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Trump has so smeared white people as racists to those of brown skin, that whites almost now have to denounce Trump publicly, in order to be viewed as not supporting him…

Being silent is acquiescence…  it is like if someone comes into your house, shoots your spouse, and you say nothing, you wished for it somehow….

That is the plight at which all white people now find themselves… Trying to be polite, trying to bite your tongue so as not to “offend” your white neighbors, is being pro-racist…. not because of anything you think or harbor in your heart. but because of the immensity of the awfulness we are all faced with…. the actual rounding up of Afro Americans and Hispanics to be exterminated in concentration camps.

Bottom line… If you don’t say you hate Trump, you condone him. You ARE racist…. There can be no other excuse…..

Everyone is hungry.  All sit down at the tables… Food is brought out and everyone gets served…. but Bob….

Bob looks around and says, “I deserve food”.

Everyone looks up and says:  “We all deserve food” and continues eating…

Bob still has no food….

So. What’s Bob to do?

Two things this past week:  Charter schools sued locally, and courts across this nation absolving white cops for crimes against black humanity …

What both speak of is an overriding, institutionalized standard intended to regulate black people to second class citizenship…

Before continuing, let me knock down some incoming pitches.

A) There will always be racists… The seeds may lie in part of our genetic code for sub-species survival.  But ever since mankind began and until mankind finishes, if racism didn’t exist in primitive cultures, civilization created it. The only thing changing across 8,000 years is whether that embedded racism is allowed by one’s institutions to become a bedrock piece of that society’s structure, or not.

B) Most people are sheep… When told to be racists and given a reason, they become one.  Once racism has been installed top down by one’s power structure, society’s economic survival overpowers its moral guilt and keeps it thriving.

C) Most people do not care about race unless it becomes thrust on top of them.  Children raised in racially co-mingled environments have to be re-programed to then become racists, and fortunately for all, childhood bonds are usually more resilient than propaganda.

D) The more poor and ignorant one is, the more likely racism will do their thinking for them….

E) Because of our susceptibility to quickly hate what is different, racism is a very useful tool for behavior modification and social control.


Those who grew under and saw televised racism and read first-hand accounts of its segregated effects, are shaking their head over how we returned to this point again…. These are not isolated cases.  It is a pandemic.  But why now? What happened from those days in 1999. back when it looked like racism (if not defeated) had been banished forever to negligibility?

It appears two things.

  • One… Americans allowed a political party to run their government, whose firm belief is that it should purposefully look the other way if and whenever racism occurs.
  • Two… An Afro-American was elected (over-top all the best efforts of racists to prevent it), which indirectly now allows racist’s noise machines to spew vitriol under the guise that it is an expression of political freedom.

So we got a lot more overt racism and a lot less policing over it.


This same party fully backs and supports the statement of one Supreme Court Justice who paraphrased:  “racism doesn’t exist anymore”. America woke up this week to find out that this Justice could not have been more wrong!

The charter school situation shows the slow slide across this decade better than  do our courts.  Charter Schools almost always only occur in  predominantly black districts.  They are to either separate whites out; or to cull out blacks …Schools are segregated today in ways that would be illegal under the finding of Brown versus The Board of Education if charters were indeed considered to be public schools.  But because Charters are considered “outside” of all normal regulations, such confining laws (unless individually ordered by a court), do not apply.

Whereas in public schools opportunity gaps are closing; in charter schools they are widening.  Once again, separate is not equal.  But in most states the expansion of charters is being encouraged by governors and education chiefs regardless of party.  For them, this is seen as a way of shirking the responsibility to properly educate all our children… First privatize the schools and then,… blame their failings on someone else’s incompetence… ” It’s management’s fault, not ours; we’re going to close that school.”

The grand point one must understand is that this did not happen overnight.  Ever since Delaware’s Charter law was pushed through in the early nineties, there have been relatively very few charters until recently.  Now there is an explosion.  This mushroom cloud didn’t happen on its own. Fake non-profits and for-profits have lobbied and pushed both charters and pro-charter legislation into reality!  No one was watching. No one cried foul. No one cared because they didn’t know.  The point I’m making is that without this concerted institutional push and lobbying of legislators by large amounts of wealth, this segregation of schools could never have happened naturally on its own.  Today’s schools would remain public open to all, and whites and blacks would be receiving the same education at the same time in the same schools.

In other words, this Charter School racism was instituted from the top down.

Similarly in our court systems we have allowed our police leeway over what used to be considered our Constitutional rights.  As conservative judges became appointed to vacancies on the bench, and as non-Conservative judges were denied conformation, the bench overall began applying conservative principles whenever it dealt with our local police forces.

This anointed our police forces to the point of where they could do no wrong.  This is now Communist Russia, Communist China, or Hitler’s Germany. or Tojo’s Japan.

Both these two grand juries had their outcome predetermined by their prosecutors who had the (not so hidden agenda to not incriminate a police officer.

If the actual visual proof of an execution happening before the viewer is still not enough evidence of wrong doing, then anything done against black American citizens can now be allowed… And that is a problem. A very big problem.

Most experts believe another Grand Jury under another prosecutor would have given another verdict… Both these two verdicts were orchestrated from the top down.  Those institutions holding the real power in those two communities, told their prosecutors that they needed the policeman to go free… and the prosecutor obliged.

The relief point here is that on the whole, most Americans are not really into racism.  But a few in power since we first put a “2” in front of our millennium, have worked very hard to make us appear that way…  and now their efforts appear to have been successful. Today based on social media reporting, we are a very racist society.  And since 1999, racism has been put into place by Republican bureaucrats from the top down…. primarily during the Cheney-Bush administration and then later  in Obama’s, the Tea Party Republicans blocked all Democratic attempts to undo the damage. (Remember the Republican meme that Katrina was not a terrible disaster because only Black people lost their homes? It was a disaster, they admitted, but not a terrible disaster.)

As long as Republicans are not held accountable, racism will grow only worse. The attempts now to hold a clear conversation about race, without holding the Republican party responsible are meaningless.  If you don’t get rid of Conservatives, this issue will never go away….  Yes. We could kill them… But that takes approximately 5 years and they still get to keep their horses and guns.  Better to use the majorities embedded in the American voting system to eliminate that party which privately promotes and publicly condones racism. Next we need to use our economic power of withholding purchases to blacklist all those companies who advertise on and stop it cold….Fox TV who as of right now, is the biggest force driving race divisiveness across this once-great nation.

We got past it once.  It took a long time.  In less than 14 years of FOX and the Republican party, racism has now been institutionalized again from the top down….  The grand point of all this, is that no change will ever come about; no matter how many demonstrations you through; no matter how many petitions you sign; no matter how many police cars you overturn; no matter how many shops you loot and trash…. The problem will not go away until you A) both vote en masse and B) shut down Fox’s Propaganda….  it is completely ridiculous to believe that any change will come for any person of color, as long as Mitch McConnell is running the Senate and John Boehner is running the House….   Because racists run that party; only super-majorities of Democrats in both houses can change things now.

So in your discussions about the proper ways to execute white people for revenge (which based on the two injustices you have just witnessed, it would be foolish to assume it is not going on among the most vitriolic of you right now), please make allowances for separating out those whites who voted Democratic, and focus your revenge expressly on those who absolutely deserve it all, Republicans. Because the problem is not… all whites… The problem is…. as little children well know and say everywhere….Republicans…

Democrats and Independents… if you don’t take it upon yourselves to go to a rally for equal rights and equal justice for our black brothers and sisters. you too are the big part of the problem.  Passive racism is:   “Oh, I’ll stay home and watch my college alma mater get their butts whipped in a conference game; black people getting lynched in St. Louis or New York or Cleveland, yeah, I care a little, but it is no problem of mine”…   For if only black people show up at these rallies, white Republicans say:  “look, only black people show up at those rallies; let’s hurt them some more to punish them enough so in the future, as we take all their rights, they will be too afraid to even have rallies..”  

No, it will take all of the 83% of us who are non-racist to stomp out the 17% who are…  The minority population of Republicans have no power except that Fox Propaganda makes you think they have all the power… Our odds are 83% to their 17%.  Just curious. Have you ever fought off 4 people? One doesn’t usually win, and one tends to get hurt pretty bad… So show up at the demonstration. Make racism go away. Dis-associate yourself from die-hard Republicans and show them there is a social price to be paid for working overtime to bring institutionalized Racism back into America.






Oh boy… Here we go… Follow the steps, please.

The Center for American Racial Justice, a right winged think tank, funded by the Koch Brothers, ranks colleges by their GRE’s and notes that black schools were lower then all white schools. Furthermore it notices that the whiter the student body, the better its citizens turn out to be flag flying patriots… It then creates a list ranking colleges by its own system.

The conservative media picks it up and runs. Delaware Schools Rated Low…are the headlines across Delaware. No one knows why, no one reads the full story, no one googles the ARJ… No one… but Greg Lavelle issues a press release stating that to this low level is what the Markell administration has accomplished. “This is what you get with one party government” he repeats in every microphone. Rick Jensen features 3 shows a week on how the University of Delaware used to be highly ranked, it’s education department was last year ranked 33 out of all the colleges in the USA, and now, it is in the low 1000’s.. Delaware State is almost at the very bottom, right along with all-black colleges…

Pretty soon it is non stop… Every day the press reports on how Delaware’s colleges are just bad, no one knows why but experts from three letter companies no one has heard of, all say so!.. Headlines scream! “How can we be worse than Wyoming?” “Even Idaho!” “How can Idaho be one of the best in the nation, and Delaware, which spends more per person, near the bottom?”

The junk mail starts to arrive in our mailboxes. Markell Made Us Stupid the junk mail jokes… “We’ve got to do something”, it screams… Jea Street and Wilmington City Council issue proclamation after proclamation stating that Black children of the inner city need better schools in Delaware from which to graduate… “Many blacks depend on SEED money for post-secondary education. We need college improvement here in Delaware! This administration has fallen behind…”

Then a new study is released by the ARJ, showing how internationally our schools with black students compare with those European or Asian colleges without them… “We need all-white colleges” the article says, “or our national education is going down hill”. No one objects… The black head of the AFL-CIO spends 15 minutes on Rick Jensen and says, “well we need to change our schools. “Blacks need good education too, and we need jobs; according to all the studies, the only way that can happen is if we make segregation the law and black schools equal…

Then there is a recession. A big one.

No one has money. The Federal Government hires someone from the ARJ to become Secretary of Education. He comes up with a life saving method to revamp America’s education. Congress passes a giant relief bill, and he will give grants out to states who implement his new racial purity line across post secondary education…

He has a contest… States have to compete for funding. Call it race to the top. “We will have a contest and the state that comes up with the best plan for racial purity, gets money to make it happen”…

States pressed for revenue, all sign up… “Where do we sign they ask”? “Right here”, they are told, “and get your Secretary of Education to sign on too”.. “Ok. then fire her and hire a young kid who doesn’t know better”…. Maybe a gym teacher… Suddenly the governor writes op-ed pieces in the News Journal.. “Brighter” Future for Delaware’s Education. In it he extols the benefits that an all white University will accomplish. His friends the Chamber of Commerce and Charlie Copeland himself, all write op-eds the same. Soon the News Journal gets the memo, along with a Koch check with a memo, play along or die, and they too start championing how Delaware is too dark, and needs to “lighten up” and the best way would be to deny opportunity to those who are not white…

The Union of College Professors though appalled is convinced to publicly go along in order to have a “place at the table” of future post secondary educational policy.. The Governor convenes a secret meeting to create new standards.. In America there is no legal precedent for sanctioned discrimination… They ask the ARJ to fly in and hold meetings to educate this secret group… The secret group meets frequently over the next 4 months and writes legislation, and one of its members introduces in into the Senate and says, “it makes education better” and it is passed unanimously.

Steve Newton of Delaware Libertarian goes over the bill and writes a piece that essentially says: wait a second, this is KKK sanctioned segregation… A few bloggers (3) pick it up and run with it.. The Governor tells Pete Schwartzkoph, “quick, rush it through”, and minutes later the bill is in the House. One delegate questions the bill in committee but it passes 4-1…. On the floor, 4 delegates bring up the segregation clause and its implication. But people dismiss it upon hearing about it for the first time, and the House passes it 37-4 and the Governor signs it immediately..

The ARJ comes out with a new study. It ranks the schools 1-2000 strictly based on number of blacks enrolled. It cites the best schools and immediately the news organizations in those states start bragging. “We have the best schools in the USA” says Wyoming. “We are 2nd”, says Idaho. Montana, says, “we are a close third”… The Trustees of the University of Alabama rule that no black may attend the next session. Thousands have to transfer…. “We are not going to lose our accreditation over the color of skin of some of our students” they say..

Wall Street invests hugely in the new upcoming curriculum.. One that has no mention of blacks, slavery, Civil War, Segregation, Martin Luther King, Brown vrs Education; even the word Africa is deleted… Now all old books have to be scrapped in order to continue receiving Race to the Top money.. New online materials are sold instead. They are ranked pure by the ARJ, because the ARJ was involved writing them. No other materials are allowed the Federal Government mandates. The states spend billions upgrading their universities’curricula. Secondary education is immediately affected… All references to blacks must be expunged. New materials are ordered and the entire state is put on the ARJ curriculum…

New tests are rolled out. Schools are ranked negatively by how well they knew black history. Students who had been taught before, and knew black history and answered the questions correctly, pulled down their schools scores. A big push was made to erase and re-educate these children even to the point of lying, just to offer an alternative to history as they knew it.. Parents were answering children’s questions about homework the old way, and unknowingly flunking their children… “No, that’s not how we do things these days”, parents were later told.

More new rankings appeared. Delaware is very low. Markell blames the bloggers. Even Jea Street blames the bloggers for making Delaware a low scoring state. The News Journal writes an op-ed piece that says, “it is time to make Delaware white; we have to improve our rankings… ”

The University of Delaware receives a $34 million dollar grant from David Koch to implement an all white curricula. Delaware State University receives a $15 million Koch grant to power-wash its dorms, sidewalks and parking spaces. The state of Delaware gets a $50 million Koch Grant to create a new pro-ARJ think tank and puts them on the seventh floor of the Community Services Building there on 10th and Orange. They echo what Markell says, and he echos what they say, and the News Journal echos what both say, and Jea Street get quoted saying… “this is great for black children”….

But then.. something goes horribly wrong….

The Christina School District votes not to implement segregation materials at the secondary school level. The Governor berates them. The News Journal berates them. Rodell berates them. Jea Street berates them.. but in the end, they vote “no” to segregation of blacks from all other races… “It is just not right”, says their head, Superintendent Freeman.

The News Journal gets $1 million for future ads from the Koch Foundation, and runs op-ed pieces blaming the Christina Board for setting all of Delaware backwards by not following what is proven right. “Christina Jeopardizes All Delaware Future Funding” Sweeney pens… It cites ARJ study after ARJ study showing how only states with all white colleges are good schools. Frederika Jenner (who is white btw) of the DSEA says that though blacks have done well under the old desegregation plan, they were currently holding Delaware back and needed to be thrown under the bus, and so therefore, the DSEA was behind what was now being called, the White Core standards… Build a strong white core, and this nation will last forever was the ARJ slogan of the minute… the Koch funded Rodel, put it up on billboards all over the state.

The Secretary of Education makes a visit to Mt. Pleasant, now an all white pilot school, and praises the great improved results it has shown. The black teachers there step up to the microphone and praise Markell for making their jobs so much easier by getting rid of all the problem students…

The bloggers keep on it. Looking at the data, the standards, the money, they realize there is no evidence for the premise that white schools are better than black… They cite the evidence and show, that the rankings that started the whole ball rolling were rankings of “how white our colleges and universities were”, and had nothing to do with education learned. They discovered that data which distinctly disproved the theory that “white was bright”, was shoved aside and ignored. In fact they tracked down the researcher and asked him how he came to his conclusions out of all the evidence pointing otherwise… “I just made it up” he said… “I came up with that figure just out of thin air.”

The bloggers traced the money. They found the ARJ was fully funded by the Kochs. They found that all those organizations supporting the ARJ, journalists, and education experts, had all received large grants from the Kochs. They found that the global evidence showing “white was bright”, wasn’t right. It was income related. Blacks in nations where everyone was rich enough to be well educated, were smarter than whites in poorer areas…

After 5 years, the Federal money began to run out. States started looking at the costs.. Holy Cow! What are we going to do with all these uneducated black people they wondered? How much more will increased crime, depression of wages, unemployment, caused by this White Core policy, cost our states…

One by one, different states began to bail out. As the deadline for the new tests approached (tests denying any existence of Africans in America), states began bailing. “Our Constitution says blacks should help determine their own educational future”, several states said, and they began dropping out. In each state, Constitutionalists began rallying to get rid of White-Core. They held meetings in Constitutional supportive areas of the nation and began holding elected officials to the Constitution.

“You are making a sub-race of American citizens” they said. “This is unconstitutional…” The Delaware Chamber of Commerce made fun of them… Called them stupid hicks or something like that… “Dumb Suck-ass Countians” was the wording Rick Jensen used, I think… (followed by a “HEE-Haw” sound-bite Greg would play). Markell went onto Chuck Todd’s TV show to deride these Constitutionals as being backward hicks and unconcerned that Delaware was ranked near the bottom of the ARJ’s list of good colleges…

“These people just don’t get it” Markell said… Chuck Todd echoes sadly, shakes his head. “Why would they be against good schools” as the camera fades back and the editor cuts to commercial.

Sweeney write a piece for the News Journal… Delaware Extremists Want Delaware To Go Backwards.” Why, he berates, when the answer is so clear, do Delawareans not push to go forward?” He continues… “Experts say ” (quoting ARJ researchers) that blacks bring down education. It is time to go separate even if it is not equal.”

The KKK emails it’s entire mailing list and tells each recipient to write letters to the News Journal… “We want better education for our kids. WE don’t want blacks in our schools. Help keep Delaware’s education racially pure!”

Members of the Christina board write back. John Kowalko writes back. Steve Newton writes back… All say the data is flawed. We have evidence that if given the same education, and the same at home support, blacks are equal or even smarter than whites.

They say: “if someone with enough money uses their own criteria to judge something, then create a response, then buys sufficient influence, the wrong thing can get done before the American public is even aware of the horrible consequences it will cause…..

Which, as you may guess, is the whole point of this “what if” exercise to show… Because it happened, already. Just as I said….

It is beginning.  Destroying history to change history.  In Delaware a principal forbids his teacher from allowing a Holocaust survivor to enter a classroom and give their personal perspective on what it was like to be a Holocaust survivor… This setup has been a regular function in the school.  Same players, new policy… and it was blamed on Common core…..

The principal’s own words…

“What common core standard are the kids learning by listening to her.” 

The second statement was:

“We are not here to teach the Holocaust…they will get that in High School…”

Could it be that the principal is a closet  Nazi, and wants this historical revision.  Perhaps he is a white supremest, and soon will  lead teachers to quietly forget Black History Month as well?  Already in the packets there is no mention anywhere that slavery is bad, in fact,  perhaps there are plans to soon begin teaching slavery was a great Conservative way to ensure cheap labor.   Or perhaps, any mention of how great the Democratic Party was in the 20th Century, will likewise be banned,  dropped from being taught entirely, and only pap from the Republican corporate era will be allowed to enter the curriculum?

Hyperbole?  Or a real threat?  Who knows?  it could be either or both!

Always in the past, it used to be that teachers could work around such guidelines.  As in this case they could ask someone to come in and tell true stories to enlarge their student’s perspectives..

“But… we are not here to teach the Holocaust…..”

Because does having her speak teach reading text?  No..  Does having her speak teach mathematical concepts? No. .

Therefore it cannot be important;  therefore by this principal, it is forbidden…

“What common core standard are the kids learning by listening to her.” 

And from the words of Delaware’s next head of its teacher’s union on this:  “Is what this principal said just relative to this one school? No. We are hearing this from across the state. The humanities are being stripped from our schools in favor of test prep and everything Common Core…”

And so it begins….. selective , bland, cut-and-paste pieces of curriculum.   No longer is a school supposed to teach about the life lesson or experiences of others, but rather, only cut-and paste pieces of common core standards….  As a parent, having my child hear an actual holocaust survivor, (something I’ve never had the opportunity to hear), is a far more important lesson than the ridiculous stupid crap David Coleman calls curriculum.

Perhaps this principal, being an evangelical Christian, has something against Jews and this is his vengeful way of using Common Core to exercise it? Perhaps elsewhere, those with prejudices will do likewise, blame the stringent standards of Common Core to prevent certain parts of our past history from ever being taught….

Soon (and this actually falls within the context of Common Core standards)  our children are likely to get taught……

“In the beginning was the Corporation.  And all about it … was good….”.

This is why every single parent alive today who has ever become involved with their children’s education and has actually with their own eyes, looked at the Common Core materials being sent home, becomes horrified and quickly becomes violently opposed to Common Core. It is a far greater threat to civilization than anything the Koch Brother’s funded ALEC ever dreamed to be.  Right now almost all of us  know the Koch Brothers are warped, frustrated old men.  But in a generation,  college graduates will think there is no better ideal way to be.

It begins by outlawing the teaching of the Holocaust because of Common Core.

There was a very strange pamphlet that showed up in Sussex County, sanctioned by the REPUBLICAN sheriff down there..   Here is the quote…


Fact: Sheriffs in Delaware are not law enforcement officers. They are paper pushers. Their only duty is to serve court papers such as divorce proceedings and the auction of houses… By law, they are not allowed to form “posse’s”

I can remember however, a long, long time ago, when rural people who didn’t agree with Federal guidelines that was being imposed upon them, would arm themselves, gather in the middle of the night under a certain tree, or a bend of the road, and ride out to perform their own particular brand of justice.

We called them the Klu Klux Klan…… Is Sheriff Christopher trying to revive them…..

When Mitt Romney talks, you turn your head to the next person and go WTF?

That can’t be right.

But,  it is…

It is just that the bending of the data is so erratically complex that a bizarre conclusion comes out of the box…

It is like the drunk  girl who goes up to the funny mirror just off the boardwalk, bends over slightly,  and while staring at the mirror,  says:  “Look, I’m kissing myself. there…..”

You go and look at the image, and sure enough… she is kissing herself, .. there…

That is how you have to listen to Mitt Romney, or any Republican who is funded by hedge-fund mangers….  You do it for the experience, knowing that what they are saying, is if nothing else, creative, but if you ever rise to believe it, you will be called into question yourself, for your gullibility….

Mitt Romney’s camp said:  … “Women account for 92.3 percent of the jobs lost under Obama.”

First reaction:  WTF

Second reaction:  How can that be?

Third reaction:  Analysis:

Since the day that Obama took office,  the number of unemployed women has increased by 858,000….

The Facts…  the 858,000 is valid,

The Recession began December 2007 and ended  June 2009.  More jobs were lost in the Republican Party Recession than the last four recessions put together.   (Ironically almost 858,000 more) ….

Over that entire time span, 3.4 million men and 1.8 million women have lost jobs since the Republican caused recession started, according to statistics.   That means over the whole course of events, women have lost 34.6% portion of the jobs lost…


If you look here (Bureau of Labor Statistics) you can see how this 92.3% figure could occur….

The recession caused by the housing bubble and lack of sources of new construction investment, hit mens jobs hard between 2007 and 2009. In the first thirteen months of the recession, all under George W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s tour of office, men lost jobs at a 10 to one rate compared to women.  That is why, this Republican Recession is often called the “mancession”  repeatedly over and over since it has first been documented.

After all the men had lost their jobs first, … that is when we swore in a new president, and the only jobs left to lose,…  were those of women.  The economy continued to fail because of Republican policies still on the books, and as it failed, more jobs had to go.  Women were cut too, as a last resort….

That is fact.

What we have is Romney contorting the evidence so obliquely that we are able to pull a startling statistic out of the ass of computations, and say….  damn, this shit stinks.

What really stinks, is that Republicans deregulated industry so much that  the top wage earners could actually steal investors money, and not go to jail.  What really stinks is that Republicans didn’t enforce regulations already on the books,  which were there to prevent this whole event from happening to the extent it did…  It’s as if the Wilmington Police chief gave away free bags of cocaine openly on Market Street to keep gun-lords from shooting each other over territorial issues, and one night the whole town overdosed.   What really stinks, is that during this entire time, instead of building up the treasury by buying back bonds before they were due,  Republicans spent money loosely without deciding how it was too be paid back… What really stinks, is that Republicans voted time and time again to raise the debt ceiling over Democrat’s objections…

Fact is, if we’d elected Gore in 200o  we would ALL be rich now.  But … we fucked up.   We voted Republican…

The real tragedy behind Mitt Romney, is that he is not addressing the core issue:  Republican policies do not work.   He knows this.  He ran as a moderate Republican in Massachusetts and actually did a decent job.

So, the tragedy, is… that as Mitt Romney twists these numbers to make the real hero,  President Obama look bad,  Mitt himself  is running on the very same policies that caused, aided, and abetted the giant Republican Recession we are trying to outgrow this very minute….  4 and a quarter years later…

That,  is the tragedy….

And until Mitt Romney addresses how he will prevent those same policies from leading us to the same result,….. NO ONE; I repeat,  no one can believe Mitt Romney….

Truth, again lifted from Der Spiegal….

What a nice club that is. A club of liars, cheaters, adulterers, exaggerators, hypocrites and ignoramuses. “A starting point for a chronicle of American decline,” was how David Remnick, the editor of the New Yorker, described the current Republican race.

The Tea Party would take issue with that assessment. They cheer the loudest for the worst, only to see them fail, as expected, one by one. Which goes to show that this “movement,” sponsored by Fox News, has never been interested in the actual business of governing or in the intelligence and intellect that requires. They are only interested in marketing themselves, for ratings and dollars.

So the US elections are a reality show after all, a pseudo-political counterpart to the Paris Hiltons, Kim Kardashians and all the “American Idol” and “X Factor” contestants littering today’s TV. The cruder, the dumber, the more bizarre and outlandish — the more lucrative. Especially for Fox News, whose viewers were recently determined by Fairleigh Dickinson University to be far less informed than people who don’t watch TV news at all.

Maybe that’s the solution: Just ignore it all, until election day. Good luck with that — this docudrama with its soap-opera twists is way too enthralling. The latest rumor du jour involves a certain candidate who long ago seemed to have disappeared from the radar. Now she may be back, or so it is said, to bring order into this chaos. Never mind that her name is synonymous with chaos: Sarah Palin.

Again, lifted from Der Spiegal

The current favorite? He’s a political dinosaur, dishonored and discredited. Or so we thought. Yet just because he studied history and speaks in more complex sentences than his rivals, the US media now reflexively hails him as a “Man of Ideas” (The Washington Post) — even though most of these ideas are lousy if not downright offensive, such as firing unionized school janitors, so poor children could do their jobs.

Pompous and blustering, Gingrich gets away with this humdinger as well as with selling himself as a Washington outsider — despite having made millions of dollars as a lobbyist in Washington. At least the man’s got chutzpah.

The hypocrisy doesn’t end here. Gingrich claims moral authority on issues such as the “sanctity of marriage,” yet he’s been divorced twice. He sprang the divorce on his first wife while she was sick with cancer. (His supporters’ excuse: It’s been 31 years, and she’s still alive.) He cheated on his second wife just as he was pressing ahead with Bill Clinton’s impeachment during the Monica Lewinsky affair, unaware of the irony. The woman he cheated with, by the way, was one of his House aides and 23 years his junior — and is now his perpetually smiling third wife.

Americans have a short memory. They forget, too, that Gingrich was driven out of Congress in disgrace, the first speaker of the house to be disciplined for ethical wrongdoing. Or that he consistently flirts with racism when he speaks of Barack Obama. Or that he enjoyed a $500,000 credit line at Tiffany’s just as his campaign was financially in the toilet and he ranted about the national debt. Chutzpah, indeed.

Yet the US media rewards him with a daily kowtow. And the Republicans reward him too, by having put him on top in the latest polls. Mr. Hypocrisy, the bearer of his party’s hope.

“I think he’s doing well just because he’s thinking,” former President Clinton told the conservative online magazine NewsMax. “People are hungry for ideas that make some sense.” Sense? Apparently it’s not just the Republicans who have lost their minds here.

Call every Congressional person and tell them this is preposterous.

Remember the baby video maker who was sued because of the pop music playing in the background?

This is foolishness, and every Delawarean, yea, even every national, Congressperson needs to know it…

Perhaps, perhaps, if it is passed, Hollywood can sell a couple of more movies…. But if it is passed, it will be the death of the first amendment… you and me, are gone….. morte…

There can be never be censorship of the Internet… Never. and period….