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So, can someone tell me again, why we shouldn’t tax the rich, and instead, balance the budget on the backs of everyone else?…….

I seem to be missing that little detail where that all makes sense……

Call it temporary insanity but let’s pretend, let’s just say, …that at one moment in time, if I chose to donate my youth out for my country, to be compensated back in the form of low pay; to completely and unjudgingly offer my fate up to the will of bureaucrats, all for the loss of my own self esteem, all for unending stretches of boredom, sparsed with interludes of a few intense seconds, that fortunately thorough my reactions and training, enabled me to continue living as I do today………….

I could reasonably be expected to be honored for that service to my nation, right?

In a perfect world, that is….

One would think, that in a perfect world, as needs were being debated across the universe of public funding, that a hierarchy resembling this, would sort of be the guideline, if not the rule?

National Heroes…..


We, The People…..


LLC corporations….

After all, if it weren’t for us, there’s a good chance those LLC. corporations wouldn’t be able to do business in a free and prosperous society, you would think?….

One would think, that if one of these heroes needed medical care, with the tremendous amounts of money being thrown away by our government daily, in the forms of corporate tax breaks enabling corporations to make “record breaking profits”…. that they would be put at the top of the list.. don’t you think?

Sorry, CEO… your operation will have to wait… We have a veteran who is in dire need ahead of you….

In a perfect world….

One would think, that a voucher system would be in place, or a blank check, where any veteran could walk into any hospital, and get immediate, necessary medical attention, have his prescriptions filled as a privilege for his service, and that the bill would be willing be paid by those with monetary resources more than adequate for their own needs?

One would think, (right?)… that it would be CEO’s, those who give pink slips so they can break profit records, those who cut benefits so they can break profit records, those who don’t invest in America so they can break record profits, ….who should be the ones finding themselves regulated to CEO hospitals, where they would then have to settle in on a waiting list for the next opening to occur, where they had to endure budget cutbacks and go without life-saving medicine because there was no money left in the CEO fund, perhaps because it had all gone to Veterans to pay THEIR expenses?

In a perfect world…..

In a perfect world, veterans would need no freebies…. They would not need welfare, or a pension, or a humble stipend to eke an existence… They would be working, contributing to society, in any way they could… If they had no legs, they would be outfitted at corporate’s expense, so that would not be an issue… If they had no arms, they could be outfitted at corporate’s expense so that was not an issue. If they had psychological damage, (and who wouldn’t?) they could be treated at corporate’s expense… so that was not an issue.

If they were so badly damaged that they create an efficiency drain on society, they could be honored for their sacrifice, and a useful voluntary capacity could be created to honor that commitment once made so long ago… Perhaps speaking about serving one’s country in every class, in every school, in every county? Can you think of any better civic’s lesson?

There’s a lot that can be done…

The problem is that veterans are deemed as just another expense…. Because to corporate America, that is just what they are… An expense, an obligation to be met that gets in the way of their making more money…

Unfortunately, our Congress is owned by Corporate America….

What should and does need to happen, is this relationship needs to be exposed. We need to call them out on it…

Republicans and Democrats are both complicit in allowing corporate raiders this unprecedented power. But Republicans are the symbol of Corporate America. Republicans are the ones who championed the Corporate Takeover. Republicans are the ones who dismanteled the safeguards that had been put in place to prevent that takeover from happening. That is why they need to go. Disappear… Whoever is left, the remainder, most likely after seeing the elimination of a large majority of their peers, will think twice before following their Dark Lord, now a soul less wanderer eking existence.. ……

In a perfect world…

Unfortunately, today we need to contend with obscene amounts of money saying Corporate is Good; Government Fairness is Bad….

But we have our lives telling us the opposite… It will take courage and strong will, to override all the overload of sensory data being pipelined into our soul, but we still have hearts, and those hearts are attuned to what makes America special. great, and the best place to live on this earth….

WE can still dream….

And those dreams should include a perfect world… one we CAN make happen, at least for those without whom we would not have the freedom, the resources, the nation, we have today….

Here’s to a perfect world?

Occupy Philly and Occupy LA got swept up… cleared out….

Philly Livestream.….

LA Livestream.…..

Lifted from the Occupy Planning Committee….

1. Eradicate the Bush tax cuts for the rich and institute new taxes on the wealthiest Americans and on corporations.

Strong economies have a system that recirculates income throughout the system. The Bush Tax Cuts interrupt that system, by rewarding the removal of excess (profit) and gambling it on riskier items with the potential of superlative returns. Translated: Putting Billions on Animal Kingdom to win, place or show, doesn’t create jobs.

2. Assess a penalty tax on any corporation that moves American jobs to other countries when that company is already making profits in America.

This is simple. Raise the wealthy’s taxes across the board. Mandate that income earned overseas by American corporations gets taxed by America too. Then, allow a 100% write off on all physical investment here in America. Translated: Corporations will build here, when it becomes cheaper for them to build here.

3. Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act, placing serious regulations on how business is conducted by Wall Street and the banks.

We tried deregulation. It didn’t work. We reverted right back to where we were in the stock crash of 1929 after which Glass-Steagall was enacted to prevent that from ever happening again. Essentially Glass-Steagall says we need to separate our money that we require ourselves to live on, away from speculative investment… If you want to invest, do it by choosing to put your money at risk in an investment firm knowing full well that you could lose it all. However, safe money, needs to stay safe.

4. Join the rest of the free world and create a single-payer, free and universal health care system that covers all Americans all of the time.

There is a reason why other nations spend less on health care per person, and have much better results. THERE IS A REASON. One can wish for a lot of things; wish that private health care didn’t cost so much, wish that private insurance covered everything, wish that our doctor could keep giving us free samples all the time…. Switching to single payer, if we use Japan as a model, would save every American $4,800 dollars a year. A family of four therefore would see a savings of $19,200 per year…. Imagine what a family could do with an additional $19200 a year plopped into their lap? What’s really sad? The Japanese live much longer too… meaning we are paying more and getting nothing in return.

5. Immediately reduce carbon emissions that are destroying the planet and discover ways to live without the oil that will be depleted and gone by the end of this century.

Reducing carbon emissions is good for whatever reason. The idea that carbon fuel usage will deteriorate is not viable. The global energy requirements are growing exponentially. We need to insist that all new demand for power, be met by renewable resources (excluding ethanol). We will still need existing operations to continue just to keep our lights on.

6. We, the people, must pass two constitutional amendments that will go a long way toward fixing the core problems we now have. These include:

a) A constitutional amendment that fixes our broken electoral system by 1) completely removing campaign contributions from the political process; 2) requiring all elections to be publicly financed; 3) moving election day to the weekend to increase voter turnout; 4) making all Americans registered voters at the moment of their birth; 5) banning computerized voting and requiring that all elections take place on paper ballots.

b) A constitutional amendment declaring that corporations are not people and do not have the constitutional rights of citizens. This amendment should also state that the interests of the general public and society must always come before the interests of corporations.

The following is what the Vision Committee of Occupy Wall Street struck up as their vision statement….

We Envision: [1] a truly free, democratic, and just society; [2] where we, the people, come together and solve our problems by consensus; [3] where people are encouraged to take personal and collective responsibility and participate in decision making; [4] where we learn to live in harmony and embrace principles of toleration and respect for diversity and the differing views of others; [5] where we secure the civil and human rights of all from violation by tyrannical forces and unjust governments; [6] where political and economic institutions work to benefit all, not just the privileged few; [7] where we provide full and free education to everyone, not merely to get jobs but to grow and flourish as human beings; [8] where we value human needs over monetary gain, to ensure decent standards of living without which effective democracy is impossible; [9] where we work together to protect the global environment to ensure that future generations will have safe and clean air, water and food supplies, and will be able to enjoy the beauty and bounty of nature that past generations have enjoyed.

It’s not practical.

Take the first line:

We Envision: [1] a truly free, democratic, and just society; [2] where we, the people, come together and solve our problems by consensus….

“Where we the people, come together.” Ok, how many people will you get together and where? 25, in a library side room? 40, in a Union Hall? 120 in a fire hall? 300, in the county building’s auditorium? 7000, in Frawley Stadium (hope it doesn’t rain)? 140,000 in Dover Raceway (fifteenth largest stadium in the world) and then what, where do the rest of our 307 million conglomerate?

Perhaps one could do it on-line. But how do we know that result is real, and not hacked? No, there is a reason that a representative system is best. For one, you just have to argue good sense into a few heads at a time, not millions who aren’t getting all the details of the argument.

Secondarily, as recently portrayed within the Occupy Movement, it often takes sooooo long for pure democracy to reach a consensus. and as illustrated by Occupy Oakland when they tried to throw out a trouble maker. There it was possible for him to stack the group in open meetings and thwart the necessary and significant change. Can you imagine what Republicans would do if we were discussing all policy in open forums and having everyone vote upon them? It takes one bad apple to ruin things in a pure democracy, and the Republicans are much larger than a party of one.

[3] where people are encouraged to take personal and collective responsibility and participate in decision making;

I’m sorry, I’d like to be at the meeting, but I have to work.. or I have to watch my kids, or I have this Dr.’s appointment made months ago, or my kid’s starting in the game tonight, or I have to volunteer at the food bank, or I have to see a movie and report on it for school, or I have to get my finances in order,….

How many of us make meetings now? How will it be any different in our future? Sorry honey, no sex tonight. I have to go vote on whether we raise country revenues by 33 million or 32 and 3/4 million… It’s very important you know.

[4] where we learn to live in harmony and embrace principles of toleration and respect for diversity and the differing views of others;

Forget it! There is no way I’ll sit in the same room while a corporate fat cat whines about the fact that he’s losing money….. He should be in jail. After all he’s done to ruin America? Why should I tolerate and respect his views? Ain’t happening….

[5] where we secure the civil and human rights of all from violation by tyrannical forces and unjust governments;

Define unjust governments: What happens if my government blocks my Internet access because I downloaded a free copy of Roger and Me? Wouldn’t that be unjust?

[6] where political and economic institutions work to benefit all, not just the privileged few;

If unions support and elect a candidate, don’t they, then having the inside ear, become the privileged few? If churches can bend the inside ear of their candidate, don’t they get to include themselves among the privileged few? When Mayor Barry got reelected, didn’t crack dealers consider themselves the privileged few? Whoever wins an election, or helps win an election, becomes the privileged few. Whether he’s a small town operator, or owns a wealthy conglomerate, if he has the ear, he gets his way… Currently, it’s the one percent that has control. But that can change in an instant.

[7] where we provide full and free education to everyone, not merely to get jobs but to grow and flourish as human beings.

We do that: the concept of high school is broken; it doesn’t work.

[8] where we value human needs over monetary gain, to ensure decent standards of living without which effective democracy is impossible;

We did that with the Great Society. We pumped welfare money into black and Appalachian neighborhoods and wound up creating dependent societies who could not function without welfare money. Unemployment never dropped, because there was no incentive. Why work when you could live for free? No matter how much we pumped in, their standard of living still sucked.

[9] where we work together to protect the global environment to ensure that future generations will have safe and clean air, water and food supplies, and will be able to enjoy the beauty and bounty of nature that past generations have enjoyed.

Build a city? or preserve open space? People always will win over animals.

Although these are thoroughly impractical, they are nice platitudes. They would be nice standards to place in a Miss Manners Guide to Congress, at least as a guide on how Congress should act civilly among themselves to in turn represent the greatness of what they do, and the respect of whom they represent.

But they are impractical in a real world. Only one person could sabotage a meeting under these guidelines. The assumption behind these platitudes is that everyone want what’s best for America.

That is a lie. We saw Republicans sell America down the river last summer solely to help their party’s chances November 2012. You and I got dissed; they get elected (and then dis us up even more… )

In following this movement I have notice one thing. A lot of effort is being made to keep these viral videos showing Police brutality, under wraps.

As the news broke about the University of Davis public relation’s disaster, YouTube tried to suppress the video. It was on a search list, then pulled. ABC news published a white washed version without video, extolling the rowdiness of the students, nothing backing it up. Fox News was last to carry any mention. CBS flashed up the press release from the Chancellor condoning the use of force to remove tents, and saying it was absolutely necessary.

Only “the truth” of video, was their undoing. When what is now being called “The Empire Strikes Back”, when Homeland Security coordinated the police sweepings of the camps of Denver, New York, Portland, Oakland, University Berkley, they seemed to not to account for the fact, that everyone today has a video camera, either on their phone or in HD.

Actually proving that people think in preconceived patterns, they BANNED the press from filming the police moving in… obviously not wanting any provocative pictures to sway peoples opinion. They seemed to have forgotten, that in America, everyone has video. Perhaps had the press also been allowed to film the cleanup, more restraint would have been shown by rogue police, and these events now galvanizing the OWS Movement, would not have taken place…..

Boston, the heart of Brain USA ( Braintree is their suburb) actually forbid the police from doing anything to interfere with people expressing their constitutional right to protest. Brilliant. One has to hand to to those Mass’es…

Here is how to handle dissent effectively.

Don’t hide, run into the problem. Send the mayor into the Occupy Camp, unarmed.

As mayor, specifically say you agree that the 1% needs to be taxed and that their money needs to be gotten out of politics. As mayor, ask them for help, to make that happen. As mayor embrace the idea that low taxes on the wealthy create unemployment, unfunded mandates, too little money, and unfunded services.

As mayor, use the press to endorse the OWS Cause, saying these people who are camping here, ARE America’s true heroes…

To make them fade back into society we need to tax the rich, and remove corporate money from every political campaign.

If, by magic that were to happen today, within one week, there would be no tents. There would be no protest… There would be no grievances.

Tax the rich; remove corporate money from all campaigns.

Or at least that is what he said his name was.

The post midnight quiet was interrupted by an urgent female voiced request for security. Peering into a tent, was a fairly muscular tall man, hair shaved thin, with three rolls of skin, bulging visibly the length of his neck.

He was arguing “where’s my stuff. The security officer said in a too nice manner. “We think you had better stay somewhere else” “What?” was the indignant reply. “We voted on, and decided you were no longer welcome to stay here…”

“Where’s my stuff?” he demanded, poking his head out, looking around. On the ground, next to another tent, was a large 55 gallon clear trash bag stuffed with an assortment of clothes… Bill, came out, picked the bag, and grabbed a large piece of personalized cardboard and went back into the tent, which by the way, already had someone else sleeping in it.

“We think is it better if you stay elsewhere tonight” security replied. “You’re not welcome here.”

A belligerent head poked out the flap. “Listen, I’ve been working at a bank all day, and I’m tired. I can’t go anywhere else. I just need sleep now… Leave me alone.” then zipping the flap up.

Security walked over to another security with the words, “He’s back.” “What was it the GA decided if he returned?”

“We decided we’d ask him to leave, and if he did not, we’d call the police and have him evicted.”

Across the street in the middle of conference, waited both a County and City police cruisers. and soon two policemen, one wearing navy, the other wearing brown, were at the tent, armed with bright flashlights, along with a crowd of several security personnel.

“Wake Up.” “Wake Up” “Wake Up”.. were heard several times. “You need to leave now.” “I don’t care.” “You need to leave now”

It took about 5 minutes for Bill to realize his time at Occupy Delaware was over, and grabbing his cardboard pallet, and his clear trash bag of clothes, the trudged along the west flank of the plaza.

The police stood until he was, a block later, out of sight. Around the camp discussions over the incident were almost identical.

“I’m sad for him. but it had to be done” was the consensus. When asked why, a reoccurring history was told. Since he joined about 5 nights before, he started showing up around midnight speaking to no one, then usually around 3am he would become really agitated, and could be found at that point roaming the camp, unzipping other’s tents, going through other people’s stuff,and asking everyone for a cigarette. The previous night, he seemed excessively agitated, and when confronted, had used threats of violence to intimidate them. Fortunately he never carried them out; but the group had decided his presence was not productive to the cause. There was considerable debate over whether he was suffering from schizophrenia, or was a user of drugs. The answer came from this observer who said: I’ve never seen schizophrenics immune to excesses of temperature. On his first night, when we had that really cold spell, he was barefoot, wearing only a tea shirt, and seemed completely oblivious to the weather… The dark suited cop, acknowledged he was well know in that area, and had created trouble and was definitely a non desirable.. In fact, said the cop, I’d probably ought to go check up on him. Exiting the group, he U-Turned his cruiser, and headed up 8th Street.

After 5 or 10 minutes of various whispered conversations, a small rain began to fall, and people went into or under a tent…. Soon, the camp appeared empty, devoid of people.

Midnight last night,… they straggled in having left Occupied Philadelphia some 14 hours before… On the road, having crossed Philly’s 30th Street Bridge, angled down Rt.13, continued through Chester, through the middle of the Marcus Hook refinery, through Claymont, down Philadelphia Pike, up Market Street, past Fletcher Park, crossing 9th Street, dropping into the plaza between 8th and 9th Streets.

Led by a snare drum that erupted as they reached the top of the steps, the tired group descended into the plaza, arriving with sore feet, worn out, hungry and looking for bathrooms.

Waiting for them were a pile of donations; food, drink, tents, trips to homes for showers, and a massive outpouring of good will from a lot of people sympathetic to what they are drawing attention,,,,

These band of marchers were celebrities… You wouldn’t know it by looking at them, They looked like regular people….

Why would someone take a vacation, and walk from New York to Washington DC?

Oh sure, the other “walks” history tells us about.. Like those from Selma to Montgomery made in order to protest the exclusion of African Americans from economic opportunity at that time, but that was important. They were protesting against everything.. They were at the end of their rope, and had no other options….

And that is when it hits… We are there again. Only this time it is not based on skin color… it is not based on religion, … it is not based on gender…. it is not based on political affiliation….

It is based for simple words, on lack of economic opportunity.

Lack of economic opportunity…

None of these people want a hand out.. A lot of them have jobs. None of these people want the capitalist system dismantled. They are already financially dependent upon it..

They want opportunity.. That very thing Ronald Reagan stood up and once said, was the only thing seperating America from all nations… we had opportunity whereas they did not…

That is what they are willing to give up their vacation for. That is what they are willing to sleep on the ground for. That is what they are willing to get arrested for….

For you, … for your children…

Like Rosa Parks, … they finally said. “No. Come what may, I’m just not caving in any more…..”

I’ve been reading up on historical accounts of tent cities…

There are significant trends, whether in the 1870’s, the 1930’s, the 1960’s, or today.

Trend one: is that they start off nice, and then attract undesirables. They become a mecca, having tents instead of houses protecting your belongings, is hard for criminals to resist.

Trend two: Thet begin with local support, but eventually the negatives outweigh the positives for those living around where they set up….

Trend three: inevitably, the protesters get removed, more or less because a tipping point has occurred, and the majority finally decide they would like it that way.

When does this scenario differ? Only when the majority of American people find themselves on the side of the protesters. The American revolution is a case in point.

And that takes a very long time for opinions to change…

What determines the difference between a Veterans camp, and a revolution? Obviously, results. Those groups who stayed and created negatives, did not get results. The Hoovervilles and Veterans “Occupation” of the 30’s, did little to help average Americans. They vented frustration, but did little until they were cleared out.

The failure of the morality is inevitable. As the camps endure, as the numbers swell, the number of those troublemakers who are normally a statistic of society, move into, and become a statistic of the camp… A homeless vagrant, who doesn’t care where he pees, also won’t care or change his behavior, once he joins a movement. Same with a pickpocket. thief, or sexual deviant. Their morals won’t change because they now have a place to stay….

And each time, the “Occupy Movement” gets blamed….. So it is inevitable that over time, if the movement grows, bad elements will

So, next stage…

Two options. Pursue the route of direct confrontation..

Or break up, disappear, to resurface another time, another place. and by always being liquid, showing up, disappearing, showing up again in a different place, they can keep the movement alive…

Square surrounded by police… As many as 20 departments, state, county, neighboring city’s. in riot gear surrounding the bulk of the protest.

Helicopters over head… Drums beat incessantly in background. Visual check shows that in violation of California State law, all badges and identification of individual police officers are removed.

Barricades put up at all plaza entrances. Expectation that a mass arrest is about to take place…

Announcements initiated here at 5:50. Will be starting crowd control activities shortly.

Chant: “We are Occupy; We are never gonna die.
Every time you kick us out; we are gonna multiply..”

Chant stops… Groans as they move in … on OGP….

There’s a dude in the tree… Just heard processing table is at 14 and Clay…

Chant: The people united; will never be defeated.. Asking officers why they hide their name… No answer from behind the mask…

Arresting now of the Interfaith Community, which is leaving peacefully, zip-stripped, to cheers and clapping, and applause by protesters… These are pastors, priests and nuns who came to support the 99%. (For once, that’s one court fee, I wouldn’t mind reimbursing the Church for)…..

Zip strips are white this time….

Damn helicopters.

Channel 2 says 20 arrests so far.

Police line across Broadway (at 14th), is breaking up.. They are leaving, applause.. from crowd now.. They are now past 13th…

Sun is coming up. Standoff now about an hour, without any formal dismissal request.

Wedding taking place. In front of riot police… “Now pronounce you husband and wife.”

Police are tearing down camp.

Smiling cops tear down tent city. Chants: “don’t worry, we’ll be back.” Looks like they are searching, not taking them down… “Mr. Policemen; smiling at the overtime; Mr Policemen, smiling at the overtime..”

Chanting: Don’t take our tents; they’re protecting your pension.. Don’t take our tents; they’re protecting your pension.. Don’t take our tents; they’re protecting your pension….

Overheard Occupier on phone… we’re gonna need more tents.

Police lined across Broadway at 14th, starting to break up. .. Cheers among crowd. Confirmed they are marching out…

Now past 13th, filing out two by two….. marching out.

Twitter feed just announce Mayor’s Legal Aide just quit over the use of force in removing protesters. Dan Siegal just confirmed.

All that is left is the media, police, and empty flattened tents…..

Someone said… The police are one budget cut away from Occupy….

You are following orders; for money, nothing else. Just money. Not people…

Someone else shouts…
They came for the Unions; We did nothing because we weren’t union.

“They came for the Jews; we did nothing because we weren’t Jews.

They came for the blacks; we did nothing because we weren’t black.

They came for the Asians; we did nothing because I we weren’t Asian.

They came for me, I looked around, they did nothing…
there was no one was left but me……. ”

Cops did a good job someone else says… Don’t agree with the mission another chimes in… I don’t either, but they handled themselves well in performance of a bad mission. They were better prepared and both sides refrained from antagonizing violence….