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Every Geek and computer buff in America needs to be watching the Delaware Election website between 8:00 and 9:00 today on Election Night… with his finger on the screen shot button…

Delaware is only a state of 878,000 people… The highest turnout ever was the election 2008 when 390,962 went to the polls… If Christine wins, the Republican’s nationally take control of the Senate. That is what is at stake. Currently, publicly her website is stating that she has 1.7 million in the bank, though the last time I checked she was boasting that they’d crossed 4 million…

There is a lot of money riding on whether she wins… Oil money, Insurance money, pharmaceutical money, mining money, wall street bankers, investment brokers, all who stand to again make windfall profits should she be elected… And she might be… The race is tight..

But with so much on the line and so much at stake, who could blame someone for trying to buy the election… By buy, I mean spending some money to change the voter talleys so they match what is wanted, … not what we ..the voters of Delaware wanted…

This happened in Ohio, when Ken Stackwell was the Commissioner of Elections, and right in the middle of a very closely contested Presidential Election hinging on Ohio’s votes… The webserver for Ohio’s Department of Elections, was mysteriously swapped to Smarttech, a web hosting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee which hosts many Republican State websites…

That website currently hosts this state’s GOP now that we have a nationally contested election… Hmmm. This is a rather new development.

Whois Delaware GOP

The Delaware website will experience excessive traffic… (and will probably crash) Every election website in America will be featuring that link on their page, as well as every political junkie in America, irregardless of political affiliation; all will be impatiently awaiting the results…

What we should be looking for is in the address bar, is this…

The Kosher Host Service

But if we see anything like this……NS1.CHA SMARTECHCORP.NET anywhere around the address bar… then our data was transferred to that Chattanooga site, where it could possibly be manipulated and then returned to us in it’s new form…

Delaware has a fail safe. On the back of every machine, a total is made of each voter’s transaction. The actual data units are packed up and sent to Dover where they remain sealed until inspected later during canvas. The area of opportunity exists, … where the official elections results are modified during the interim, when someone slipped inside the Department of Elections, can open the units and change the actual tallies to reflect the new data downloaded by SMARTECHCORP. NET.. from Chattanooga Tennessee.. After all, $4 million dollars IS a lot of money.

But, Delawareans are smarter than Ohioians. (That is why Ohio people in our honor, named one of their counties after us… It gives them hope they may aspire to one day become as great as we are…)

if this is slated to get done, then there is nothing we can do to stop it.. The question is … whether it gets done and we catch it? Or it gets done and we don’t.

That is the question. So, all geeks, open your tabs and be ready. After all, it’s only an hour. Be extremely vigilant if the system crashes…

Government only works when it is aligned with the will of its people… When it goes out of alignment, all those wheels turning government, .. fall off…

But if enough people are watching,… it can’t happen. One of you, could be the individual who saves this nation.

Unstable Isotope jarred my memory with his factual statement.

One thing we’ll have to look forward to if Republicans retake the House is silly investigations. Some of them won’t be so silly, like partisan war on climate science. Rep. Darrell Issa is rubbing his hands in glee at the havoc he can cause as head of the Environmental Committee:

I then remembered the stupidity with which we put up with year after year. Nothing got done, and we had our newspapers full of nonsense because that was all the republicans gave us to talk about.  It’s funny,  two years have not yet passed, and without the constant reminder, I had forgotten all about that!

Now, … as compared to then, it seems like major actions affecting millions of Americans are being fixed.  Health Care Reform, which will become as important to our financial planning as is Social Security, are actually debated and passed.   Real problems actually get addressed; not Republican issues that serve only to  take our money away from us, turn it over to large corporations, and stick our children and grandchildren the bill.

If Republicans take back either chamber, what can we expect?

Here is their previous track record.

The Republicans’ top priority is retaining $700 billion worth of tax breaks to the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans,  money that “we’d have to borrow . . . because we don’t have it – likely from countries such as China and Saudi Arabia.

Republicans have “no good answers” on how to pay for their economic plans. One of their proposals, is to cut back education spending by 20 percent, eliminating about 200,000 Head Start programs and reducing student aid for college for about 8 million students.

If you like deficits, you love the Republican plan.   The president and the Democrats want to reduce the deficit, and the Republicans want to return to the policies that got us into this mess to begin with.

The last decade was about giving more and more to “The Corporations.”   Where did that money come from?  Have you checked you bank account lately? Guaranteed it came from you.  Since the Republican loss, These past two years have been about giving their own money back to the people.

The same Republicans in Congress who mentioned small businesses eighteen times in their “Pledge to America” voted against the Small Business Jobs Bill in the House on the same day..  Here’s what the Democrats actually got signed into law.

1 Businesses will be able to immediately write off its first $500,000 in equipment investment next year.
2 Investors in firms would receive zero capital gains on their investments.
3 A new Small Business Lending Fund will make capital more available to firms.
4  By expanding successful SBA lending programs,  firms will have expanded opportunities to get the loans they need to grow.

In addition to hiking taxes for 110 million middle-class families and millions of businesses, the same Republicans in Congress who mentioned small businesses eighteen times in their “Pledge to America” consistently opposed these 8 small business tax cuts that the President had already signed into law:

1  A New Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
2  A New Tax Credit for Hiring Unemployed Workers
3  Bonus Depreciation Tax Incentives to Support New Investment
4  75% Exclusion of Small Business Capital Gains
5  Expansion of Limits on Small Business Expensing
6  Five-Year Carryback of Net Operating Losses
7  Reduction of the Built-In Gains Holding Period for Small Businesses from 10 to 7 Years, allowing Small Businesses Greater Flexibility in Their Investments
8 Temporary Small Business Estimated Tax Payment Relief to Allow Small Businesses to keep Needed Cash on Hand

With Democrats comes Hope for a better future. Unfortunately as each day passes, it becomes harder and harder to remember how terrible Life was, under the Republicans.

Why now?

Why not back when Kerry was running and only the firewall in Ohio kept Bush in office?

Just think … had we been able to stop the implosion four years earlier?

(As of this printing, the world record is at thirty shoes; can you even get close?)

(Editor’s Note: I wrote this lighthearted piece because Tommy put the intro of “My City Was Gone” in my head for days due to a discussion at the bottom of his post here….” This is to pay him back…..)

He’s back.

I’m just disappointed that we were unable to obtain any video footage of him walking Gibb’s brother’s style through Akron, in blue jeans and a denim jacket. Such a video could then be shown traditionally after the third round at every Drinking Liberally, (of course everyone could sing along), as well as possibly breaking into prime time upon the giant overhead screen at the Denver Democratic convention…..

Lurking below, is the perfect background music to match the footage of a walk he took thorough Downtown Akron……..