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It can be explained quite simply……  Here is their district’s 10 year voting history…..


May 27, 2015………………..Total Votes Cast……….11,042;  FOR……….5074;   AGAINST………5968

February 24, 2015…………Total Votes Cast…………8195;   FOR……….2119;   AGAINST………6076

May 25, 2010………………..Total Votes Cast…………6072;    FOR………3049;    AGAINST……..3023

November 6, 2007……….. Total Votes Cast………..9208:    FOR……….6600;   AGAINST……..2608  (bond issue)

January 26, 2006………….. Total Votes Cast………..7626:    FOR……….2242;   AGAINST……..5384


As one can see around 6000 people have consistently voted against raising taxes…. (during the recession of 2010 it looks like there was too little money to fund the usual vote drive against taxation, so 3000 votes did not show up)…..

But with the pro-referendum advocacy this month….. 3000 new voters did show up…. and all of them voted yes for the referendum……

It just wasn’t enough…. but Christina is on the right track…  But as these figures show, unlike Red Clay, or Capitol… this district has been very harsh against passing referendums….  One might equate that passing a referendum in Christina District, is the equivalent of getting a ward to carry Obama when it is registered 75% Republican…. yet that is almost what Christina District was able to do……

Pretty amazing, really…..

Bottom line is now we know… and I wish I had seen this prior for it gives a the solid line we need to measure our efforts… for it is obvious that the anti-referendum-nuts, are capped out at 6000…. We just need to organize and get pro-referenders up over and above that number…..

Which can easily be done by one piece of paper handed out to every parent when they register their child for kindergarten, explaining how every good parent must vote “yes” on every referendum and why only that choice can give their child the best education possible over the next 12 years….. Staying at home on voting day is not an option; it hurts ones child…..

There are roughly 1250 new children entering the system every year… Engage those parents…….  (the 6000 should be dying off any day now)…..

“If they are encouraged to opt out of the Standardized Testing because it is what is best for the child then why not opt out of all testing because it is stressful and there is not reliability or validity in subject matter testing? ” Attributed to Mike Barbieri…

It is the rolling argument syndrome…. which is effective since the human brain is only capable of hearing the first and last of each sentence…. So when received by the human ear it comes across as something like this:

“If they are encouraged to opt out………………………… no validity in subject matter testing…..”

“What?”, say ill informed legislators.  “No validity in testing?  We can’t have that.”…

But that is not the point of opting out… In fact, the entire reason for opting out is based on one single test, (since there are two versions, PAARC and the Smarter Balanced we should now simplify our language and start calling them the “Common Core tests”. For that is what they are.).

The entire reason for opting out of this test as you yourself allude, is because has been deemed to be harmful to children…..  That is it.  This test is harmful to children….  it impinges upon their educational time; it creates stress at ages where college-level stress should not be felt; it punishes Blacks, Hispanics, and hillbillies… all of which speak an accepted version of English, but none of who learned from birth the Germanic roots upon which this entire test is based…… it draws a line between success and failure, that mirrors exactly the income levels of each child’s parents.  It fails to test what each child has learned.  It is inferior to tests given by teachers in each class which are now no longer given because all energy must be spent on these tests.  It steals scarce dollar resources away from education budgets everywhere, which could be used to better education if we’d just allow teachers to give out our child’s tests, and not pay some Corporation having their hand out…..

So as to the Honorable Barbieri’s motives for completely dismissing the entire problems this test can cause for children, wiping those away with the sweep of a hand, pretending they don’t exist,, and focus on some spurious argument saying that sometimes you have to do really bad things to kids so the greater good is enhanced… (that apparent good solely being money funneled back into politicians pockets next election cycle; there is no other.)…. well you can decide for yourselves if they are based on ignorance…(Barbieri: read this! (it’s grown so nobody reads it anymore; they just scroll down to the very bottom and go “DAAAMMMNNN” under their breath)) or based on some other ill tendency of human beings whenever they get their hands on power…  The motives should not be a concern, but the results should….

Allow me to put Barbieri’s comments in perspective…

A>  If we encourage Jews to opt out of being shoveled into railroad cars headed for Buchenwald because it is what is best for them, why not opt out all passenger service because it is stressful and there is not reliability or validity  anymore in rail travel.

B>  If we encourage teen age children to opt out of being  forced to join suicide packs to maintain their social status because it is what is best for them, why not opt out all contracts or agreements that are both enjoined by business and legal departments, just because it is stressful and there is no reliability or validity in any legal arrangement anymore.

C>  If we encourage Blacks and Hispanics to opt out of their legal right to a trial by jury, in order to cut down on court time and wear and tear on the Judicial system, why not opt everyone out of court dates and just decide all justice by flipping a coin?

Each of these ridiculous examples has the same form, structure, and most of the same words as Barbieri’s rather bizarre statement… All have very harmful effects as are those being suffered by children taking this one single test….. All of them make no more sense than what Barbieri is alleged to have written.

There are two questions that should have  popped into everyone’s head upon reading this…..

The first, should be (and probably isn’t):

What is the Honorable Barbieri going to do about this? (Only he can answer that on Thursday).

The second:

How could anyone make such an irrational assertion?  🙂

I don’t mean to be too hard on him… on non educational issues Mike is a good guy… So it HAS to come from ignorance I must assume…. He really thinks this test is just… “a test”. and that we, the people have our hoop skirts up over our heads in a dizzy over it…   just like jews in cattle cars are just another train passenger.  just like a teen suicide pack is just another contract, just like a trial by jury of ones peers is just a waste of time….

But you can see that none of those are true, and certainly as a result, his cannot be as well…..

And the answer for such an ill-founded opinion, is simple:  he has not taken the test... He does not know what it is; he does not know what it does; he does not know how stupid the questions are; he does not know how imprecise the scoring will be; he does not know how Kafkaesque the entire testing process is in that no one can talk about it, no once can question it, no one can counter it, and he certainly does not know how it breaks a mothers heart to have her A+ daughter fail a test designed specifically to make people fail… He simply lives in a bubble we must assume…..

Had he lived in Germany 70 years ago, he’d probably be one of those saying…. so what’s wrong with Jews going to summer camp? Fresh air, fields of flowers, trees, animals…..

But ITTS, it’s the test, stupid. (Line borrowed from Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign)

Mike, it is time you took the test…… (before embarrassing yourself in public any further….)

“If they are encouraged to opt out of the Standardized Testing because it is what is best for the child then why not opt out of all testing because it is stressful and there is not reliability or validity in subject matter testing……” Attributed to Mike Barbieri…

What he really means:

They should not opt out of the Standardized Testing simply because there would then be no reliability or validity in the subject matter testing……

That is morally wrong.  Protecting the reliability or validity of testing, over each and every child’s welfare?…. Maybe you don’t have a clue (yet)(take the tests) but you cannot force those parents who do (who have taken this test), from doing what every one of them thinks is best for their child… which is backed up by 100% of child psychologists!  Opt all of them out of the Smarter Balanced Assessments….

Everyone knows why. The test needs scrapped… Ka-put, into the trash bin.  Barring that, parents need this option to protect their child… One child, is more important than any test’s validity….. especially when that test is so horrible, so horrific, so inane, and so stupid, as this one… Once you take the test, you will know.

The only argument opponents of HB. 50 can effectively make to balance the thousands of arguments that parents have for opting out their child…. is this one…

“the validity of overall test results will be undermined if large numbers of students do not participate in the assessment.” ….

It dawned on me today as I read that:    that is exactly the point of opting out….

  • If you knew you were going to have a bad court appearance, you’d seek a continuance or change of venue.
  • If you knew your boss was going to fire you, you’d call out sick so he couldn’t.
  • If you knew your marriage was going to be a mistake, you’d call off the wedding… or not show up.

That is exactly the point.  This test is so horrific, so malicious, so inane, so bizarre, so misappropriated, that taking it is not good…  Why would, or how could any parent NOT opt out their child to spare them the ignominy this test will bring upon them?

All tests are flawed measures of education… this one is a travesty to even those previous poor tests.  This test is dangerous and undermining its assessment should be a public duty of ALL citizens, not just parents of children in school……

if I felt that blacks had become too uppity and needed to be shown their place (as slaves or the closest we can put them there) how would I go about it?

I would do what any corporation does…  i would set them up to fail.  Then draw everyone’s attention that they are failing.  I would pretend to try and help.  And then, would say, look, it is pointless, see, even with help they are inferior and we should just recognize that, lock them down, and move forward…..

I would design a test that blacks could not pass. I would mandate that all schools must give it.  It would be about farming, something blacks would have no knowledge about.  We would  even use a dialect, rural midwestern twang, and all answers done in southern diction we would mark wrong.

I would then hold those students back a grade, and fire their teachers, saying they are embarrassments to society and heap shame and ridicule upon them.  We would use these tests to close schools, and put in our own, which would be guaranteed to fail over time….

We would do nothing about poverty these blacks live in.. In fact, we’d reduce their caloric intake 40% by cutting back on SNAP… making them eat less while raising their minimal standards.   We’d make them ineligible for medical care by raising prices to where they could never afford it.

We would also fight every minimum wage increase.

But we would focus primarily upon making a test where only those able to pass, get to taste the good life, and all others toil in squalor in the purgatory we set up for them.

Since we would use this test to cull the blacks out from whites, we would have to be very careful not to fail whites who were less smart than those blacks…  We would have to keep the test secret; we’d have to keep the answers secret, and we would have to keep the grading scale secret…  In this bubble of total secrecy, we disseminate scores completely impossible for independent corroboration.  Therefore a black scoring over 1550 could be called a failure and a white scoring 550 could be deemed passing… We just put PASS next to the white, and FAIL next to the black.

Then we’d make sure that only those who scored high, went forward.  We’d make those failing have to take remedial classes until they gave up in disgust.  Then we utter, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink….

We would then take over schools that failed and put in our policies.  We would teach second class citizenship. We would teach they were too dumb for anything else. We would browbeat little kids with threats of horror to instill fear of their white overlords.

We would close all competition which was trying to improve the lot of black students; particular those assisting at-need kids. There would only be one option, our schools of indoctrination….

We would make passing this one test, the only way one could go forward… To college.  For a trade job.  For clerical work. For teaching.  Those who never pass, get shunted to the sub class of the cities…  In this way we could control access to good jobs and make sure blacks never get them.

Most of all, since discrimination is illegal, we must pretend we would be doing it “for the children”… We’d say  it is such a shame inner city children are being left behind because of “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”  We say we must rigorously instill demanding regimens and tasks to jolt “these people” out of their slumber.  But really, we just want to make them all fail so we can give the good job money to the whites, and blacks can all hang out to protest at the next riot site.

That is how I would make blacks the new Jews of the Fourth Reich… That is how I would  go about to change the benefits once instilled by Dr. Martin Luther King, so they look less and less promising to Afro-Americans in school.

House Bill 30: allows students with basic special education needs to receive extra funding.

Senate Bill 10:  makes technical changes to the Delaware Performance Appraisal System.

House Bill 33:  came about due to the hard work of 24 individuals on the IEP Task Force.  Tabled.  Raise fvcking hell.

House Bill 50:   creates the right for the parent or guardian of a child to opt out of the annual assessment, currently the Smarter Balanced Assessment System.  Tabled.  Raise fvcking hell.

House Bill 56:  provides a moratorium on all new charter schools in Delaware

House Bill 61   requires that all public meetings of the boards of education be digitally recorded and made available to the public.

Most of you have these on speed dial…. but for you newbies……

Get to work. Your kids are counting on you to be the adults.

  • Take your child’s test.
  • Let your child take the test… why not? (He/she is supposed to be in school anyways)
  • Decide if you should opt them out.
  • Opt them out….. and you’re done. You decided.


To those who’ve been  insufferable to all others… Ha, ha. Treat yourselves..   Number 37,449.

(And if anyone wants to know the next fact up the trivial ladder of relevance it is this….)

Number 37,450:  The Hittites domesticated asses, horses, cows and raised honey bees.

 Shoot Dem Gun Nuts; Shoot Dem Dead

Those in favor of gun control, that is putting responsible limits on who can own weapons,  out raised campaign donations for the first time, far, far more than those nuts who think criminals, mentally insane, and everyone else should wear their guns openly and engage in gun battles at the OK corral….

By a whopping 43% !!!!  Raising$ 21.3 million to the gun lobby’s $16.3 million, 

Three fourths of the NRA’s PAC money was donated by self defense corporations like Smith Wesson, Glock, and Remington, in order to promote brand loyalty inside the cult group often known by its other name:  the National Rifle Association even though it has very little to do these days with rifle safety.  Today. this organization’s primary concern is putting military hardware and concealed handguns into the hands of every possible citizen, and to use television to encourage even minor disputes to be now be settled by open street or in home warfare…..

The Gun Squirrels on the other hand, raised most of their money from moms and pops who were against gun violence.  They donated for their children’s sake. Their average donation was under $53 dollars….  They got more.

Prior to the  Newtown shooting…. the gun lobby had out-raised gun control by as much as 100 to 1….   Politically this new found wealth has stopped the threat of the NRA and has rendered all their current bluster and threats, toothless…..   In special elections since 2012, by a ratio of 5 to 1, Gun Squirrels have beaten the pants off the gun nuts….

This is a good thing….  Even though our politicians are rather spineless, and cow before a rabid foaming bunch of erectile dysfunctionites, even to the point of cheering for a senile Mitch McConnell holding a rifle up over his head (they made sure it was unloaded before giving it to him) as he addresses the CPAC crazies, normal moms and pops have turned the corner and are realizing that if they want their their children to live safe lives… they need to buy back their dirty politicians…

So they raised more….

Please help: Here is Gabby Gifford’s organization:  Americans for Responsible Solutions….  Give a sigh of relief, relax, and give a tiny amount as have millions of other normal Americans intent on ridding ourselves of the gun lobby forever…  It should be a word of encouragement to us all, to remember that MADD, who remained steadfast against what once appeared to be almost unlimited funding of the liquor lobby…

But as more people died from drunk driving incidents, people simply got fed up with those on the right who obviously didn’t have hearts and were pushing for more killing, more heartbreak, and more family destruction….  Like that battle, today our battle has turned and if you join now, you can be part of making it acceptable to regulate both guns and live ammo the same way we regulate drinking and driving……..

They have rights, for sure, but not at OUR expense.



It’s been six months since the greatest debacle ever experienced by a civilized human being, has taken place…. The Republican Party of the United States of America,fully endorsed by Charlie Copeland here in good old Delaware, shut down the Federal government over the repeal of Obamacare .  Only those close to the story knew over what they were protesting….

Here is why the Republicans closed down your government, put 700,000 government workers on furlough, and cost the economy $24 billion dollars….  They did it because:

A.   They didn’t want 315 million Americans to get free preventative care… No co-pay for flu shots, HIV screenings, prostate exams, colonoscopies, mammograms……

B.   They didn’t want 315 million Americans to benefit from new requirements forcing insurance companies tospend at least 80% of our premium dollars on our health care , or refund us back our money…..

C.  They didn’t want 315 million Americans to benefit from new requirements that insurance companies publicly justify their actions if they want to raise premiums by 10% or more…

D.  They didn’t want 315 million Americans to benefit from knowing that our insurance can now never be capped or canceled at the whim of insurance companies.

E.   They didn’t want 105 million Americans to no longer have lifetime expense caps, either through chronic disease, or corporate restrictions.

F.   They didn’t want depending on which survey you read, 50 to 129 million Americans to benefit from the Obamacare provision that eliminates all bars for coverage based on pre-existing conditions..

G.   They didn’t want those 49.4 million American current Medicare enrollees to under Obamacare now feel secure knowing that existing Medicare benefits can neither be reduced nor taken away.

H.   They didn’t want 6.1 million Americans with Medicare Part D to no longer have to go through the “doughnut hole” coverage gap.

I.     They didn’t want 4.4 million low-income adults to now have access to health insurance thanks to states implementing the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare….

J.    .They didn’t want 3.2 million main street American small businesses to be eligible for tax credits for providing health insurance to their 19.3 million employees nationwide…

K.    They didn’t want 3.1 million of America’s  young adults to get coverage because of the provision in Obamacare that allows them to stay on their parents’ insurance plans until age 26….

They wanted none of the above… When like a terrible two year old,  they couldn’t get their way,  they furloughed 700,000 Americans for  a combined total of 6.6 million days,  shut down the National Parks and Monuments thereby damaging local communities, closed down the NIH and CDC, stymied essential permits and necessary reviews, stopped import and export licenses thereby freezing trade,  froze all Federal money earmarked for small businesses, homeowners, and families in rural communities,  disrupted loans because banks and lenders could not access the Federal database, delayed $4 billion in tax refunds to American consumers, prevented all food and water from being inspected, prevented all train and plane accidents from being inspected,  stopped critical defense and other non defense research, and cost 120,000 jobs from being created those two weeks in October….. It was just 6 months ago….

All of that…. just so you would not receive any of the  above benefits from Obamacare….Oh, my, tsk, tsk.

This is election year… Still not fired up?  So what’s your real reason?  Got rocks in your head?

Party Membership Senate Party Membership House

We hear about a divided America.  But look at our at-large candidates in the Senate.  Fairly even after all.

Next look at the House, where districts are gerrymandered.  In this case it was done by the Republicans in 2010. ….  We don’t really have a divided country.  We have a country arbitrarily divided.