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Back To The FutureI hate myself for getting involved in presidential politics 15 months before an election.  But seeds were sown in several conversations over the weekend and the Monday morning newsfeed almost cries out for this post.  So I shall succumb, but will hate myself for it.  It is too damned early to be taking Presidential Politics seriously… We are just being played……

The great aggregator for the conversations was the Republican debates.   Apparently unlike any other first debate in my memory, they did their job in putting the race for the President on everyone’s mind.

The multiple conversations always went like this….

What do you think of Donald Trump?   Answer: he serves a purpose.

Were any of the Republican Candidates any good?  Yes, two of the females (too lazy to look up their names) were very surprising.

Should Biden run?  Yes,  Democrats NEED a race to keep from imploding before the convention.

Can Hillary win?  Yes, but that is not the real question.  The real question is can she give us the huge voter turnout we need to regain super majorities in both Congressional Houses?  If anything, the last ten years have shown us that whomever is president has little play in steering the country.  Whoever controls Congress, controls the fate of this nation…  Lack of one single vote, stymied this president of his right to lead.  Having Hillary in charge of a Republican Congress is like putting brakes on a car… She can stop it with vetoes from going into a wall, but she can’t make it go anywhere on her own.  Obama when he first ran as the first black president, brought many new voters into the process for the first time. They also voted his party in at the Congressional level. As the first woman, Hillary has that capacity as well. Woman should vote for her, just to make a point to all the men they know that no, women are not inferior…..

Can Bernie Sanders win?  Is supporting him a waste of vote?   Were Bernie to win the nomination he would rapidly be pushed into the “crazy old man” box by our corporate media and would constantly be on the defensive clawing his way out.  Vast numbers of the ill-informed would take portraying him that way as the truth.  Little about American Presidential politics is based on ideas or policies… For a majority of Americans it is about electing your favorite Superhero.  AS in do your like Flash better than Wolverine?  If Bernie was the candidate then large numbers of voters would compare him with the Republican who would be cloned like Romney and say,” Romney-clone is the more normal and with whom I am more comfortable with… I like what Sanders says but I’m more at home with a Romney clone on my TV than someone like Sanders”…. and a Republican then takes the White House….  Hillary despite her faults, as of now, is probably going to be the Democrat’s candidate simply because she has potential to steal voters away from the Republicans…. and bring voters into the fold who have never voted before but want to be part of putting a woman as the most power person on this planet.

That is too bad; Bernie Sanders is the only one making sense…  Which is why you should send him money; right now. Many fooled by our media think the personal attribute of a president are what make our country. “Who has better character” as our media puts it… They are wrong.  What governs our country is our ideals and our ideas.  If everyone thinks we should cut taxes, those who want to be president follow that line of thought and support cutting taxes. This has happened across the past 30 years… Likewise if everyone thinks we should RAISE taxes, then the best candidates all flock to that position and all say they want to RAISE taxes..  Following trends is necessary in their support to jockey for financial consideration…  Which is why you see no candidate running around arguing for legal prostitution for example. There is not enough support… But get support, and you will get the candidates….

Right now, we are in the process of sounding out the electorate.  Imagine if you can, a sea of minute particles spread evenly across a universe.  Each particle suspended individually… gravity starts to interfere and particles attract. Some aggregates grow bigger than others and they pull the others into them growing even bigger.  As they collect and form into planets they attract  and merge with moons and other large bodies and eventually become a planet with lots of empty space void of matter between themselves and the next planet… That is what is happening now in the political world.  That is what Trump is doing, Wading through the electorate plastering himself with more and more attracted particles making himself bigger and bigger and in doing so, making him the prime candidate.

If Bernie’s ideas resonate with you, then you need to help him aggregate as well.  Send him money.  Political campaigns are starved for money,  Your money going to Sanders and not Hillary completely nullifies the media’s attempt to portray him as a doddy old fool.  They can say it all they want, but his campaign is swelling and the other Democratic challengers are faltering.  Fact at some point always wins out over fiction.  The question for fiction writers, is does it do it in time? Can they get past the vote before the truth comes out.

What’s more, you give credence to Bernie’s message.  Though you may not think he can win, at this point your concern should be over what message do you want the party to take, not who should take it to the American people… For example, do you want a Carperesque Party?  A Carneyesque Party?  A party of Coons?  A Wall Street Party?  Or….. do you want a party that “holds these truths to be self evident“…….









If any of these thing matter you need to send Bernie $8 dollars today… One day’s lunch… It may not seem like much but it is $8 dollars not going to the Republicans and not going to Hillary… The point is: if anyone running needs that $8 dollars they will have to either absorb Bernie’s fans or lose to him.  And if someone who is able to win nationally by bringing in a lot more votes, finds it necessary to mimic Bernie because that is what We The People want, then We The People do get the type of government we wanted in the first place.

That is how politics work.  So though it is early in the season, those who want a bombastic loudmouthed crazy old geezer running this country, are right now, throwing money at Donald Trump… That money is funding a bombastic loudmouth campaign which is picking up steam causing others to be starved of money in the process.  That campaign in the early stages even if it does not win the Republican nomination for President next August, will dominate the policies of the Republican Party for the next 5 years… The Republican Party will always have to cater to that irresponsible wing because of Donald Trump became the first to bring in the money.

On the other hand if you want responsible government which is responsible to real human beings and not money, then you need to support Bernie Sanders right now… Don’t worry about the man.  It is the ideas of his you are supporting. That huge idea that people need a voice and that millions of people who vote are willing to give credence to that voice, is why you need to send your money now…

It is just $8 dollars and it may or may not be enough to save your vision of what this nation can be. But like every patriot in our past history who sacrificed for an idea that sounded crazy but came to fruition, you will know as you looked back over your life that you did all you could do to fight for your vision of this country……

It all distills down to a battle between corporations and people…. Right now, all the candidates except one, support and are supported by the corporations… If you are fine with that, so be it…  But if you are not, then right now in the early stages you need to act to make sure the one candidate who has just as equal chance as any other particle in the universe to become a planet, gets the jump on aggregation over all others… The others will attract to it, if it gets bigger first…  and the only way to do that now, is send in $8 Dollars…. As a favor to you, here is a link to where you can do the absolute utmost to fight back against corporations…..  DONATE HERE… 

So if you ask me who is the biggest surprise?  It is Bernie Sanders.  He attracted 20,000 people to Portland to hear him speak yesterday.  Obama at his height barely attracted 20,000.   If your money can immediately follow those numbers then we luckily have a real fight on our hands… And that is good for every single one of us, …. (as long as we are earning less then $40 million a year/ if we aren’t then it is bad for us)    Thank goodness.   🙂

If you support Hillary but want her to steer away from Wall Street, send money to Bernie. She will follow….

(And man…. do I hate myself for talking presidential politics this early in the season…  )

It’s a pun off of the word stagflation which was short for stagnant inflation.  Stagpression is short for stagnant depression.  It is the most accurate indicator of our economic situation today, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow…

We seem to be in a Depression. but we aren’t.  The Housing market is recouping, jobs are consistently growing, energy costs have dropped,  corporate profits are now at record, higher than just before the 1929 crash, and an all time record high stock market..  We should be booming. But we aren’t.  We still have too high of an unemployment both on and off the books, we still have depressed low wages, we have lost massive wealth within the middle class over this century so far, we have record high student loan debt, we have low consumer confidence,  Hence, one class of America is booming.  The other class is still in Depression mode.  Hence we are in Stagpression….

It is easy to see why.

Here is a chart showing the free cash flow of businesses……

Free Cash Flow

Record highs. See?  Record highs.  We should be growing faster than China, we have so much investment money at our fingertips. But no.

Here is our investment track record…

Fixed Reinvestment

Ironically as we gave our businesses more and more money with lower taxes, less regulation, tax funded price supports, hand-tied their unions, and made free new technology at our taxpayers expense, despite all these perks and incentives, they invested less.  So what are they doing with their money?   Pick up any financial publication and read the headlines. They all will let you know.

Rather than invest in plants and equipment, businesses are primarily using their funds to repurchase their own stocks in order to boost management earnings and ward off hostile take-overs, pay dividends to stockholders, and accumulate large cash and bond holdings.

None of which help our economy. It is as if we work hard, buy their products, and they put that money into a mattress. Soon, we are going to run out of money. Fortunately the Fed has filled the gap by printing more and giving it to banks for free. It too, filters though the system, and when it gets to the top, it goes into the mattress.

Instead of recycling money, we are letting the tap flow from our printing presses to the top echelon of our society… Now do you get it?

What is missing is a system that recycles the materials back into our economy so we have less money we need to print. If we were talking about paper, we would be saying we need to recycle paper to keep from cutting down more and more trees simply to fill up our landfills….

We need a system to return that money to the bottom so it can rise again and again and again.

Here are the options that have been tried.

  • Price and pay freezes.
  • Government set and regulated prices.
  • Lower tax rates.
  • Cash incentives from taxpayers to reinvest.
  • Pleas and entreaties from the Oval Office.
  • Higher marginal tax rates.

Only one of these has worked.  Can you guess which one?    If you guessed higher tax rates spur reinvestment you are absolutely correct.

Notice the rates of reinvestment climbing in each of these presidencies:  Eisenhower, Kennedy-Johnson,  Carter,  Clinton each time  Congress legislated higher marginal tax rates.  Also notice the drops under Nixon, Reagan, and George W. Bush as Republicans cut the taxes…  The Bush Tax Cuts held through Obama’s first term, and account for today’s sluggish reinvestment. More precisely, the reinvestment turned upwards under Obama  until 2010 when Republicans took over Congress, and has fallen since. I can’t wait to see 2013’s numbers, for I expect to see real investment increase there as well. However those higher tax rates on the top half percent implemented at 2013’s beginning, sent financiers scurrying and bargain empty homes were bought up by investors with lots of cash which brought up the floor of the housing market (perhaps to our future peril).  It also accounts for stocks becoming an area of liquidity to hold cash,..explaining the record highs ….

So we have an opposite relationship:  cutting taxes increases corporate profits which go elsewhere other than reinvestment back into the ecnomy.

Increasing taxes, cuts into the Free Cash Flow, and funnels some of that flow over to reinvestment projects.

Ever wonder how Delaware’s 3 banks lasted for decades and then all disappeared very close to each other?  Bank of Delaware, Delaware Trust, and Wilmington Trust. are now owned  by other entities. (Wilmington Trust had some hand in cutting off its own foot).  Commerce Bank, which was New Jersey based had the same fate.

They lasted for years because big banks never had enough free money to buy them out.  Just think.  In Delaware there are now 3 less bank presidents.  18 less bank officers,  and who knows how many clerical workers are missing because the work goes to the owners headquarters, not located here…. One still wonders if our state could be better off, had MNBA not been bought up by an outside conglomerate.

So giving more money to businesses and corporations in this case, cost us jobs… and destroyed 3 long termed Delawarean corporations…

That was one example.  Across this nation, in every city,  every county, every state are millions more….

Raising the tax rates drives re-investment.  It is the only thing we know of so far that consistently works to drive re-investment.   Everyone who insists on cuts and de-regulation, no matter how they spin it, is pursuing a policy that has been completely disproven by reality and fact and of course, recent history..

Are you better off than you were under Clinton?  Your income level will probably determine your answer…..  Because yes, some people are indeed, a lot better off.   John Carney.  Tom Carper.  Chris Coons,  Jack Markell, to name 4 off the top of my head….  Better off too, are those who these four represent… the 1%.  Much better off!

If you find someone willing to raise taxes, stick to them like glue. They are the ones who will lead us back to prosperity…..

Until then, economic stagpression will continue…. continuing through tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow….(at a) petty pace that creeps from day to day….

Golf in Hawaii

How do you keep your legacy of Obamacare from being cut and left to bleed?

Easy. You turn Obamacare into a low priority for Republicans, by seriously challenging them on other things far more important, forcing them to drop the fight for Obamacare, because they have other battle to fight over….  Ones they will lose unless they become very lucky.


  • You apply tremendous force to raise taxes on the top 1%
  • You allow businesses the writing off capital investments the full amount spent.
  • You keep benefits on Social Security, and raise the fee on top incomes.
  • You do a Kennediesque moon challenge, but this time to it’s High Speed Rail connecting all major cities by 2025.
  • You proceed with a challenge to find a way to capture coal CO2, making it eco-friendly.
  • You push for keeping guns out of those who are mentally ill.  Background checks and take on the NRA.
  • You push for more union rights, and fewer right to work laws.
  • You push for stronger controls on Wall Street.
  • You push for more solar energy capture out west, more wind in the mid-west, and more tidal on both coasts….

golf in Hawaii 2

You promise every American that if they  vote for no Republicans in 2014, your goal for 2018 is that every American will be making $10,000 more than they are now.…  Examples… If they are making $10,000, they’ll be up to $20,000.  If they are at $40,000, the’ll be up to $50,000.  And if they are making $100 million, they’ll be making $100 million plus $10,000 by the end of that time frame….

With a roaring economy, that is actually a conservative estimate…

golf in Hawaii 3

The point is … as a lame duck president you have two options.  One you can play defensive, and try to foil Republicans, the wealthy, Wall Street, and the backwards Tea Partiers, as they try and chip away at the edifice you have built of Obamacare. This I argue against, because this puts you in the position of looking weak, It puts them in the position of appearing to grow stronger…  Just as does a football team which has a comfortable lead, and blows it by having their fourth string not play as aggressively as they would had they been playing a close game… The other team has nothing to lose, since they are already badly losing; therefore they play with a ferociousness unseen all previous season…  This is what will happen to you….

golf in Hawaii 4

Or..Two…. you can choose to run up the scoreboard.  You can capitalize on how well the affordable health care will be received,(it’s reputation is starting to turn already).  You can twist the knife in Republicans by showing how Democratic states are getting good health insurance cheaper than before, and how Republicans governors in Republican states, jerked around their constituents forcing them to pay more than are Democrats in neighboring states…. All you have to do is compare their numbers….

You can run up the scoreboards by filling up all court vacancies.  You can run up the scoreboard by  mandating environmental protections, by raising taxes on the top 1%. by Pushing for immigration reform,  by floating the legalization of weak recreational drugs, by having them regulated and taxed as was done with liquor post-Prohibition.

golf in Hawaii 5

You can run up the scoreboard by carrying the message to the American People that it is in everyone’s benefit if the top 1% are taxed and that money is used to pay for replacing a bridge that should fall, or a tunnel that will collapse into the river this decade or next.

You can run up the scoreboard by on every task, show that the Republican-way will hurt America, and the Democrat’s way will make it better….

Point is, you are a lame duck.  You got nothing to lose…   if you try all of these, you will no doubt be effective at some.  And some you won’t…

golf in Hawaii 6

But if you create the environment where the House is too busy playing defense to re-argue another case of the Obama bill, because Republicans are in a desperate fight for their very survival….  Obamacare will probably survive along with Obama….

The best defense is a good offense…Mr. President…. Let’s go run up that score….

Photo Courtesy of The Atlantic
My guess is yes.   Remember how the election of 2000 forgot all about the national debt headed towards zero.  It forgot all about the greatest economic boom in America’s history.  It forgot about the prosperity that every quintile of the American Public experience growth from one year to the next.  It forgot about the peace that was in the Balkans.  It forgot about the curtailing of Welfare.  The election in 2000 was decided on morality.  More people in those good times were interested in “morality” than what was good for the economic future of this country.   Because of “morality” (translated as sexual immorality) even smart people could not bring themselves to vote for more of the same, and instead switched to something completely different.  It was close. Florida proved it, but had that immoral incident never been brought to light, … things would have been so much different today.   it affected that many voters, enough to throw an election in the middle of the biggest boom times ever, to the minority party.

That is a valuable lesson.  Now for a known Obama supporter and guide, to have severe misgivings over this use of secrecy and reading all data on all citizens, and keeping them for future reference, (one can only think for sinister reasons), is very telling.   This is a gut mover; one like having the president dally with an intern which sets a lot of people off.   Both are impossible to justify.  The simple fact that all this information is for sale to prospective employers, competitors for the next promotion, or spouses wishing to exit a relationship, has grave consequences to a lot of American’s private lives.  And it is not that they did something bad.  It is that accusations (unfounded) can be made on piecemeal information (as was done by Issa in the IRS hearings)  and the citizen of the United States cannot defend his actions.  In fact, he never knows of  what he was accused.  He gets turned down for this, or for that, and it is all from a mistake…

The Obama Administration is in grave danger of losing his place in history.  His legacy will be shadowed by his upholding of this secret spying.  He has only one out, and it must take place now; surprise everyone, and his legacy will be saved, as well as create a democratic administration which will not undo, as was promised by Romney, everything the current president has put in place.

Here is what he has to do.

1)  Fire and replace the current director with someone Constitutionals trust.

2)  Declare all NSA actions will now be open.  FOIA will apply to the NSA.

3) Remove all objections to lawsuits in court, which seek clarification over whether the Constitution was violated or not.

4) Since the NSA is in charge of domestic spying, (the CIA does International), the NSA rules need to change to that of the FBI.  Though not perfect, secrecy is still kept, but the super-secrecy is stopped.

5) Warrants will be required for all searches.  That is the minimum of what the Constitution requires.

6) Encourage all internet providers not to cooperate unless they have a court order requiring them to do so for each person.  Outlaw blanket searches.  Outlaw phishing.

7) Admit the NSA went overboard, and take the responsibility for it.   Say it was a mistake, which you plan and hope it will be fixed long before you hand over the White House keys to your successor.

Mark my words.  If a very moderate Republican (Christie) ran and said he would “shut down the NSA”,  he would get my vote as of now.  This is serious and you had better listen to those outside of Washington, before you listen to those within.   if you are skeptical, I don’t blame you.  But I have to tell you, we survived Bush; we can survive a moderate Republican who is far more clear headed and able to stand up to nut case conservatives, which was Bush’s biggest personal fault; he caved.   You need to understand that all that damage by Bush, affects my children far less than having them be slandered for something they know nothing of, or did not do because it is attached to their name. Our privacy is of utmost importance to us.   Just like America sent a signal that sex in the White House would not be tolerated, you are in the same boat now.   Clinton won the impeachment battle.  It cost Gore the next election.

The Republicans have something on you here; you are guilty;  this is scary stuff.  Any dodging, or keeping the status quo, hurts your legacy every day it exists in its current form.  You know what you have to do, and the sooner it gets done, the sooner all talk among our citizens goes back towards getting rid of Republicans completely, so we finally can fix the economy.

It would be one more thing.. you got right.

Wow Look What Happens When You Vote Democratic And Look What Happens When You Don't

When I was young, and I haven’t been able to find it, we were forced to read a short story about Death Valley. It was supposedly taken from a diary found next to stripped skelatons, that told of a party lost in the desert, which found an oasis, drank the clear cool water, then got poisoned because it was toxic with arsenic…..

That is what the Tea Party has done for the Republican Party.

Had the Tea Party never been formed, there is a good likelihood that Romney would now be the President-elect. Think about that for a minute. Everything Romney was pummeled for, came from the Tea Party contingent. If a nice man had simply stood up, with Obama’s economic record, that nice man might have won by default. But, every Tea Party issue the Republicans took on, generated more voters against that plank, than it did for.

No taxes; More voters think taxes should be raised on the wealthy.
No Abortions: more voters think the government should continue to make contraception free.
No Government: Hurricane Sandy showed what a disaster that would be.
No Evolution: More people believe science over politicians. Evolution and Global Warming are real.
Put Religious Fanatics in Control: More Americans feel that is too risky.

As a result, Obama won by the 6th largest landslide in American history. People really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, and unequivocally, hate the Tea Party.

I’ve always said the Tea Party was on the right track. Only difference between the two of us, is that they blame government for being in bed with corporate henchmen, and I blame the corporate henchmen for seducing the politicians and infiltrating government. On that and views on science, we differ.

But, they blew up. Glenn Beck, blew up. Rush Limbaugh, blew up, Christine O’Donnell, blew up. Rupert Mourdock, blew up. Todd Akins, blew up. Ann Coulter, blew up. Michelle Malkin, blew up. Especially karl Rove on Fox News… blew up..

There is a reason some people are the last to get picked on a pickup team. They are creepy. And that is todays Tea Party…

The Tea Party is the significant reason Congress today is divided. It is impossible for Republicans to get any majority in the Senate, because the Tea Party sets every one against them.

This metaphor explains why. Imagine if instead of winning Germany in 1932, the Nazi Party was just a minor party in the Reichstag. Assume they had one plank in their platform: Banish all Jews. Assume they were aligned with the Republican Party of Germany because it was small, and Jews were a big bloc of the German Democratic Party… Because the Republicans needed the Nazi’s to have a majority, they entertained their notion of banishing all Jews. The Republicans griped it was a necessary evil that had to be tolerated, and longed for the day, it would die on its own… But because of that one embarrassing group, the whole Republican Party kept getting bashed in every election, getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller, and smaller, and smaller…

Finally they eject the Nazi’s who quickly die from lack of oxygen. Upon the next election, Republicans make great gains. You see, people weren’t real happy with the Democrats either, but as long as Nazi’s were in the Republican Party, the Democrats were the lesser of the two evils….

The Tea Party Congress, the soon to be historical name for the 112th Congress, will have the notoriety of being the worst Congress held in public esteem, ever since public esteem was invented back in the 1940’s. An approval rating of 9%. 9%. That is what the Tea Party did to government.

The fiscal cliff today drags on. Because as Obama put it so well today, the Tea Party won’t compromise. No surrender is their motto, which may sound great if it is the same philosophy as the rest of the country’s, but it isn’t. We are witnessing the childish two year old tantrum of a immature group that can’t get everything it wants. Like a two year old child, it sits down on the Capitol floor, and screams, screams, screams, screams, screams, screams….. Like that two year old child, because no one comes up and kicks him in the head and instead everyone tries to plead with him to stop, he thinks he is doing the right thing!

As I said, it was the Tea Party that destroyed Republican chances at the White House, and kept them from taking the Senate. How much longer will the Republicans try to bargain with this two year old?

Perhaps they could find some Arsenic to put in its baby bottle?

It is more like a thumb, as from this image of the polling across America that was customized by Delaware Liberal., a Florida peninsula jutting between to wide thighs of blue…   This state voted for Jimmy Carter over Reagan.  This state was one of the few that voted for Dukakis!  But since 2000 it has been solidly red….  The reason is coal.. Coal is not just an industry there, it is one’s pride.   Coal is who they are…

Al Gore’s anti carbon kick spooked them.   Coal provides most of that state’s  charity.  Coal is a big supporter of the Mountaineers.  Coal trains are shown on their TV’s commercials at least 15 times a day…   West Virginia IS coal…

Actually the true facts are different.  Wyoming, is now the true heart of real coal…   West Virginia is drying up….  The only real coal left, is the stuff running through their blood….

Yet more people have died from mining deaths under Bush than died the entire time under Democratic leadership.  Now Mitt Romney is saying get rid of all  safety regulations….  regulations which are 1) there  to  protect people, and 2)  there to spread coal’s costs evenly.

For example:  if you breath coal dust, you get black lung, a form of lung cancer.  Pure and simple…   Breathe it in, get cancer, and die.  Since miners shouldn’t pay out of their own pocket for work related materials,  current regulations now require companies to pay for safety equipment and its upkeep….  It is this type regulation,  which keeps coal dust out of lungs,  is one that is targeted for Mitt Romney to eradicate.

Coal if seeped into a water supply causes premature death.  So who should pay?  The coal company whose actions caused the seepage, or each person living downstream for hundreds of miles downriver?  It is this type of regulation which Mitt Romney will eradicate….

Coal mines are notorious for abusing human capital, (thats a proper name for laborers or real human beings who have kids and say “hi” when they see you.)  Here are some examples….

R & H Coal Company (Jewel, VA) was ordered to back pay its miners for cut wages.  It had substituted a bonus system contingent on mining over 600 tons a day.   The courts decided that even though the pay was consistent to the set average wage  if the miners met the quota, the expectations for netting that same money were different.  The  lesser pay had to be reimbursed to meet acceptable levels.

Paying miners less is what Bain Capital or Romney propose to do for all coal miners… Make them work harder for less.  Fewer jobs.  Less pay. No Benefits…

Romney says he wants to protect coal companies…  Romney’s only real concern is to make the hedge funds that own 51% of these companies far more profitable…

That’s the bad guy.  Now the good guy.

Obama wants to protect West Virginia, not the hedge funds.  Obama and the Department of Energy see coal production rising, increasing to keep up with world demand.  There is no way coal production can possibly decrease when one looks at the macro global future energy needs.  The market is just too demanding… This year coal exports were the highest they have been since 1981 and yes, that was under Obama.  In 2000 and 2004 George W. Bush campaigned in West Virginia promising that he would increase coal production…  It actually decreased, meanwhile oil and gas prices climbed to the highest levels ever recorded… ( he was heavily invested in oil and gas)…

Republicans have always, always, always sold out WV  in actuality, … while touting lip service to their cause.  Sort of like Romney does today… Much has been made on how coal miners were made to report for a Romney photo op by their employers on their day off,  and were not paid for dressing up, getting dirty, then cleaning up again,  just for a faked picture to make Romney look like he is the protector of coal…

Romney is the protector of hedge funds… Nothing else.  Everything else  flows down from that.  He protects coal, because he has coal investments…  He protects Chinese jobs, because he has investments in Chinese Jobs…  He protects hospital’s excessively high payments, because he has investments in hospitals.

President Obama has always felt people are more important than money….  When a person dies, something miraculous and unique, is gone forever.  We can print more money every day.

President Obama went to bat for the Auto Workers Union when GM and Chrysler were on Mitt Romney’s chopping block (see this story ). When was the last time since Jimmy Carter, that someone went to bat for those real, genuine human beings, who actually do the work and produce the coal?

When that question gets asked, the room is silent for a long time……

i had fun with the binders. And the Libya thing, is so blown out of the water… Like we are going to get rid of the greatest president ever, because one ambassador was murdered. Like we are going to decide the election upon s slip up over women in binders…. A hundred years from now, students will be reading in their textbooks, and the first African American President, was losing until, his opponent made a slip during the second debate. He said “bring me binders of women.” and from that point, no one chose to vote for him..”

This election is about growing jobs.

As a reminder here is a list of those who grew jobs, and those who didn’t.
First the growers:
Reagan (second term)

Here is a list of those who lost jobs on their term.

Reagan (first term)
Bush 1
Bush 2

Obama wants to do what the first group did. Reasonable taxes and reasonable expenses.

Romney/Ryan aren’t saying what they will do. We have to guess. But if you take Ryan’s budget, he will put us into the second group.

Romney wants to do what the second group did. Cut taxes and cut expenses to unreasonable levels.

History shows us what happens when you try doing this to an economy.

If you like the Blue, vote for Obama; If you like the Red, then Romney/Ryan is for you

Voting for Romney is like marrying a spouse before you know if they have herpes. Don’t you think we should know what he’s hiding, before we say…” I do”….

Most of America agrees with me. What is holding you back?

Issa’s hearing just got the lowdown on what happen that night Stevens died.

It is a very gripping tale of what went down. They were attacked. There was no warning. It was a 9/11 surprise that took everyone by surprise.

From the account of the attack, everything went according to plan. There were no glitches. There were no acts of cowardice. There were no mistakes made. Adequate and proper procedures were in place especially knowing the anniversary of 9/11 was intact. I was most impressed how the counsel of Turkey was walked out to the front gate by Stevens and they noticed the calmness of the city in the desert night. One hour later, Stevens would be dead.

Blaming the State Department for this incident is similar to blaming Rudy Giuliani for the 9/11 attack on New York, his city. It is stupid, arrogant, idiotic, and could only come from a Republican thug like Issa. He deserves to be deported.

There is something horribly sick in this Republican’s brain. Imagine blaming Giuliani for the loss of the twin towers. This Republican thug Issa deserves punched in the face, a thousand times. This Republican thug deserves to be outcast from the country he stole all his money from. America is too good for this thug Issa.

These guys who died were heroes. Stevens is a hero. Not some scum like Issa implies, who deserved to die for his cowardice. Just like if Giuliani had been a Democrat, this same thug Issa would have probably said it is a damn shame Rudy Giuliani didn’t die to rid ourselves of his disgusting caricature.

If someone had brought up that Giuliani was a hero, thug Issa would have dismissed that as poppycock. “He’s only acting that way to disguise his role in the tower’s collapse. He’s the mayor, he needs to die.”

Issa represents the soul of the Republican party at its darkest. That soul in hell would have no shame standing next to souls from parties such as the Nazis. Brown Shirts, or Red Communists, or the Spanish Inquisition. They would all be compatriots. Issa is simply in it for Issa. He is replaying Joe McCarthy’s role,… not of cleaning out communists from America, but making Joe McCarthy famous and important, and a household word. Issa is disgusting.

This attack and the real drama that ensued makes the State Department’s actions commendable. In offense and defense, truth is not a player. Obfuscation and distraction and fooling the other side, are as rightfully at home here, as they are on a football field. If the State department had announced the truth of the matter on the day Romney stepped forth and castigated in an embarrassing example of how he would lead in foreign affairs, then every Arab would see that every Embassy, every consulate was undermanned and an easy target.

All it took was forty men. You think you can’t find 40 disgruntled men in every country in which we have diplomatic relations? Hell, you can find 40 disgruntled men in Issa’s own district. Is he suggesting he now needs a bodyguard of 100 soldiers to now protect him?

The level of security to prevent this kind of surprise attack is unprecedented. In all honesty, we probably had sufficient security to repel such an attack in Baghdad. Other than that, every embassy, every consulate across the world was vulnerable to similar attacks.

It makes obvious sense that to protect American lives across this planet, especially those in areas where 40 disgruntled men having access to RPG’s can easily be found, one would not give out details that showed how easily every embassy, every consulate could now be attacked.

Obama should be commended. His state department acted very professionally in this crises. One can assume now that this has become public knowledge, sufficient security at a very large expense, including A10’s are now stationed to be at any hotspot within 5 minutes.

If you are going to castigate the Commander in Chief for Libya, you had better throw Rudy Giuliani in jail right now too. This Republican sham is easily seen. Republicans are the true enemy of Mohamed. Not the America Public.

Issa should be zip stripped and gagged, and kicked out of a car in Freedom Square in Cairo, with a sign, Ugly American, pinned to his back.

I’m joking, but they are not. It is time all Republican scum be humiliated, and exposed for the ugly frauds they are in public. Romney, Ryan, Issa, Boulton, Dan Senor, Cofer Black, Christopher Burnham, Michael Chertoff, Eliot Cohen, Norm Coleman, John Danilovich, Paula J. Dobriansky, Eric Edelman, Michael Hayden, Kerry Healey, Kim Holmes, Robert Joseph, Robert Kagan, John Lehman, Andrew Natsios, Meghan O’Sullivan, Walid Phares, Pierre Prosper, Mitchell Reiss, Jim Talent, Vin Weber, Richard Williamson, Dov Zakheim.

Romney/Ryan excluded, these people are the ones responsible for $1.5 trillion dollars of the national debt categorized under Iraq and Afghanistan. $1.5 trillion that future generations of American children will have to pay, out of which we simply got nothing, nothing at all. Not respect, not financial gain, not even a simple “thank you.” We’ve have exited Iraq, (Romney says we need to go back in) We are exiting Afghanistan in 2014 (Romney says we need to stay there indefinitely)

This new truth that came to light, really shows that President Obama was willing to take political heat just before an election which he could still lose, in order that American lives could be protected and made safe, before the truth came out. An America that can still elect a thug like Republican Issa, really doesn’t deserve as great of a self-sacrificing man as we currently have as Commander in Chief of the United States of America, a man who would put American lives above his own career. This nation is truly blessed to count such a man among its citizens.

This is from Huckabee who like me is horrified how the GOP threw Akin under the bus. Here is insight into the quality of those people we will be putting in to head our Executive Branch if we elect a Romney Ryan ticket….

They believe in force; not logic or the art of winning arguments…..

Talking point memos sent from the National Republican Senatorial Committee offering the exact proper language to express to the press to help urge Akin to drop out…

Political consultants were ordered to stay away from Akin or lose future business with GOP committees….

Operatives were recruited to set up a network of pastors to call Akin to urge him to get out…..

Money has changed hands to push him off the plank…

In Huckabee’s words….IT IS DISGRACEFUL……

“…it may appear that the demand for Akin’s head is universal in the party. I assure you it is not. There is a vast, but mostly quiet army of people who have an innate sense of fairness and don’t like to see a fellow political pilgrim bullied. If Todd Akin loses the Senate seat, I will not blame Todd Akin. He made his mistake, but was man enough to admit it and apologize. I’m waiting for the apology from whoever the genius was on the high pedestals of our party who thought it wise to not only shoot our wounded, but run over him with tanks and trucks and then feed his body to the liberal wolves. It wasn’t just Todd Akin that was treated with contempt by the thinly veiled attack on Todd Akin. It was all the people who have faithfully knocked doors, made calls, and made sacrificial contributions to elect Republicans because we thought we were welcome in the party. Todd Akin owned his mistake. Who will step up and admit the effort being made to discredit Akin and apologize for the sleazy way it’s been handled?”…..

Democrat or Republican… is this how you want your government run for four more years? Like it is an extension of Bain Capital? Where truth doesn’t matter? Where there is no forgiveness? Where people are pawns to be moved around at will….

Most disgusting is the fact that pastors were recruited to call on Akin to step down… After this, NO ONE CAN BELIEVE ANY PASTOR WHO SAYS THEY SUPPORTS ROMNEY… It begs the question: “GEE, HOW MUCH IS HE GETTING PAID?”

At least Obama is a real Christian…….