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Mitt Romney‘s flip flop on Romney-care is well known… It was HIS plan; It was HIS mandate that everyone had to buy some insurance if they happened to live in HIS state……

Rick Santorum‘s deprecating view of women has shocked the establishment of Republicans…. Rick lost women to Mitt by 5 percentage points, effectively giving that state to Mitt Romney… But for that 5 point difference, Michigan would have been Santorum’s otherwise…..

As expected, we are about to see the “flip-flop”…. No longer are we cheering Ms. Santorum’s decision to home-school their children. Instead, her attorney credentials are being paraded for all to see… Previously hidden, elaborate attention to Rick’s mother is now getting played…. And his oldest child, a female, is now being played up before the crowd, whereas previously, only her name was briefly thrown up out.  We are about to see Rick Santorum FLIP-FLOP  in huge fashion……. 

What is it with Republicans who say they are for something before they become against it?  Can America run well with such a chief executive whose character can’t make up their mind, and who has to  remake themselves every time the step up to a microphone?

Enter Newt Gingrich…  He doesn’t flip flop… Slow and steady wins the race…. He is the best option that Republicans have!  He is someone who can articulate, and explain complex economic ideas to the American People… in words they can understand….  He is a real person on the campaign trail, not a sloganeering fabrication of whatever elemental gas is floating around that day…….

Republicans are running out of time… They will, if they don’t choose now, wish that they had chosen Newt when it mattered…..

You want a flip-flopper?  Go Mitt or Santorum.  You want a leader?   Go Newt

The only flip you’ll see is his flipping his hair back by running his fingers backwards over his head…..

Predictions of doom have always come and gone… The best reason for even mentioning them in the first place, is 1) to get people talking about them, and 2) get talk out there of how to work around them should those threats materialize…

Proper examples:


That was a case where we had a catastrophe in the making, and worked together to solve it. (Except for Delmarva Power: the only business in the world that did not take steps to upgrade)..

Avian Flu.

This infection seems to have been contained through rapid action. We acted fast enough and contained the problem.

So what’s up with this crazy Republican Party this year?

It’s called “chasing after the nuts”… Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, New York Post, have been playing this game for years.

Whoever has the most nuts, wins a prize.

So how do you collect nuts? You act crazy….

No Birth Certificate…. crazy.
Eliminate Medicare…… crazy.
No tax increases…….. crazy.
No auto bailout……… crazy.
Eliminate birth control. crazy.
Call the Catholic Church crazy.
The Pope is Wrong……. crazy.
Blatant Lies on Ads……crazy.
Deficit Spending………crazy.

Which is why we see the craziness we do. The talk around the town is that these guys have totally lost their marbles.

They haven’t.

They’re just chasin’ nuts……..

The candidate will be none of those currently running… So who is your guess on who will jump in to save the Republican Party?

Here it is again…… Crack Smokers….

By the end of fiscal 2016, little more than a month before Election Day, Gingrich’s plan would produce a deficit of 7.8 percent of the economy, or almost $1.5 trillion. Santorum’s blueprint would produce a deficit in the $1.2 trillion range, or 6.5 percent of gross domestic product. And Romney’s plan – given the benefit of the doubt since his new tax plan is so vague – would generate a 2016 deficit of between $700-800 billion or so. Paul’s plan would leave a 2016 deficit of almost $500 billion.

Obama’s budget claims a $649 billion deficit by 2016, relying on super amazingly awesome tax increases to do it.

Soooo…. what is it that Obama is doing that makes him the biggest threat to American since King George III?…..

May if you stopped smokin’ da crack, you’d realize Republicans are the biggest threat to America since King George III……


Two days ago that question would have been dismissed out of hand.,

Then came the Mesa Arizona debate…..

You had two battling over the top spot, and neither one looked very good….

Here is the rundown of negatives.

Santorum. Says some dumb things. WE had one Republican President like that, are we REALLY ready for another?

Santorum. Is out of touch with America on religion. Although his beliefs are unimportant, if not applied to policy, that is exactly the problem with having him run… Can he carry the majority?

Santorum. Has really done nothing the past 6 years save a few paid speeches… Prior to that, was a Senator for two terms or 16 years. Again, the same as doing nothing. (Name one Senator who works hard?)

Santorum. Has never put a budget together… Saying Aye or Nay is not the same as running numbers.

Santorum. Wants to cut taxes, but not cut spending. Recipe for disaster…..

Ok.. Now for Mitt….

Flip flops… where is he today…. That will never leave him even when in office. His debates show it. He says one thing at the debate when it is opportune, and another the next day when questioned by the press.

Romney. Wrong side of Detroit’s bailout… Pure and simple. Dances around his meaning of “managed bankruptcy” but if we’d followed his plan, Michigan would have nothing now.

Romney. Wrong side of Obama Care… (Romney Care)…. It was good once, now it is bad. No good, especially for Republicans who if elected will pass Republicancare… the same thing, but with their name attached, a really great plan.

Romney. Nasty. When attacked, fights like Tom Brady… and like Tom Brady, loses each time. Was responsible for the evaporation of Bachmann, was responsible for digging up the accusations against Cain, was responsible for burying Gingrich under negative advertising, and now, is responsible… for turning on Santorum. What happens when he turns on the UAW (listening Michigan?) What happens when he turns on non-Morman religous funding? What happens when he turns on the military? What happens when he turns on Congress? Is he the type of guy who yells and yells, but can never get anything done?

Wow… all these negatives…..

Gingrich, on the other hand, does what Americans do best. The only one of the pack who has seen Ronald Reagan work in person, appears to be the only one who can actually work with the other side….

He talks tough, but his past experience shows that when required, he gets things done…..

And that is what we haven’t seen out of any of these debates except perhaps out of Gingrich’s finest performance in South Carolina. Gingrich got things done; the argument about his second wife is now completely off the table…

Yes, he had to work with Clinton, but of all the candidates? Who has had their hand on a federal budget? Especially a federal budget that was balanced? Especially a federal budget that had a surplus?

And how was that done? Higher revenue… exactly.

So Gingrich, is the best. Republicans will have to decide if they would rather win…. or have someone who’s been married only one time….

Only one, could turn the tide on Obama… and that is Gingrich.

Is he worth the second look?….. Perhaps, especially if “winning” is part of the equation…..

Truth in Numbers

In 2121 the Debt grows under Newt Gingrich’s Plan…… $7 Trillion

In 2121 the Debt grows under Rick Santorum’s Plan….. $4.5 Trillion

In 2121 the Debt grows under Mitt Romney’s Plan……. $3.5 Trillion

In 2121 the Debt shrinks under Ron Paul’s Plan………. $ -2 Trillion

And in 2121, Under Obama’s plan which was the base line for these calculations……. the debt is neither + or – but $0.0 Trillion.

Bottom line, Gingrich, Santorum, Romney, will make things worse. If for some reason you don’t like Obama, you’d better go with Paul……

Unfortunately, sadly, heartbreakingly so, there is a dire shortage of medication to treat Childhood Leukemia. … All five pharmaceutical companies that make the injection drug methotrexate, which treats acute lymphoblastic leukemia by slowing the growth of cancer cells, have either slowed and stopped manufacturing of the drug, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The companies have cited “high demand” or “manufacturing delays” as reasons for the shortage.

Where have we seen this before? In the oil industry. “Shut down that refinery until the price rises sky high.”

We have a shortage of life giving medication, one that is isolated to children, one that will tug at the heart-stings of parents.

There is no shortage of raw materials. There is no shortage of manufacturing space. There is no shortage of labor. There is only a shortage, because 5 major pharmaceuticals, all at the same time, chose “not to make” that certain drug….

Now according to Dr. Michael Link, pediatric oncologist and president of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, some hospital pharmacies have reported having only a couple weeks of supply left.

Which means that kids start dying in 14 days…….

To counter this, President Obama on October 31, signed an executive order, instructing the Food and Drug Administration to broaden its reporting of potential drug shortages, expedite regulatory reviews that can help prevent shortages, and examine whether potential shortages have led to price gouging. The drug shortage has compromised or delayed care for some patients and may have led to otherwise preventable deaths.

This caused Christopher W. Hansen, president of the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network, to applaud the signing of the order, saying in a statement that it would “allow government, industry, providers and the public to more systematically analyze and understand the causes of specific drug shortages as they occur, and to develop real-time solutions that are also needed to address the acute problems that cancer patients live with daily.”

But the order does not go far enough.

While the FDA can oversee imports of drugs that are in short supply, it cannot regulate how much a company can make. In fact, manufacturers are not required to report shortages to the FDA.

Isn’t that what Romney touts? Isn’t that Gingrich’s modus operandi, Isn’t that what Santorum lavishs, WE NEED LESS GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION???

Don’t all of them recommend that government needs to slim down, cut back, and get off the backs of business in general to create jobs?


Here is a direct case of that policy in action. There is no government on the backs of Pharmaceuticals. They are completely independent, private, not regulated, and free to decided what drugs to make, and when to make them….

“Oh gee, let’s see… we make 89 cents per pill on our placebos…. and only 64 cents on each bottle of methotrexate…. Let’s close down the meth lab, and instead, make placebos instead….”

Mitt Romney’s philosophy in action…

Because of it, there is now a shortage of highly necessary medications… Ones that have to be had, to maintain life…

(There is no end to the number of Sudafed knockoffs on drugstore shelves)….

Just a look at the top ten prescribed medicines in America, only one, Lipitor, is still under patent. All the others, have lapsed into generic….

The apparent problem is rather simple. In order to chase after profits for your stockholders, for the analysts of CNBC to mention your stock on their show, … you have to sell the top 15 drugs helping 100% of the population, and the 4000 or 5000 people needing your specialty drugs, are simply sick with the wrong disease…

Remember the death panel controversy made up and disseminated by Michelle Bachmann? Well, now, we see the real death panel….

“I’m sorry (not). I know he is your child; I know we have the medicine to keep him normal, I know he will die if he doesn’t get it; I know we could easily makes some in less than 5 days; I know we could have never run short if we had wanted; I know all these things. But, we arbitrarily choose not to make it; your son is out of luck and will be dead in less than two weeks…”


Because you voted for Republicans…. Seriously, if you hadn’t, what would have happened?

In an all Democratic Congress, when this shortage was brought up, legislation would be passed levying extensive fines if the drugs did not reach market by a certain date. The price would include only a ten percent markup. Meaning the pharmaceutical company would not lose on the proposition. How do I know this would work? It was the law of the land for 70 years, until Republicans began selling the concept that letting the market place settle everything, and the FDA got gutted.

Interestingly,…. due to the shortage, black market drugs have materialized…. As soon as a drug hits a shortage level, unreliable distributors pop up offering supplies of suspect origin at highly inflated prices, said Denver based Porter Adventist Hospital pharmacy director, Ryan Stice.

“I have a story about one of these vendors calling on a Friday night, lying to a staff member to get approval for shipment, and sending their products for Saturday delivery to avoid our normal safeguards on bogus shipments and invoicing,” Stice said.

Premier Healthcare Alliance, which published data on drug price-grouging practices last week, said nearly 2,000 sales offers from “gray market” distributors amounted to an average price markup of 650 percent for drugs used to treat cancer and other critical illnesses, as well as sedate patients for surgery, that have been in short supply in recent months.

The highest markup was for the drug lebetalol, used to treat high blood pressure. Lebetalol usually sells for $25.90, but “gray market” offers priced it at $1,200.

When pressed, it appears there is little knowledge over where these “grey market” drugs come from. Most speculate that those drugs which are currently being dispensed on the “grey market” come with a majority of their kickback returning to the pharmaceutical companies. It was as if someone in the pharmaceutical business figured out: why sell this drug for $25 dollars when we can create a shortage and sell it for $1200 instead?

“Greed is good”, if you remember the movie Wall Street.

Ironically, the similarities between both Mitt Romney’s hairstyle and philosophy and those in that movie, are extremely uncanny.

If it is your son who is dying, obviously the market place is not where we want to take health-care. Their death panels are far more crooked than any other panel that would occur if we had any other system of medical insurance.

One must wonder why in any debate, not one panalist has yet brought up the question…Mr. Republican, about your market philosophy…. when it comes to cancer drugs and others that are necessary for life,… there seems to be a problem….”

Then follow up with: “No, it appears you’re wrong there, Mr. Republican Candidate. The obvious solution is for America not to vote for any Republican candidate…”

Primary Season.

Gingrich has not done well since South Carolina. There is a reason and it is tied to the massive amount of attacks hitting him in Florida….

He is not Gingrich anymore.

One of Gingrich’s attributes is that he thinks on stage. He makes connections and says them. When he does he resonates with his prospective audience….

Negative Romney campaign ads force the conversation to go elsewhere, and that removes the main attraction Gingrich oozes.

I confess, I like listening to Gingrich because when he is creative, he does come up with some good ideas. It is pretty easy to see, that being a conservative, is more of a label to profess, “See, I’m Not One Of Dem Liberals”… Most people, Gingrich, Paul, Newt, and Romney, all do not sound like the old “real” conservatives… such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Michelle Malkin…. It is pretty obvious that all these are people who are pretty smart, and are using a conservative platform, so elevate their careers… Hence all the fake noise about “See, I’m the REAL Conservative..”

Point is: Newt needs to stop worrying about being seen as a Conservative… and focus on being seen as a President…

That means, be Presidential. Don’t scrape the bottom of the bowl with the rest of them, to get the last smidgen of batter…. Newt is better than that…..

(Oh, and to explain the title, Santorum is the new “fresh” idea candidate, now that Gingrich is in defense mode, and voters are heading there because of the word…. “fresh”…. Advice is: “Freshen Up”, Newt.)

Lol.   Notice I said “minds”…. Meaning the use of their rational part of their brains to sift through confusing data and glean in Sherlock Holmes fashion,  the difference between what is real, and what is perceived……

What is “perceived”  is that this is an attack on religion.  What is “perceived” is that this is making Catholics pay for contraception that their head hancho has decreed unholy, and therefore a sin…..  What is “perceived” is that the Federal Government is stepping on religion’s toes, and that, is forbidden by our Constitution…..

If any of these were true, Catholic Bishops would be right to do so…

Some jaded members of the public may find it ironically amusing, that the very same church which throughout the world, portrays in effigy another innocent man who was accused, misjudged and then expeditiously hung on a cross to die rather quickly, well before facts could be sifted and a second opinion emerge which might prove that judgment was indeed rushed………..

….. is now following the example of the Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s, rushing to judgment before even considering any of the facts, and whether or not, they actually impinge upon religion…… at all…. ?

Let us use a parable to educate….

Once there was a Presbyterian.  This Presbyterian was by nature possessing a scientific and inquiring mind.   This Presbyterian, devoted considerable study of the Bible, correlating it’s miracles to what we now know of historical facts and earthly cataclysms. This Presbyterian got a grant from other Presbyterians to engage in printing this Bible with notes he compiled. They recognized that this version of the Bible, addressed a lot of concerns Atheists kept bringing up over the old statements made by religious doctrine….  and this new Bible, made God more believable to a modern society.

One of the more odd occurrences out of this  endeavor was as more scientific  information turned up showing the nation’s vaccine stock was poisoned by by-product chemicals, it became first a practice, then a philosophy, then dogma of this sect of Presbyterians, to boycott vaccines.   It became their religious belief .. to believe that getting vaccinated, was a sin….  God showed He was against vaccinations, in their view…. otherwise he never would have allowed pharmaceutical companies to taint vaccines with mercury.

Now, this bible operation, hired people off the street.  Very few of them were Presbyterians, many were Catholic, some were Protestant, and a large segment was Muslim.  In fact, only the top five of the organization, actually practiced  the no vaccination policy….

Guess what.  They had to buy insurance.  And guess what the insurance covered?  You are so smart… Vaccinations…..  They had to buy insurance that covered vaccinations when vaccinations were an act against God…..

The world came to an end.  (The Mayans were off by 10 months……)

“How dare you cover vaccinations”, they clamored!  “You are violating our first amendment rights… to worship as we choose….”

How dare you NOT cover vaccinations their multi-religious workers clamored back… Just because you don’t agree with vaccinations, does not mean we all agree with you… In fact we would rather have vaccinations because scientific proof shows that vaccinations prevent epidemics.  More people, including my child, will die from not covering vaccinations than will die from the vaccine itself…..

So… do you think each and every Republican presidential candidate jumped up in support of the “religious freedom” of the cult of Scientific Presbyterians?  Do you think the Speaker of the House swore that no such vaccination mandates would be coming forth in health care legislation?  Do you think Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, (both Rupert Murdoch entities) would be going non stop over President Obama stomping out all types of religious expression?


They wouldn’t.    They would look at the science, and say:  if you choose not to undergo vaccinations for religious reasons, that is your right.  But you have no right to prevent others the right to have themselves and their children vaccinated,  simply because they happen to get their income… by working for ‘you’…. 

Sound like fiction?

This kind of tragedy occured in the United States.  Between 1990 and 1991, there was a measles outbreak in Philadelphia. The outbreak was traced back to a church whose members refused immunization on religious grounds. In the outbreak, 1,600 children were infected.  Of those, nine died.  Of the nine innocent children who died, seven were from that church. The other two who died were babies who lived nearby and had not yet gotten their MMR vaccination.  Had the church not been anti-vaccination, these nine precious ones would still be alive today.  

Back to pregnancy….

Every minute, at least one woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth – that means 529 000 women a year. In addition, for every woman who dies in childbirth, around 20 more suffer injury, infection or disease – approximately 10 million women each year.

Five direct complications account for more than 70% of maternal deaths: haemorrhage (25%), infection (15%), unsafe abortion (13%), eclampsia (very high blood pressure leading to seizures – 12%), and obstructed labour (8%). While these are the main causes of maternal death, unavailable, inaccessible, unaffordable, or poor quality care is fundamentally responsible. They are detrimental to social development and wellbeing, as some one million children are left motherless each year. These children are 10 times more likely to die within two years of their mothers’ death. 

Pregnancy may seem pretty tame to anyone who has NOT live through it.. But there are, coupled in there with a marvelous finale that is both joyous and celebratory, some moments of sheer terror….   There IS a health risk to getting pregnant;  there IS a viable insurance cost factor behind mandating birth control…. since it cuts down the number of unwanted pregnancies, and possibly prolongs the health of that many more mothers…

So, you see…. these two scenarios are quite similar… Birth control and vaccinations……

One, we’d dismiss as over stretching, and the other gets screeched at the top of the lungs by conservative pundits just as guilty as Caiaphas and Annus…

Just the facts, ma’am…..

The facts are, if you do not want contraception, you do not buy it; and if you do not buy it, your insurance company does not have to cover it; so NONE of your premium, goes toward that item….  but if you DO employ people who may not share your views, then, they deserve to live under the law of the land as it stands….which is they have a right to a healthier life, and that includes insurance companies covering contraception.

That which belongs to Caesar, render unto Caesar;  that which pertains to the Lord, feel free to give back to Him…..