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Republicans have been trying to kill NPR for years. I have fought them tooth and nail, because NPR always provided the type of news we used to get from Ed Marrow, Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, Chet Huntley, Yeah, it was old school, but it was news…..

But racing home to catch Markell’s speech, I missed the window, Fortunately WHYY had NPR’s coverage on my car radio… “Oh this is great” I said. I remembered last election cycle hearing the full convention on radio… Like the radios of WWII that sat in everyone’s living room, that medium made me feel I was experiencing it in the raw… Like I was right there on the floor, not somewhere else looking at odd images on flat screen….

And at 8:50 pm, Governor Markell’s speech begins… ” I am an avowed Capitalist….” or something like that…I cranked up the volume… At the end of the third breath, NPR cuts to a discussion in the booth, about Hispanic’s voting in Texas and whether they will have enough clout to impact local Texas politics…. They never cut back to Markell again…

One could hear Markell’s voice over the speakers in the background. And yet the talkers were blabbing about something that has been discussed ad nauseum for the past 8 years… “Hello, knuckleheads… we know this… We don’t know what Markell is saying right now, right this minute… Can we please get back to what is important?”

Who hires these guys?

“oooooo loooook…. I’m on the radio. I’ve just discovered politics for the first time… This is sooo interesting. I am going to be the talk of the world. My network will pay me millions of dollars. I get to show everyone how smart I am…. Look, I can put two thoughts together in a sentence…… ”

Sorry, NPR… no one cares what’s going on in YOUR head. They want to fill up their own head with stuff that is…. let’s see, how should I put it…. important….

A Democrat Business Governor who runs the Corporate Capital of the World, who comes from the same business world as Mitt Romney, but chooses to support Obama…. is….. important…. We in business want to hear… exactly why he bucks the normal thought process and supports Democrats instead of Republicans… I saw the transcript; it was a great speech. It tells us business people, what the future business climate will be like under Obama. But no. I have to listen to two twits talk about… Governor Perry’s state of morons… Texas… Like that helps anyone….

Duh, who hires these guys?

it is time. Pull the plug. We’ve kept them so when we needed it, we could get pure unaltered information. They failed us. Pull the plug.