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Irish Cookies

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Our country is falling apart because in each locality, the best people are too shy or too busy or too embarrassed to run and to serve in public offices. We just bake more and more cookies. They are delicious, but I am pretty sure that they do not save our nation as quickly as running for and serving in public offices can.

Kirsten Kukowski was quoted by the Washington Post….

“President Obama campaigned on hope and change, but three years later he’s just another typical politician,” in a feeble attempt to cite his high-wattage fundraisers in order to try to undercut Obama’s image with working-class voters…..

You don’t get it, do you? Americans know a president needs cash to win an election. Americans know where the cash is, just like Obama does….

The difference between him and Republicans, is that unlike them, when Obama gets the cash, it helps us… When Republican get the cash, it “hurts” us…. Union Busting, lower wages, higher premiums, higher medical out of pocket expense, higher energy costs, higher prices, and yes… higher taxes… from states and local governments who have to make up the difference that the wealthy were supposed to pay, but got off free…..

So, it is good that he is doing what he is doing. That calms our soul…

Don’t worry. You have historical precedent in what you say about our Commander in Chief… During the Revolutionary War, the Royalists tried the same tactic when George Washington had to ride off, hat in hand and try to shake down wealthy Patriots in Philadelphia and New Jersey….

Every American should be grateful to Robert Morris.…the wealthy man who saved the country.