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The President today approved immediate use of exploratory techniques to determine the amount of oil lurking off the Delaware Coast.   The Brazilian spy agency was listening in.  Water Cannon will soon be used to create massive shock waves off Delaware’s coast and in Delaware Bay… These sonic cannons are 100 times more powerful than jet engines….

Whales, turtles, horseshoe crabs, dolphins, will all be hit with unbearable noise shattering their inner ears.  We might as well take down the Watch For Turtle signs on Route 1 between Dewey and Bethany…..

Here is what we do know about airgun blasts from studies done in areas where this process has been going on for some time… Impacts include temporary and permanent hearing loss, abandonment of habitat, disruption of mating and feeding, and even beach strandings and death. For whales and dolphins, which rely on their hearing to find food, communicate, and reproduce, being able to hear is a life or death matter.  Airgun blasts kill fish eggs and larvae and scare away fish from important habitats. Following seismic surveys catch rates of cod and haddock declined by 40 to 80 percent for thousands of miles.

The bureau’s environmental impact study estimates that more than 138,000 sea creatures could be harmed, including nine of the 500 north Atlantic right whales remaining in the world.

Jeff Christopher followers stage a show of force to give Sussex County an idea what will happen once a sheriff gets full power to make arrests base on his arbitrary judgment.

All three of his followers think this is what America needs more of.

Delaware Liberal has the link. Here is Governor Markell’s offer to the Occupy Movement and why that offer was unacceptable, even to the most reasonable…

The event area shall be to the north of the Interstate 95 overpass bordered by the north bank of the Brandywine River and North Park Drive and may extend northwest from the storm water culvert to the area adjacent to the ñrst dam up river. Please see attached map.

Where's this Place We're Supposed to Protest At

In this location the only people seeing this encampment would be those living in the upscale apartments. It would be invisible to the rest of the world.

Imagine the former Mayor Baker going to the city, hat in hand, asking to protest the fact that Wilmington’s population was being treated unfairly because they were not white, and a ahort, pot bellied official, strode out of his Lincoln with Longhorn’s attached to the front, and with a horn blast the echoed the “charge” theme played at high school football games, says, ” Sure, we’ve got the perfect place for you… Go 5 miles out of town, take a left by the country store, go ten miles along that road, till you pass the last farmhouse, and there, in the forest, you’ll see a split in the road, take the left one and go six more miles and you will see a clearing left by the logging operation years ago, and you, can have your demonstration right there. I’ll write the permit right now….

The message from the Markell administration was equally insulting. Sure, have your little camping trip out where no one can see you…

“This is not Camping Delaware. It’s Occupy Delaware,
“The tents are the statement. If the tents are in a campground, that’s not much of a statement.”
— Akiva Dejack, Occupy member.

The Tea Party got the Mall in DC. Occupy Delaware gets a spot accessible only by an apartment complex driveway.

Totally unacceptable.

Moving on.

Permittee may not congregate, solicit the public, display signs, or distribute materials outside of the above mentioned designated area.

Really? For a protest, you are limiting their right to protest? Are you serious? Did you have limitations of Markell signs, those white plastic ones scattered across the entire state back during the summer and fall of 2008?

I Am Protesting The Handing Down of Office to The Standing Leutenant Governor
Right click on Picture for full image.

“Sure, you can run for governor, but you won’t be allowed to hand out any campaign literature or post signs, unless it is in your own front yard?”

C’mon… You call that a fair offer? These people are protesting everything that’s gone wrong because Republicans took over in 2000! And you’re going to hide them up a cul de sac? Seriously?

Did you forget that if Republicans had lost that election, there never would have been a derivative driven financial crises? Our National Debt would have been “paid in full” as of 2008? We’d wouldn’t be discussing cuts to the budget; we’d be debating upon which project to invest our Federal Funds for the next year?

So the permit was rather insulting. It did not meet the Constitutional muster required by the state to allow a peaceful protest. The tents are their protest.

In fact, “Occupy Boise”, a Tea Party State if there ever was one, is having no trouble putting their protesters in a conspicuous spot. And we know Idaho.

Listen to this:

She was pleased with the meeting. “As long as they can keep control of their participants as they move forward, I think everything will be fine,” said Luna.

Occupy Boise agreed to provide state officials with a copy of the “code of conduct” and the operational plan. Gunderson said “legal observers” would watch the camp and record video of any conflicts or issues.

Gunderson said the cities where protesters have clashed with public officials have garnered the most news coverage. But Boise is taking its cue from places where things have been more amiable, including Philadelphia.

If anything can be done in Philadelphia, it certainly can be accomplished in Delaware.

As the logo suggests:  A good thing for the environment
Photo courtesy of the Telegraph

George Bush was considered a good leader after we had just gotten socked by 17 people in four hijacked airliners, when he picked up a megaphone and set the war against terrorism in motion…

They'll hear this

Fact: that war has diminished terrorism.

Today we are fighting in Afghanistan against Afghanistan people who think we and what we offer, are not the best thing for their future…

They have that right, just like you or I would have that right if an uncertain future were being imposed on us, as say 30 years ago, was portrayed in the movie Red Dawn…. But although the words terrorism get thrown about, …. most of us honestly think far less of terrorists now, than we did even during the most glorious days of the Clinton reign…..

I will say that is a success, one which can be measured by a quantified analysis of results. The US achieved success by diminishing global terrorism. Pretty unbelievable, based on the paradigm of the world we had 10 years ago….

But where I’m going with this,…. is that an event happened that impacted American prosperity, and everyone got together to overcome it…

Today, dead plant and animal material of 250 million years ago, is being forced out at high pressure into an underwater basin. Oil is washing up on shore; oil is creating a desert of life where once life thrived…

The equivalent of 9/11 would to not just simply go after BP, but to go after all of terrorism or in this case… dirty energy…. A real leader doesn’t solve a problem. He changes the paradigm….

What we need to do, is to leverage this unfortunate blemish upon the practices of the past, into a understanding and movement towards weaning ourselves off “dirty energy”….

Today, Obama did just that…

“We cannot consign our children to this future. The tragedy unfolding on our coast is the most painful and powerful reminder yet that the time to embrace a clean energy future is now. Now is the moment for this generation to embark on a national mission to unleash American innovation and seize control of our own destiny. ”

The time to embrace a clean energy future is now……

Sunrise on offshore Wind Farm

Two years ago, Delaware was poised to be the first state to have off shore wind… Legislation was passed, signed… the investment firm was pumped up… and then…. Babcock and Brown… collapsed.

The tragedy in the Gulf ….like a boot camp bugle too early in the morning, means that at this moment… we need to jump up, and go forward with upgrading the plans and building a 600 MWh wind farm off the Delaware coast…

Since private investors can’t handle it… we need a government who can…

We set a very similar precedent seventy five years ago…

Between July 1933 and March 1939 the PWA funded and administered the construction of more than 34,000 projects including airports, electricity-generating dams, aircraft carriers, and bridges, as well as 70% of the new schools and 1/3 of the hospitals built between 1933-1939. Some of the most famous PWA projects are the Triborough Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City, the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington, and the Key West Highway in Florida.The PWA also electrified the Pennsylvania Railroad between New York and Washington, DC. The PWA did not create as much affordable housing as supporters would have hoped, building only 25,000 units of in 4½ years.

Those necessary structures today, would not be there without the Publc Works Adminstration. Simply put… It’s goal was to spread big bucks, on big projects… There is some argument that these expenditure did little to alleviate the Great Depression. The geography of the problem was too great: the solutions too small.. Only with the outbreak of WWII and Roosevelt’s realization that deficit spending was now mandated, did this nation begin to work its way out of the Great Depression.

Now try to imagine getting into New York today without either the Lincoln Tunnel or the Tribourough Bridge… Try imagine Boeing in the Northwest developing without the cheap power off the Columbia River…. Try imagine the US developing the atomic bomb without Oak Ridge, a subsidiary of the TVA…. Try imagining the Empire State, without the public funded Niagara Power Project, which held the price of power consistently from 1961 to 1981…

In each case, the long term benefits to the community far outweighed the benefits caused by just the new jobs alone…

Therefore it is time for us to do the same with Wind and Solar…

Private investment is stalemated; the active engine of the economy is (like it or not), the federal government…

For as little as 2 billion, we could begin construction within a year. The dreams of developing a wind farm construction-center right here in New Castle County, would again take wing. The dreams of importing the brains of energy to set up homes in Delaware, would once again become reality…

$2 Billion spread over 20 years… averages out at $100 million a year… Getting a return on that investment with wind energy, would be fairly simple… Between jobs, economic growth, full governmental coffers, and very cheap electricity for all… we could easily show that investment to be worthwhile…. And not to mention, were we to clear a little of our air, who can guess how much of a medical saving each household would garner?

But dreams mean little without action.. Now is the time to begin the pursuit of landing a large government contract to begin off the coast of Rehoboth as soon as possible..

We all know it works. Evidence as been there in the above structures… all our lives… We just need to do it….


Do it.

……. and if that happens…. this BP disaster will have been a good thing in the long run…..

Anyone Remember
Courtesy of Shock-Value

Drill, Baby, Drill….

How silly does it sound now?

As the oil slick begins slapping the Gulf Coast’s shoreline, one can imagine what such damage would to Delaware’s shoreline.

Good decisions require the mental capacity to think through all options and determine all outcomes and balance the reward with the risk…

There is no reward for any Delawarean to have their oil drilled off Rehoboth’s shores. There is risk to every Delawarean if such an event were to take place…

So anyone proposing something that is all risk, and no reward, is simply a fool trying to get in good graces with another fool running on a national ticket…

Failed. The Republican leadership has failed

They are fighting a healthcare plan that benefits all Americans except those directly receiving compensation from the excessive profits being made by insurance companies…

You can’t win by fighting everyone… Look locally at Copeland, Adams, McDowell, and DeLuca… They took on 94.9% of Delawareans over offshore wind and now (in same order as above), they are a joke, dead, silent, and flipped over to the winning side….

If there were such a thing as a smart republican (an oxymoron to be sure), they would be thinking on how to offer the Republican version of the public option.. NOT voting to kill that option outright… The public option is a necessity and all of America knows it. So it is inevitable that it will pass. Therefore voting against it, makes them losers. Not only losers with a big “L” but voting against the public option gives their opponents the ammunition needed to blow them out of political waters for the next thirty years… (thirty years being the living memory of most voters).. However, putting in a better plan than the ones being offered by the Democrats would set them as a positive force in the function of things… Even I would be interested in their version of a public option plan.

Sometimes a politician has to recognize the trend of the future… Like a giant wave off Hawaii, he needs to position himself on the crest and ride it into the beach… not stand firm and have it crash down on him, uniting his body parts with the jagged lava of the shoreline.

Republicans made a mistake. That is the result of their failure to lead….

They didn’t lead, and for that reason, they can’t be taken seriously… Using a local political analogy, one could say the national Republican party has been Copelandized…

Wind power for Dummies

Myths and Mothballs:

There are several myths out there that need debunked in order to have a clear understanding of offshore wind.

We will start with the first which goes right to the heart of why we have a handful of legislators blocking Bluewater from going through.

For reference here is the copy of the Act that started it all. If you could, click in and check out the co-sponsors of that bill. More about them later.

What about SEU as an option to drive down demand and lower prices?

Many answers to your questions can be found here, in the report to Governor Minner that predated the passage of House Bill 6, the EURCSA. The clarity of the report, ie how well it was written, can be demonstrated by the signing by the Governor on the day the act cleared the last hurdle in the General Assembly. In other words, after reading this comprehensive report, there were no other questions. Essentially this report is the equivalent of a State of the State Address on Energy Affairs, and until now, has been seen by only a handful of people.

First some background. One can understand Delmarva’s motives better if one understands how they get paid. Here is how their price structure works. There are different costs depending on which fuels are used. Nuclear is cheapest, although offshore wind may be a close second, then comes coal, and finally natural gas. Under current PJM rules (the local grid which sets both pricing and the rules for that pricing) the price that is set for the next hours fuel, is based on the price of the last bid that meets the demand set for that hour.

Let’s say the hour’s demand is anticipated to be 600 MW’s. Nuclear provides 300MW quite cheaply, and coal provides 275 at slightly more. There is still a deficit of 25MW’s that need to be acquired to meet the goal set. Gas bids on the remaining 25MW’s and since that is the bid that pushes it over the top, that is the price for all energy from all sources for that hour. That means gas gets a fair profit. Coal and nuclear get a windfall of tremendous profit since they cost far less than gas to generate electricity.

Back in the olden days, under regulation, nuclear was guaranteed a fair profit, coal was guaranteed a fair profit, and likewise gas, based on the costs of both fuel and operating expenses. You added those up together, and you get cheaper than we pay now.

Energy Prices Before and After Deregulation
Imagine standing in a line at Wal*Mart where the rules dictated that whatever the last person paid for everything in his cart, everyone else paid. Of course if someone was buying a box of tissues, we with full shopping carts would hand our receipts to the door checker while smiling….real big. But imagine if Wal*Mart got to determine who was the last person to stand in that line? Incredibly they would always placed someone with the most expensive items they could find to shore up that cart…..Bet you that tissue buyer wasn’t smiling this time as he left the store?

Again before deregulation, if our price was based more on old style economics, Delmarva got a percentage over whatever was its cost for making our electricity…..So with deregulation, we lost out.

Along with deregulation came the divestiture by Delmarva of all its generating producing facilities. Connectiv kept them, and Delmarva became nothing more than a broker. Before deregulation we paid lower costs because Delmarva actually produced and charged us cost plus percentage, which was closely regulated by the Public Service Commission. Now for all our electrical needs, we pay whatever the high price of gas determines, no matter where our energy would come from…including wind farms in Pennsylvania. Even though that wind farm might generate energy at 2.3 cents per MW, we would still have to pay the frozen winter spiked gas price of 23 cents per MW, with someone within the PJM grid keeping the difference. That by the way is why Stockbridge insists on Pennsylvania wind farms.

Bluewater would change all that. Under contract Bluewater Wind would supply a regulated rate to Delmarva, one regulated for twenty five years. This rate would not be manipulated by the PJM. This means Delmarva over the course of twenty five years could stand to lose billions, which of course would then remain right in our wallets where, since we are the ones paying them,… it belongs.

Trust me. Delmarva still stands to make a lot on selling us Bluewater’s Wind. They just can’t gouge us as much as they had anticipated once deregulation took effect. How much do they intend to raise prices? Just look at the 59% increase in 06 if you want proof for your answer. Which is why Delmarva is acting like a recalcitrant groom who pines for his future bride’s booty, without having to commit to anything in order to get it.

A third issue that forces up our rates, is interestingly enough, our geography. We are Delmarva, a long skinny peninsula with few transmission access points. Compared to a land-based market with thousands of interconnecting points surrounding it, we have but a few. That adds costs because a lot of energy is taken up and lost as heat. As much as 7 to 10 percent of electricity is lost over transmission. Since our peninsula has lots of distance top to bottom, we lose a lot. This can be fixed with a generation facility off the coast of Rehoboth. Supplying the Middle of Delmarva with less cost and more efficiency, means at least for that sector, their overall cost could drop 7 to 10 percent. That means a household paying $200 a month in summer, will be paying $180 instead, just by cutting down on transmission costs. So instead of paying Delmarva, you can afford an additional 6 and a half gallons of gasoline…..Wow. (I’d still rather have it in gasoline.)

Thus there were three reasons prices jumped with deregulation. One, PJM uses the most expensive form of energy to price the whole lot; two, Delmarva became solely a broker, divesting its generating capacity; and three, our geography conspires against us in long transmission lines from the source to the power receiver.

So now we are ready for our question:

What about SEU as an option to drive down demand and lower prices?

What is the SEU and how does it have anything to do with energy prices? Here is a copy of the meeting minutes last February just as wind power was getting under way. Again, pay attention to the list of players near the top. Who was that new member? A test will be given at the end…….

On principal the SEU is a good idea.

Just to Show You Saving On Demand is Not Just Chump Change

By making several technological boosts thorough out every household or small business in Delaware, the demand, or the amount of energy required to be supplied to Delaware, will be reduced. This is good for cutting down the amount of energy and green house gases, but does not have sufficient clout to pull down prices.

One could compare it to buying a Prius and hoping gasoline drops back to $2. As you use less, the price climbs higher so you are still paying the same to fill your tank, only now using less. Of course you would pay a lot more if you drove a 67 Camaro so there is some incentive for upgrading to a more efficient vehicle. But thinking that prices will always stay the same because of what we purchase, won’t happen. However if everyone follows suit, then some leverage can indeed be made on price, as actually happened during the nineties as cars became much more fuel efficient. Then some knucklehead came up with gas eating SUV’s. Why not? Gas was under a dollar. A fifty dollar fill-up? No problem.

The only thing that brings actual prices down when dealing with a monopoly is competition. Having Bluewater sell electricity using new technology at prices lower than that of Carbon fuels, with or without a Carbon tax in place, keeps the price lower on the supplier side. The best scenario for Delaware is to pursue both plans simultaneously. Build a wind farm off the coast, and provide energy efficient incentives to every Delawarean. Do both!

It is ironical that individual legislators who sponsor the SEU package, are the very ones holding up the Bluewater deal, which provides the same benefit to Delaware consumers: lower energy bills, less carbon dioxide, less toxic pollution.

A one-two punch using two types of technologies would go a long way to insulate Delaware from the tidal wave of Carbon fueled high prices.

Our states long term goal, needs to include both cutting down our usage, or demand for energy, and for what little energy needs we have leftover, supply them with as much offshore wind as is possible.

We have this ideal scenario almost in the palm of our hand with only a handful of legislators blocking the way………….

There are moments on the campaign trail, where things slow down. In those moments one sees the man behind the image. The shadows which flashed electronically, composed and structured, pale when compared to a casual conversation, between two people about life in general…..

This may not mean much in the total swing of things, but it makes me proud to come from Delaware…..As I watched,… the words I had to memorize from 7th grade came back to haunt me……

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings–nor lose the common touch..

Our candidate talks with both heads of Pakistan, and those of a senior center in Iowa, recognizing that both are equally important in their own ways……………….

Courtesy of Department of Defense
Courtesy of Department of Defense

The election is over. The battle among ourselves begins. How much is snark? How much is real…How much is blowin’ off steam? Perhaps one could stay the unthinkable, now that bloggers can no longer battle with political surrogates, they go after each other? Life goes on……………

It turned out Ennis had a “big one.” He won with 68 percent. Totals on that significant scale make Mike Castle look quite beatable. Dana, DWA, Soapbox seemed to lean to Christian, as dld FSP who orchestrated her candidacy. Delaware Liberal held for Ennis. Many bloggers didn’t comment at all.

If Round 1 took place the closing night of General Assembly, then Round 2, last night, went to “politics as usual.” The shadow boxing caused by little men in front of big lights, seems once again to have left the average voter behind. In the end, it was incumbency who pulled one over on the bloggers. “Take that you Fusion supporters: See where the real power lies…..” OK so we lost, and here is my take on why. Had Joanne come out as a “real” candidate, run her own race her own way, many of us, uncomfortable on the sidelines, would have joined…….A progressive is a progressive is a progressive. Really… who cares what side of the aisle she comes from? Instead, what we got was an orchestrated campaign, a marionette candidacy whose long lines stretched all the way to Greenville. And it failed! Miserably! Constituent service once again won out over retried, super-slick ideas of how to use one’s knowledge of loopholes in the states campaign laws, to slip a candidate past apathetic voters.

The lack of epitaph on FSP is due no doubt from exhaustion… But if one can read the tea leaves, one may presume that Burris was overruled (a lot) in this endeavor. The entire affair lacked the vibrancy of Millsboro. Both in his blog, and in the field, vibrancy is Dave’s trademark……..pure and simple. And even though Dana, bless his heart, tired his best to fan the flames,….. with no kindling available, she, who we thought might became the Republicans answer to Karen Petersen, ……never caught fire…….

Next time, let’s hope the elite of both parties piss in the wind and the blow=back creates a big stink……(Did I hear correctly that one of the candidates will be nicknamed “Lumpy”?) Oh my! This should be fun……..

Although it may have started out as fun, (snark), comments quickly turned nasty, when and wherever they were left on. What seemed bizarre to me was how rapidly the test of moral toughness become “how long one could keep his comments on” before they became turned off? …..So, what?….. A more appropriate gauge of one’s thick skin, I think would be ones dogged effort to expose the unraveling of sanity occurring around us daily….So many things are falling apart…..Of course there is nothing wrong with kicking one’s friend’s teeth in……It can be exhilarating! But in today’s environment, where so much happens at once that one cannot post fast enough, nay, even comment fast enough, such turf battles, perhaps at one time quite important, waste energy…….that is much needed elsewhere……

That’s the week in synopsis.

And now, the future:

Although Wind Power took a hit this week, it did not stay down for three counts….. Nancy informs us of a huge meeting tomorrow. Better show early, very limited seating and the Bear library does not allow “standers”. Tommywonk went to Rehoboth to rally the troops and lead the charge (for Frodo….) Maria Evans bounced back with Hube and on another media, bloggerdom flourished. Even the WNJ slipped a word about Delaware’s most active “environmental” blogger, not a bad name to shake……

The fact that elements of our noteworthy University, who on one hand were trying to woo the elite (Minner?) at a banquet held locally, were unfortunately on the other hand caught calling all whites racists…….or something to that extent. Jerry’s take is good, real good. And Hube picked up and ran with the story to spot two on the weasel list….a worthy feat….

If you were somewhat less well spoken than Hube, what four words would you confide to yourself should you someday revisit your younger self in time? Surely it would be worthy, something like “the flux capacitor works?” Join the fun at Duffy’s Pencader Days….

There is nothing like being a Delawarean and walking the beach off season. Global warming has made it even more enjoyable in November…But beach walking in the off season is a major reason for not packing up and moving to Patagonia. Reminding us of one of our state’s crown jewels is this photo journey by Mahaffie along Rehoboth Beach. Perhaps one day we may see Rehoboth through a night vision scope, showing the Dolles sign suspended in a chamber of stars.

Speaking of Star Chambers, through Kilroy’s eyes we see one appearing within the Red Clay School District… Whereas UD is saying that all whites are racists, in Red Clay District, there is evidence that perhaps, at least in that arena, some are…….This quote in answer to a comment, (–) mine: “Watson or any other black administrator can’t (solely) be blamed for the achievement gap when in fact our education system is ran by whites……As far as Mr. Watson, he is just the next target of the Red Clay Star Chamber who is trying to take down Bob A. I guess when Watson is gone, Hooper is next, then Norris, then Newton and on and on until they are all gone. Do we let DSEA hand pick the next administration?

Kilroy rescues a comment that debunks many of those who blame racism for their problems….Kilroy says Red Clay teachers and administrators need to look at themselves first, if one wants to see the real problem…Breaking news: Kilroy, was recently promoted, no doubt due to his brilliance in writing, to record the minutes, (a position once called Secretary). Regular readers will smile or perhaps laugh as did I, over this explanation of that event……
“I was at the finance review meeting the other night ….. why of all people they made me Recording Secretary. Take comfort my report aka minutes will be proof read.”

Matt Marshall has picked up another partner in crime. Silence Dogood has joined the Soapbox and comes out firing a broadside against Senator McDowell. Check out the opening salvo of comments on the Rudy is a Twit page…….

Our favorite curmudgeon has an interesting take on the art of remembering. Funny how some things turn out…… But not funny is how our medical system (“It’s the best system in the world” say the republicans), winds up being perceived from the point of view of the patient, as this and other eyewitness accounts attest. Not funny at all.

From our Digital Federalist more good news for John Carney. Not!
Apparently Delaware ranks the 8th highest state in the number of schools that are drop out factories. Thanks Alan, I totally missed that. Why? Could such bad news for incumbents be…………. SILENCED???? John needs to start explaining why, with results like these, we as Delaware voters would willingly want to vote for more of the same. With a 10 alarm fire like this ravaging under the floorboards, …..anyone who still can conceivably anticipate a serendipity harmonious primary….. needs their brain probed with a rectal thermometer……The candidates mean well, but outside events will paint the primary ugly. Each candidate, too intent on his own survival, will have no choice but to pull all stops, just to keep his chin above the swift flowing raw sewage.

And so we have come full circle. From politics of the last election, to those of the next election. It will be up to each of us to insure that the more things change, the more they do NOT stay the same…….

The others have fallen. “The burden” has been given to us…..

Courtesy of Dept. of Defense
Courtesy of Dept. of Defense.

The Nov. 3rd special election dominates local blog-versations. Which does one prefer, a party hack running a clean campaign, or a clean candidate, being run over by party hacks?” In the silence, whispered speculation continues to grow……….creating an atmosphere quite opposite of the “open government” supposedly endorsed by both candidates……Hmmmm.

What’s this? Breaking News? From DWA……at least someone other than Dana, sees liberal tendencies in, shall I say, “JC”.

Due to a deliberate lack of a response to Jason’s ultimatum, most of the inside track on the Senate 14th election, has been culled from Dana at Delaware Watch. We have the rundown on Bruce’s attempts to “con” lobbyists to knock on doors (not). Knock, knock. “Excuse me ma’am. Sorry to interrupt your dinner hour. Look, I represent the Big Booze interests (that’s with a “z” sound on the end…..not “bs”) and I was wondering if you had given any thought about having a big Ennis for your next state senator……” Or…….. how about, “I represent the Delaware Gaming Commission and we feel that your Ennis is good for gaming…..”

Dana also gives us the scoop that everyone’s favorite FOIA democrat, Thurman Adams, has let lobbyists know that any support for Christian, means they go into a drawer, literally. Kind of odd when someone who supports prayer in school, won’t support a “Christian….”

At FSP and Delaware Liberal they seem to revel in the silence. Other than a brief mention of the News Journal piece on “absentee ballots“, there it little news about the candidates of the 14th. All we have is Dave’s word that a candidate exists……….. Although the Copeland GOP seems to create scandals out of nothing just to surround their shining star candidate with some tarnish…..Oops, its not a scandal if corrected in 7 days. Its, for you francophones, a faux paux. For the rest of us (as Nancy picks up on Dave’s line), it is called a “typo.” I would offer up that the LEAD ( prounounced leed) PAC (Copeland’s $25,000) should, based on knowledge that the money was Copeland’s, the idea was Copeland’s, and the Printer was Copeland’s, the PAC should be pronounced LEAD(led) PAC as in very dense, heavy metal.

What is sad, is that Delaware had a shot at someone who could lead FOIA in the house, another Karen Peterson perhaps……but now, after all this, how could she ever vote against a Copeland directive? Is a vote for Christian, truly a vote for Copeland. If so, Ennis becomes the lesser of two evils……..(Copeland vrs. Daniello) .You heard it here first…..

Other news…..

For those who missed it Matt at the Soapbox fills us in on the John Edwards interview. That was actually the high point of the night, but the MSM carried the entertaining interruption instead. The Soapbox gives the rundown for those who missed it, complete with expletives…..By the way, Matt is actively looking for guest posters on his site…..

Jerry Northington gets honorable mention on Daily Koz for calling on Congress, perhaps “his” Congress, to tell Bush “No”!

Over at Pencader Days we have an allegory of today’s politics. Formula One Racing. Describing F1 Racing to NASCAR fans is like describing Football (soccer) to football fans (Go Eagles!). Having once lived in a Formula II racing town, I get it. (Duff, sell that clip to “Speed”. It is that good.) However, my money is on the “Iceman”. I’m partial to Finns.

New blood, or the return of old blood at WGMD has excited Mike Mahaffe. Based on Mike’s introduction, I will have to tune in. If he is half as good as Maria Evans, it should be quite an asset to this growing progressive state. Mike also gives us the date for the Supreme Court hearing (Nov 27th) on Delaware vrs. New Jersey, or “Historical Precedent” vrs. “Cheney’s secret plans”.

Speaking of Cheney, he seems to keep a low profile these days. But his mechanizations still make waves, as mentioned here in Del Liberal

In a rather awkward situation, taking a moment from filling in from a great guest appearance, Mike Matthews introduces us to the new blog, of the person that made such guest appearances possible. (Click and you will understand what I am talking about.) As a blog, it is different, yet for many of us, very, very familiar. We should have a very, very interesting run………Many of you have, but if you haven’t, stop by and add your congratulations……

Also DWA has a disturbing video. Kent State it isn’t……………

It appears that Kilroy has it in for John Carney. Of course he is a Levin fan. But still, his pictorials always entertain…..But although the Carney bashing is solid entertainment, do not let it dissuade you from reading the very proactive attempt to fuse administration and parents interests within the Red Clay School District. I am beginning to think, with Posts like these, that Kilroy’s on to something big. It should be done for every school district!

Our favorite Curmudgeon, seems to be the only one to pick up on the story of NASA keeping their “air safety” study secret. That’s ok, we don’t need it here in Delaware……WE HAVE MIKE PROTACK.( third sentence: question 6 ) (All should read this entire revealing link, as well as the comments. (Remember writing them?)) before discussing the Republican Governor’s race. Back to the Curmudgeon. I sense in each of her posts, that political and government agencies: “CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” Not only NASA, but the City of Philadelphia, and RedState. com seem equally unwilling to publish the “truth”. Perhaps Alice In Wonderland is more prevalent than I thought. Someone should check RedState for Alice’s mushrooms. “Ignoring Ron Paul“, because he is “not” a Republican……Come on….he is on every official Republican Debate, he registered in Congress as a Republican, and he raised more money than Tancredo, and he has done so, because he is the ONLY Republican who correctly BLAMES BUSH for what’s wrong, not illegal aliens…….which puts him right up there with Hube, Kilroy, and Dave to name a few…. ‘Yo! Losers at RedState……Ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall……”

Speaking of Ron Paul, our local Libertarian has this clip which adequately explains why Ron Paul is doing so well, and why some who are “old School”, are hesitant to jump on board……after all…..15 to 20 percent of Americans are Libertarians, according to Cato Institute

On another topic, pursue this: “Primary care physicians are nothing more than gatekeepers for the insurance companies.

Merit Bound Alley has the perfect answer for Hube, who I slighted in my last episode by not publishing his full take on Global Warming. MBA in the video “Silver Bullet” gives a sobering look to prove it really doesn’t matter if man “is or isn’t” the cause of global warming…….What matters is whether we don’t, or do something about it………..

Speaking of one of the contributors to The Colossus of Rhodey, something is happening to his reception of Fox News Channel! It is no longer Comcastic! All other news services are working fine…..Conspiracy perhaps? Doing a little personal sleuthing, on 10/15/2007 Comcast added Fox Business News to channel 106 (site of the old Bloomberg which moved to 103.) My guess is that these are paired, and for your analog TVs, the digital interference from channel 106 creates the sordidness of the analog signal of Channel 65. With electronics, anything can happen……

And just to show, that despite great differences in opinion, that when it comes to protesters, celebrities rule……..the same opinion lurks here on the right, as it did here on the left…….. Which leads one to wonder…..are there really a right and left anymore?

When it comes to wind power in Delaware, those distinctions do not apply. Right and Left line up on the same side, against Delmarva and it’s lobbyists (McDowell-Copeland), which seems to be the only entities left in opposition to the wind farm going forward……..

This has kept Tommywonk busy. Bouncing between radio broadcast, to blogging on wind here,
here, here, here, here, here.

Whether one is dealing with the price of wind in the Netherlands, or the increase of transmission lines across New York, or the seasonal carbon replacement factors that wind would replace, or the variances in wind velocity at 80 meters between summer and winter, perhaps something like this could keep things in perspective. A small break would be nice, for on October 29th, the hard work for wind begins anew……….Hey! Is anyone dressing up like Gary Stockbridge, Harris McDowell, or Charlie Copeland for Halloween? If so,……I would recommend not going trick or treating…………..for your own safety…………