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How Does That Song Go

(Today’s event was brought to you by the NRA/ they deserve special thanks for it could never have happened without them)

A.  Guns don’t kill people; people do… this is proof right here…  Because people kill people, one of the things we have to do, is make it more difficult for them to do so.  Again, this is proof right here.  America needs to get its grip on guns.

We could do that by registering and tracking every weapon; hint, we do it with cars’ vin numbers, titles, and inspections.

We could make legal only guns sold in stores/ hint, we do it with pharmaceuticals….

We could make legal gun ownership an adult activity, and require state approved licenses to keep and own one; hint, we do it with driver’s licenses and beer.

We could allow the CDC to track and keep records on the number of deaths, so  we can see how high up the ladder gun deaths are, and death tolls can’t be diminished when it comes time to change gun policy… hint, we do it with influenza.

But in every step towards rationality, the NRA becomes irrational.  “Nuts” is a pretty good adjective.  As nuts do (see above photo for example), they scare and intimidate people into doing nothing to curb the illegal trading of guns.

The NRA alleges it has 3 million members. Yet now there are 315 million Americans, which means there are 312 million Americans who now hate the NRA…  Were these to pressure Congress the same way as does the NRA, there would be no competition… The NRA would crawl back to 1871 with its head between its knees.

The power of the NRA only exists in a vacuum. That is something to remember. For every NRA member there are 100 who can beat him up if he steps out of line… There is no reason to fear a joker who has a NRA sticker on his truck…. Good news, is that if he is a member, he can probably handle his gun safely.

Why killings are the NRA’s fault can be quickly summarized.

The NRA threatens Senators and Congressmen and state reps anytime someone recommends the wise policy of treating guns like vehicles.  (There is a reason we register and track cars; they kill people.)

The NRA threatens Senators and Congressmen and state reps anytime someone recommends the wise policy of closing down open air markets and private sales., whose sole purpose is to avoid tracing from where a gun came. These bizarres are legal and have no record of ownership. The easiest way to control guns is to allow most of them to be only sold at registered retailers, and make them liable so they ensure all checks are properly made, before dispensing the sale of a weapon….

The NRA threatens Senators and Congressmen and state reps anytime someone recommends the wise policy of putting an age limit on gun ownership and making sure everyone is properly able to safely handle a gun, before they can legally use one.

The NRA threatens Senators and Congressmen whenever they find a agency receiving Federal or state dollars which is keeping track of the number of violent gun deaths.  This one is pretty silly really. The reason is because if you knew the truth, you would be calling your representatives and tell them to outlaw all guns… It is horrendous….

Forget all the small stuff… This year there have been 247 mass killings in America… Today is the 239th day of the year….AMERICA IS AVERAGING ONE MASS KILLING A DAY….

Why? Of course it is all because of the NRA….  one one hundredth of the rest of us  (1/100)…..

America. With each new mass killing, have you had enough?  Are you finally ready to do what is necessary to make a change?

Then call, write, or email, but tell Congressman Carney, Senator’s Carper and Coons, to draft and vote for legislation that specifies the NRA is a terrorist organization, and require the seizing of their assets… (It’s in the Constitution; to protect ourselves from our enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC.)

Then… pass reasonable legislation that keeps all safe…  or at least…. safer.—-


Addendum.   Some have tried to make this partisan. This is not partisan.  Common sense is bi-partisan.. I believe there are as many Democrats who vocally support the NRA as there are Republicans… This is addressed to both of them… American’s safety is a non-partisan issue…  It is not an emotional issue. It is a rational issue. Emotions have steered us in the totally wrong direction… it is past time that our brains take over our emotions and let childish policies become ineffective.

Then, instead of promoting mass mayhem, the NRA should go back to what they invented themselves for……