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Does America truly need Joe Biden as its president?

That is a surprise question to many of you who have given thought only to the top three front runners in each party, and to which of those three, you will give your vote……..

But assume instead that you start with the basics and think for a second about what this country needs for its president. Then from that criteria which you came with, you look to the candidates and see how they compare to your own assessment…..

Want to try it? ….Let’s begin ….What does America need?…..

For one America needs to move past politics-as-usual…Currently every time one party gives, the other one takes, causing a tug of war “across the aisle” that has disfranchised almost every American towards their own government.

For two, America need someone responsible to us, and not the corporate benefactors that finance the campaigns…….

For three, America needs someone with experience, who is not green and must “learn on the job.” Unfortunately the Republicans have left a huge mess that must be cleaned up before the next watch…..We need someone who already knows what needs to be done.

Fourth. Americans are in dire need of another FDR. Someone who talks like us, thinks like us, and comes from a background just like us…We do not need another aristocratic Washingtonian who thinks that if it’s not on the Mclaughlin Report, it really doesn’t matter.

Fifth. Americans need someone with stature to return respect back to our White House and our country. We are in need of a George Washington who can keep a tight ship, and groom this next generation of independent thinkers into effective leaders for years to come…….

We do not need to worry who has the best health care plan…That will get settled in Congress…Nor will we have to worry about who has the best economic plan. That too will get settled in Congress. What we do need to worry about, are the unseen events that will rise up and bite us in the future….What we do have to worry about is whether we have a balanced person is in charge of our country, and not another round of what we have today………And, of course, we do need to worry about how much we, as a nation, are living on borrowed money……

So against those criteria, how does each the candidate stand?

The first criteria was to put politics aside and begin to fix a broken America…..I do not see many people cooperating willingly with Hillary. Of course not much cooperation was given to Reagan during his first two years either, ….but those who hate her husband, still may not be willing to follow her bidding just because she says so……unless she wins by 80% of the vote. That magnitude of an event tends to change things. Nor can I see Capitol Hill giving much initial respect for Huckabee who has not served in Washington. Obama although “clean” on his Iraq vote, really hasn’t served long enough to give him clout among the “old school,” ie he has yet to be re-elected even to his own Senate seat……Giuliani will totally confuse the entire Congress with his multiple cell phone interruptions. Edwards with his haircut, will also inherit Obama’s problem of not serving long enough to understand exactly how to get things done…..But I can see Biden, working both sides of the aisle to get legislation passed quickly. And of all the candidates, he has both the experience and respect of knowing all the ins and outs of Capitol Hill….

Secondly, we will need someone loyal and responsible to us…who will say “screw you to the corporate sponsors”….Currently both Hillary and Obama owe their office to a whole slue of “someones” …. Their campaign money did not come from us, you and me……..Once in, they will have no choice but to fulfill the agenda of those who paved their way with green. That is exactly what happened in 2000. We would be fools to do it again….The way out, the way to change, is to vote for someone who is running on a shoe string…someone who reaches out for 5, 10, 20 dollars from average citizens. So of the candidates, which ones owe someone else big-time? Obama, Hillary, Edwards, Giuliani, McCain, Romney. And who of the candidates doesn’t? All the second tier candidates on both sides…..So in this category any front runner at this stage is bad, any one in back of the pack is better.

Thirdly. America needs an experienced hand on the wheel, as we bounce over the lack of a road in our near future…..Hillary has it. She has worked hard, and grudgingly even Republicans have called her the main work horse in the Senate. Biden too has legislated through the aftermath of the Vietnam years, the years of malaise, the bounce-back Reagan years, the collapse of the USSR years, the Saddam, Bin Laden, and now the Iran years….His foreign expertise is unparalleled. Whereas Hillary has had 6 full years of being in office, Biden has had thirty-four. The others: Dodd (32), McCain (24), Ron Paul (16), Edwards (6), Obama (3), , Guiliani (a mayor?) Romney (0), Huckabee (0) have far less….

Fourth: Americans need another FDR. Biden has lived in Delaware and commuted on the Federally financed Amtrak every day back and forth. He is not a millionaire. The other person running who’s not millionaires is Huckabee, We need someone who hears, and truly understands, how energy costs too much, how gasoline companies are gouging us, and how financially difficult it is to buy Chinese toys only to throw them away because they are contaminated. We need, at least during this election cycle, someone who is more comfortable in a fire hall than in an entrance hall of some mansion…..Others may complain about long-windedness in a politician. ButI like it.. At least with loquaciousness, we know where that person stands….unlike those who cryptically say they are for clean water, then raise the arsenic level as soon as they’re sworn into office….

Finally we need someone with stature to return respect back to our country and to the White House. Taints of scandal will always be associated with Hillary….Do we want the endless train of veiled accusations pumped out by right wingers with nothing else to do? Huckabee too has his skeletons …Guiliani …(well…he comes from New York)….Romney will never escape the flip flop stigma (after all… he comes from Massachusetts) Biden is not a new face…We have seen him every Sunday on the talk show circuits…..Any time there is foreign crisis, he is there, explaining it to America in real language we can understand.

So if one takes each of these 5 values as being what one wants their president to represent, they can then compare all the candidates to see how they rank when stacked in each of those 5 categories?

1) Respect from both sides of the aisle in Congress. Hillary, Biden, McCain, Paul, and Dodd.

2) Someone without a “corporate” sponsor. Biden, Kucinich, Dodd, Edwards, Huckabee, Paul.

3) Foreign Policy Experience: Biden, Dodd, Paul, Kucinich, Hillary, McCain

4) The Common Touch: Biden, Paul, Huckabee, McCain

5) Stature: Biden, Obama,

Results: Biden (5), Paul (4), McCain (3), Dodd (3), Hillary (2), Huckabee (2), Kucinich (2), Edwards (1), Obama (1). All other candidates ranked 0………

Based on what you have just said you want your president to be,… Biden leads the pack….

Of course that is not what you hear our news channel polls telling us? Not at all. They’re are telling you who Corporate America wants to win, which after suffering over the last seven years, I am afraid would continue to be bad for all of us….Obviously the media can attempt to misinform you, but they can’t change your vote…..Under the American Constitution, it is up to you to make the right choice. And as you have just found out, based on your own parameters, Joe Biden may just do the trick…….

If you haven’t already, he is worth a second look…….

The only thing political observers will consent to at this early date, is that the media seems to be pushing for a battle between these two…

And remembering some of the early campaigning done by Rudy against Hillary, before he dropped out, one can expect as many negative ads as republican money can buy….

And Hillary is no pushover.  Her large campaign chest has already spent some development and testing of ads targeting Rudy Giuliani….

So who benefits from two fearless candidates who will sling mud with no provocation?

Media outlets and advertisers.

They would make far less were a Ron Paul to run against a Joe Biden……..

Which would explain why Romney is second on the Republicans side, and Obama holds that spot on the Dem’s side.

Who cares who is best for the country?  The media just wants paid…….

Hillary announced her health care proposal today. She calls for universal health care that is privately run, not government run.

Edwards and Richardson say their health care plans are better, and that they offered theirs sooner….

But the most fun will be had with Mitts remark. Today, Republican Mitt Romney, in New York City for a fundraising stop, criticized Clinton’s proposal, saying, “‘Hillary care’ continues to be bad medicine … in her plan, we have Washington-managed health care. Fundamentally, she takes her inspiration from European bureaucracies.”

However…………you know he slipped up, ……..he is Mitt after all.

The centerpiece of Clinton’s latest effort is the so-called “individual mandate,” requiring everyone to have health insurance just as most states require drivers to purchase auto insurance. The plan that Romney helped institute while governor of Massachusetts requires the same individual insurance mandate as Clinton’s and uses state subsidies to help reduce the cost of private coverage.

Since then, Romney has said he would leave it up to the states to decide whether they supported such a mandate.

So if one uses pure logic, assuming that Hillary’s plan is bad medicine, and Romney implemented the same type of plan in Massachusetts, then it must also follow that Romney’s plan is bad medicine……..

So Mitt Romney, tell us if her plan is so bad, why did you do it when you were governor? Or are you implying that only ideas that come from you are good, from all others suspect?

If that is so, then no thanks Mitt……We have already suffered from 7 years of someone who makes his decisions “because I/m right” and it doesn’t work…………

He may survive because his slip was over shadowed by Giuliani’s comment. While campaigning in Florida, Republican Rudy Giuliani said Clinton’s plans was a “pretty clear march to socialized medicine.”

Which means (as was previously pointed out with Giuliani’s Iraq policy), that he has no idea of what he is talking about, because of course,…..his time is spent being far too engaged with the ladies.

You may not like Hillary Clinton……perhaps her negatives are too high for you……but regardless of what you think of her personality and politics, she comes from New York. And that makes her something…………

You may think I came to praise her, but I am really going in the opposite direction and praising New York. What gives Hillary her credibility, is that some of the greatest people on earth chose her to be their Senator……

There is something different about New York. Not just the city, but the entire state has a distinctive unique characteristic. I guess it stems from the fact that no one, no one intimidates them. They don’t prance around Celia-like to politicians; they hold them accountable. Either the politician performs, or “he’s outta there.” ( The fact that a majority of them ‘dis Giuliani, speaks highly of them also. )

Today I got this snippet of news from the paper of a tiny little town near Minot…….It was an AP announcement that was deemed irrelevant every where but North Dakota……. It was an “A ha” moment, because it provides a solution that may have some bearing on Delmarva’s recalcitrance to “play ball by the rules.”

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is investigating five major energy companies to determine if plans to create coal-fired power plants present an undisclosed financial risk to investors.

There are so many parallels to our situation. First both of our Attorney Generals are sons of famous political fathers. Second, if creating coal fired power plants presents an undisclosed financial risk to investors, what does that say about Delmarva, who is spurning Blue Water Wind, a triple A+ investment, for continuing to receive power from coal fired power plants, a triple F- investment?…….

Obviously New York is staging an “strong offense” as their primary “defense” to open the Long Island Sound Wind Farm. Should they succeed and open their wind farm before Delmarva allows us to open ours, we might as well turn all positive financial growth opportunities for this state, over to them………..

What is ironical is that their AG is suing the “old school” of power generation for the same reason Delmarva is suing to stop the “new school” of power generation.

As I mentioned in a comment over on Tommywonk, one option we have is for our AG to sue Delmarva Power for presenting an undisclosed risk to the people of Delaware by their not allowing us a healthy, environmentally friendly, and far cheaper electricity than we pay already……But ideally, taking the investors side of the equation would be much cleaner, easier to prosecute, and based on evidence found in Delawares blogs, and all over the internet, ….”a slam dunk.”

As I pointed out before, Delmarva bases their cost on figures consumers were paying BEFORE THE 60% RATE HIKES TOOK EFFECT IN MAY 2006. (All their calculations use 2005 numbers). They use these outdated cheap numbers to make their case that Delaware consumers will pay more if they go with Blue Water Wind.

Therefore they are misleading their investors. I am not a legal expert, but I believe there are laws against that? Duh! That should put them squarely in the same boat as Enron. And we know what happened to those cronies……….

Delaware needs to pursue the same strategy as New York. Why should they get all the glory. After all, compare their two AG’s! Only one has a father who has run for the Presidency…….. twice.

Will He Become the Aragorn Who Takes On Mordor? Sam the Brave, without whom, the Quest would End in Failure.

The Ugly, of the Good, Bad, and the Ugly photo courtesy of College Humor.

The Petraeus Report is coming! The Petraeus Report is coming! Today it is hard to miss the calls echoing Paul Revere’s famous ride. For indeed we will soon have the White House report all have been waiting for since the surge began……. only a click away…….Of course we originally thought it would be written by Petraeus himself……(we were so naive.)

Since objectivity is out, I decided to search around and catalog the opinions of those who support the continued surge, and those who want us to withdraw.

First the Good. These will see the Petraeus report as representing what is actually going on in Iraq…….and recommend that we stay.

Bush/Cheney, Israeli lobby,Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and other high level republicans. Mike Castle, the lobbyists being paid to support the war, Lieberman (I-CT). 12% of Americans, corporate mainstream media, defense contractors, and trolls.

I am sure there may be some more, but Google couldn’t find them. (It did include Delawareonline: how funny?_)

On to the bad. Ever since Milton’s Paradise Lost in the seventeenth century, studying bad has been much more fun. This group believes the opposite of the White House report. They see Iraq a imploding and think we should get out……sometime….eventually.

The British, Democrats, all Democratic presidential candidates, 85% of Americans, 99.9% of other nations, all of Delaware’s bloggers, Keith Olberman, Hollywood, the GAO, Association of Catholic Nuns, Vietnam Vets, US Labor, poets, environmentalists, the city of Austin, Texas, historians, military families, the NIE report, the General Jones report, artists, women, 1 million New Yorkers, West Point Graduates, lawyers, the City of Rochester, NY, librarians, and a (shock) surprising number of Republicans on the Armed Services committee listening to David Walker testifying in defense of his GAO report.

Thus we can judge by the support, that this war seems to be supported solely by one political party; and no one else. It is quite an odd situation to be in, the country which once was the standard the whole world looked to, now intently venturing down a path supported by only a handful of people. We will be paying for our mistake a long time.

As for the ugly? We touched on that with the picture at the top of this post…..Enough is enough. We have seen enough ugliness for a day…….