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Two things this past week:  Charter schools sued locally, and courts across this nation absolving white cops for crimes against black humanity …

What both speak of is an overriding, institutionalized standard intended to regulate black people to second class citizenship…

Before continuing, let me knock down some incoming pitches.

A) There will always be racists… The seeds may lie in part of our genetic code for sub-species survival.  But ever since mankind began and until mankind finishes, if racism didn’t exist in primitive cultures, civilization created it. The only thing changing across 8,000 years is whether that embedded racism is allowed by one’s institutions to become a bedrock piece of that society’s structure, or not.

B) Most people are sheep… When told to be racists and given a reason, they become one.  Once racism has been installed top down by one’s power structure, society’s economic survival overpowers its moral guilt and keeps it thriving.

C) Most people do not care about race unless it becomes thrust on top of them.  Children raised in racially co-mingled environments have to be re-programed to then become racists, and fortunately for all, childhood bonds are usually more resilient than propaganda.

D) The more poor and ignorant one is, the more likely racism will do their thinking for them….

E) Because of our susceptibility to quickly hate what is different, racism is a very useful tool for behavior modification and social control.


Those who grew under and saw televised racism and read first-hand accounts of its segregated effects, are shaking their head over how we returned to this point again…. These are not isolated cases.  It is a pandemic.  But why now? What happened from those days in 1999. back when it looked like racism (if not defeated) had been banished forever to negligibility?

It appears two things.

  • One… Americans allowed a political party to run their government, whose firm belief is that it should purposefully look the other way if and whenever racism occurs.
  • Two… An Afro-American was elected (over-top all the best efforts of racists to prevent it), which indirectly now allows racist’s noise machines to spew vitriol under the guise that it is an expression of political freedom.

So we got a lot more overt racism and a lot less policing over it.


This same party fully backs and supports the statement of one Supreme Court Justice who paraphrased:  “racism doesn’t exist anymore”. America woke up this week to find out that this Justice could not have been more wrong!

The charter school situation shows the slow slide across this decade better than  do our courts.  Charter Schools almost always only occur in  predominantly black districts.  They are to either separate whites out; or to cull out blacks …Schools are segregated today in ways that would be illegal under the finding of Brown versus The Board of Education if charters were indeed considered to be public schools.  But because Charters are considered “outside” of all normal regulations, such confining laws (unless individually ordered by a court), do not apply.

Whereas in public schools opportunity gaps are closing; in charter schools they are widening.  Once again, separate is not equal.  But in most states the expansion of charters is being encouraged by governors and education chiefs regardless of party.  For them, this is seen as a way of shirking the responsibility to properly educate all our children… First privatize the schools and then,… blame their failings on someone else’s incompetence… ” It’s management’s fault, not ours; we’re going to close that school.”

The grand point one must understand is that this did not happen overnight.  Ever since Delaware’s Charter law was pushed through in the early nineties, there have been relatively very few charters until recently.  Now there is an explosion.  This mushroom cloud didn’t happen on its own. Fake non-profits and for-profits have lobbied and pushed both charters and pro-charter legislation into reality!  No one was watching. No one cried foul. No one cared because they didn’t know.  The point I’m making is that without this concerted institutional push and lobbying of legislators by large amounts of wealth, this segregation of schools could never have happened naturally on its own.  Today’s schools would remain public open to all, and whites and blacks would be receiving the same education at the same time in the same schools.

In other words, this Charter School racism was instituted from the top down.

Similarly in our court systems we have allowed our police leeway over what used to be considered our Constitutional rights.  As conservative judges became appointed to vacancies on the bench, and as non-Conservative judges were denied conformation, the bench overall began applying conservative principles whenever it dealt with our local police forces.

This anointed our police forces to the point of where they could do no wrong.  This is now Communist Russia, Communist China, or Hitler’s Germany. or Tojo’s Japan.

Both these two grand juries had their outcome predetermined by their prosecutors who had the (not so hidden agenda to not incriminate a police officer.

If the actual visual proof of an execution happening before the viewer is still not enough evidence of wrong doing, then anything done against black American citizens can now be allowed… And that is a problem. A very big problem.

Most experts believe another Grand Jury under another prosecutor would have given another verdict… Both these two verdicts were orchestrated from the top down.  Those institutions holding the real power in those two communities, told their prosecutors that they needed the policeman to go free… and the prosecutor obliged.

The relief point here is that on the whole, most Americans are not really into racism.  But a few in power since we first put a “2” in front of our millennium, have worked very hard to make us appear that way…  and now their efforts appear to have been successful. Today based on social media reporting, we are a very racist society.  And since 1999, racism has been put into place by Republican bureaucrats from the top down…. primarily during the Cheney-Bush administration and then later  in Obama’s, the Tea Party Republicans blocked all Democratic attempts to undo the damage. (Remember the Republican meme that Katrina was not a terrible disaster because only Black people lost their homes? It was a disaster, they admitted, but not a terrible disaster.)

As long as Republicans are not held accountable, racism will grow only worse. The attempts now to hold a clear conversation about race, without holding the Republican party responsible are meaningless.  If you don’t get rid of Conservatives, this issue will never go away….  Yes. We could kill them… But that takes approximately 5 years and they still get to keep their horses and guns.  Better to use the majorities embedded in the American voting system to eliminate that party which privately promotes and publicly condones racism. Next we need to use our economic power of withholding purchases to blacklist all those companies who advertise on and stop it cold….Fox TV who as of right now, is the biggest force driving race divisiveness across this once-great nation.

We got past it once.  It took a long time.  In less than 14 years of FOX and the Republican party, racism has now been institutionalized again from the top down….  The grand point of all this, is that no change will ever come about; no matter how many demonstrations you through; no matter how many petitions you sign; no matter how many police cars you overturn; no matter how many shops you loot and trash…. The problem will not go away until you A) both vote en masse and B) shut down Fox’s Propaganda….  it is completely ridiculous to believe that any change will come for any person of color, as long as Mitch McConnell is running the Senate and John Boehner is running the House….   Because racists run that party; only super-majorities of Democrats in both houses can change things now.

So in your discussions about the proper ways to execute white people for revenge (which based on the two injustices you have just witnessed, it would be foolish to assume it is not going on among the most vitriolic of you right now), please make allowances for separating out those whites who voted Democratic, and focus your revenge expressly on those who absolutely deserve it all, Republicans. Because the problem is not… all whites… The problem is…. as little children well know and say everywhere….Republicans…

Democrats and Independents… if you don’t take it upon yourselves to go to a rally for equal rights and equal justice for our black brothers and sisters. you too are the big part of the problem.  Passive racism is:   “Oh, I’ll stay home and watch my college alma mater get their butts whipped in a conference game; black people getting lynched in St. Louis or New York or Cleveland, yeah, I care a little, but it is no problem of mine”…   For if only black people show up at these rallies, white Republicans say:  “look, only black people show up at those rallies; let’s hurt them some more to punish them enough so in the future, as we take all their rights, they will be too afraid to even have rallies..”  

No, it will take all of the 83% of us who are non-racist to stomp out the 17% who are…  The minority population of Republicans have no power except that Fox Propaganda makes you think they have all the power… Our odds are 83% to their 17%.  Just curious. Have you ever fought off 4 people? One doesn’t usually win, and one tends to get hurt pretty bad… So show up at the demonstration. Make racism go away. Dis-associate yourself from die-hard Republicans and show them there is a social price to be paid for working overtime to bring institutionalized Racism back into America.






As parents we tell our little children they should never use violence to find their solution. Always seek another way we tell them… Violence is bad, disruptive, and creates additional problems.

However, if we do, and we channel those children into non violent opposition which is completely ineffective, and they get slaughtered, imprisoned, or enslaved; did we correctly fulfill our parental duty in preserving our genetic line?

I’m beginning to think our civilized pacifism has completely failed our youth.

We should be teaching them that across history (American history that is), that “might” makes “right”. Teach them that if you are “agreeable”, conducive to find compromising solutions, then you only get what the mighty want to give you, not what they have to give you.

Just ask native Americans. Or former slaves. Or people in poor neighborhoods.  Do you have the same rights as a rich white person? No?

The reason rich whites have so many protected rights is because they took them.  They took what they wanted from native Americans.  They took what they wanted from Africa’s tribesmen.  They took what they wanted from East Side and South Bridge of Wilmington…  And they gave it all to folks living on Westover Drive… between the Ed Oliver golf course and Barley Mills.


Why does it make sense to riot in ones neighborhood?  To burn down buildings of those who live next door to you, meanwhile while they are burning down the buildings you live in?…. What sense does that make?

What does makes sense is to unite all impoverished and poor people (99% of us) and take our torches to the neighborhoods of the 1% and burn down their houses…..

Think about it…. You are so mad cops killed an innocent boy halfway across the 4th largest nation in the world,  that you take it out on your neighbors… who are probably as upset as are you?…

When instead, you could effectively take out your anger on those who are directly responsible?  The top 1%!  They are the reason no laws are on the books protecting normal children from being murdered by bigot cops. They are the reasons you have nothing to your name, and they have all. They are the reason you can’t get a job, while they pocket what should be yours and all your neighbor’s salaries into the Grand Caymen Islands…

They are the ones who paid for and provided all the riot gear to the police. Who passed laws allowing “their” police to bust heads, and kill, with full protection under the new laws they passed, after getting rid of the laws that originally protected, you… They passed those laws right out in the open, and no one effectively stood up against them then… because apparently, you didn’t care enough to vote.

If you don’t fight Republicans in the voting booth every two years, this is what you get. This is what you deserve.  Like a farmer who never plants, never weeds, never waters, never reaps, who then goes out a Autumn’s end wondering why he is hungry and has no food, it is obvious he deserves his plight from his own laziness… If you want prosperous fields, you have to work at it and not voting-out Republicans, is like not working your farmer’s field…. It’s a pain. It is work. It is necessary if one wants to eat.

In places where the impoverished of all colors have not been allowed to vote freely, situations such as Ferguson arise quickly .  Think for a second.  If you can do anything you want and no one can do anything to stop you, how long does it take before you start taking advantage of your situation?  One hour?  One Day? One Month? One Year?  Try 30 years. Thirty years of not voting for your self interests…

Yet. it continues to this day.

Since voting is no longer an option (being that things have gotten so out of hand that a college student gets shot as a thug simply because of the color of his skin and the neighborhood he is found) one must use the rich white man’s ways against him.

Violence is the next step… However it must be targeted to do tremendous good, instead of giving zero relief at great expense to yourself…

So target effectively and take the violence to those who caused your plight… The one percent.  Go to Westover Farms and burn down their houses, ignite their cars, and battle police there, not your own neighborhoods. Then come home to your safe streets and house, sleep well, and go back tomorrow to do it again…

You have far greater chance to see the changes which must be accomplished, than you ever will for burning down your own neighborhood, which the one percent, all Republicans, actually enjoy seeing be burned to the ground….  “Ha, ha, look at those stupid poor people,” they laugh, ” burning down their neighborhoods so we can rebuild over-top of it with free 99%’rs taxpayer’s money…. Hope they kill all of each other while they are at it and make the world a much better place…. Ha, ha, ha… Poor people are such a trip…”

But when 15,000 people suddenly show up on their street, then among their fear for their own personal safety, come ideas like:  “darn, maybe we should have paid more in taxes so they’d all have jobs now. Darn, maybe we should have paid more in wages instead of cutting them, and making them suffer so.  Darn, maybe we should have done more to eradicate charters and invested more resources and good teachers into our existing public schools.  Darn, maybe we should have done more to make their lives better too, instead of taking everything we could get, keeping it to ourselves, and sending in armed police to crush their spirit by treating them like the 2nd class citizens we think they are… Gee… Maybe we were wrong to listen to Republicans and not to the party of real people, Democrats…”

It is this change that must come in their hearts before any change is made… It will only come when they feel threatened… and right now, there are so few of them, that the only way to threaten them is to go to their neighborhoods…

And if you really want to hurt a rich guy…. like really, really, really, hurt him where he feels it most… destroy the thing he loves above all else...  above his wife (always buy a new one); above his kids ( easily bought off with some coke); above his pets (stupid dog, I’ll have him shot on Monday) ; above his house, (I got 8 more around the country), above his Mercedes (good, insurance pays me more than what I could get on the market)…. tear up his golf course…. 

If you think it is funny, you really don’t understand rich people…  Their local golf course is their heart.  They can’t walk away like they do their wife, kids, pets, house and car.  They pay their own money to keep a golf course afloat… It is their pride.  It is not insured because, insuring a golf course is a waste of money.. What could possibly happen?

Steal one bulldozer. Make something bad happen to their golf course, and they will understand that they need to make things better for you…

SO VENT YOUR ANGER!… GET VIOLENT!… Rob, loot, and set fire to buildings…. just do all the rest of us a favor and do it in place where the 1% live…  Cause face it… they already got all the money…. No one else could help you…. even if they truly wanted!….

Having no Republicans may not have saved Micheal Brown from being shot by a pure frothing bigot.  But having no Republicans sure would have made sure a grand jury would do what was best for the people, try him, and not deviate to force what would create another joyful situation where the KKK’s bigots in riot gear could bust open some more colored heads and grind their brains into Ferguson’s sidewalks…  That is all this trial was about.  How to create this opportunity to kill even more black Missourians!

It is their fault… Make THEM pay!  Not your neighbors. Yes, their rules say we are supposed to riot in our own neighborhoods… Break them!