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Delaware will tout the betterment of their graduation rate.  Before dissecting it, we should all be grateful that most people are staying through up to the end….

Let us look at this class so cited:  the class of 2014….. which graduated last summer….

Here is the average time line….

  • Kindergarten 2001-2002.
  • 1st Grade 2003
  • 2nd Grade 2004  DSTP
  • 3rd Grade 2005   DSTP
  • 4th Grade 2006   DSTP
  • 5th Grade 2007   DSTP
  • 6th Grade 2008   DSTP
  • 7th Grade 2009   DSTP
  • 8th Grade 2010   DSTP
  • 9th Grade 2011   DCAS
  • 10th Grade 2012 DCAS
  • 11th Grade 2013
  • 12th Grade  2014

    So at best the lower graduation rates give rise to the benefit of the DCAS and DSTP before the smarter balanced assessments.

Which means, since the Smarter Balanced Assessment is starting this year, the after affects will begin to hit two years from now, and continue to be felt 10 years hence…

Opt your child out now… Why should your child’s record show a failing grade from a bogus test?  That test grade stays on his record for life… compared to a note that his parents opted him out when the Smarter Balanced was taken…

Opt out your child ,,,,.