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That study caused the leading Republican Hispanic in charge of the Florida’s outreach to Spanish speaking American citizens, to switch parties.  He is now a Democrat.  And he was in charge of convincing Hispanics to vote Republican!!!…

What caused the shift?  A Republican study that specifically was aimed at the redneck hillbillies inside the Republican Party, but wound up hitting mainstream.  The undeniable truth is it this what the Republican Party really does think about what it calls behind closed doors, it’s dirty little problem….

“No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach IQ parity with whites, but the prediction that new Hispanic immigrants will have low-IQ children and grandchildren is difficult to argue against.”  

So says the Republican Party of the United States of America.

Proving once again… that this party is nothing but the harshest racists..(Just watch Rick Jensen try to defend it by saying “he” is not a racist.)  Truth is… he isn’t.  He’s actually a great guy.. But the party he supports (though he does not represent) is undeniably racist…

A fact so driven home that the single most important Republican in charge of Florida’s Hispanics, NOT ONLY FELT COMPELLED TO RESIGN… BUT FELT IT NECESSARY TO ACTUALLY SWITCH PARTIES PUBLICLY….

Is every Republican a racist?  No.  But every racist is a Republican and the Republican Party of the United States of America is beholden to do whatever those racists want!   ABSOLUTELY!!!

Every Hispanic Republican out of self respect, NEEDS RIGHT NOW TO CHANGE THEIR PARTY.... There can be no such thing as a Hispanic Republican from now on.  Just Spanish speaking Uncle Toms… who should appropriately hitherto be called…. La Malinches

A. You tell me!  Should it be illegal to walk into Dover Mall with a gun and pop in a 30 round clip?

Yes, it should.  Vote for HB 58…

B. You tell me!  Should it be perfectly legal to have a gun with a 30 round clip on a shooting range where it won’t hurt anyone?

Yes, it should.  Vote for HB 58…

C.  You tell me!  Should it be perfectly legal to have a gun with a 30 round clip in ones home, as protection against forced entry?

Yes, it should.  Vote for HB 58…

The only reason a misguide legislator could ever find to vote AGAINST .. HB 58,  would be if he wished…  TO  SEE  PEOPLE  DIE!  This law protects gun owners and changes nothing for anyone owning a clip over 10 rounds..  However this new law will make high capacity clips illegal in public places other than a shooting range… That is a very good idea.   Genius in fact.

” Benghazi.Benghazi.Benghazi.Benghazi.Benghazi.”


Since  the rampage at Connecticut,  less than five months later — this list includes 137 accidental shootings, 57 of which were fatal. These children and teens were accidentally shot by themselves, by parents, siblings, relatives, friends, neighbors, and caregivers. In other words, these shootings were not by strangers. Many of the guns used in these shootings were obtained by family members for personal protection.

Isn’t that far more important? 137 accidental shootings because we can’t responsibly handle weapons of mass destruction?

137/ 57 fatal Guns in the US are the log in our eye. Meanwhile we try to take splinters out of the eyes of others!

And we’re wasting yet another day of Congress to rehash what the last 17 hearings on the same topic have dug up? One that killed just 4 Americans in a terrorist ambush, something of which we have no control over? And we want to get down to the bottom of who is to blame? But 137 actual shootings occur, and these same people drink champagne and eat caviar while whooping and rejoicing that background checks got defeated?

We have got to rid ourselves of these outdated farting Republicans, either one way or another….. Maybe give them some Beano. For heavens sake, let’s get our nation’s priorities in order.

Courtesy of Delaware Liberal

Just look at North Carolina.  In 2010 both houses went Republican. But they still had a Democratic Governor to keep them in check.  That check was erased last November. Today with a Republican Governor, and super-majorities in both houses, North Carolina is a model for what would have happened if Romney had won the Presidency and the Senate become Republican….  Unchecked power.  Basically a Tea Party’s wish list…..

So far, these changes have already done in North Carolina…..

A.  Parents and families seeking Federal Assistance must first take a drug test, which they must first pay costing $100.  That money is then used to help fund the benefits for those… who passed….

B.  Passed a bill requiring photo identification at the polls.

C.  Personal and Corporate Tax Cuts

D.  Restrictions on Abortion

E.  Cuts to Education Funding

F.  Increasing out-of-state tuition for state schools.

G. Ending the public funding of Judicial elections.

H  Devastating rollbacks of environmental legislation

I.  Blocked the expansion of Medicaid under Obama’s Health Care Act.

This has happened in a few short months.  The bills are instantly brought up for a vote, discussion is waived, and the vote is taken… It is always partisan with those representing good government, always losing.

This is what the rest of the nation avoided this past November…

Republican-Caused Delay At Airports Nationwide

Ready To Raise Those Taxes On Millionaires Now?

If the Democrats had control of the House right now, this would not exist….

Call your friendly Republican Politician right now, and tell him how you “really” feel…..

Oh My Gosh!  They Fell Short In The Senate!!!!

The background check, which would have prevented a lot of killers from getting guns, actually passed by a majority vote in the Senate. 54- 46….

Unfortunately Republicans (who if they had soul it would be owned by the NRA), instead invoked a 60 count vote. Remember the Kuwait War? That was supported by a vote of 52-47… More Senators support background checks than voted to go to war against Saddam Hussein the first time…. And we went to war.

So even though a majority of Senators were overwhelmingly in favor as is over 90% of Americans for making it harder for murderers to acquire guns, Republicans forced the bill to fail, so every criminal can now get guns far more easier than before….

Republicans voted for criminals.. Democrats are against them…

Every Republican who is against background checks needs punched in the face… Just without warning, say “damn you” and try to pop their nose…

Now, now, now… Don’t do it in anger… Do it because you love them. You are popping some sense into them, nothing more…

One of these days they will thank you for it….

“Oh, man, I don’t know what was wrong with me… I was like in a trance. Right was wrong, Wrong was right, It was like I was hypnotized, like I’d been drugged, I had to support hardened criminals even though I really, really, deep down knew it was wrong against God, Country, and my fellow citizens….

Thank you so much friend, for popping me back to reality….”

Seriously, if I were as messed up as these knuckleheads, who think kids of Newtown are nothing but collateral damage for their right to shoot whomever they wish, …. i would want punched in the head as well…

So do them a favor. If you see a Republican who supports gun rights, make their lip bleed; it’s their answer to a prayer….. Since you can’t beat them up in social media, just pile on. If every time they crow, hundreds to thousands of people call them out, it is almost as good as getting punched in the face. I know a lot of us hate to be negative in social media. But this is for Citizens and Country, damn it. You have to call out 2nd Amendment Rightists for what they are: aiders and abettors of criminal activity….

Trust me, as soon as they wake up, you’ll be their new best friend….. ❤

Republicans Have Feeding Frenzy Over Beyonce's Trip To Havana
Courtesy of Sprinkler Scape.

Republicans gorge themselves over having a second black couple to diss….

This is the first thing I saw as I began my day, and that day is ruined already…. On Delaware Liberal this is what greeted me….

Whole Jewish families lined up against the walls of the Warsaw Ghetto, and shotJohn Sigler Head of Delaware Republican Party and NRACourtesy of

Iranians Don’t Have PigeonsCourtesy of

Nazi’s Idea of Crossing State Lines to engage in sport shooting illegal in their own state.John Sigler Head of Delaware Republican Party and NRACourtesy of

What happens when one callously equate human life with pigeons.
John Sigler Type Confuses First Graders with Pigeons In A BoxCourtesy of

You do not have to draw the same conclusion I did from this video. If you try to equate the two then the onus is on you. This is just a portrayal of how the video made me feel…

That shot of the pigeon still alive, going “why are you doing this! why are you doing this!” would have been just like one of those first graders looking up at Adam Lanza. Sigler and Lanza are alike. It is a free country and I can say so…

If we’d had mandatory background checks, and a registry, Adam Lanza might be on medication right now…..

This is the head of Delaware’s Republican Party. How can anyone ever vote for a Delaware Republican ever… again?

I watched the Sequester take down another man….. Gone, gone, the damage done…..

Just a quick review of the Wilmington News Journal this past week to keep up with exactly all the unnecessary waste and wasteful perks we needed to cut so our billionaire friends won’t have to pay one more single penny of every dollar they earn over the $1 million mark…… .*

Here are those things less important than a penny to a billionaire……

  • Air Force suspended its military tuition assistance program for the remainder of fiscal year 2013, impacting more than 1,000 Dover Air Force Base Airmen…
  • DAFB has already endured deep cuts to flying hour programs, training cancellations and civilian furloughs,,,
  • Delaware will lose approximately $1.4 million in funding for primary and secondary education, putting around 20 teacher and aide jobs at risk.,,,,,
  • 2,000 fewer students would be served and approximately 4 fewer schools would receive funding…
  • Delaware will lose approximately $1.8 million in funds for about 20 teachers, aides, and staff who help children with disabilities… including autism.
  • Head Start and Early Head Start services would be eliminated for approximately 100 children in Delaware,
  • Delaware would lose about $1.1 million in environmental funding ..
  • Delaware’s to lose another $359,000 in grants for fish and wildlife protection.
  • 2,000 civilian Department of Defense employees would be furloughed or around $7.6 million in payroll no longer hitting Delaware’s economy…
  • Delaware will lose about $83,000 in Justice Assistance Grants,, used to prosecute criminals.
  • Delaware will lose about $86,000 in funding for job search assistance, referral, and placement,..
  • 100 disadvantaged and vulnerable children are being dropped from child care, meaning their parent will have to quit work to care for them.
  • Reduced funding for vaccinations of about $26,000. 380 fewer children will receive vaccines
  • Delaware will lose approximately $86,000 in funds to help upgrade its ability to respond to public health threats..
  •  Delaware will lose about $330,000 in grants to help prevent and treat substance abuse..
  • Delaware will lose about $70,000 resulting in around 1,800 fewer HIV tests….
  • Gone are the $19,000 in funds that provide services to victims of domestic violence,
  • Gone are the $201,000 in funds that provide meals for seniors, currently the only meal they have.
  • Elimination of inspections to prevent the introduction of foreign pests and diseases into U.S
  • 1,000 fewer grants awarded by the National Science Foundation, and 5.1 percent cuts to the National Institute of Health..

In all, $18 million that would otherwise flow into Delaware’s economy…… The CBO uses this formula to judge the economic impact of Federal cuts.  1.6 times the Federal Cuts =  local economic damage….  Delaware then is facing a slump of  $28.8 million dollars…

And why are we facing all these hardships?

So billionaires won’t have to pay one penny off every dollar they earn over a million….. Just curious,… what part of society do you think deserves and needs that money more?  If we were choosing where in society that money should go to do the most good, would you vote to keep it in a billionaires pocket?

If you are Republican, you would?……..

*(one penny on every dollar earned over 1 million equals almost exactly $85 billion, the amount of the sequester...)