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One would think, right,  Like having the call go out today at 4 pm instead of 4 am, so parents can make secondary plans….

We know of white/black, white/Hispanic, white/Asian, and male and female achievement gaps.  Is there a gap between the 90th percentile of income and the 10th percentile?  Are those narrowing too?

The short answer is that there is a rich/poor achievement gap; it is widening and therefore is not being considered on the RTTT and Common Core assessments.  The data can be compiled by geeks,  however and has.


As of 2011 Stanford University’s Sean F. Reardon crunched the information and this is what he found.

First, the income achievement gap (defined here as the income difference between a child  from a family at the 90th percentile of the family income distribution and a child from a family at the 10th percentile) is now nearly twice as large as the black-white achievement gap. Fifty years ago, in contrast, the black-white gap was one and a half to two times as large as the income gap.

Second, as Greg Duncan and Katherine Magnuson note in chapter 3 of this volume, the income achievement gap is large when children enter kindergarten and does not appear to grow (or narrow) appreciably as children progress through school.

Third, although rising income inequality may play a role in the growing income achievement gap, it does not appear to be the dominant factor. The gap appears to have grown at least partly because of an increase in the association between family income and childrens’ academic achievement for families above the median income
level: a given difference in family incomes now corresponds to a 30 to 60 percent larger difference
in achievement than it did for children born in the 1970s.

Finally, the growing income achievement gap does not appear to be a result of a growing achievement gap between children with highly and less-educated parents. Indeed, the  relationship between parental education and children’s achievement has remained relatively stable.  During the last fifty years, whereas the relationship between income and achievement has grown sharply.

Family income is now nearly as strong as parental education in predicting children’s achievement.

The achievement gap between children from high- and low-income families is roughly 30 to 40 percent larger among children born in 2001 than among those born twenty-five years earlier.

This data throws RTTT data and Common Core’s standards out the window.  For if you are going to cut medical care for children, and daily meals for children, no matter what else your corporate consulting firms may sell you, education is going to go backwards….

There is a new gap, and it is not just esoteric.  It is the income gap and it is impacting education in a very big way.  Enough to severely affect our nation’s competitiveness starting as soon as 2025.

Increased Medical and dental care, balanced meals for all those in school, are no longer issues for Democrats and Republicans to argue over incessantly.  We are in a national emergency. They are required items.

Gun Runners Map
Gun Runners Guide

Delaware is one of the top seven highest-performing states for submitting mental health records.. Comparatively we have compared to other states lead the nation on its rebound from Newtown Connecticut’s shooting. The map holds some surprises. Virgina is also a responsible state, proving that being responsible and doing the correct thing, does not impose pain and suffering on regular gun owners…. Texas, Colorado, and Oregon are close, showing that this is not a conservative or liberal matter. This is a common sense matter.

Time to ban high capacity clips and assault weapons since such are sanctioned by everyone, conservative and progressives alike.

As a parent this article made me angry….

In a kindergarten class in Red Hook, Brooklyn, three children broke down and sobbed on separate days last week, another teacher told The New York Post. When one girl cried, “I can’t do it,” classmates rubbed her back, telling her, “That’s OK.” “This is causing a lot of anxiety,” the teacher said…..

What they were talking about it this….

Children who barely know how to write the alphabet or add 2 and 2 are expected to write topic sentences and use diagrams to illustrate math equations.

“For the most part, it’s way over their heads,” a Brooklyn teacher said. “It’s too much for them. They’re babies!”

We are beginning that in Delaware and it is called…. Common Core.….

It was a policy originally decided by 5 year olds… At the behest of the American government fourteeen five year olds were invited to give their insight on how best to educate their peers… They were shown a video from Singapore and another one from South Korea. The Department of Education spokesperson, then asked them when they thought they should start learning algebra… Of course it took a brief moment to explain to them, what algebra was… Then one of the five year olds asked at what point algebra was started now and was told it was usually started in the seventh grade.

One of the five year olds questioned that. “Why don’t we start it in the sixth grade” she said. There was a lot of buzz around the discussion table, and no reason was given as to why we should NOT start the teaching of algebra now in the sixth grade. The Department of the Education spokesperson was so overjoyed, she rewarded that child a green lollipop….

Suddenly one of the other 5 year olds, spoke up. “I think we should start algebra in the 5th grade.” At first, stunned silence, and then gradually all the same arguments heard before and pretty soon, just as no reason was given against starting algebra in the 6th Grade, the same thing happened for a 5th Grade start. That child, out of extreme joy and happiness from the Department of Education spokesperson, was given a yellow lollipop….

Suddenly one of the fourteen, with nothing in his mouth, blurted out: ” Let’s do it in the 4th Grade.” Yep, he got a lollipop, it was blue and all the “oooh’s” and “ahhh’s” drifted around the group….

“Third Grade” shouted another earning a bright cherry red lollipop. “Second grade!” — a purple one. “First Grade!” shouted the new owner of a pink one.

“Zero Grade!” said one poor 5 year old who each time had politely held his hand up, but each time was overshadowed by those blurting out their answers over top of him….

“Silly kid”, said the Department of Education spokes person. We don’t have a 0 grade. We have kindergarten….”

“Kindergarten!” shouted another… “Very good” said the Department of Education spokesperson… “here is my last one, a caramel colored brown one; it’s my favorite too….”

That miffed 5 year old blurted out “pre-kindergarten!!” and was brushed off with… “We don’t do pre-kindergarten. That is at home. We start formal education at kindergarten…. ”

And that is how it came to pass that algebra became part of the curriculum of kindergarten…. The Department of Education decided to interview a panel of experts who live, die, and breathe kindergarten, and could define the future curriculum for all those attending over the next decade…

Unfortunately none of them had ever had small children. None of them know one thing about raising a child…..
But if that Department of Education spokesperson had possessed more lollipops, I bet we could go all the way back into the womb….

Hey Wait! Theoretically one could go back into the womb, insert a catheter microphone, and parlay algebraic equations to the budding fetus. Gee, no wonder America is behind on education. We are not broadcasting to our fetuses….

What is wrong with us?

In two words, ….. Common Core

In math, kids tackle concepts like “tally chart,” “combination,” and “commutative property,” DOE records show. Their actual big test question on which their entire future rests, is this: “Miguel has two shelves. Miguel has six books . . . How many different ways can Miguel put books on the two shelves? Show and tell how you know.”

An “expert” would draw a diagram with a key, show all five combinations, write number sentences for each equation, and explain his or her conclusions using math terms, the DOE says.

(Would you have done all that on your SAT’s? Really?)

“A child who’s an ‘expert’ is more like a top ranked second-grader,” said Cathleen Vecchione, a kindergarten teacher at PS 257 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

So far in the curriculum, the class had learned counting by 10s and up to 50 — but they have not yet gotten to addition.

Put bluntly, if every child in every school, gives up on learning because of Common Core… our nation is doomed…..

It seem that no matter what Obama does these days he always comes out on the right side of the issue, and the Republicans always look like a bad live skit off Saturday Night Live….. You know, the ones so bad you just laugh at the fart noises?

Today the International Association of Chiefs of Police released the following statement…..

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) commends President Obama and Vice President Biden for the comprehensive package of proposals they announced to combat gun violence. The IACP believes that the proposals and actions reflect an effective, balanced approach to addressing the plague of gun violence in our communities and nation. As this process moves forward, the IACP will continue to work with the Administration, members of Congress, and public safety leaders across the country to enact these much needed reforms.

For many years, the IACP has been a leading voice in efforts to reduce gun violence. Our membership was, and remains, a leading proponent of universal background checks for gun purchases, the ban on military style assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and ensuring that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has both a permanent director and sufficient resources to enforce our nation’s gun laws. The adoption of these, and other reasonable measures, will certainly assist in reducing the level of gun violence in our Nation.

Doesn’t that make David Anderson, Don Ayotte, Frank Knotts, Jon Moseley, all anti-police? Hey, wait a minute… One of those is an elected official for the city of Dover, and he is anti police? Hmm, he is running this year… I wonder if his constituents know it, ..that their active council person seeking a third term is anti police?

You can’t be for no regulation on guns, and be pro police.

If you gotten any mail from your homeowners or business insurance pull it out now.  Go to usually the third from the last page and look for flood damage.  Often like bills flowing through the House or Senate, these policies simply tell you to  “delete these words” and “substitute these words’.  Unless you have an old policy to cross reference, you probably do not know  where you stand. Your friendly Democratic reminder.  These were put in place by Republicansand were buttressed against the Democratic assault to change them, by the Tea Party…   Their motto:  Private companies Know Best, won the day. Here is what to look for.

  • Homeowners’ insurance typically doesn’t cover floods; do you have a flood insurance rider?
  • Check the definition of “flood”.  Does it cover  storm surge, burst pipes, water seepage, and basements filling up with water?
  • Look for “anti-concurrent causation“;  does your insurance policy cover simultaneous events? From both wind AND water?
  • How much will your insurance pay?  Renew like new? To make it livable? Or to offer “some” financial assistance.
  • How high is your deductible.  When you bought, it was 50 dollars.  Today claimants are discovering it is $10,000…..
  • Does your coverage only cover hurricanes?  Sandy was only classified as  a depression when over Delaware.

That is what those who have private insurance through Bain Capital invested companies are discovering today….  Those fortunate to be in a Federal Disaster Area, have access to complete coverage through interestingly FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) which does provide insurance through NFIP (the National Flood Insurance Program). Romney said get rid of FEMA and give it to the states, or even better to private insurance companies…. which he owns, of course…. Bottom line, check your policies and if you see any Republican in your daily travels,   tell them STFU….

Peruse at your own pleasure.  Just looking over the CDC’s mortality figures and came across with a surprising fact that would cause the abolishing of Obamacare on day one,  to be a drastic mistake… … …

Results—The age-adjusted death rate decreased from 747.0 deaths per 100,000 population in 2010 to
740.6 deaths per 100,000 population in 2011. From 2010 to 2011, age-adjusted death rates decreased
significantly for 5 of the 15 leading causes of death: Diseases of heart, Malignant neoplasms,
Cerebrovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, and Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis.

Gee, getting checked out earlier by having the insurance companies pay for it, saves people from dying….

7 out of 100, 000 lives living who would have been dead without Obamacare,  for Delaware means  Obamacare saved 63 people, some probably even Republicans!   That ratio applied to the US’s population, means 21,980 people are alive today because of the early screening provided by Obamacare…..  For those who don’t know, it was our current President Obama’s crowning achievement…..

I would be shocked if any of them voted for Mitt Romney….

One Signature…… 21,980 people saved in one year…..   no one can ever say Republicans got your back like that…..