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Matthew 6:6 And Jesus said unto his disciples, “Jam God’s will down people’s throats. Pray openly and loudly and judge all those who do not pray openly and loudly as non believers.”

John 3:20 Jesus looked upon the crowd and proclaimed, “Oral contraceptives are murder. If a woman is truly raped, her body will shut that down. Rape the children but remember to ask God for forgiveness, because only then will you enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Mark 12:17 Then Jesus said unto them, “Overthrow Caesar. Refuse to pay your taxes or proclaim them wrong. Run for office and take over your nation’s rulers and replace man’s law with God’s law. It is God’s will that you lie and cheat to achieve these goals.

(Stolen from a comment over at Delaware Liberal.)

For any Christian, or person of Jewish, Muslim, or other faith, the only two choices in  this election for president, are between Obama and Gary Johnson.  (Seriously, Johnson’s platform needs a closer look by all people of faith).

You cannot be considered by the rest of us to be a Christian according to the standards set within the  New Testament, and continue to vote Republican.

If you hate your old party, and can’t still bring yourself to vote for our current president, then I suggest as a person of faith, that you seriously take a gander  at Gary Johnson and the Libertarian (good, old Reagan Republican) Party and see how much better those values mirror yours, than the stuff coming out of today’s Republican Party.

It makes people angry….

Which is why, we have to be very careful whether this video, which purports to show U.S. Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters, is doctored of not….

If you’ve been in war, and most of the third world has, this action is believable.. After all, these dead characters had just tried to take the live ones life in a game of brinkmanship, and the Marines prevailed… There is sort of a giddiness that up-wells during moments like that. Sort of the real world’s equivalence of a touch-down dance… one that could easily happen during such a moment of euphoria… One person comes up with the idea, probably as a joke, and in their limited world of the moment, there appears to be no harm done, and it happens… Anyone who has ever been in war, knows a lot worse things could have happened. …

But there are a couple of problems with this easy answer. One, this is the Second Battalion of the Third Marine Corp.. It is one of the finest in the world. Very hard to believe that four guys who one day one day are building a hospital in a village to show we are the good guys, (who are positively trained and aware of how their personal behavior ripples out to determine the fate of the war), are peeing on cadavers of slain enemy warriors on the next. Yes, it can happen, of course. But I would believe David Anderson turned Muslim, before I’d believe THIS group would violate everything they’d been trained to do… (It would take hell freezing over for me to believe David Anderson had become a Muslim.)

Of course, I can be accused of turning a blind eye because ” I CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”… lol.. I’d say, no… I’d think the video was faked because that, considering all the players, all the activity, a fake video would actually make more sense, than having four random Marines desecrating several enemy bodies…

How? You Ask?

Ok, you twisted my arm so tight it hurts…if you promise to let go, I’ll tell you……

The United States is pulling out of Afghanistan. That means there will be no market for munitions. Currently the United States and Afghanistan have a very fragile relationship. There is little trust. We do not trust Karzai and his way of governing through corruption. We know he is in cahoots with the Taliban. Not publicly, but privately. We don’t tell him much, because it will cost American lives. He, upon realizing we are acting unilaterally, doesn’t trust us at all, because we will one, not confide in him, and two, not listen to him because the intelligence he could be giving us, could be leading us into a trap… One that will cost American lives.

Anything that pours gasoline onto this fire, will reap great amounts of money for people who sell weapons for a living… The absolutely very last thing those people want, is a cessation of hostilities. They will do anything possible to prevent that from happening… Not publicly of course, but surreptitiously .

So there is this tremendous pressure building, much of it emanating from the America Right and remnants of what once was called the Military Industrial Complex, that does not want this conflict to end…. And that pressure, is what makes this video popping up right now, kinda suspicious…

I’m no expert, but even as I looked at the difference of shadows between the bodies and the soldiers, I noticed the sun was at different angles.. (you can tell by tracing the shadow to the object and the angles should be identical). So I asked a 14 year old knowledgeable about video editing if such a thing was possible.. He responded by running the video through gaming software, and replaying the video with miniature anime characters holding umbrellas dancing on the dead bodies as the urine cascaded down… It was that easy…

So, looking with a clear eye, we have the motive. We have the means. And we have the evidence.

Of course, I could be over-speculating; it could be a real event, but I will hold my breath until the military investigation is complete. We have the Marines, we know by now who they are, we know if they are guilty or innocent. If guilty, we will condemn them and punish them just like we do a touchdown dance that goes too far… If it turns out they are innocent, and this is a circumstance of trying to poison the well, we can recognize the real enemy: those who sell weapons to both sides, and negate their influence on the diplomacy of that region…

It would be no different than two people at work, who upon finding they’ve been manipulated into hating each other, join forces and together, expel the perpetrator of all problems…

First it was Donald Trump’s amateur fillies… now it’s the professionals… Delaware has lost twice to California…

In the Ms USA pagent, Delaware’s own Katie Hanson, lost to Ms California who naturally, took the crown… When it came to Thoroughbreds, Delaware did a little better……

Delaware’s Havre De Grace, took the lead and California’s blind luck, just came up in time for the wire.

Even when he drew even with Havre de Grace, Gomez said he was unsure Blind Luck was going to get past her.

“We came up to her and she fought back,” her rider, Gomez said. “I thought I might be in a little trouble. But with this filly, as soon as you pull her out and she pins her ears back, she accelerates in two jumps.”

It was all the horse…..
“My horse dragged me to the front, and turning for home she gave me all she had and really kept on digging,” said Dominguez, who was the dominant rider at Delaware Park when he rode there from 2003-2008. “It was just a head bob and the other filly got up just in time.”

The final time of 2:01.28 was the fastest running of the Del Cap since Unbridled Belle’s 2:01.16 in 2006.

It may seem unfair that “great big ole California” beats out the state with the fewest number of counties (only 3) … but, if you compare populations, the simple fact that quite often Delaware and California are pitted neck to neck just before the final wire, it is fair to say that with California’s population of 37,253,956 versus Delaware’s of 897,934 it takes roughly 41.49 Californians, to match up to and equal one Delawarean….. 🙂

We may be small, but we ARE tough!

In a largely unknown formality, the NFL Commissioners met today to sanction the results of Sunday’s game.  Usually they meet, agree to accept the games outcome, and it can then become official.

Apparently one of the group voted no, and since the vote has to be unanimous,  the identity of the champion is in limbo.

“This is outrageous.” said Commissioner Kowalko. “Almost 100 million watched it live.  All of them saw with their own eyes that it was won by the Giants”.

“Not so fast”, said NFL detractor McDowell.  “There are calls that may have been overlooked during the actual game which could possibly annul a touchdown and switch the game around completely,  giving the unbeaten New England Patriots, their perfect record after all.”

‘If we can find a hold or face mask that was not called, then the Patriots will get the title”, said Adams, from the Patriot’s home office.  “It just can’t be…..the greatest team ever can not lose to a fifth seeded wild card team.  Things like that do not happen.  There has to be an error and we will search until we find it…..”  Adams added.

Quarterback Manning took it in stride.  “We won, it was open and transparent.  They had their chance to contribute, and we beat them.  I am confident, that all will agree, we outplayed them in the final minutes, and deserve our win.”

The Patriot’s team has placed two lawsuits against the NFL on hold, pending the reappraisal of the investigation.

Five meetings will be held by Commissioner McDowell around the country.  The first, should be the most contentious, since it will be held in the Meadowlands.  The second will be held in Boston, with the rest held in Phoenix, Tampa Bay, and Green Bay.

Opponents of this decision have called it a delaying tactic just to prevent the Giants from receiving their Superbowl rings.  When asked for comment, Commissioner Copeland said “I see nothing wrong for the Patriots to pursue avenues that will better their organization.  They have a right: let them exercise it. ”  Copeland finished by saying: “I actually like the Giants, but an unbeaten record will not come around for a long time.  We have a duty to give the average football viewer the best outcome of a game that can happen.  Most would like to say they saw a team go all the way in their lifetimes…..”

Football fans for the most part are outraged.   “Once the game is over, it is over.” shouted one fan to the commissioners as they left the building under heavy security guard.  “We play by rules in this country”,  shouted another later identified as J Scott.

The decision stunned the foreign press.  “What is wrong with those Americans” the Daily Telegraph (UK) shouted across its front page.

“Only in America,…  when a thing is final, it is never final,” sighed the French Presse.

Referee Boncelet agrees with the Commissioner’s decision.  He was the only referee concurring.

“Games are not decided by the final score, they are decided by how each referee’s calls, create or eliminate opportunities to gain ground.  In a game this big,  if a referee misses a call that can make a difference in whether that important final play is made or not, it should affect the outcome.  We have reason to believe miscalls did occur and we will find them.”

Boncelet is being paid $275,000 by the Patriot’s  to review the films.