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It is actually pretty simple…..

You announce from this point forward, official policy is that we burn a Quran for every American killed…. And we will do it here on television, in absolute defiance, perhaps on the Capitol’s steps…….You announce the survivors of  any future killed, will burn a Quran every day this day henceforth, in remembrance of that person.


I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before… We know how much it means to that particular sect … One book means so much more than human life over there…My guess is one book has the relative value of a million souls over there. So instead of losing American flesh and blood by trying to do the right thing, we could just simply burn one of their books whenever they failed to live up to our expectation.  We could also do it for retaliation…..

And if they retaliated by burning Bibles, I don’t think any of us would mind.  We could print more.

Bottom line, instantly, the killings would stop….

Al Qaida to Afghan Police of Soldier:  “Sneak in and then turn your gun on Americans.  Allah will reward you in heaven.”

Man to self:   ” Oh, no. My killing will cause a Quran to be burned in my name because of my actions. These guys are liars. I will rot in hell if I follow through and do what they want…”  

….Saw and lost on a Twitter Feed….

At least Qaddafi can say he outlasted the plastic Burger King by one weekend….

(The Burger King (reign 56 years)was retired Friday, making Qaddafi (reign 42 years) the longest-termed monarch these past two days: Saturday and Sunday.)

Ronald Reagan couldn’t stop him.
George H.W. Bush, couldn’t stop him.
Clinton tamed him.
George W Bush did nothing to remove him.

It fell to a Democrat to change the face of Libya forever……..

No surprise, it always does….

(Just a tongue in cheek “back at you” for all those Republicans who blamed Clinton for 9/11.)