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Delaware is very amateurish when it comes to smearing people.  No one takes smears seriously anymore and the consequences usually fall back on those pushing the smear forward.

Kathleen Davies works for Tom Wagner’s Auditor’s office.  She supports better control of charter school wastefulness and has been behind some of the very scary reports the Auditor of Delaware’s office has recently released, showing the blatant corruption and disregard for all taxpayers dollars, an illness that continues to run rampant throughout Kendall Massett’s charter school conglomeration…

We find she was put on administrative leave and her reports pulled from the website… Kevin has a copy of one (more?) of the pulled reports…

Her being put on administrative leave is very reminiscent of shutting down a casino because one is shocked, shocked, that legalized gambling is going on there…. 


Her alleged violation was “not following required procedure”.  Something we all do at work, usually for our own self interests, but in her case, she was doing it for both our state’s interests, the We, The People taxpayer’s interests……

Here is how it works.  If you work for the state in a high enough capacity,  you are given what amounts to a charge card which you use for state associated expenses.  If I’m required to go to Los Angeles to gather information on a national charter school network responsible for many of Delaware’s charter school accounting errors, and have to do so undercover, then I would use my card along the way and those expenses would be charged to the state and those who monitor whether expenses are spent wisely could immediately see that they were….

Charge cards are new.  The old way was to pay it from ones personal account and then be reimbursed back at some later time….  This was standard through most of our lives and is still allowable under law….

The charge is that Kathleen Davies used step 2  instead of step 1….

Now. Why would anyone working undercover to root out corruption of state funding not want to be immediately traced to the minute where they were or what they were doing? This action does not make sense to me… You see, if I was going to investigate something that was above the law, that required me to walk in and say I auditing your office today as required by law, show me your records…. I would WANT that office to know beforehand that I was enroute to their city, that I was staying overnight in a hotel close by, that I would be in early the next morning JUST SO THEY COULD WIPE OUT ALL INCRIMINATING DOCUMENTATION, DISPOSE OF ALL DAMAGING EVIDENCE, SCRUB ALL FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS, just to make my job so much easier…

“Well, all looks good, nothing wrong here… Keep up the good work.”

Why would any auditor want to hide where they were, when they were coming, or what they were up to?  I just can’t understand such thinking….

Btw, this standard procedure probably should be corrected and allowed specifically by future legislation because there are certain arms of our democracy that do need secrecy in order to accomplish their jobs, which primarily is to hold people who can’t be trusted, accountable….

If you don’t want advanced knowledge of your whereabouts, you had better not use your credit card. One should not be punished for helping the state catch hardened criminals (which Charter School operators under Kendall Massett are rapidly becoming)

Here is what happened……

A phone call:   I need Kathleen Davies fired today… Do it.

Auditor Tom Wagner:  But she’s a great investigative employee, one of the best we’ve ever had? How can I possibly fire her?

Phone call:   Find something, or else; anything you can, just take her down today…...

The only thing they could find on a squeaky clean employee was this legal but secondary method of reimbursement for state caused expenses…  The state would of course prefer the use of the credit card just so they could have instant knowledge of her whereabouts, and that she did not give them….

And so, she gets a surprise ongoing 2+ month paid vacation courtesy of the person who made that call to Tom’s office. There is no savings to the taxpayer in all of this. Instead we get continued corruption plus paying the expense of an auditor who is doing nothing for which she is being paid….

But they bumbled… They made it public thinking that the smear would simply go unnoticed and all would assume she was guilty as charged… Well, guess what?  It didn’t work… Because far from being corruptible like Dave Sokola, Charlie Copeland, and Earl Jaques, she is a fighter for Delaware’s taxpayers and particularly those too young to pay taxes, Delaware’s students….

(Corruption in Charter Schools is rampant (95%) because under their charters, they are given carte blanche to do anything they want; that hurts all students.)  Kathleen Davies was one undercover guardian  and benefactor of all little children in Delaware…

So realizing their mistake, they garnered the News Journal to do a piece to taint her further….  But the evidence present there is a joke….

Listen to this comic and misguided attempt to smear a courageous fighter for little children…

“At issue is about $7,700 in reimbursements Davies received over four years for expenses she attested were work-related, like hotel stays, meals and mileage while traveling on state assignments.”

4 years is (365.25 X 4) = 1461 days…. That averages out to $5. 27 cents a day.  Really? Dismissing a prime state investigative employee for $5.27 cents a day done in reimbursement form instead of credit cards?  (The reality being that Delaware on average spends  $10,958,904 every single day (compared to $5.27)… They laid her off so it would then only spend $10,987,899 each day….

Which brings up a valid point.  Why do we have two state employees (now whistle-blowers) costing us each $68,987 a year, spending inordinate amounts of time looking over $5.27 cents average-per-day forms to find if something, if anything  is wrong?  Was it for the benefit of all Delaware’s citizens for which they searched for that averaged $5.27 cents in error?  Or was it under someones orders to find something, anything, that made them dig through $5.27 cents a day to paint a dirty picture?

Laughable?  OF COURSE.  Bumbling?  OF COURSE.

Just curious if we read this the same way.  Does this following sound like a smear to you, exactly the way the News Journal painted it?

“$517.54 for an out-of-state hotel stay and $25.50 for out-of-state meals. In December 2013, she was paid $558.28 for several categories of expense, including private car mileage, travel both within and out of Delaware, and meals. Then, after a break of several months, Davies was reimbursed $260 in May 2014 and $586 in June 2014.”

Oh My Goodness… Such Graft!  Such Corruption!  So much money being profligated!

But is it?  In a city, rooms cost $150 on the cheap (hooker prices) but one should expect to pay $250 to be deemed respectable. That amount quoted would be 3 days on the cheap, and 2 days at normal.  I must assume meals were included because I’m outraged I just spent $29.42 in one drive-thru visit buying cheap-ass McDonald‘s for just 5 people in my car…. Private car mileage reimbursement at close to the IRS figure is .445 cents per mile… In a normal day’s drive I’d be paid $44.50 each day… a day trip to DC would be $106; a day trip to NYC would be $89.00.  Throw in parking, meals, you are talking only about a 2 or 3 commuted day stints across a year, done quite frugally.

Math completely vindicates her… there is no crime here!  So why is she laid off?

Her testimony  before the House Educational Committee KILLED future Charter School development in this state, the pet project of Dave Sokola, Senator from the 8th District… Totally killed it. Zero. Nada… Today’s Private Charter Schools in Delaware are gasping their last breaths.. and no more will be built. Only  those school district-run Charter Schools such as in Red Clay’s district or Newark’s WHITE ONLY Charter School, have any hope of surviving past the next governorship….

She told the truth and for that ….. her boss got the dreaded phone call…. (see above)…

Directly lifted from the News Journal is all the evidence required to vindicate her… She is innocent of all charges and with a good guess we can conclude she was removed solely to stop her from digging further into Charter School malfeasance whose scope is so large, it is currently beyond Delaware taxpayer’s ability to imagine it…..

Bottom line: here is how to help her….. If you want change, this is how you begin it…

Support Dave Sokola’s opponent, Meredith Chapman, this election cycle in the 8th Senatorial District… It means voting for a Republican but unlike her opponent, that Republican is a good honest decent person…

Or if you don’t really care about auditors, charter schools, skull drudgery, but do care about Delaware overall, this is the one state legislative campaign you will need to watch closely…. and if you live in upper Newark, you need to vote to unseat your incumbent!

The evil leeching out of Delaware’s 8th Senatorial District has been oozing long enough….. It needs plugged.


This bill will pass. As with any legislation there is good and bad mixed together and the good for some is bad for others and the bad for others is good for some…  So it will always be.

But as a parent fighting for a child’s right to have a decent education, this bill undoes a lot of bad stapled to the No Child Left Behind which incidentally continues until a newer version of ESEA gets passed….

Common Core is dead… States now make their curriculum, not the FEDs…. We can choose to continue the Smarter Balanced if we want, we don’t have to keep it… or… we can go back to the DCAS which was a giant improvement over the Smarter Balanced in educating children correctly. Or we can use SAT’s for our graduation requirement… Bottom line is that we decide it… Parents fighting corporate entities… not corporate entities ignoring teachers, parents, administrators, and elected representative officials and using the Fed’s directive to go it alone.

There is a lot of good.  Early childhood education money for one… Restrictions on the US Secretary of Education’s power for two. And a general acceptance of local control over educational needs as a third….

But with the good, comes the bad… In order to get the good some bones had to be thrown to round up enough dogs for passage… One of those is to the Charter Industry.

And to be true, many people still believe the myth that Charters can do it better and that the difference between a charter and public schools is that when a Charter  fvcks up, it gets shut down… Everyone cheers and goes, yea, yea… and does not think of how it devastates those students trying to learn in the charter school their parents put them in based on false promise no charter can fulfill

This ESEA is a gift for charter corporations…  The purpose of this bill among other things is to:  “increase the number of high-quality charter schools to students across the United States..” to the tunes of ….

‘‘(1) $270,000,000 for fiscal year 2017;
‘‘(2) $270,000,000 for fiscal year 2018;
‘‘(3) $300,000,000 for fiscal year 2019; and
‘‘(4) $300,000,000 for fiscal year 2020.’’.

This is the new Race to The Top… Any state needing funding can apply through grants for this money.  Or… they can choose not to… depending upon their “state legislatures”….

it’s a carrot with no stick.. but if one chooses the carrot, one has to pay the price….

States to receive these grants… have to provide to charter schools support for facilities financing in an amount more nearly commensurate to the amount states typically provide for traditional public schools;

States must spend 12.5% of the allotment to support charter school “facility” assistance.

These grants will be awarded to states which …

‘‘(A) open and prepare for the operation of new charter schools;
‘‘(B) open and prepare for the operation of replicated high-quality charter schools; or
‘‘(C) expand high-quality charter schools;

and “provide technical assistance to eligible applicants and authorized public chartering agencies”

A state receiving these funds must spend 90% of them on sub-grants to charter organizations.  As you can see, this is free federal money being handed out to charter organizers…  One can startup a charter for profit with no skin in the game.

The good news is that all subgrants issued at the state level must undergo a peer review to be approved.  That peer review has to be positive.

Three grants have to be granted by the Secretary.  Implied is that more is better but no less than three have to be granted and the money for the first two years, will be designated before the first year begins…

The US Secretary in order to continue the funds for years 3 and 4,  must evaluate each state after the two years and see if all the  criteria are met. Some of those criteria are:

The state must prove how fast and aggressively they are opening up charter schools.

The state must market and broadcast effectively to all the availability of free federal money and assistance if one wishes to open a charter school.

The state must make sure every charter gets the maximum amount of funding it is allowed to receive.

Ensure every eligible applicant receives a subgrant under this bill.

And here is the kicker:… Is required to demonstrate funds for continuing the aggressive charter program will be available in years after this funding has ceased….

On the bright side, the state will now HAVE to do audits yearly of every charter and must also be more heavily involved in micromanaging charters, at least those charters who get the free money…

Each state receiving grants has to give Charters equity with public schools when deciding future educational policy decisions affecting the whole state.

Things tipping favor to one state versus another….

The flexibility of the state’s charter school law..

The ambitiousness of the state towards granting new charters.

The likelihood the applicants will succeed in establishing long term charters.

The state must allow at least one “private” entity to run a charter.

The state must ensure equitable funding for charters the same as public.

The state must help charters out with facilities’ costs by giving them either state property, partial funding of facility costs, the ability to pass bonds and levies upon the general population for charter improvement, or low cost or no cost leasing privileges….

These funds can be used as start up costs before the first child walks through the doors, training staff, school leaders, professional development,

Facilitating financing by identifying potential lending sources, encouraging private lending, and other similar activities that directly promote lending to charter applicants.

Facilitating the issuance of bonds by charter schools, or by other public entities for the benefit of charter schools, by providing technical, administrative, and other appropriate assistance (including the recruitment of bond 4 counsel, underwriters, and potential investors and the consolidation of multiple charter school projects within a single bond issue).

Of note lately for a state to receive this money, it must provide annual financing, on a per-pupil basis, for charter school facilities…

Secondly, next come the terms (very similar) for making subgrants to current and existing charters to allow for growth and expansions. However this is only conducive to a private charter management organization. (Sorry Red Clay)…

And that traces the money. Within the ESEA (pages 518-574) there is much more verbiage regarding  the do’s and don’ts which sound reflectively similar to Delaware’s HB 165 Earl Jacques.

Bottom line, is this is a huge gift of life support to what was written off as a dying enterprise only days before.  It is geared primarily to KIPP and provides them free money to move into any area they wish, provided that state is conducive to them setting up shop….

Your job and mine, is to make sure Delaware is not conducive to them setting up shop here on our soill..  no matter what Sokola, Jacques, Markell or Godowski insist…. And who knows, with a very angry populace watching every move each charter makes, maybe our state’s excursion into charterdom may miraculously beat all the odds-of-failure with which every other state’s charters  have been beset ….

But then again… perhaps not. Being wiser we should choose to “opt out” of charters.






It lost the ground it was to be built upon. Completely outside the political spectrum, the University of Delaware decided in its own best interest, that the data center was too much of a problem.

It pulled the lease.

The data center can still go forward…. It just now needs another piece of ground…. But for now though, Newark residents will not die an earlier death.

That is something worth celebrating….

It is time to look forward into building a fusion reaction research center in that same spot…. courtesy of everyone’s friend, the Federal Government….



Did you know that Bloom Energy was operating beyond the scope of its DNREC permit? It took prying citizens’ eyes to discover this… DNREC says “oops” it didn’t know… I don’t think Bloom Energy has commented yet… But are we to assume that across this entire state, no one knew what the permit levels were, or that this plant was over-exceeding them?

The issue lies with their excessive use of natural gas. They are purchasing more than the permit allows… Not a big problem except that of course this extra purchase gets passed on to Delaware’s Delmarva rate payers in the form of extra charges on their monthly bill.

But what if the issue instead was pollution? Such as spewing out more radon than allowed. Or more mercury than allowed? Or more cadmium than allowed? Who would know? Someone? Ahhh, but who would say?

One very damning reason why the TDC cannot, and should not be allowed to continue in Newark…

For example, would you ever trust the entire state’s financial assets to a stock broker who was fined by the SEC for illegal actions? Oh, but wait. Excuse me. In this state we do… Not only do we trust this one person with all of our Treasury, who was fined over $900,000 by the SEC (he sits on the Cash Management Board), but when he whines over the idea of any transparency coming to the Cash Management Board, the governor and his movers in Legislature, remove the Treasurer from being able to watch over this Criminal running his hands through our state’s money?

So…. Can we trust this administration’s promises when they say they will keep a tight rein on the Data Center Project’s pollution?

What a silly question I just asked… When it comes to this administration, we already have our answer….

Would be for the University of Delaware to use that space to build the premiere forefront of nuclear fusion research….  Not fission, which has radioactive residue, but fusion which turns hydrogen into helium  generating heat to rotate massive turbines.

Or research into more efficient turbines.

Or more efficient solar panels…

All three would be keeping with the promise of the University of Delaware’s green promise, and make it a leading intellectual nucleus for future technology to adhere….

Going forwards with a TDC that is gas fired is like buying a steam locomotive in 1952……

If you have money, you can buy an ad…  There is nothing wrong with that.  And, you can say whatever you want on any issue ad, even if it is not true…. There may be something morally wrong with that, but it is certainly not illegal…  It is protected under free speech….

So if I were to try to get a view across that benefits me, I would buy an ad that lies and says my way is a great way, and possibly demean others who had different views….

This ad begins by saying they will refute the lies told by people living in Newark, those neighbors of the new power plant who don’t want a one spewing carcinogens over top of their properties…

A clock starts and game show music begins to play….

Lie one…  Power plants can safely be built in residential areas….

They cite Princeton New Jersey as having a power plant within its city…. As you can see, it is a 14.6 MW facility…   Delaware will put in a 248 MW facility…   What is the difference?  I’ll show you.  Imagine each X below represents 100 people getting cancer from carcinogens these plants put out through their smokestacks…….

Princeton New Jersey     X

Newark Delaware             XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

You tell me…. are they the same?  (Being all male, the perpetrators of the TDC probably  think size doesn’t matter.  Every female knows differently.)

Lie two…. This efficient gas driven turbine power plant is safe because compared to coal, it has less pollution….. 

The latter part is true.  Gas does have fewer emissions than coal…. But the argument glosses over one very important factor which is visible by keeping he argument as is, but simply changing the topic…. As in:  it’s ok for your daughter to sleep around with 4 different guys each week because prostitutes sleep with 28 guys or more every week…

What the hell kinda parent are you?

We are not talking about putting coal into Newark… We are talking about putting a gigantic gas fired turbine into Newark (see X’s above) … Coal is not even part of the equation… It is a distraction… What is at stake, is this:…. having nothing polluting our air RIGHT NOW…. versus to having a gigantic gas turbine spewing carcinogens 24/7 at full capacity for the next 75 years….

And if you remember…the EPA report showed that more people get cancer from gas turbines than coal fired ones… Really?  Yes, really.  Simply because gas turbines are located in high density areas, and no one…. lives right next to a coal fired power plant… Just like more trees fall on houses in cities, than they do in the middle of forests…..

No big deal?  I would think not.

Lie Number 3….  The Sound is no louder than that of traffic..

They play two clips….  That is actually true.  Listen to those clips and think of that sound continuous 24/7…. while you are sitting in your pool.  while you are entertaining guests, while you are catching a few zzzzz’s. or at 3:30 in the am when you can’t sleep……  I mean when chirping birds can wake you out of a deep slumber at 4:30 am, what do you think I-95 running down your street will sound like?  I mean, have you ever stood on an overpass across a major highway?  You have to shout to be heard…..

And this they say… is not a problem….

That is because they are some ad agency being paid a lot of money to try to influence people and have no incentive to tell the truth. They get paid more if the data center goes in…. and get little or nothing if it does not…  They have a vested interest in making you think what they want… Not what is best for you….

The announcer then says time (60 secs.) is up and steers you to their website so they can track you and continue to send you more misinformation…..  As with all ads, it is not what they say that is most of the problem… it is what they don’t say….

Their report on the level of carcinogens which they are required by law to do… shows that many carcinogens will rain down on Newark… if this plant goes through…  Far, far, far more than are falling on Newark now…..

In Washington State, there is a chart showing cancer frequency rates among its towns… One town is off the charts… It has a similar sized gas turbine near its residential area….

75 years is an awfully long time……  Any other business other than a power plant, would give all the benefits… with none of the problems….   And the power plant could then be built in some rural area, with none of the problems this one will give here.

It is all about precision.  When they say this power plant is good, they don’t say this power plant is good here… When other say this power plant is bad, they aren’t saying all power plants like this are bad….

It is just that campus of the University of Delaware, 200 yds from families’ houses in the town of Newark, is not the best place in the world to build a 248 MW gas fired CHP power plant…. 

That will never change, no matter how many ads get run on WDEL…….


Steve Newton, one of Delaware’s ablest analysts, issued the warning early in the year… I have since been on the lookout for what he called…. I believe…. The Great Distractor”….

This is a outrage so great, it dominates all discussion, to the extent no controversy can exist beyond it…  It gets covered in the News Journal.  It is the sole subject for weeks on end on the talk shows… etc…

Even bloggers take up the outrage, so inflamed are they and smelling blood, all want some credit for a kill….

Meanwhile, real bills that transfer the building blocks put in place over centuries of public schooling , get pulled and shuffled over to private enterprise….

Bluntly put, the rich get richer by picking all our pockets while we focus on the bar fight taking place on the floor directly in front of us, little realizing the entertainment is completely staged for our own fleecing…..

Yesterday the same topic dominated both the morning show, and afternoon show on WDEL….  Jonathan Starkey’s piece in the News Journal had done its part…..

There was considerable buzz; legislators were being called up on air, and duly pitching their outrage to get their name out in front of the voters….

The controversy is over the unclaimed property issue…   Basically everyone is upset over how the government can claim unused gift cards…  Yes, if you listened… that is what the entire controversy boiled down to. ,   The Republicans think they have an issue.  The Government is taking private property because…. they can….

So let us pop this “distractor” and get back to reality…   All this controversy is about who should own unclaimed property… Two people see a dollar bill in the road… Who should get it?  Why does one have more right over it than the other?  Should corporations be allowed to keep money that is not theirs?  If I find a wallet with $500, should I keep it and spend it on me?  Or should I turn it in to the police, and if no one comes and claims it, they then get to use the proceeds in their service to all….

Obviously, the latter is the more fair.  I certainly have no right to that wallet, except by some made-up rule …. finders-keepers.  Who does that money belong to?  It belonged to someone, one of those who are protected by the police, and who are an  individual just like me… Who is more likely to get an inquiry requesting whether anyone turned in a wallet with $500?  A random stranger (me)?  Or the police?….

Again, it is obvious to which one society would benefit having ownership of that dollar found in the street….. And the amounts of money are paltry… dollar bills for the most part….

Oh, but the outrage!!  The Outrage!   The outrage…..

“Look, Buzz, an alien……  Ha, made you look…… ”

There are some rather serious crises currently nibbling the foundation of the Markell and Democratic party.. Primarily they are two fold.  The economic folly of cutting taxes on the top 1% of Delawareans, who should be funding the state with their windfall capital gains earnings, and that folly’s impact on stifling job growth….  and the crises of building charter schools for “Friends of Jack Markell” by dismantling the public schools that have carried Delaware to prominence up to this point……

They almost need this distraction… In a very bad way….

  • Meanwhile they they insist on pushing forward the TDC, to the detriment of all those 30,000 Newarkians who will soon be breathing cancerous particles 24/7….
  • Meanwhile they insist on pushing a Charter School agenda forward when next year’s charter schools can only muster 40% capacity.
  • Meanwhile they insist on pushing Common Core, by now a completely debunked curriculum, that was so obviously created to summarily give one educational-material corporation an advantage over all others….
  • Meanwhile, Delaware’s budget shortfall grows as the economy suffers under too low taxes and way too few government jobs.
  • Meanwhile, Delaware is seeing global warming increase all costs statewide, while those wealthy who were to blame for it, get to keep a majority of their earnings off of it, tax free…
  • Meanwhile, Delaware is giving far to much of our precious few resources to corporations who repeatedly, had always failed to deliver any return for our investment….
  • Meanwhile, Delaware is destroying the 39th best teaching school in America, the educational department of the University of Delaware, to water it down to the abysmal Common Core standards…..

What this administrations sorely needs….

Is ” A Great Distractor”…….   “Look, Buzz, an alien!”

Instead we should be watching out for……..

  • House Bill # 334
  • HB #333
  • SB #210
  • Looking forward to the necessary modifications to SB 51 and HB 165.
  • And the fact that during these 8 years… Delaware’s children in poverty…. DOUBLED!
  • Meanwhile, our cronyism allows our top income earners, to pay little or nothing in taxes……

That last one…… is the real outrage.…. one future generations will hold us accountable for decades to come………







On Rick Jensen today this occurred.   Ask him for the podcast… More later….

This was totally inspired by Nancy’s commentary on last night’s public meeting……  I’m curious.  Does it fit? Like a glove?

Ken Grant, formerly with the Caesar Rodney Institute, a Koch Brothers’ mouthpiece, is now spokesperson for the TDC (The “Data” Center)…  Granted, one would think also a former employee of AnalTech, would be technically more anal about throwing around facts.  At least one would expect a lot less bluster…

Here is his take in the News Journal…. 

If you should choose to read it, you will find it to be mostly a lambasting of Newarks’ citizens and very little defense of the Data Center…  Very little.  Reminds one of when Caesar Rodney declared global warming was a hoax. It would attack all the scientific knowledge in the world, because it found one glacier out of 400,000 that was growing….   Of course in the readers head would pop this question… But what about the other 399,999?  But the Caesar Rodney Institute was simply too unconcerned with 399,999 other pieces of evidence to even care…

Anyway…  back to what he said….

He said:  there are 4000 CHP’s scattered across the US… Here is the data sheet he pulled up to write his piece….. (pdf)


Here are his 4000 units.   Here is what he doesn’t show…


Any little business that has a generator that also produces heat is included in his file.  Even the original presentation made to the Newark zoning commission, that the data center would need an auxiliary power source like one might find on an IKEA, is included on the map….  I think it would be safe to assume that were such a small power plant going in at the Data Center, there would be no controversy as we speak…

The problem is the size… Ken Grant in his op-ed makes no mention of his size…   The difference in size is like you took the penises of 5 horses, sewed them together and then attached that to a person…  Saying he has a penis, so does every male… is disingenuous and dishonest…  You are technically correct he has a penis… But …. who would want him in an arranged marriage with their daughter?

It may be true there are 8 people in Manhattan with penises.  Bet none of them spew 10 horse testicle’s full of discharge, do they?

The one he touts in Austin is 52-75 MW. The award winning Texas A and M, is a paltry 60MW.  Delaware will host a 248 MW generator.

Size does matter….

Let us talk water…..   At minimum, the Christina River flows 6 cubic feet per second.  The data center will use  ~34.7 gallons per second (~3 million gal/day). There are 7.48 gallons per cubic foot.  Rounding out the conversion, the data center will use 4.64 cubic feet per second of water flow out of the 6 cubic feet per second one usually finds every August.   Obviously 1.36 cubic feet are left to fulfill all the needs downstream…  The flow levels back in 2003 would leave dry river bed.

That is just not right. And Ken Grant (of course) makes no mention of that….

Let us talk air quality.  Currently there is no radon in the air over Newark and Northern Delaware.  There will be a lot. Radon as you know, kills. Currently there are no particles raining down on Newark Proper.  These particles cause cancer… There will be a lot.. So these people that Ken Grant dismisses will be wheezing, coughing, hacking, and spitting up blood.

It is estimated that now after facts have matriculated into the community of Newark proper, that 98% of its residents are against the power plant.  One is certain, that as these health facts get matriculated as well, that would be a guaranteed total…. For who wants to die a needless painful death?

So when Ken Grant calls 98% of Newark’s citizens who are sincerely worried about dying prematurely, ” a small group of very sincere but very wrong people”, perhaps he is correct in his assumption but just needs to turn that designation…  the other way around…..

It is very tiny minority of the the Koch Brothers’ minions who deserve the ridicule and derision, not normal hard working Americans, who loved Newark so much, they bought a home here…..