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I hope you see this… I wanted to document a list of the damage the Pam Scott regime had done to New Castle County, such as destroying historical buildings, brushing aside traffic studies, mitigating necessary environmental policies, .. In general, everything they did that deteriorates the quality of life for people in New Castle County for years to come..

Then I realized it really should  come from you… You have the archives in Delaware Way; you know how your archives are organized, and you with a quick email sent “To All” could rapidly receive a plethora of details your contacts had lived through and fought against…

I know it will be a labor of love, and may take some time… But I think the world should know how this erosion of resident’s rights for the accumulation of money for a few, was done.  I figure it would probably take one day to go thought your archives, cutting and pasting links to all the articles on one page…

Often local struggles are rarely documented.  However they touch our lives far more than state or national issues.  It would be nice to have the truth out first for once…  all organized in one volume.

I really feel it should come from you. 🙂

Posting this in timely fashion so something has to get down about it.

A) Kilroy links to the Sheriff’s Sale report showing Moyer’s Attorneys put it on the auction bloc to buy it up themselves.

B) That link goes down.

C) Investigating why that link went down, the address he posted
“/sheriff/documents” was moved to the forbidden list.

Sheriff Is Shocked, Shocked That Sheriffs Sales Are Public Information

D) All documents with that address, meaning all sheriff sales etc, valuable public information that is required to be publicly accessable to prevent the type of corruption that just occurred, ….. everything with “/sheriff/documents”… is now frozen….

Is this law firm guilty of corruption in the highest order?

In today’s News Journal there is notice that Pam Scott had influence upon the letter announcing the compromise Chris Coons and Stoltz Reality worked out regarding the Barley Mill Plaza.

I just want to point out that this is not odd.  I do it all the time.  When an agreement is going to be made public, it is common practice to have the attorney’s on both sides trouble shoot it, play devil’s advocate, fling it against the wall to see if anything loose will fall out.

There is nothing more embarrassing than rolling out a plan whose flaw is immediately picked out by the public, and the whole plan has to then be rolled up and fixed.

This is why we send drafts back and forth to each other and ask for their approval, and if they choose to make changes they send it back to us for our approval.

This is a standard protocol in business and is nothing shady at all.   Trying to make it into something sinister and heinous won’t stand.  It is what we all do.  It is how things work.

Just sayin’.

This is post number 2000.

The only real significance is it is 150 posts more than where Tommywonk stopped exactly one year and fifteen days ago…

If some future historian looks back, I can only guess they may kindly make some note of the quality of thought that underlies these efforts, but my guess, is no one will ever notice…

Irregardless, as long as the urge to put thoughts down for others continues, we will go on. As usual, with no goal, no direction, and no ulterior motive. Probably upon reflection, my biggest surprise, right here, right now … is that I still enjoy it so much, and can’t wait to jot my thoughts down, click the button, and send them off to where ever cyberspace and the vast internet ocean, lets them drift….

For each of you who have become regular over the years, … thank you friend…

Picture Says It All

It was called politics as usual when Rich Krett withdrew from the New Castle County Council President’s race.

It was anything but usual.

You see, Rich Krett, is head of AFSCME Local 3109. AFSCME has 7000 Democratic employees in Delaware, … Mr Pam Scott, is head of the Realtor’s Association of New Castle County. They have 1900 agents and all of them, all of them are Republicans. Not much help in a Democratic primary….

Something had to be done to stop Rich Krett from going through with his election…. Otherwise the Realtors were out!

Somehow Rich’s signature showed up on a grant request for a new driving simulator for paramedics. He is not a signatory. He is an alternate, get that, alternate… It could have gone like this…

“This grant application is no good…”

“What? No good?”

“Yep, it’s no good.. It’s missing a signature…”

“Where? We got all the signatures…. ”

“No, we need two alternates also to sign on this form… ”

“Aw, man… Cut us a break… we are just here ourselves… ”

“Well, do you know anyone who can co-sign? You could be their proxy?”

Hey, Rich won’t mind…. Put his name down, and I’ll tell him later… (if I remember it, lol)…

“There… are we good now?”

“Yep, you are good now.”

And so a signature is attached and Rich has no idea how it got there… But, under the Hatch Act, any local officials who in any way receive federal funding are bound by the Hatch Act’s prohibition on seeking political office. Problem is: it often keeps qualified candidates out of the field… sometimes people more qualified than the current office holder….

Hats off to WDEL’s Rick Jensen. In an on air interview with Assistant attorney for New Castle County, Ed Danberg, we heard Ed dancing semantically arouhd Rick’s direct questions.

Ed sent Rich an email on March 7th informing him there could possibly be some conflict with the Hatch Act. Today, Ed sent Rich an ultimatum… “Quit your job, or quit the race against my boss (the man who could one day remove the word “assistant” from my job title if I prove my loyalty)… Paul Clark”

“Ed, you can have my damn job… I’m definitely going to take the job of your boss now!!!!!” …. didn’t happen. Rich obviously needs to work. And so Paul Clark does not have a head of the government union running against him in the Democratic Primary….

In the conversation, (which Ed was on a speakerphone with “realtors” also in the same room), Ed slipped up that whether or not this violated the Hatch Act.. was in his words… “HIS” opinion…. His opinion…

When pressed by Rick Jensen, as to what was the hurry, as to why such a short time existed between the first notice and the ultimatium: “quit your Job, or quit your campaign“, Ed fell back on the doctrine that New Castle County could lose all their funding if they violated the Hatch Act…

Although that could be true in an extreme case, it would have to go through a long series of events to make that happen. First, Rich would have to say, I’m challenging this. Then Mr. Pam Scott, would have to say, … you’re right… We are not firing you and not only that.. we are going to be sticking up for you!… Then, the Feds would have to ask the Special Counsel to look in on the situation. She would, and she would have to respond back, that things were completely out of control in New Castle County under the leadership of one Mr. Pam Scott, and that all Federal funding for everything in New Castle County should be frozen….

Rich Krett probably should have contacted the Office of Special Counsel to see if his very suspicious situation would, could, or might be covered under the Hatch Act… There is a very good chance that she would say,… “no. I determine that you are free to run….”

Ironically on the very day Rich was first contacted by Ed (attorney for Mr. Pam Scott), on the blue carpeted floor of the United States Senate, a bill by Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii) and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md), was introduced that would… in the future, EXEMPT ALL LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND STATE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES FROM THE HATCH ACT….

The Office of Special Counsel, wants the Hatch Act Overhauled….

Head of the Office of Special Counsel, Carolyn Lerner, said on this matter… “The law desperately needs to be updated. What we’re seeing now is unfair results and probably unintended consequences that were never meant to be part of the act,”

She is on record as being in favor of NOT holding local government employees to full accounting by the anachronistic Hatch Act…

Looks like the only people who REALLY care about this ancient piece of legislation, are a crotchety bunch of Realtors, desperate in times of changing political loyalties, to limit any competition……….

People have written much about this….  My words would add nothing.

But, I am intrigued by the forces as to why this happened…  Face, reality. People don’t do things that are really stupid on purpose….

Always they think they are doing the right thing…

So how could Koman do such a miscalculation?  They obviously counted their support based on a wrong set of cookies…

For some reason, they assumed the Conservatives were a majority…  THEY ARE A MINORITY RANGING AROUND 17 PERCENT OF AMERICA’S POPULATION…..

Anyone who talks to people, knows this….

People have opinions.  People like to keep their opinions private to strangers.  When a stranger asks them something private, say for example in a poll,  they give the answer they think the stranger wants to hear….

Unless of course they are selling something…  We call people who sell stuff, extroverts….

Had the heads of Koman just asked on their Facebook status, if cutting breast cancer research funding for Planned Parenthood was a good idea, they would have figured out very early, before going public, this was a BIG mistake…

Americans LOVE Planned Parenthood… But because of the bullying backlash  that comes from Conservative Thugs, they judiciously  don’t admit it.

Having recently seen the Harry Potter movie, it is scary. Ever since watching…. I now see giants everywhere. Before when I looked, I never knew they were there…

Two giants will be doing battle here in Delaware… (The recession is finally paying off for our little state.)

Papers were filed with the ITC (International Trade Commission) by the South Korean giant Samsung LED against a division of another giant this time from Germany, Siemens….. over 8 patient infringements.

Samsung LED also said it filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Delaware to seek damages and a permanent injunction to bar Siemen’s subsidary, Osram’s alleged patent infringement from entering this country.

At stake is the financial future of these two companies. One will win, and the other for lack of a better word, will be vanquished.

Since Siemens actually has a plant in Delaware, next to the Glasgow Park off Route 40 and 896, I’m putting my bets on that giant…. if they get hurt, it will cost jobs.

Hotels, restaurants, transportation companies all stand to be a little busier as this gigantic fight, gets under way…. It would be helpful to practice on the Korean and German dialects now, before the event gets under way…

Sprechen sie deutsch?

니미럴 개자식 ….

It should be an interesting fight.

Republicans have been slammed lately.

Nothing is going right for them. You say the name of their party and the room you’re in erupts with laughter.

They have become the butt of all jokes.

“Say, did you hear about the Republican who had a case of diarrhea?” ” No?” “He got sick after drinking the twelfth bottle….”

Remember that guy who held up the entire class because he was so stupid, and it pissed you off so much you just wanted to slam his face into a wall?

Well, that is the Republican party today…

Every one who calls himself a Republican should bend over and prepare to get kicked unmercifully.

But guess what?

There is someone worse… and they actually call themselves Democrats.

Mr. Pam Scott, president of New Castle County and District 3 Councilman George Smiley, both guilty of selling out their constituents to developers, are far worse.

Read Down With Absolutes factual account of Tuesday’s Council Meeting, and join me in wishing to slam some Councilpersons faces into the New Castle County Chambers wall.

1) This was stupid.

2) Impeachment options must now be explored (a lawsuit would be as effective).

3) When you need help in Delaware against corruption in its most virulent form, you turn for help, to blogs. Everyone else is bought out.

Any Republican wishing to run against these two idiots who continue to consume a case of diarrhea just because they don’t know better, has my support. At the very moment when Republicans looked like they had no shot in hell, a light shines down from above..

If you are not absolutely disgusted with the behavior of the New Castle Democratic County Council leadership, you need to move overseas to New Jersey. Right Now.

This Monday afternoon on Star Wars Day (May the fourth (be with you)), a small town hall meeting was held in the Presbyterian Church in Old New Castle, to discuss the idea that a National Park would be coming to Delaware.

History buffs everywhere rejoiced.

Delaware’s own Senator Tom Carper has championed a Delaware National Park for at least 6 years, and now with the complete devastation and eradication of the entire line of Republican philosophy, it appears that the timing for such an event to occur, is eminent.

Joining Senator Tom Carper at this meeting, was Delaware’s lone congressman, former Delaware governor, Mike Castle…

Roughly 100 people packed the lower level community room, and memorized all the details of the first page of upcoming the power point screen, while waiting for the guests to arrive… The average age of all the participants, was probably 78.

The Honorable Jack Klingmeyer, mayor of forever, mingled among those present often sharing “old” stories…

The guests arrived, with the sole temporary Republican entering from the left…. and Carper and the Democrats entering from the right… (its called the Delaware Way)…. the meeting got underway.

Tom, started with the admonition of “let us pray”…. not only alluding to having the meeting inside a church… but the fact that this was HIS church that we were in and such would be the initial greeting which one would hear announced in that place.. The audience did not really know how to react at first. (After all, Presbyterians have a subtle sense of humor.)

Tom introduced the panel that was present. Ken Salazar, the new Secretary of the Interior, Tom Strickland ( who was just confirmed last Thursday (89-2) making this his first speaking engagement in that capacity), the assistant secretary of the interior for fish, wildlife and parks, and Representative Mike Castle…

Tom Carper spoke that the idea for a national park had been a passion of his for some time, and that he felt that the new administration, (and our new Vice President) was working to make it become a reality.

Former Governor and current Representative Mike Castle then got up and spoke about the green ways he opened during his governorship which ended back in 92. The connection between green ways and a national park, was somewhat inconclusive, but he ended by saying he was for and would support the Delaware National Park, which guaranteed, at least in that room, a round of applause.

Next Ken Salazar, former Senator from Colorado, and now current Interior Minister, essentially said he was supportive of the idea. He promised that it would happen on his watch, again creating a round of applause. He was followed by Tom Strickland, who ran for Senate twice in Colorado, and when not making the kill, served as Ken Salazar’s chief of staff.. During Tom’s confirmation hearing as Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Tom Carper supposedly just asked just one question of him: are you for a Delaware National Park? Strickland, of course, said “yes”.

The head of the National Park Service, David Wenc, then gave a presentation of the proposal of the park which would include pieces of various properties around the state…( At this point, the power point page that had forever held the screen, changed much to the relief of the audience ).. The proposal covers Fort Christina and the Old Swedes Church, parts of New Castle, the John Dickenson House, and the Green in Dover… The presentation has been made three times already in this state, and was glossed over since apparently those in charge were certain the deal was going forward to fruition…

The floor was then opened for questions. Now I’m not sure if those visiting other states are prone to the same jostling egos and self serving interests that we have here, a microcosm of which we saw this afternoon, but considering that one of those in the room sits down regularly with President Obama, this author felt a little embarrassed for Delaware’s reputation.

Carper called upon the first guest, and made the mistake of saying the “well dressed one” there.. Two people stood up, and since that remark was made, each thought Carper was speaking directly to them, and neither was willing to back down. It got worse.

The first speaker was part of the team that got the Veterans Memorial put in by the bridge, and proposed that those memorial gardens, be incorporated into the National Park. The second speaker, wearing a leather cowboy hat, said he was thankful that Theodore Roosevelt had established a National Park in Puerto Rico, and that we should follow through with Wilmington Baker’s vision of topping over 95, so the city was no longer divided. (The idea may have merit in an unlimited economy with no budgetary restraints, but many were struggling to determine why this topic was draining time away from the topic that was under discussion)… After speaking, the speaker stormed out of the building, slamming the ancient wooden door behind him..

The third speaker stood up and talked about the navy and gave out P38’s to Tom Carper and Ken Salazar… ( Military speak for can opener) Next another long term New Castle Council Member stood up and handed out books to Ken and Tom Strickland, showing a pictorial history of New Castle from the 1800 to today.. (those photos may actually have some merit pushing the park forward in committee) but for the audience, there was little to hear.

Then the shopkeeper of the Three Crowns, an establishment just 5 doors down, who looked like he himself had hailed from the Colonial era, offered free ice cream to anyone who stopped by for just that afternoon…

By now, it was becoming obvious. Only the exotics were speaking today. Even a few words by Jack Klingmeyer and a former state senator whose name I did not catch, were not sufficient to salvage the afternoon away from those speaking.

Ken had specifically asked for a town meeting environment in order to gauge the interest, and this is what he was getting?

It looked like a lost cause…

Carper called out “one more question”…

Then, it happened.

I’ll try to describe it as I can remember it, but memories involving emotions are faulty as we all know.. The speaker said they had come to the meeting to fulfill a childhood memory. That memory was of opening their grade school history book and first seeing the map that showed the Colonial powers extent throughout North America. The French held the Mississippi and Ohio valleys extending up through Canada. The Spanish held Florida and the South with the Western states firmly in their possession. The English held a fragile ribbon of red along the Atlantic Coast, and the Dutch held New York. Looking at the guide, there was a blue patch that said Swedes, and on the map, was a single dot showing that establishment of a Swedish colony right were all of us were sitting. There was no other mention in the text about any Swedish colony.

Later in life, the speaker moved to, and lived in, Old New Castle. Surprisingly, the spot William Penn landed, the great fire on the Strand of 1809, the first commercial railroad, the rout of the capital of Delaware when a British frigate pulled up and the government raced out of town to Dover… an epitaph written by Ben Franklin, the George Read House, were all amazingly well preserved. But no one outside of New Castle knew anything about them…

“This state was the intellectual hot bed of the revolution. The ride of Caeser Rodney, played a critical role in the foundation of this nation. Yet one never hears about it outside of Delaware… It is not so much that Delaware played a sole major role of leading our nation forward, but had individuals chosen NOT to do what destiny required, history would have had great consequences, possibly even giving rise to a totally different entity other than the United States of America. Especially now, people need to hear how actions of individuals do make a difference.

One, it was necessary to preserve the past so future generations shall always know, and two, it was necessary by the establishment of this park, to refocus our current attention on the principals of stepping up to the plate when called upon by destiny. For without Delaware’s enthusiasm to the cause, the historical record shows us results could have gone a different way…. Without Delaware, America might just not be here…”


Ken Salazar was obviously affected… He spoke spontaneously.

He too knew what it was like to grow up outside of history. His ancestry moved north and settled Santa Fe in 1608 ( 30 years before Delaware’s founding) From there they moved into Colorado, settled ranches and family farms, and as a child going through school, nothing was ever in his textbooks describing that magnificent story of a different civilization deriving from Spanish ancestry, who tamed the western wilderness. He too knew what being outside of history meant, and was committed to a historical preservation and educational series involving the National Park Service, to rectify those inconsistencies. He would work to see Delaware got their National Park.

We turned and strained our necks to see who had turned the tide, but no one was there. Like the New Castle ghost wandering the grounds of the Green, the apparition had mysteriously evaporated…

It is my humble opinion that the park will be done. It is smaller in scope than I would wish, but reality speaks volumes… In the future we shall effectively add on, but to just have this National Park existing in Delaware will provide support for those individuals currently fighting developers and government officials like the Mr. Pam Scotts of this state. Delaware’s history is unique; it must be saved for the world.

It is a match made in heaven. You simply take unlimited money from developers, mixed with the ability to manpower elections, join them together,…. and you get whatever you want.

But the question I’m about to ask, is whether this what WE want? WE as in WE, the people.. That is the question….

What I’m about to show is not news…. Everyone connected already knows it. Even the News Journal knows it, but this “arrangement” sort of sits out there, completely hidden from most voter’s views…. Idealistic first time candidates are usually caught off guard, when they get sucker punched.

It is known by the euphemism: The Delaware Way…

It is how we explain to outsiders why here in Delaware, labor backs Republicans; even to the point of assisting Mike Castle,… protecting him by running interference among the Democrats to insure that only a weak candidate like Mike Miller, or KHN, or another patsy Democrat ever gets the opportunity to climb into the ring…. I understand that Liz Allen is up for the next round.

It also explains why UDC (Unified Development Code) laws get watered down in New Castle County, by those who won their various primary contests, through importing out of state labor to man the polls on election day.

There is nothing scandalous about this… It is the way things are done… and if it served to benefit the interests of New Castle County citizens, or the state of Delaware, then more power to them….

But the goal of turning our state into another Harlem (as we are slowly starting to realize), is not in our states’ long term interest. Today, one city stretches from Washington to Boston. Wisdom dictates that only if Delaware is unique from its neighbors, such as being the only green diamond showing up on Google maps of the East Coast, will we be able to maintain control over our destiny, to keep residential property values high…..and keep our quality of life…even higher.

Obviously, if Delaware’s quality of life becomes rated as the best place to live on the East Coast, more people will want to move here… more businesses will settle here; more investment will come here…. But to achieve that high mark of quality, we need to understand our state’s need to build housing slowly, leveraging the increased demand for our houses to our advantage, thereby keeping our prices a little higher than housing developments of surrounding states.

But that is not how it works… The Delaware Way, often a way rejoiced by Delawareans promoting congenial bipartisanship, simply means that a handful of people are really pulling the strings of both parties. They pull just enough strings to get things done… That is, the things THEY want done… And THEY want to build, build, build.

The smoking gun of all this interactivity is embedded within our state’s campaign finance reports… A simple cross referencing shows some illuminating patterns… Obviously those who receive developer’s funds, will support developers… Equally obvious, is that those who receive labor’s support …will support labor….In the comparisons illuminated below, we see similarities between Republican candidates who always seem to miraculously have a weak candidate running against them, and Democrats who have tons of unionists lined up at every poll….. Whereas much effort is spent by us and the press hounding our politicians, in truth, they are just supporting those who actually put them there…. The campaign finance reports show us, it’s just a handful of men who are running our politicians ragged.

It is this mysterious connection which provides the first insight into the inexplicable foot dragging done on Bluewater Wind…. It also explains to outsiders exactly why the eminent domain bill was first passed, then vetoed, and finally defeated by those who passed it the first time…… Furthermore, it is this connection that explains to outsiders, the watering down of the UDC codes to allow workforce housing to flood lower New Castle County….

This connection is hard to trace by the unconnected; but here is a smoking gun….

Since many of you are facing this for the first time, let us begin by opening this can of worms… “the Hammer and Nails” Club… Here is how they describe themselves….

It is operated solely for the purpose of influencing the nominations, elections, or appointments of candidates for local, county, and state public offices in the State,.. and to assist and promote incumbent elected officials by raising funds

(Keep in mind the maximum amount allowed in state legislative races is $600.)

Here is their 30 day primary report.
Here is their 8 day primary report.
Here is their 30 day general election report.
Here is their 8 day general election report

If you have never read these before, here is a brief primer… The first page is the cover;..the second is the financial synopsis. The next group covers the contributors: whereas the fourth group covers the expenditures… If there are loans, they are covered by the fifth group… (One has to say “group” instead of page, because on large statewide campaigns, it takes quite a few pages to fill out a group, since everyone contributing over $100 is listed…)

So if one clicks on the 30 day primary report, one sees that the large amounts were given to:
Terry Spence, Republican
Sean Lynn, Levy Court
Senator Bonni, Republican (incidentally not recorded by him)
Senator Adams, Democrat (report not available)
Rep Joe Booth, Republican
Mr. Pam Scott, Democrat (listed under Home Builders Association, same address)
Chris Coons, Democrat (also not listed by him… but if you want to see how to hide things..)
Senator Tony DeLuca, Democrat
Bill Carson, (also not listed by him)
Rep. Dick Cathcart, Republican
Rep. George Carey, Republican
Rep. Gerald Hocker, Republican (listed under Home Builders Delaware, same address)
Deborah Hudson,
Findley B Jones, (who?)
Rep. Greg Lavelle, Republican
Rep Greg Hastings, Republican
Rep Pam Maier, (no report filed)
Rep. Nick Manolakos. Republican
Rep. Miro, Republican
Outten’s Campaign,
Lynn Rogers, (no report filed)
Sorenson, Republican (not listed on her report)
Again Terry Spence, Republican ($250 over maximum)
Donna Stone, Republican
Pam Thornburg, Republican
Bob Valihura, Republican
Nancy Wagner, Republican
Bob Walls, Republican
Bob Gilligan, Democrat (listed as Home Builder’s Assc. of Delaware)
Ben Ewing, (no report filed)

And on the 8 day report…

Mark Baker… Republican.

Notice both Republican and Democrats are heavily funded.

Here are similarities among the financial reports of those “Labor Endorsed” candidates… Carney, Coons, Clark, Bell, Smiley.

x John Carney: Mario Capano, David’s Floor Coverings, DELPAC, Lawrence DiSabitino, EDS, First Brandywine Investment Group, Local 3384, MAPAC, Bill McCloskey, Toll Bros.,

x Chris Coons: (my neck hurts) Petrucci and Assoc.,John Petrillo, Lawrence DiSabitino, Local 74 PAC, Local 19 PAC, Apex Engineering, Local 42 PAC, (and as noticed above, the Hammer and Nails entry was missing)

x Mr. Pam Scott: Stoltz, Home Buiilder’s Association of Delaware (same address as Hammer and Nails Club), Y,C,S,Taylor LLC, Emory Hill Real Estate, Frank Capano, ABC Merit Shop PAC, Bancroft Construction, AFL-CIO AFSCME, CCS Investors, Artesian Water, Laird Stabler III, Stanley Builders

x Bill Bell Lorraine Ferrara, Lester Reality, DiSabitino, Mario Capano, Francis Julian. Robert Lee Maxwell. Artesian Water

x George Smiley(What’s up with Commerce Bank’s $19,515 and a mysterious $13,000 Certificate of Deposit?) Robert Lee Maxwell, Delaware Building Trades PAC, Lorraine Ferrara, Local 19, Saul Ewing, John McGrellis III, Local 42 PAC, Artesian Water

Ok, now so pick some candidates who would be the political exact opposite of the Clark, Coons, Smiley, and Bell contingent?

x-Gerald Hocker: Artesian Water, ABC Merit Shop PAC, Home Builders Delaware Association (same address as Hammer and Nails Club),

x-George Carey ABC Merit Shop PAC, Artesian Water, Hammer and Nails Club,

x-Charlie Copeland ABC Merit Shop PAC, Artesian Water, Mark Baker, Bancroft Construction, Bancroft Homes, BPGS Construction, Brendon T. Warfel Construction, Christiana Properties, DE Citizens for Economic Development, Delaware Valley Development Company, EDIS, First State Manufacturing Housing Assoc., Francis Julian, Laird Stabler III, Luke Real Estate, Nason Construction, Non Partisan Citizens for Business Expansion, Petrillo, WILMPAC, Y,C,S,Taylor LLC,…

One sees a lot of the same people (organizations) pulling the strings attached to both parties.

It is unlikely that the euphanism, The Delaware Way, will ever mean the same. What we thought were politicians putting self interests aside and working for the Delaware People, are instead, putting the Delaware People aside, and working for these few selfish interests…

But where do these groups collude?

Here is one: The Delaware Workforce Investment Board.. Check out their minutes. (Or for different players, here.) The other is in Legislative Hall.

The way to break the chain of always doing what we always did, and always getting what we always got…. is to apply enough force to snap this chain, despite their money and the amount of support that flows through Delaware’s Way.

The clearest example is to rally sufficient troops (voters) to make their money irrelevant. Essentially by telling the truth about how our government works, we will rectify the balance needed for the people’s will to prevail… Instead of their buying votes in secret, these Delaware Waypersons will have to argue their case like the rest of us, and if their argument is sound, they can still prevail… If their argument is faulty, then we should hold our politicians accountable for choosing the better alternative… But the first step is identifying and campaigning against their toadies.

For example, last season electing Bill Dunn would have stopped the greased slide of money from “out of our pockets“. Voting for Northington, could have shaken up things on the national level… Voting for Gordon, despite his previous record, could have put a slight dent in our county’s slide towards the Harlem Shuffle….Our vote for Markell over Carney, does the same…Likewise, each vote for Scherer or Laura Brown, or Joan Deaver down south….certainly doesn’t hurt….

An example of what is possible, actually has already taken place in the middle of our state. Kent County didn’t receive the funds and manpower provided by PA & NJ union workers. Because of that, citizen voters were able to flip their Levy Court out of control of its developer bought flunkies…

Bottom line is this: If we are truly serious about taking care of Delaware first, it means putting, at least for a while, our local developers and their dedicated union flunkies… last at the feeding trough….