it, or do we put someone in that will bring the mob out fighting, so that we the voters can pick them off, one by one….?

Once you the voter have made your choice as to which direction you want this state to go during the next four years, you have decided on which flavor will serve you best ….. Put the man with the talents you need, into the position to take you where you want this state to go……

It is not that hard, really… Just remember “eminent domain” and who the “real” enemy is…….

If seventy-two is too old for McCain, how come very little is said about a seventy-nine eighty year old Democrat from returning from Bridgeville, who never let a vote get taken, on a bill he never liked?  Is there perhaps some connection between his age, and his actions?


Since accolades have been made about how well Senator “Desk Drawer” Adams always keeps his word, why has that not been challenged by his promise to Karen Peterson, that SB 04 would be voted on this session?

One can’t fail to keep ones word, and then be rewarded for never breaking a promise, can they?

(I take that back.  They can as long as the News Journal is the only one reporting on the news.)

A Metaphor Worthy of All of Delaware's Bloggers
Courtesy of Aiming Thoughts At You

I’ll be brief.  Most of Delaware’s bloggers from both all parties (for Steve & Shirley) tend to be progressive.  Even if they are conservatives, they tend to trend towards a progressive conservatism.  Why?  I think the answer is obvious.  If one is going to put oneself on the internet, one is going to try his best to look good….  That is hard to do when supporting a failed policy….  Instead of on the internet, those failed policy supporters can be found behind closed doors, where there is no one challenging their failed assertions.  Places like the General Assembly, leadership of the Republican party, and leadership of the Democrat party, are glaring examples….

I saw one sentence that stands out on Delaware Liberal,  and forgive me if I forgot where…..  Someone decried how sad it was that we had to fight within the Democratic party for progressive ideals….

And yet Tyler Nixon within the Republican party is doing just that, and most of us would agree, he has a tougher time garnering support from his red blooded party than any progressive Democrat would find among their blue blooded brethren.

I think a good moral would be that if one wants a certain agenda, one needs to fight for it….

The conservative element in both parties is playing defense this election cycle.  A golden opportunity exists to overwhelm them with numbers of newly inspired politico’s and (without sounding too much like hyperbole), change the planet.

The change to which I am referring, is not one of a narrow agenda.  It is far more reaching.  It is based on a historical example.  As happened in the forties, after we pragmatically won two massive wars simultaneously in opposite parts of the globe, we looked at problems pragmatically and sought solutions that fixed those problems.  Perhaps the reality of winning battles against formidable enemies, (not Iraqis who surrender on sight), taught us that when doing things effectively, there is residual damage.  It is part of the cost.

Today decisions are based on politics, not science.   Problems such as too much waste, pollution, unnecessary death, are put on hold because they may offend a certain powerful person or powerful group of people….  A question that deserves asking is this simple one…….would Delaware be better if every bill in Adam’s drawer received its time on the floor?  How many helpful ideas have been left to wither because Adam’s would never go for it?

So one example, how to solve our state’s waste problem, is decided not on facts… for they are too boring, but rather on who is “for”, and who is “against” such and such a proposition…  Another example, this time in education, which argues that we can’t use a certain valuable and proven tool to better a child’s knowledge, because the DSEA does not support it..   Why?  Because incompetent personnel might get fired….  So instead,…. now that we are forced to cut back on personnel,  our incompetent teachers who have the greatest tenure, stay, and our best new talent, is laid off.  (A solution based on facts, would be to test the knowledge level of all teachers and keep those who scored highest.)  But alas, politics trumps fact.

Facts used to control our policy.  And progressives of all parties tend to be keen on facts…    I think the population at large backs them for they are considerably factually oriented as well. To me it seems the basic frustration with which citizens feel towards their own government, is that adequate solutions are simply not forthcoming.  Courageous Individual citizens  directly face facts in their jobs, their homes, and sometimes under doctor’s care, and wish that our government would simply do the same.

Progressives can tap into this reservoir of discontent.  Old party regulars cannot.  Therefore anyone willing to sell his reputation to a party line this election cycle, deserves to be dissed this November 4th.

The primary fight is where most of Delaware’s battles will be fought.  I strongly feel that this cycle, Progressives have a duty to engage in an all out fight to restore sanity to our government.  Every Delawarean has a Constitutional right to a state government that offers more than personalities.  They deserve one that offers solutions…

It won’t come without a fight.  It won’t come without action.  It won’t come without some form of sacrifice….  Like a war, it may require an all-out-engagement full of practical solutions.  Like this example:  support progressive candidates irregardless of which party they choose to represent them….  For if we get a simple majority of decision makers, who are concerned with rectifying and undoing the wrongs perpetuated upon us by their predecessors chained to party philosophies that do not work, our lives will get better.

It will take sacrifice to make it happen.  If one is unwilling to stand tall and suffer their slings and arrows, they really have no right to wring their hands and complain, now… do they?

Legislative Logo Senate



WHEREAS,  the Delaware House of Representatives passed HCR 38 by a vote 25 to 11,

WHEREAS, 8 of 21 Delaware State Senators or 74.5% already of the 51% required for passage,  have signed on as a sponsor of HCR 38.

WHEREAS, everyday this topic is forefront in the minds of all Delawareans, whether itt was placed there through news outlets, advertising commercials, or discussions on talk radio,

WHEREAS, more than 90% of Delawareans are in favor of passage of this bill.

WHEREAS, proponents of this legislation have become more vocal as more knowledge is dispensed to the public, and detractors have grown silent, as more knowledge is dispensed to the public,

WHEREAS, negotiations between Delmarva Power and Bluewater Wind have continued for fourteen days under the auspicies of the Senate Majoity Leader, and no agreement has been forthcoming.

WHEREAS, Delmarva Power historically does not negotiate in good faith,

WHEREAS,  reduction of the amount of Bluewater Wind supplied to Delmarva Power by 100 MWh will drastically impact the rates SOS customers will have to pay over the life of the plan, by 1.65 Billion dollars.

WHEREAS,  the current PPA was created over the entire length of 2007 and was agreed to by 3 of the 4 entities required by House Bill 6,  to approve of the plan,

WHEREAS, the public was given input into which concept would be chosen by the Delaware PSC, and overwhelmingly supported the proposal sponsored by Bluewater Wind,

WHEREAS,  Bluewater Wind at $105 dollars per MWh for the next twenty five years, is already cheaper than what Delmarva buys power from Pepco now:  $110 dollars per MWh.

WHEREAS,  Delmarva Power had promised that their opposing bid of  onshore wind would be available for everyone to see, and still, with only 5 sessions left of the 144th General Assembly, they have still not been given to the Public Service Commission, nor published on Delmarva’s own website.

WHEREAS, there are considerable other matters desperately requiring the General Assembly’s attention over the next four sessions, and debate time will be limited if this is not released for a vote immediately,


BE IT RESOLVED:  by the Senate of the 144th General Assembly of the State of Delaware that the members do hereby extend to our current colleague, our current Senate president and a man who has been a good friend of long standing to many in this chamber, the Honorable Thurman Adams— our plea to demand the release of HCR 38, as is required under Delaware Code, Title 29, Chapter 9, Sections S911 should a majority of the Senate’s members request that a certain piece of legislation go on the floor of the Senate for an up or down vote.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that with passage of this petition, that HCR 38 is to be released as the very first item of the Senate’s business on the very next day the Senate is in session.


This resolution forces the release from committee of HCR 38 so that it can be brought to the floor for a vote.

I have heard some hopeful comments from those who have supported the building of the offshore wind farm.  They feel that a compromise of any type will benefit us and we can begin to move forward on this deal.  In their minds they feel that if the deal is not perfect right now, then over time, we can tweak it and make it so…

They need to realize that Delmarva Power, representing the  interests of Pepco Holdings, is thinking exactly the same thing…..

The real question then lies, (as it did on the Supreme Court),  with those who are the swing votes and vote one way on one issue, and the opposite on another….   These people become the targets of speculation each time their turn comes to go on record.  For everyone knows how the hardliners will vote on either side.  It is those in the middle who will carry the day.

Tony Deluca is one such person.  He is sometimes on the side of business, and other times, he is on the side of big labor….  In fact, if one could make any characterization at all, it would be that he votes where the money is.  With over $100,000 in his bank already at January 1st this year, if someone can afford a donation, then Deluca will be their champion….

This is the person acting as arbitrator.

Last February Delaware Watch’s Dana pinpointed Tony DeLuca as being the mastermind behind the early death of the most popular thing to sweep through Delaware this century…. Why would someone struggling so hard to kill Bluewater Wind, be working so hard to save it?

An example can be seen in Delmarva’s behavior during the last time talks transpired. You may remember if you were following this topic closely last fall. Delmarva spent the entire summer negotiating with Bluewater Wind on the terms which would be necessary, if the deal were to go through. Then, in the last hour of the last day, Delmarva added an asterisk to almost every clause which said they had recanted and approved nothing within the signed agreement containing their signatures, and that the signed agreement was null and void. Surprise!

The terms agreed to were actually quite favorable to Delmarva…. but nevertheless, after all that time was wasted, they walked away…. Fortunately it did not kill the deal, for the agreed plan was actually very good, and the PSC saw that it could work out to everyone’s best interests. So the PSC forced the two parties into a sort of binding arbitration, with the honorable Hammermesh presiding…..

So why would Delmarva waste any time in negotiations, especially when they already have a court case on the docket in Georgetown, unless it was to……….waste time before the clock runs out? Everyone knows that the way you keep the clock running, is to pretend that you are agreeable to your antagonist’s demands…. Then,.. at the last minute…………………

Any Senator has only to look at one Harris McDowell and whisper to himself,…..I never want to be in his shoes…..That poor fellow is a pariah in his own chamber. If the wind farm issue is ever settled, perhaps one can then feel sorry for each time he walks out into the main hallway, where numbers of bystanders point him out and whisper among each other of his notoriety. That poor Delmarva chump has to occasionally hear it….

Therefore to the public it is obvious that one must appear as being a friend of wind power, even if one is sworn to Delmarva to be committed to killing it. This opportunity being provided to Tony DeLuca is perfect for this arrangement. He can play the referee, dressed in his black and whites, and play the dedicated public servant on the lookout for fouls, all the while working to throw the game over to his home team….

But most troubling is that these negotiations are being conducted from the point of weakness on the part of Bluewater Wind….If the talks fail, then a Senate vote may or may not be scheduled at the convenience of Thurman Adams….. The longer go the talks, the higher rises the chance there will be no settlement this session…..

What needs to happen, is that Senators upon the floor, need to petition the President Pro Tempore to release HCR 38 upon the floor. If that petition carries, then the vote will be cast. Delmarva in that case is arguing from the point of weakness. If they fail to negotiate sufficiently, then the 300 MWh plan will sail through the Senate…. That is how it should be run. The fact that it was not, means that something nefarious is afoot after all…….

Of course on this beautiful optimistic day, one could see that there are some signs that point the other direction. One of which is that John Carney needs this deal to go through in order to win in September Two, a grateful public would not mind as much if a newer version of Tom Sharp took over the Senate Pro Tempore next session….Third, if Delmarva can wiggle out of being forced to buy wind from a non Pepco source, and the Municipals pick up the slack…..they may just decide to play along, since they will be charging us the highest possible prices for our electricity after all. Bluewater Wind, may be able to move forward faster and once the original set of turbines is built, they will have unlimited buyers for their renewable credits and cheap energy from future expansions to the offshore wind farm…… Unfortunately it won’t be coming to us….. We got sold out.

So like someone who sees their spouse’s hands all over some party guest……they can for awhile reassure themselves it is just in fun, but at one point later in their sleep, their brain puts all the pieces of the puzzle together, and they wake up suddenly in a cold sweat, feeling they’ve been hit in the stomach…….

Negotiations continue between Bluewater Wind and Delmarva. Despite an imposed gag order of the megavolt discussion going on in DeLuca’s office , there are a a couple of kilowatts of information which have leaked out… some from one side, and some from the other…. And of course, there is some misinformation as well, as is usual in negotiations with which the public is heavily involved….

Much of the discussion centers upon whether Bluewater Wind will supply 30% of our electricity with clean, cheap, and stable prices lasting twenty five years….


Will they supply 20% of our electricity with chean, cheap, and stable prices lasting twenty five years…

Let us look at how that affects rate payers…. Let’s assume that in 5 years, our rates will have climbed as high as Hawaii’s are today…. $200 per megawatt. As most of you know by now, Bluewater Wind will provide wind generated electricity at a cheaper $105 dollar cost per megawatt.

What Delmarva will do, is average all the power they receive from different sources, and determine an average cost (cough, cough) and tack their approved 4% increase on top of that….. “carrying charges.”

Therefore we can use math to create a model which will determine how our costs will be affected by the current proposal, and how much it will cost if the reduced proposal becomes the finalized version.

With Bluewater Wind contributing thirty percent of our load, it looks like this…

30% @ $105 + 70% @ $200 = $171.50 per MWh X 4% Delmarva charge = $178.36

With Bluewater Wind contributing only 20% or our total:……..

20% @ $105 + 80% @ $200 = $181.00 per MWh X 4% Delmarva charge = $188.24

The difference is $10 per MWh. Not much, really….. Or is it?

Divided by 1000 to get our kilowatt/hour price, our two choices are 0.178 cents or 0.188 cents per every kilowatt hour we use for the next twenty five years…

The standard amount of electricity used per home for calculations of this type, is usually 1000 kilowatt/hr per month. (It simplifies calculations) But you can do these calculations using your own electric bills if you wish to determine how much your household will be paying….

So using a 1000 kilowatt/hours per month, the penny price difference comes to a rough figure of $10 per month….

I hope most of you catch the irony of this….We heard for the last eighteen months, that Delmarva Powers was looking out for its customers, by fighting a $6 increase on their monthly electric bill. But, lo and behold….they are negotiating right now with Senator Tony DeLuca to raise your bill $10 a month. (I’m shocked…Outraged….there’s gouging going on in here…. (here are your winnings, sir) Oh thank you….)

Obviously, twenty five years is a long time… If you are over 65 right now, there is a chance you may not live out the end of the contracts being signed today…. So if one takes that $10 dollars a month, and determines it will cost a customer $120 dollars a year, and $3000 over the life of the contract, then all of Delaware is going to pay (using 550,000 Delmarva customers as a base) ……………
………..$1,650,000,000 or 1.65 Billion Dollars of Delaware’s income, will be sucked from all of us by this reduction of 100 MW being supplied by Bluewater Wind.

Not to belabor the obvious, but that is $1.65 billion we can’t spend at local restaurants, ..That is $1.65 billion we can’t spend at our grocery stores…. That is $1.65 billion we can not put towards our retirement. That is $1.65 billion we will not have to pay for our uncovered medical expenses…. That is $1.65 billion we can’t pay for our sewer bills, our water bills, our cable bills, or gas or propane bills, our gasoline bills, .. that is $1.65 billion we can’t pay for our credit card bills, and how many Delawareans do they employ?

So the cost may be sold to us as being small, just as a single point on our interest rate is often sold as being tiny…. But the long term effects over time, are a different story… It is not about whether or not it will cost us anymore…It is about realizing the fact that the Delawarean Senate can vote tomorrow to force the agreed PPA forward and we will then be able to invest that $1.65 billion over the next twenty five years in something productive, …instead of letting Delmarva siphon it straight up to Pepco Holdings, from whence we will see nary an economic ripple…….