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Yeah, cheaply going for the headline here….

Today it was announced that

Netanyahu Wanted To Attack Iran But Was Overruled….

Now unless you live under a rock, and reportedly there are still three in Delaware who do so, you know that the only reason ANYONE is against the awesome Iran nuclear deal is because of AIPAC and billionaires like Sheldon Adelson who throw large blocks of money at campaigns of US legislators who vote to give $$$ in arms to Israel…

Their logic being… if the threat of Iran is diminished….. then Israel won’t need more “guns”…   Which is true.

The real question is can we trust Israel to do the right thing… and that is beginning to look less and less likely.   They have a war mongering conservative leader who makes Dick Cheney look like a weed smokin’ hippie…

“Hey, man…… that’s pretty….. cool.” —- Dick Cheney as weed smokin’ hippie.

Imagine the US if Bush had died in office and President Cheney took over.. That is what Israel lives with every day… and most Jews are getting fed up with it..   Just like if you and your friend go to the beach and he pulls off his pants and begs for tips from walkers on the Boardwalk… Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to the max?  Well, every single Jew is more embarrassed than you in that hypothetical situation, by their current leader Benjamin Netanyahu..

Today, a growing number of American Jews, though still devoted to Israel, struggle with the lack of progress toward peace with the Palestinians. Many feel that AIPAC does not speak for them. The Pew Center’s survey found that only thirty-eight per cent of American Jews believe that the Israeli government is sincerely pursuing peace; forty-four per cent believe that the construction of new settlements damages Israel’s national security.

And Benjamin Netanyahu is a conservative.  Meaning that just like Jack Markell will go pell mell over all logic and reason to implement a charter district in Wilmington to keep the former MBNA building fully occupied so Charlie Copeland can receive his copious benefits. (yes, only in Delaware). so will BN (too damn hard to keep spelling) go pell mell over all logic and reason to keep his developer friends happy and allow them to build on stolen land for free….

Which is what Conservatives are all about… protecting the money that supports you and to hell with actual human beings…

In a Gallup poll in late July, only a quarter of Americans under the age of thirty thought that Israel’s actions in Gaza were justified. As Rabbi Jill Jacobs, the executive director of the left-leaning T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, told me, “Many people I know in their twenties and thirties say, I have a perfectly good Jewish life here—why do I need to worry about this country in the Middle East where they’re not representing who I am as a Jew? I’m not proud of what’s happening there. I’m certainly not going to send money. ”

And that is how American’s Jews feel… but what they feel does not matter.  AIPAC matters because of their money…

And Chris Coons being a Democrat in a Democratic state has trouble coming up with big funders because they all tend to be Republicans. and if not, why spend lots to fund a Democrat in a Democratic state who will win regardless at a 60-40 margin?

So he needs to get funds from whomever… and AIPAC is selling them for cheap… Just vote no against the Iran deal so more arms can flow to Israel and more profits made here at home…

Meanwhile Palestinians are being treated worse than blacks in Ferguson… Meanwhile Palestinians are being treated worse then “loosie salespeople in New York City….. Meanwhile Palestinians are being treated worse then a black guy put into a van to soften him up… … Meanwhile Palestinians are being treated worse than a black woman who when told to pull over by a cop behind her, does so without turning on her turn signal because why… why would it be proper to do so in that situation? Obviously he knows where she will go…

In America… we can protest, write blogs, riot, wave signs, and vote in new people… to combat gross injustice.. In Palestine, you take it.  and take it, and take, it, and take it, and take it, and take it, and take it, and take it, and take it and one day one of you just cracks, reacts, and the bombs drop on your house, your neighbor’s house, your street, your school, your whole town… And if you are Palestinian, you take it, and you take it, and you take it, and you take it, and you take it, and you take it, and you take it… until it happens again.. and it could be you who cracks.. you hope not…

Now in America we are insulated.  No one reports on the viewpoint of Palestinians, and if they do, because it IS quite a story of a group of people more resilient than the Negro of slavery lore, no one lets it go to print. Being victimized… and victimized,… and victimized… for no reason other then developers want their land on which to build and if they are given land rights then it can no longer happen.

For rich peoples profit, they suffer.

Now in the MidEast this is readily seen.  All you have to do is see one of two pictures smuggled out of the walled areas to understand the truth… And Iran… has rightfully said… the way Israel treats the Palestinians is abominable.  One has to be a two faced American to be concerned over the treatment of blacks in this nation, but support Israel when it is run by a Conservative junkie….  Because what Blacks endure at the hands of KKK police officers, is nothing compared to what their brothers in misery undergo in Palestine….

Now out of all this, the US has met with Iran and has said, you know, this arrangement is mutually agreeable to both of us.  And like a pre-nuptial agreement Iran has said it needs assurances and has gotten them.  Verbally.  They were put down in the agreement.  The US also has what it asked for… It is in the agreement…

Against this, are naysayers who say… what if Iran is lying.  What if they violate the agreement like Japan did when they attacked Pearl Harbor?

The same could be said to a couple engaged… “Dude… if you marry her and live together, she could kill you in your sleep…”

Well, yes, I suppose.. but that is rather unlikely. What is the percentage behind that ever happening?  it ranges between .5 to 2.5 per 100,000 people... meaning Delaware currently might see 10 to 15 people in our lifetimes..  it’s a chance. It’s a very small chance and fortunately for our progeny, we ignore it and stand up and say “I do.”

Yet due to AIPAC, who wants gun money, we have this enormously small chance of failure, holding up the marriage between two consenting partners…  It is time for the dude’s who’ve never had a relationship, to shut up…

Because here is the truth… Just like marriage… if the deal does not work out, we can divorce.  No reason to shoot your partner in their sleep.  But to not get married, out of a fear that you will be the 1 person out of 100,000 who marries the wrong girl or guy, means you lose at years of happiness and prosperity. You never get the benefits from taking what is a reasonable step to progress, simply because you are so unreasonable….

How unreasonable is Netanyahu, the Conservative running Israel?

Benjamin Netanyahu had wanted military operations against Iranian nuclear facilities in 2010, 2011 and 2012.In 2010, the Israeli leadership wanted an attack but the military said it did not have “operational capability,”…In 2011, two ministers in a top security forum convened to discuss an attack changed their mind and decided against it,…In 2012 the timing coincided with a joint military exercise with the United States. “We intended to carry it out,” Barak said, but going ahead with an attack on Iran while U.S. forces were conducting the exercise would have been bad timing….

Now imagine the world we’d have right now if Israel had dropped nuclear arms on top of Iran.  We’d probably be in and all out war with the entire Middle East. Israel would now be gone. The good news is ISIS would not now exist, since their attention would be on a land war with Israel…  And you know AIPAC would not let us stand by and let Israel get their just deserts… so of course, we’d be rounding up all of Detroit and putting them behind barbed wire for our own protection.. and Muslims everywhere would be ostracized from main society..

That is how, at least Netanyahu envisioned it. And of course, he would not be challenged while at war, so woo-hoo… job security for him…

The radioactive fallout would circle the globe 5 times, settling on all areas in its path.

And most likely, if their silos were hardened.  Iran would now have a nuclear missile capable of hitting any target in the US… If they couldn’t develop it themselves, Russia or China or Pakistan or France or India would slip it to them.  They have to. They simply would have no other choice…

Netanyahu is as dangerous and untrustworthy as …. you know… that guy from Germany long ago?  But what do you expect… he is a Conservative and all conservatives are untrustworthy…

Bomb Iran.. unilaterally…. and we support this guy… all so his friends can make money building settlements on free land,… no cost to them?

Anyone… Anyone supporting a government this desperate, this unwound, this crazy…. is a douche-bag….  and that… is how…. we got to the title above…….

When you are the parents of a bully and constantly being hauled into court over his actions, and paying dearly for his intransigence, and always trying to protect him from retaliation, as some point one would think, you might consider yourself to be the source of the problem?

It’s time to cut Israel off. At least start in that direction and let the future changes take care of themselves… Every child at one point, should become self sufficient… A spoiled brat who thinks they can act with impunity because of their parent’s clout, is a disruptive influence….

We can point to Israel and to its many enemies. We have no control over them. We should look to us. He have a responsibility and we have control over our own actions….

A simple announcement that the US will no longer supply military hardware to Israel and is re-considering the amount of aid we give… would go a long way…

Just saying.

During the nineties there was discussion of rogue waves the sometimes show up in the Southern reaches of the Indian Ocean. As one who has studied physics knows when a wave is put upon another wave, it absorbs that wave’s energy and creates one wave the size of both. Sometimes three or four waves randomly fall in the path of each other and a giant wave, capable of swamping a tanker comes out of nowhere….

This week we have something similar….

The fiscal cliff… pressure on the economy.

The Longshoreman’s strike…. pressure on the economy.

Open war in Israel/Palestine over the new settlements announced today….

We may have dodged one end-of-the-world, to be capsized by the wave of another….

Israel is going forward with 1200 new settlements on the West Bank.

Expect the truce to end tomorrow afternoon as rockets arch the skies.

Once again, Israel takes advantage of what it believes is the US’s inability to think for itself.

Our proper response, is to demand they stand down. When Israel says no, tell them our support for their country depends on no new settlements. If they go ahead, they do it alone; tell them as of now we begin our withdrawal in one week…. We stop when we hear they have voted to stop all new settlements.

This is not about friendship; we will always have a love for Israel. It is about business. Every insurance company has the right to decide whether to insure an at-risk beach property, or not. The United States of America is Israel’s insurer of their right to exist. Israel’s actions have simply made it too costly to continue our relationship….

It is not our choice if Israel goes forward with settlements. They get to choose their future. Our only duty is to precisely define the options so they completely understand all consequences….. That precisely worded statement, is that if they do so, they do it without any of our help or aid.