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So, can someone tell me again, why we shouldn’t tax the rich, and instead, balance the budget on the backs of everyone else?…….

I seem to be missing that little detail where that all makes sense……

A group of insurance adjusters were commenting about the job security that Hurricane Irene had given them.

“I’ve got a huge, new pile of claims laying on my desk, every morning when I come in…” said one…

“It’s actually kind of fun” said another… “Deny, Deny, Deny… I can be done by noon…”

“Isn’t that wrong?” asked someone not in the insurance business?

“No, number one rule, is always deny the first time. They can always appeal…”

Ring a bell?

You all felt it on the East Coast, shaking windows and hanging lights; moving top floors a few inches in each direction….

The USGS provides some rather interesting data. Originally listed as being <.1 kilometer, that correlates to 316.8 ft. The data has sensed been revised to stand at this writing, at 6 km, or 3 miles and 1281.6 yds,,, Only once before did this area experience a quake.

A quick satellite look at the epicenter shows an area crisscrossed with drilling roads and well sites.

What is at stake is the natural gas buried under the Marcellus Shale. This shale is impermeable and trapped the methane gas decomposing underneath. Most old wells went down to the shale level and stopped. Since 2009, new technology uses wastewater and high pressure to fracture that shale layer. Once fractured, the gas can escape upwards…..

Now, imagine filling up an old bathtub with sand… then going to sleep on it…. It would be quite comfortable… Now suppose your significant other brings in a garden hose, turns it on and leaves it. At first the water goes into the sand. Eventually the water gets too much, that the sand/water mix can no longer hold up your weight, and you go splat, to the bottom of the tub.

That is what happens to whole layers of rock when this process is applied. All the layers of rock on top, suddenly drop several feet. Whoomp…

This whoomp covered the whole east coast….

Two years ago, a team fracking (fracturing the shale layer) in central WV, caused a tremor felt outside of Pittsburgh, PA… In the past year, West Virginia, a state that has never had seismic activity, is suddenly being shaken with 2.2 to 3.4 tremors…

This video gives you some insight into the problems that come with fracking. And this industry video shows the protections that are in place when frakking is involved. Take note of how the drill sites are set up.

Officials in WV, usually company operators themselves have dismissed any connection between the new technology being developed across their state, and all the new earthquakes that have come out of nowhere during the same time.

The same occurrence took place in Arkansas. Fracking and novel earthquakes. And not just on this continent, but a 3 mile deep well drilled near Basil, Switzerland caused a 3.4 earthquake in that geologically tame region, so the well was shut down. (Unlike WV, neither Switzerland or Arkansas receive 75% of their income from energy) Out of Memphis, Steve Horton, an earthquake specialist at the University of Memphis and hydrologic technician with the U.S. Geological Survey notes: “Ninety percent of these earthquakes that have happened since 2009 have been within 6 kilometers of these salt water disposal wells,”

Likewise, ever since the West Virginia Oil and Gas Commission forced the disposal companies to cut back on their injection rate and pressure, the professor said, the earthquakes there seem to have dissipated. (Recently WV put emergency rules in place that require operators to file water management plans when using saltwater for fracking. The emergency rules require operators to file water management plans when using more than 210,000 gallons, citing the source and anticipated volume of withdrawals, as well as measures to protect aquatic life. The companies also must list their “anticipated additives” and say how they plan to dispose of wastewater.

Arkansas went one step further. They place a moratorium on fracking to see if there was a correlation between the two. The data was implicating, but not totally conclusive. In ten days preceeding the moratorium, Arkansas experienced 100 quakes with it’s largest quake in 35 years at 4.7. In the following six months, 60 quakes occurred and only one was over a 3. Most were between 1.2 and 2.8. After shocks.

Just two Virginia counties away, permits to frack have already been sought in Rockingham County by a Carrizo Marcellus, LLC, a Texas company.

And as any driller in Central Virginia knows, there is a wide belt of phyllite bedrock that extends across central Virginia through eastern Albemarle and western Louisa counties. This is a very soft rock that does not have the ability to hold open fractures under the confining pressures that exist beneath the surface. As a result, groundwater is scarce, and successful wells are difficult to construct.
Compare this map with this satellite photo and see how the area of phyllite bedrock matches the area that is too poor a quality to farm and remains forested for that reason….
geological chart of VAsatellite photo of central VACourtesy of

Below is a Google Map shot where the green arrow pinpoints the coordinates of the August 23rd epicenter, 5 miles south of Mineral, VA.

wide shot of area near epicenter of quake

Next is a shot of the homestead on whose property the quake was centered (remember originally it was only 300 feet below the surface.)

homestead near epicenter in Mineral Va

Seeing some interesting uncharacteristic activity, here is the closeup of that picture above. Use the zoom function or your own computer to let you zoom in closer.

What The Fuck Did You Do?  They felt it in Toronto!!!!!

These structures are different from any other buildings in the area. There also are a lot of heavy equipment on the property.

And notice the surrounding soil is a different color.

Looking northeast of the green arrow on the top of the three images, one sees, across the expanse of forest, what looks like a new road, bright white the ends in a circle.

What an odd place for the fanciest road in Louisa County

On that circle are several pieces of equipment. Remember the video that depicts the white covering of a well site, as well as berm appearing on the north side? It looks eerily similar.

Franking paraphanelia

At the end of the circle, one can see tracks continuing over the area, quite possibly to wildcat drill sites. And what is peculiar, is that the road shows up brilliantly on the satellite, but on the map version of Google Maps, it does not… (Maps are updated faster than the satellite photos.) Whereas the driveway into the previous owners property is mapped out,this one is not.

It’s all rather interesting, and needs further proof. To arrive whether it is definitely a possibility of having a man-made quake scare the crap out of the entire east coast, but as they say in a courtroom, there is the preponderance of evidence that it is so…..


Quakes happened across the world in stable areas far from faults, once fracking is done.

As soon as fracking is done with less pressure, or discontinued, the quakes stop. Despite the practice occurring in several different geographical and geological areas.

Satellite photos show drilling activity near the epicenter of the August 23rd quake.

Surprisingly, no permit was filed with the Department of Virgina Mining Bureau, or Louisa County for this activity.

Every driller knows that Louisa County, is permeated with a very soft shale that shatters extremely easily.

And unbeknown to most of you, another quake occurred almost simultaneously, in southern Colorado near the New Mexican Border, at very similar latitude in an area also crisscrossed by mining roads and drilling activity…. A 5.8 at 1:46 EDT… Ours was a 5.8 at 1:51….
same scenario different place

This is the guy he wants to handle America’s finances…. Oh man, what a horrible faux paux… One must wonder. Did Huckabee go to school? Or is his knowledge, based entirely from his reading the strips of toilet paper (newspapers).. kept inside his state’s bathrooms (Arkansas outhouses).. …

Can you believe a presidential candidate even dared to say this is who should replace Geithner? What does he do all day, watch TV?

Of course it’s fun and games… but you bet the paparazzi would be watching closely when Trump and Germany’s Angela Merkel get together…. looking for a little face-plant there…

That has got to be the dumbest thing ever said in Iowa…..

In today’s political world, the embattled progressives are ironically in the same position American forces found themselves in Afghanistan around the time Obama was sworn in………

Things do not seem to be going well at all….

They did not get the Bush tax cuts off the books. Those tax cuts are still sending jobs overseas. They did not get single payer health care; insurers still limit health care. And now, many of the federal programs supporting the economies in their districts, are about to be eradicated….

“If only” Obama had stood tough!.. “If only” Democrats were better negotiators and didn’t give up everything at the drop of the hat… “If only” the Democrats worked harder last December to get the Bush tax cuts not reinstated. “If only” Democrats hadn’t lost the House last election, things would be different. “If only” Obama hadn’t sold us out! “If only” Obama had a spine. “If only” Democrats hadn’t caved and given Republicans 100% of what they want…“If only” the media would educate the public. “If only” truth was allowed on the airwaves….

The Progressives should not base their future strategy on “what-ifs” and “if only’s” as Progressives (especially here in Delaware) are prone to do. Such an approach is not “reality-based.”

It is instead, “hope-based”, which is to say in reality … “illusion-based”…

The illusion persists that Obama can “make” Republicans do what Progressive want. It equals the illusion that the US, can “make” the government of Karzai, do what everything we want…

In both cases, both progressives and the US, can’t force the issue. Instead, what they have to do, is out-argue, snuggle-up, and win the battle of the minds; they have to convince the respective populations that if they follow their way, the population will be better off.

With this bill, we now have a “reality” to assist with that convincing…

The core of all the arguing, is the hypothesis that America needs to tax it’s wealthy a little more.

When American’s go to the polls in 2012, they will have begun to feel the effects on the economy of what happens when one cuts $100 billion a year. Just like the balanced budget deficit bill of 1937 pushed America back into depression, so will this bill.

Progressives need to be out there saying, “We told you this would happen; see? We were right all along; all you have to do is tax the wealthy and this all goes away…..”

Unfortunately (or rather fortunately), there will not be a World War III to pull us out of this next upcoming depression… We will just have to spend Federal Dollars as if there was one. Which means, we have to return to the top marginal tax rates of 1941 – 1945…

So yes, there are no new revenues in this bill. Had there been, the reality would be that the House would have allowed a default.

But the argument can now begin… anew,… starting tomorrow! That increases in taxes cause an increase in jobs….. Had another default issue been allowed to occur again before the election, that argument would have been held hostage once again…

Now, it can’t… It can’t…. The argument of “good taxation” will get out there. This future election will be all about job creation…..

The Tea Party and Progressives both make the same error. They feel that holding another side hostage to get their way, is acceptable. That is not how America works. Often we fail, to remember that America is the one who put the Republicans into the position they did. Likewise, it was the Americans who put Democrats in the same position, two years earlier.

This argument needs to be played out over the course of an election cycle. The Americans themselves need to weigh in on this argument. Each side must argue their case.

It comes down to Clinton’s way… versus Bush’s…..

Start changing minds.

Antimatter exists... It's real!
Photo courtesy of {right click for full view}

While all eyes were focused on the fake news event of galactic proportions… ie, Camping’s prediction, real shattering events in the world of science were actually taking place… which stretched out to the extreme may one day, like Star Trek and Star Wars, send men at warp speed to distant galaxies…

Antimatter… the opposite of matter, was found and held for 16.6 minutes…. That is plenty of time to bring another hydrogen atom damn smack into it… Creating, something magnificent…creating results bordering on what we don’t know yet ….

Trust numbers, not people… Math predicted their existence, and even though no one quite new how to find them, most accepted them on mathematical evidence… In my lifetime, and yours, this great event took place…. and went unnoticed for several weeks, because the world was ending….. not…

Praise be to mankind, who has grasped the inner workings of matter itself… Praise be to Europeans, … who did not kill their super collider as did America’s numbskull republicans…..

Today Markell announced for the benefit of Colin Bolini and David Anderson, that he had rolled the top marginal rate down two tenth’s of one percent…

That number drops the top marginal rate to 6.7% down from 6.9%……

If you are making $60,000 dollars, the bottom tier where this begins, that percentage will save you…… $120 dollars….

If you reported an income of $1 million, you now have…… $2000 in your pocket…..

If your income is at $10,000,000 you are keeping an extra $20,000 in your pocket…

The whole principal behind tax cuts is that it frees up money that flows through the economy.

That principal is flawed.

If you received $20,000 would you buy stuff? Especially when you probably already had, with an income of that level, everything you could possibly want?….
No, you would put it in the bank and use it to buy investments, which do absolutely nothing for the economy.,…

If you received $2000, would you spend it all on a purchase? No, at that income level you would consolidate and pay down some debt. Again, that is good for you, but it does nothing for the economy.,….

If you are like Al Mascitti, and get $120 dollars as a surprise gift…. Do you spend it? Yes probably, but most likely it gets spent at Atlantic City……. Again, it helps their economy, but does nothing for ours…

We need to debunk this myth that tax cuts help anyone. They don’t…

The solid sure fire way to get an economy roaring IS to do what Markell did, but with strings attached.

The string is that, we will let you have this tax cut, only if you spend it in Delaware… And the best way to do that, is to deduct an expense invested in Delaware from the taxes owed at the end of the year...

Make investing in Delaware a deductible, and then our economy will grow. Make it for both individuals and businesses, then, we will grow twice as fast….

All that money saved from state workers taking a 2% pay cut, some losing their jobs, and others losing their benefits, just got pissed away…….

We need to be smarter next year…….

Let’s say you live in a neighborhood where all the homes are priced at $200,000. Suddenly an army of buyers arrives who want desperately to move into the neighborhood. You were not really interested in selling before, but now a buyer offers you $400,000 for your $200,000 house. What are you going to say?

This analogy comes from Dan Dicker in his book: Oil’s Endless Bid: Taming The Price of Oil To Secure Our Economy

“That’s what’s going on in oil,” Dicker says. “You have this army of people who have been flooding into a brand new neighborhood and they’ve had to inspire somebody to sell and the only way you can do that is pay an outrageous price for it.”

Among the biggest winners in the new oil markets are investment banks like Goldman Sachs (GS) and Morgan Stanley (MS), which create new products for clients and then use that information to trade on the products. In 2004 and 2005, Goldman Sachs made $1.5 billion a year trading oil, Dicker says. In the first half of 2009 alone, the firm made $3.4 billion oil trading profits. Who paid the extra $1.9 billion? You did. Firms like Goldman are not taking bets that oil will move lower or higher. Trading simply means naming a spread of buy and sell prices from which they can eke out tiny but regular profits, a business without risk.

But aren’t those buying high supposed to be balanced by those buying low?

Dicker says that is primarily because almost all oil investments being sold by the big investment banks are long trades – bets that the price will go up. While it’s also possible to short oil ETFs, no one does. So that’s heads ever skyward.

“There is no supply issue going on here – what you have is the perception of the possibility of a supply issue,” Dicker says. “A whole bunch of people are pouring money into an oil market trying to take advantage of what they perceive to be a real risk in supply. It’s a marketplace that I argue should not be allowed to be wagered on like a stock or bond.”

Dicker notes that Libya produces only 1.3 million barrels of oil a day, just a tiny fraction of the world oil market. Even if Libyan crude were lost to the world market in the current turmoil, and there is no sign that it is, Saudi Arabia has 5 million barrels a day to use in case of an emergency.

When the 2008 economic crisis froze all financial markets and investors stampeded to the sidelines, the true price of a barrel of crude oil became known: $32. It’s now hovering at around $110 thanks entirely to investor demand, he says.

Delawares Gas Prices 72 Months
Chart Courtesy of GasBuddy.Com

How do we again get it under control?

“If the government stepped in and regulated oil trading so that only investors with a genuine interest in the physical product, such as airlines and heating oil companies, could buy and sell oil futures, then the price of oil would fall by 50% overnight and our economy would be much better off.”

But instead, what we have is a new venue on which to gamble. One promising great rewards.

One of the reasons Dicker is calling for greater regulation of the oil market is that no one really knows how large it is or what is going on it on a day-to-day basis. In fact, it reminds Dicker of the market for credit default swaps, which brought down the insurance giant AIG and forced the government into a $180 billion bailout.

Bottom line, everyday Americans are getting jerked around by these investors. Thanks to them we essentially borrowed money from our Social Security Fund, to put into our gas tanks. Every extra little bit we get from our Social Security Tax cut this year, so far has gone into our gas tank with no benefit at all to our economy. These increases at the pump, all flow up and stop…. at Goldman Sacs and Morgan Stanley (and smart individual investors like me). They don’t go to the gas stations, they don’t go to the oil companies, they don’t go to Libya….

Regulation, Regulation, Regulation…. It worked from the Great Depression of the 1930’s thru to 2006….Only when we deregulated in 2006, and allowed the infusion of computerized investment, did the prices at the pumps begin to soar over “whims” of mid-east crises. –

Remember back in December when individual analysts from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Chase & Co. and Bank of America, Merrill Lynch were quoted across headlines, saying gas would hit $4 this summer?

Of course that’s what they’d say……………..

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to pour over this weekends news and pull out any blatant falsehoods being offered to anyone with a microphone, by the outdated, obsolete, and obstinate Republican Party… Some Democrats comments showed up as well.

Republicans objected because, according to Sen. Michael Enzi, R-Wyo., they were not given time to review the specific language of the proposals beforehand.

Wrong! They were given 48 more hours than Democrats ever received when Republican controlled both houses.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Democrats are “intent on passing this health care bill that the American people oppose.

Wrong! The only people opposing this plan are insurance executives… They amount to 0.006% of the population… That means that 99.994% of America supports updating Health Care to a better plan….

H.R. Congressman Bob Latta, says #3962 will cost taxpayers over $1.3 trillion dollars over the next ten years, including $729.5 billion in new taxes on small businesses, penalties assessed to individuals who cannot afford health coverage, and penalties assessed to employers who cannot afford to provide coverage that meet federal bureaucrats’ standards.

Wrong! It will not cost taxpayers a penny. It will save America $500 billion dollars over what Americans would have spent on health care without this reform… American CAN NOT AFFORD TO WASTE another $500 Billion that we currently overpay for taking care of our bodies….

H.R. 3962 creates a government-run insurance program that could cause as many as 114 million Americans to lose their current coverage.

Under the insurance plans that passed the House and now under debate in the Senate, almost all Americans will receive health care coverage at a cost far less than they are paying now, and will have more conditions covered than they currently do… Under this plan NO AMERICAN WILL LOSE THEIR COVERAGE. But it would be nice if all Republicans did so they would understand just what the rest of America as lived through since 2000.

The government-run insurance plan will be administered by a newly-created Health Care Commissioner and a “Health Benefits Advisory Committee” who will have the ultimate say in your health care decisions- NOT you or even your doctors .”

Wrong! Instead of those Insurance executives primarily worried about whether to buy their 8th or 9th beach front house property, you and your doctor WILL MAKE the appropriate decision regarding your healthcare… The whole purpose of this bill is to bring back the power to doctors and patients regarding their own healthcare, and to take that determination entirely away from the insurance executives who have royally screwed up the once great United States health care system since the year 2000.

. As Congress moves forward with the larger comprehensive health care debate, we should consider the benefits and flexibility of state-based reform.”

Wrong! This plan is only in place to give Health Insurance Companies the ability to keep the monopolies they have in state… The only way to bust those monopolies that steal roughly $500 billion of our national inheritance, is to establish a national plan that drops costs 50% over what state’s could ever offer… Do you want to pay 50% more and get 50% less? Insurance Executives and Republicans want you to pay more so they can buy that extra house….

This Health Care Bill will put the American people and our Children and their Children in bad DEBT!!!

This Health Care Bill saves America money. When you go into debt sometimes you have to work to get more money. The rich have money… Tax them like we used to, (they prospered then) and we won’t go into debt…. Tax them fairly, and all will be well…

Oops… looks like I found my quota on just one site.


No, it’s not what you think…

but it is seripenditious that it occurred on the same day that we are discussing Fox News as simply an attack organization, and not one that has any new value what so ever…

I dropped TV.

I have one of those three way plans, and I dropped TV

How does it feel? The same as when your mother-in-law leaves home from visiting. Some things about it were nice, but overall, their presence was an intrusion…. interfering with the normal flow of things.


I don’t use it.

And it is odious whenever I check things out.

And as for news, it is usually half a day or far behind the cutting edge I call reality…

So why keep it?

The only one solitary reason for having a television hooked up, Battlestar Galactica, has finished..

Even local news, WHYY is being discontinued.

The internet has taken over…

Really, who needs television?

I’ll keep you posted if I change my mind…

(My kids hate me but have already channeled their energy into far more productive things, as did our ancestors.) We are quite pleased.