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Sometimes a lightning bolt of a thought strikes from nowhere. When it does, you know you have found your answer.

There is a false quality many have mentioned about the front runners. Scripted to every detail, repetitive as a hammer, their responses seem nice, agreeable, and flat……

The problem with the political process, is that Americans are not involved. Each candidate is a carefully marketed bag of rice, and all the marketing is designed to say: “pick me.” In our busy lives, we are not only responsible for picking out the “rice”, but also the milk, the car, the cereal, the dessert treats, gasoline, etc. The election process boils down to just another product piped into my home by cable, mail, or obscene phone banks.

Normally these things happen to me in a church pew, but this time the answer I needed came from a surprising source.

In a recent comment, Tyler Nixon dished up the answer. As soon as I saw it, I realized that those of us who care about the future of Constitutional Government need to steer the campaign towards this direction. Speaking of Biden, Tyler says this.

Biden, for example, has emerged as not only a “gaffe machine” but a Teflon one! Why? Because he is forgiven these “sins” as coming from a genuine man revealing himself rather than a plasticine politician exposing himself.

Like the other candidates I mentioned Biden’s foibles make him “real”. One thing a professional politician can’t fabricate is a good foible. If you have none, you are not to be trusted in my view. Those who would present themselves as perfection have the most imperfections to hide – if not the worst ones….

In such a similar way Reagan endeared himself to millions of Democrats, thereby enabling the beginning of the Republican regime. One knows a long termer is wary of trips and hazards, and Biden is a long termer. Comparatively, the newness of some of our front runners, is not reassuring. No Senator since Kennedy has attained election as the most powerful person in the world. Perhaps that is why relations between Congress and Executive are at an all time low…..

What I’m looking for in a candidate is someone I can trust. I don’t expect perfection, not in this day and age, but I am looking for an old warrior. Someone who has seen up close both the good and the bad of human nature, and will do everything to promote the good, and anything to stop the bad.

Democrat or Republican does not matter. Fixing America, does.

I’ll trust an imperfect friend before I’ll trust a salesman who attempts to sell me on his candidate’s perfection.


Poor little Paris. She gets blamed for everything. But this time it is truly not her fault. Only the timing between the fulfillment of her punishment and the commuting of any punishment for Scooter Libby, has thrust her in the limelight on this issue.

Being a celebrity, Paris Hilton received a harsh sentence that no one else would get for the same crime. Scooter, on the other hand, due to his celebrity status with Dick Cheney, gets a pardon that no one else would get for the same crime.

Bush says the his Republican judge, that he appointed, gave too harsh a sentence.

Does anyone remember the woman who was put to death by lethal injection in Texas. The one who had become a Christian and changed her life. She was asking that her sentence be committed to life in prison, instead of death, so that she could continue to do some good with what life she had left?

Bush refused. He told her, ” you did the crime; the court set your time; I don’t give a dime.”

She took it like a man.

Apparently any decision made by the court of the United States of America, does not apply when it goes against the will of the White House. In other words, America is governed by two sets of principals: one set applies to Bush/Cheney; the other set to all other Americans.

We have our hypocrite.

One could argue this callous disregard for all laws of our nation has run throughout this administration since the day it took office. In fact, as evidenced most recently by Dick Cheney, they have actually said their office is above the law, in no uncertain terms.

If this premise is not challenged, then a major precedent is being set before our eyes. Whoever the next administration may be, will continue to push legal interpretions further and further, until the Divine Right of Kings is thrust upon us as fait accompli.

It is for this, we must start holding our Presidency accountable, starting today. Not for political stakes, mind you, but to define which side of royality we want our president on.

We can thank Paris Hilton for this. To see her exit her jail cell with her head held high, her punishment complete, her life back on track, and then compare it to an characterless administration that continues to refuse its acceptance of any accountability for the millions of things it has done wrong……………….

No wonder Americans paid more attention to Ms Hilton, than they did to this tepid administration. She deserves it…………………..

Likewise, the enablers like Delaware’s congressman Mike Castle, who stood by as this happened, and still stand on the sidelines and wring their hands, still vocally supporting this administration instead of calling for accountability………..they should take a page from Paris Hilton’s handbook as well……………..

Brief notes:

What didn’t happen?

SB 04 did not escape fast enough when Thurman Adam’s bottom drawer was quickly open and shut. It and HB 04 expired last night from lack of oxygen.

Few gave much chance that either bill would survive once they entered the dreaded Senate Executive committee. Gee, who is on that committee? One, the chair, is a Democrat! Thurman Adams who hails from the Sussex County town of Bridgeville. The others include the following Democrats: Patty Blevins, Tony DeLuca, and Jim Vaughn, who can now retire since it will not matter how his replacement would vote. The committee is complimented by the ghost of Wayne Smith, Charlie Copeland, and the renewable resource fox lover, Liane Sorenson

If you need a good cry, look back through the January archives of Delaware’s bloggers and see the hopefulness that burned within. Then on 1/11 the Senate bill got pegged. On March 20, the House Bill 04 disappeared along with it after being passed 38 to 1 in the House.

So lets see…….in the House, which is Republican, almost everyone except for Rehoboth’s Democrat, voted to have the Bond Bill brought out of committee three days before the last day of the session. This year, the bond bill came out and was passed sight unseen at11:01 by the Senate, and at 12:54 by the House. 3.4 Billion and now you know more of what was in it than any of those voting yea did in the early morning hours!

So who failed us? We did, you and me. As any high school student of physics will tell you, under the law of inertia, it takes an unbalanced force to challenge and change the direction of a moving object. And our General Assembly has been traveling in this direction for a long time.

Only Delaware’s bloggers are “unbalanced enough” to create the precisely applied force required to change the direction of our legislature. Now, after tonight, it is public knowledge as to where that force needs to be applied………….

So we’ll give those lobbyists who packed the galleries early into the morning, fingers crossed that their special projects would go unnoticed until passage, then high five-ing their way down Lockerman Street to their favorite watering hole-(Hi Diana (bartender))……… them, we give the first round.    But it was no TKO;   just a one point split decision. We now know their Achilles heel.

Incidentally,  of all the personalities. on either side of the aisle, in either chamber,   the most impressive personality was,……………………………Karen Peterson.  Someday she really could be governor.

Occasionally something pops up and causes me to remember Senator Lloyd Bentsen, D Texas, responding to soon to be Vice President Quayle’s allusion that he, a young Republican was the new John Kennedy.

“Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

Today another John is in the news, albeit briefly. Often as human beings we sometimes tend to make assumptions about the motives of another person, based solely upon our own emotional reaction. Because we happen to be in a somber or serious mood, any form of satire, humor, or silliness is taken verbatim and acted upon as an actual threat………..Only when one accounts for the degree of damage caused by a humorous action, can we hold its perpetrator accountable. For example, it would really be hilarious to yell fire in a crowded theater and watch all the fools (those not in on the joke) get flustered and crawl over each other to get out. Only when the bodies were counted, would we realize that our joke was not very funny to those families lined up to claim those corpses. Only then, would we understand the serious implications behind our actions.

John is a funny guy. He is outrageous. He is probably slightly crazy. (I love this quote)

“Daniello is the type of guy who can ask, as he did Saturday, “Can we all stand for the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, please?” and make it sound like a threat. Do not cross him when he has a gavel in his hand.” With this reputation it would be irresistible not to utter some outlandish proposition, strut and fret your hour upon the stage, and watch the minions scurry away in fear and trepidation.

John Daniello received his 15 minutes of fame last night, making it all the way to Kos and perhaps Malkin with his reported comment. Quite possibly he got more hits last night than he got votes against Dupont in 1970!

Many young bucks, restless after years of hiding behind a Bush, want to let chips fly, open wide the doors to opportunity, and let anyone and everyone have a run at the gold ring, and with a “what the hell,” throw all to the wind and let the voters decide, then accept whoever the voters choose. But underlying their premise, is the unspoken notion that the Democrats are going to take it anyway, so why not let them fight it out, and let the best man win the primary? It will be good for the state. Or will it?

Ask John Daniello. “Yo, John, know any Shipleys?”

The war was bad then…….just as it is today……great dissatisfaction was prevalent with the status quo, because of some guy named NIxon (no relation to Tyler). A general malaise had fallen over the entire country. Democrats were sure to win in the off year election, especially in a solidly Democratic state such as Delaware.

Two contenders, both beloved favorites of the party, both with strong support from their respective contingents, thought it was their time to grab the ring. Neither candidate, nor their supporters, could fathom that the other side would feel just as strongly for their candidate. Each side would run clean positive campaigns. But only one group can win, right?

What happened? If you don’t remember that primary you are telling your age. Daniello got into a lobster fight for the 1970 congressional nomination with Samuel L. Shipley, later a Democratic state chairman. After some double-dealing and a fistfight between two rival supporters, Daniello won the party’s backing at a wild, wild convention, but Shipley forced their feud to a primary. Daniello won again, but there were so many hard feelings that his candidacy was doomed in the general election.

It took 12 years and a young Tom Carper to put the House Seat back into the Democratic column.

If Democrats cannot hold together like glue, and based on tonight’s story and the blogger’s reaction, it looks like they can’t, the upcoming primary will result in a Republican’s capture of the governorship for the first time in 16 years.

So what’s with John’s beef with bloggers? Daniello sees bloggers as being the wild cards stirring up the embers, just as those long haired radicals, Tom Carper and Ed Freel did in the seventies. Just like those young bucks, the bloggers run on their own agenda, fueled by the passion of the moment (and a couple of beers), and as we have all read in the comment sections, they often threaten to switch parties if such- and= such does not happen.

But what if our flagrant actions were to result in the postponement of progressiveness’s moving forward. What if the electorate, recoiling from the animosity expressed so recently in a September primary, on November makes the emotionally safe choice, instead of the rational “better-we -go- this- way” choice……….

We pay for our sins a long time.

More than anyone else, John Daniello knows the pitfalls that a divisive all state primary will create…………he knows that war, sometimes seems glamorous from afar, especially to both young bucks and wizened draft-deferring Republicans, but when its ugliness is experienced up close……war exposes the worst of the human capacity.

Do we want to go there? Remember Franklin’s admonishment: we must all hang together, for surely if we don’t, we will all hang separately. Still want to go there?

We do?……. Good, I was hoping someone would say that. For a second I was afraid that I had convinced you otherwise. So lets get the rumble going……
I’ll start: That John Carney is nothing more than an ostrich, full of feathers, head in the sand, lays a couple of big eggs, and is so damned ugly……or was it Markell I was supposed to say that about…….damn, I can’t remember…….I’ll get back to you later as soon as I figure out which side I’m on…..It was Markell, right, oops I mean Carney, Markell………its time for some chocolate………

Seabiscuit pulls ahead of Hillary Clinton

Biden speaks volumes. Everyone discusses whatever he says. All the other candidates are spoken of in strategic terms: for instance, should they move this way, should they respond to that challenge, should they mix it up or remain above the fray? But people actually talk about what Biden says; the distinction is important.

After the last debate, commentary was flying all over the political airwaves. One could actually see from their facial expressions, how each commentator got excited as they reiterated back to the camera, whatever it was that Biden had said. When they commented on the other front running candidates, only then did their faces take on that glazed-over look while speaking about this person not wanting to piss that group off, or of that candidate shying back a little to accommodate this other group they may have to worry about. Even though most of the coverage was on the three candidates who are by most, considered to be the front runners, most of the excitement, came from Biden. Biden on gays in the military, Biden on Darfur, Biden on immigration, Biden on campaign reform, Biden on the solution to Iraq. Everyone says he wins each debate, but then, almost in the same breath, they continue that he cannot be a serious contender because he has way too little money. His handicap is too high.

The media is pushing us away from choosing what our individual hearts are telling us what we want to do. All Americans agree that this country has huge problems. Can we as Americans, this time around in 2008, actually afford to select another president who dances politically with the circling wolves, instead of meeting them head on?

This reminds me of another race, another story, from another era, the Great Depression. Times were simpler then. There was a horse who could run;……… boy could he run. But due to his breeding, training, and unsophistication, he did poorly in his early races and no one gave him a chance. All hopes and bets fell heavily to the favorites. But there came a time when all hopes and bets were proven wrong. Someone truly believed in Seabiscuit. It took an unconventional trainer and a broken jockey to together convince this horse that he could run better than the champions. They then rode Seabiscuit to the winner’s circle.

Today one is easily disgusted when watching the same old forces choosing who we are supposed to want and who we will eventually vote for, and which issues if proffered, will propel us either to either reject a candidate or instead, reject his opponent. Don’t just take my word on it. If one takes the time to study the debates, one can not help but see how much media filtering going on which eventually determines just which candidate will get their chance to speak to the American public. Want more proof? Compare a C-Span debate to one covered by a corporate network.

I am tired of this slanting. In an open election for my president, I want to hear straight-out what all the candidates are saying. I have little concern with the media’s preoccupation as to who is the most strategically placed to win. Understandably, strategic placement may help a candidate win an election, but it has damn little to do with how he/she will run this country after they are elected. What I desire, and I have yet to come across any voter who feels otherwise, is to have everything laid out, lined up before us and then let us, the voters themselves, determine the agenda of the election.

If it is as true as it appears today, that the media has sold out to the corporations that own them, who can we then turn to for unfiltered information?

I believe, by default, that the ultimate responsibility will fall to the bloggers to sort through streams of data and determine the front runners for 2008. I want, at least for this year, to have our nation to put politics as usual where it belongs, on the back burner, and then let the candidates do what they are supposed to do………..Run………

We then see who runs best. Most likely that person will be able to run our country the best as well.

Remember the 60’s statement: trust no one over thirty?

Perhaps we should trust no one who pays over thirty thousand for a minute just to tell us what he has to say…………………………

Let the man run.

I find it ironic that:

Dick Cheney says pulling out of Iraq will embolden other Arab nations, and yet his company Halliburton moves its headquarters to Dubai, so it has a free hand to do business and pump up those very Arab nations he warns us about…..

That Mike Castle feels giving billions to the wealthiest few is important, but body armor to our soldiers, is not………..

That under democratic leadership in WWII, we fought two wars similtanously, and won, in less time than we have been in Iraq under republican supervision……………..

That everyone who has ever had the misfortune to be involved with Iraqi war, has suffered considerably, except one: Cheney………………………..

That a president who smoked pot and “didn’t inhale,” fared much better in making policy decisions than a president who was arrested for over drinking when he was young…………..

That Organized Labor, who singlehandedly confronted factories and coal companies and forced them to pay its workers at fair rates, is now kowtowing to the same large corporations such as NRG, thereby screwing its worker’s families with higher energy prices and lung disease……………

That Republicans can even think, that to save a son’s or daughter’s life, now stationed in Iraq to protect Dick Cheney’s oil,……. is playing politics to the far left extreme of a certain political party……………………….

That the candidate in the 41st special election, who is sponsored by the “party of the people”, has thrown his support towards a large corporation, NRG,who is intent on taking over Sussex Counties airspace with its pollution………

That the more some republicans emphatically argue that Bush is different than Hitler, the more he sounds the same……………..

That some Republicans had the guts to stand up to Adkins, and Democrats, didn’t…………………………..

That Republicans even to the point of fake television shows, went to great lengths to portray 9/11 as the fault of Clinton’s democrats, when it was those very Clinton Democrat holdovers, Tenet, Black, and Clarke, who were the very ones who pleaded with Condoleeza Rice to aggressively pursue Al Qaeda and disrupt its ability to organize just such an attacka 9/11, and each time, were unceremoniously shut down………..

That blogs, are more intellectually stimulating than newspapers…………………………..

That people complain about money corrupting politics, but avidly determine a candidate’s credibility and their vote, by how much money he or she has raised………………

Republicans gained credibility under Reagan’s crusade against Communism, and under Bush, who embraced Communisms way of dealing with opposition, they lost it…….

That the only candidate for governor to offer voters a fifty point declaration of great ideas for this state to grow and develop, is bashed by the News Journal editors as being inconsequential.

That up until this legislature started, all we heard was Karen Petersen’s open government legislation, and now, no one even mentions her anymore………..

That NRG even has an “environmental manager.”

That it is parent’s responsibility to “educate” their own children, but when they attempt to “educate” the administration by a midterm election, it is dismissed as an irrelevant event.

There is room for so many more, but I ran out of time……………………..

Much hand wringing has taken place on the “other side” of the aisle. Their erosion of power, while uplifting to their opposition, tends to have a psychotic depressing effect upon those who suffer the actual convulsions, caused by aneurysms regularly occurring along their arterial chains of command.

This feeling is perhaps best put by this phrase: “We were doing so well…… could this have happened to “us”?”

Eloquent as always, Jud’s Rant sounds the alarm.

To echo, I would like to borrow a this phrase from Lord of the Rings: The Quest stands upon the edge of a knife: stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all.

And so along this vein, it was sad to read of Copeland’s upcoming support of Delmarva Power’s status-quo decision, when it was leaked that Delmarva not supporting ANY of the three options to generate new power in Delaware.

To paraphrase his comment, he said something like,… “a company should be allowed to make the decisions that affect it’s own well being. Government should not dictate to a corporation how to run its business.”

To be honest, if someone who had possibilities of achieving a future governorship, were to tell me that government should stay OUT of my own personal decisions that affect me and no one else, I would say “whoopee” and pledge my support.

But if I were, and forgive the insensitivity for no malice is intended, being raped and a potential governor came out and defended the rights of my rapist to “run her business as she saw fit”…….. my support would, and should go to anyone, even former enemies, who would step up and champion my rights for a change.

Figuratively speaking, all of Delaware was and still is, being financially raped by Delmarva’s rate hike last year.

Having the most touted Republican gubernatorial candidate, far more interested in pandering to future contributors, than in alleviating the suffering of his own state’s people, amply gives credence to the growing disbelief that, perhaps it really is true, the Cheney/Bush ticket has morally bankrupted and effectively killed the Republican party everywhere, as recently evidenced in the Republican dominated seventh district’s election.

However I would be remiss if I were not to confess that as a dull, self indulged, overwhelmed by daily life citizen, I did not find the Republican Party currently far more fascinating than the old guard Democrats who still wear their pants too high, and currently run the politics of this state.

The excitement generated by Dave Burris in standing up for American principals, as opposed to Republican ones, awes me.

Tyler’s last campaign, long on solutions, short on “old guard” support, signaled that political bravery was not “just” a provincial Democratic one.

The current buzz in today’s Republican House of Delegates, now void of Wayne Smith, is both refreshing and hopeful.

The Republican push for “Karen Petersen’s Vision of ‘Open Government’ ” is smart, inspiring, and long overdue.

And on the national scale, shadowing the local trend, Mitt Romney’s campaign, as viewed through unfiltered non-partisan eyes, still generates exciting possibilities when compared to front-runner Hillary’s campaign, who by some accounts has already been prematurely ordained as our next president.

So it behooves me to understand why this party, now on it’s death throes here in Delaware, still continues to insist on its adherence to the “old” ideas of energy generation, instead of being forward thinking and becoming supportive of Blue Water Wind’s proposal. This is the one proposal which allows Delaware the freedom to create it’s own cheap energy, instead of buying it from its high priced neighbors.

One would think someone at least would look at the numbers. 94% of Delawareans support wind power. The Democratic old guard, labor, and Minner’s inner office are vulnerable on this issue, having been caught with NRG’s coal dust underneath their fingernails. If Republicans ever needed a popular campaign issue at the right time, this is it.

Those of us who watch politics are always surprised and amazed when a new issue that political pols think is insignificant, resonates through the general public and becomes the central campaign divider and emphatically decides the election.

The Republicans have an opportunity to do that. Just as they attempted with open government his year, they can use this issue to again make themselves relevant to Delaware’s voters.

For those of us paying 60% more in energy costs this year, it is not too late.

Let us hope that Copeland has not hammered too many nails into the coffin’s lid, still allowing for their sleeping corpse to wake up, raise its head and look around, and climb out of the casket before it’s buried six feet under.

Controversy is swirling on the SMU (Southern Methodist University) campus. The “W” Bush Presidential Library is slated to be built there with an accompanying conservative think-tank connected to it.

Many faculty, students, and alumni think that this homage paid to Laura Bush, (SMU is her alma mater) will forever taint that school as being super conservative institution along the lines of Bob Jones and Liberty Universities.

But there are also those who see the Library, set dead center of their campus, as a status symbol among universities. In an effort to quell debate, these supporters of the Bush library are using techniques normally associated with political campaigns. They have under-reported the amount of dissent, they have publicly attempted to humiliate the leaders of the anti Library crowd, and they have not allowed the faculty Senate, which at that school is the governing body of the faculty, to vote on whether they support it or not. (It is twenty some for, forty some against, unofficially)

But the prime reason I became interested was reading the tidbit that Karl Rove, himself, is the liaison who is visiting SMU and seems to be in charge of the entire process.

Considering he is not needed by the administration anymore, (ie for what campaign?) he would be the perfect person tapped for this opportunity. Whether you agree with his political methods or not, you must recognize that he has elected a president holding only minority support,…… twice.

Every day, as more bad news piles on top of this administration, its reputation worsens. For this reason alone, it appears that this administration is placing all its bets on providing a sanitized version of itself to cement it’s hand-print on history. The fact that Rove has been given carte-blanch, proves beyond a doubt that, this library is important to the Bush legacy.

For unlike any other presidential libraries, it will have few original documents. Inter-agency emails were sent on private accounts and will not be included in the museums’ library. Any document included in the massive shredding of public documents that took place immediately before the election, of course will not be present either.

It seems sad, at least in gazing at it from this distance, that this library is being built just to justify a presidency. Logically a president’s reputation should stand on it’s own, without either a library or fifty handsomely paid people to parrot how great Bush is?

Is there something wrong with this?

Not really, since the library will not be publicly funded. So Bush can do whatever he likes. There is little doubt that he needs a distraction like this library to absorb some of the scorn he is sure to face as a private citizen.

What is sad is that as this generation dies off, this very perspective will stand unchallenged. and from out of that vacuum, other mistakes in national policy will be made that could have been prevented with proper venting.

What we need is another library dedicated to telling the truth about the Bush presidency. There will always be a source to counteract and balance and shine the truth on statements issued by the “official” SMU’s Presidential library. An appropriate name for this new library would be “The Truth about the George W. Bush” Presidential library.

Since Joe Biden has spoken more truth about this administration’s antics, and has done so in a compelling manor, it is only too fair that this library be called “The Joe Biden ‘Truth about George Bush “Presidential Library.

It is also only fair that this be built in Delaware! For Delaware has always voted for winner in every Presidential contest, except for the last two. Perhaps in our own little way, we were trying to tell the nation something it was unwilling but needed to hear?

Bud Cummings, ex U. S. attorney recently commented on about his past experience. He hits exactly on why the Bush Administration continues to create such ire among American patriots.

It is not that Bush is bad, I’m sure in another capacity he could be a great guy. It is what he has done to the country, that is bad………………………………………

The tragedy of this Attorney General scandal, is not that it was done. As this administration quickly pointed out, other administrations have done much worse. The tragedy,……. is in HOW it was done. A political firing was falsely based on poor performance.

Excerpt from Bud Cummings:

The president had an absolute right to fire us. We served at his pleasure, and that meant we could be dismissed for any reason or for no reason. And we all accepted that fact without complaint. When challenged by Congress, the leaders of the Department of Justice could have refused to explain. Or, they could have explained the truth. But apparently the truth behind some or all of the firings was embarrassing. So, instead, they said it was because of “performance.” We didn’t accept that, because it wasn’t the truth.

He then hits upon what most of us bloggers take issue with throughout the entire government spectrum, whether it is lurking in Family Court, Representative Atkins, Senator Adams, Governor Minner, the FBI, or the inner sanctuary of the White House itself, and that is credibility. He follows with these wise words.
Put simply, the Department of Justice lives on credibility. When a federal prosecutor sends FBI agents to your brother’s house with an arrest warrant, demonstrating an intention to take away years of his liberty, separate him from his family, and take away his property, you and the public at large must have absolute confidence that the sole reason for those actions is that there was substantial evidence to suggest that your brother intentionally committed a federal crime. Everyone must have confidence that the prosecutor exercised his or her vast discretion in a neutral and nonpartisan pursuit of the facts and the law.

So where do we go from here…….

Again, Bud Cummings:

You only get one chance to hold on to your credibility. My team, which holds temporary custody of the Department of Justice, has blown it in this case. The Department of Justice will be paying for it for some time to come. Lots of sound investigations and convictions are now going to be questioned. That is a crying shame, because most of the 110,000 employees to whom the attorney general referred in a recent news conference, are neutral, nonpartisan public servants and do incredible work. A lot of President Bush’s political appointees have done a lot of great work, too. Sadly, because of the damage done by this protracted scandal, which the administration has handled poorly at every turn, none of that good work is currently being recognized. And more ominously, the credibility of the Department of Justice may no longer be, either.

We can do honor to those 110,000 of neutral public servants by remembering that incompetence is due to the head, and does not arise from the body. Unfortunately this is just the opposite of what we usually do when we are on the public stage. We attack the body.

Old news, October 2005,  from a new source.

“when it comes to surveillance issues, the DOJ has been pulling the wool over their eyes for far too long.”Earlier this month, a magistrate judge in Texas, following the lead of Orenstein’s original decision, published his own decision denying a government application for a cell phone tracking order. That ruling, along with Judge Orenstein’s two decisions, revealed that the DOJ has routinely been securing court orders for real-time cell phone tracking without probable cause and without any law authorizing the surveillance.

“The Justice Department’s abuse of the law here is probably just the tip of the iceberg,” said EFF Staff Attorney Kurt Opsahl. “The routine transformation of your mobile phone into a tracking device, without any legal authority, raises an obvious and very troubling question: what other new surveillance powers has the government been creating out of whole cloth and how long have they been getting away with it?”

So the real question is George, it is past 11:00………..Do you know where Jenna and Barbara are?

a normal daughter's reaction to finding out that her dad is tracing her GPS location at all times