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Here then is what you just told me….

1)  You want to be ruled, not governed….You want a dictator in the style of Putin, which pretty much makes you anti-American.

2.  You have no class….  Mocking a disabled person, telling your crowd to beat on a protester,  and tweeting innuendo at 3am is your idea of being a real classy guy…

3. You are definitely not someone to do business with…..  Words like truth, integrity, honor, and duty, mean nothing to you…  To you good business is cheating someone and getting away with it….

4.  You are either a racist, or at best, have no problem with racism…..  Dude, stop denying it… You’re racist…

5.  You have an issue with women….. “#*#$%!&*^%$%  b/tch!!! ”  Ahhh. you feel at home now….

6.  You aren’t really Christian….. Being a bully, who only made his money on casinos, who has had several wives and several affairs, who cheats those he contracts to do services for him, is not someone a real Christian can stand behind. …

7.  You don’t believe in the Constitution    Get a copy from Mr. Kahn and read it…Shutting down mosques, curbing free speech,  denying legal representation, and punishing the Press for disagreeing with you, are the opposite of what the Bill of Rights requires us to do. What you do support is the governance model for the old Soviet Union, Mao’s China, or Fidel’s Cuba….

All the above mean to us that whenever you criticize Hillary or Obama it is meaningless….  You might as well be criticizing them from inside Putin’s Russia… You certainly aren’t using American values for your criticizing…

This state bill was to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill.   It achieved a roadblock when the idea was broached that mentally ill people would not seek help if it meant the loss of their guns… 

The bill was voted down on this fallacy.

If someone is mentally ill and has guns, there are four possibilities…   Four….


Mentally ill with guns and bullets // Mentally ill without guns and bullets.


Mentally healthy with guns and bullets // Mentally healthy without guns and bullets



Of those four possibilities stretching across the plateau of human existence, only one is dangerous to fellow human beings…

A mentally ill person who has guns and bullets….

Now that we have isolated the problem… Let us look at it more closely….. we again divide by the four possibilities…

Mentally ill will get help and use his arsenal // Mentally ill will get help and not use his arsenal
Mentally ill will not get help and use his arsenal // Mentally ill will not get help and not use his arsenal.

Of those four possibilities we now have two that are dangerous to innocent human beings.

Mentally ill who will get help and still use his arsenal, and Mentally ill who do not get help and will still use their arsenal….

Therefore across the panel of humanity, all races, all genders, all classes, every non-accidental shooting death is caused by the hand of a mentally ill person owning a firearm, whether under treatment or not…

Most of the more famous murderers in history have had treatment for their psychosis. Most of those being treated still had access to their firearms, and for what ever reason, choose to use them….

As of this point in history,… as far as I can find on today’s search engines,… there has never been a gun-caused mass murder by someone who had no access to guns…

Again, people in psychiatric care have blown other people away; people without guns, have never done so…..

Only one conclusion from this logical exercise can be gleaned….

If you voted to allow the continence of mentally-ill people owning guns, no matter what flimsy reason you used to assuage your guilt, you cast a vote for an upcoming future mass-murder.

If you voted to disallow the continence of mentally-ill people from owning guns, you took the only step in the right direction that would do anything to stop its re-occurrence…..

People in treatment still kill when they have guns. Without guns, one rids oneself of the problem….

The bottom line: to allow a crazy person to have a full blown arsenal, is madness. To think that allowing him to have a full blown arsenal will make him more likely to seek treatment, is not thinking straight….

There is only one solution; redo HB 88….

In passing I acknowledge that this is an emotional issue for those on both sides. When we use emotions to think, none of us think straight. If ever the time should arise where we as a society make that choice to think straight, then keeping guns out of the hands of mentally ill goes a long way to preventing mass murderers from happening: …. Logically speaking of course.

Jeff Christopher followers stage a show of force to give Sussex County an idea what will happen once a sheriff gets full power to make arrests base on his arbitrary judgment.

All three of his followers think this is what America needs more of.

This is post number 2000.

The only real significance is it is 150 posts more than where Tommywonk stopped exactly one year and fifteen days ago…

If some future historian looks back, I can only guess they may kindly make some note of the quality of thought that underlies these efforts, but my guess, is no one will ever notice…

Irregardless, as long as the urge to put thoughts down for others continues, we will go on. As usual, with no goal, no direction, and no ulterior motive. Probably upon reflection, my biggest surprise, right here, right now … is that I still enjoy it so much, and can’t wait to jot my thoughts down, click the button, and send them off to where ever cyberspace and the vast internet ocean, lets them drift….

For each of you who have become regular over the years, … thank you friend…

I was puzzled.

Why did Steve Newton, Brian, and Shirley all three come out and march down Bloggers Avenue under the corporate banner of Happy Harry’s owner Walgreens? A fine parade it was (if you happen to love watching Libertarians march).

But why? Everyone else headed to another pharmacy to set up housekeeping there… Democrats, Republicans, Constitutionalists, Working Families, Blue Enigmas, all went shopping for another pharmacy, and yet the Libertarian contingent, that same select group which is usually noted for starting new movements of importance within this state, all went the opposite direction… Indeed, I was puzzled.

Brian provided the clue. Before his blog became the Mourning Constitution, it went by the name of Pondermints. Now whenever I think of Pondermints, I don’t think of peppermints. I don’t think of spearmints.. I think of those little soft pink candies that taste like wintergreen. Sort of like putting the ointment Ben Gay in your mouth…But not tasting like Ben Gay actually tastes..(oh, shit, this stuff burns), but tasting like Ben Gay… smells. One can also get the same flavor in a bag of Wintergreen lifesavers..

Now what has happened to explain this loyalty among Libertarians, is that genetically (it will be proven one day), the same gene that controls the amount of Libertarian thinking in ones soul, also controls one’s love for the flavor of Wintergreen.. I know. Whenever I happen to channel a Libertarian, wintergreen becomes my favorite flavor as well… If you bend like a Libertarian, that flavor seems so natural and good.

Of course, the alliteration between Walgreens and Wintergreen can certainly be considered similar. Put them side by side and we all see it. So if your receptors are set to become infatuated with Wintergreen, then it is quite possible that the “fight or flee” mechanism embedded in all of us since the dawn of time,… suddenly kicks ” fight” inside of them whenever someone pawns a Walgreens, and Libertarians, like fire ants, pour out in its defense..

It’s the only explanation that makes sense.

For otherwise how could they miss this juxtaposition embedded in the Walgreen’s press release?

Delaware is arbitrarily and unilaterally reducing the price it will pay for brand name medications”.

and two:

“simply by focusing on its generic dispensing rate at all pharmacies in the state, each percentage point improvement in the generic dispensing rate would save the state approximately $1.2 million annually.

Juxtaposing these two together, we see what is truly about. Walgreens wants us to keep their higher reimbursement rate on brand names, but cares little whether or not the state cuts reimbursement rates for those generics used by everyone.

Here is how that works to their advantage.

If the state pays completely, say 100%, for your medicine now, but next month it leaves a gap of $20 dollars on it, the state will pay out less money. But guess what: you will be paying out MORE money .. Twenty dollars more of your own money.. That is why Walgreens is fighting this…. They realize that if the state cuts the inflated reimbursement rate for their overpriced brand name medications, fewer people will buy those higher priced brand names.

Of course.

If your insurance is good enough to pick up the entire cost of your drug deal, so any out of pocket expense does not matter to you, you will probably most certainly opt for the most expensive advertised brand-name drug instead of the generic one that is just a potent… You will somehow convince yourself that because someone else is paying for it, that the more expensive drug is superior, and will therefore heal you faster.. Therefore when asked at the counter if you would like a generic substitute, you say “no”. And it is that “no” which costs the state considerable amounts of money.

Walgreen’s want to sell the highly inflated brand name, thereby gouging the state out of all its money, and not sell the generics which cost much less to the state taxpayers. This
April 1st change in reimbursement rates that Walgreens is opposed to, forces consumers to finally make a financial choice between choosing the cheaper generic, or a more expensive brand name drug that is far less effective than the generic one that is 80% cheaper….

Basically this very Walgreens press release shows us their argument is bullshit. They simply want to sell the state expensive drugs, and ignore the cheaper ones are being sold all the time, and are announcing the stoppage their program to force the state to back down.

Their solution for balancing our budget? Raise the cost of generic drugs across the board…

So they want all of us to pay more by making Generic drugs much more expensive, but then argue foul because the state will not fully reimburse expensive brand name drugs that are way far overpriced, when there is a much cheaper alternative available.

This has nothing to do with the state budget crises It is a simple power play by Walgreens. It is their use of a price gouging technique that should be effectively combated by every consumer by vowing to leave that chain of stores and never come back….

One cannot fault Libertarians for their love of pondermints… Even for us less enlightened, they are sometimes addictive…

I wish I could send my each Libertarian friends a bag of some to show I hold them no grudge. Unfortunately they are on their own… Perhaps you could fill in my place and if you see a Libertarian wandering the streets of your neighborhood, offer him a bag of those delicious candies they love so much.

Just remember to buy them at Rite Aid….

I mean no disrespect. What I’m attempting to show is how a third party needs to operate if it is to achieve some form of credibility, by making its presence felt on issues that are local…

It can by splitting its views, out maneuver a larger party who cannot afford to take a position hot on the local farm, for alienating a big supporter half a state away..

It was Brian of Morning Constitution who pointed the way….

He is describing the Libertarian Party in Sussex County, and notes how the issues are divided along some east – west access…

…Citizens of each side of the county have very different issues facing them. Eastern and Western Sussex have very separate newspapers, covering very localized areas as well. The Seaford and Laurel Stars covers Western Sussex very well, where the Cape Gazette is the go to paper for beach politics. Eastern Sussex is focused on property usage and limiting excessive growth, whereas Western Sussex WANTS growth. Eastern Sussex is more open to personal freedoms and Western Sussex is more… religious.

It is like Georgetown is a portal to another world, politically.

It is an interesting analogy. And our prayers go out for both his father and mother in laws

Lol. I’ll let you know.

I laid some words of advice over at Mourning Constitution... I see yesterday, Anderson Cooper 360, had similar words to say regarding change and how human beings get things done…

Last night he said:

“We all know that governments failed in the wake of Katrina, but individuals didn’t, and that’s what gives me hope because I see that every day in places all around the world. Individuals make a difference. It’s the difference between life and death, the difference between success and failure, the difference between hope and heartache. Individuals standing up, not waiting to be told what to do by governments, but taking responsibility themselves,” he said.

I’d like to hear your story… What have you done to make a difference?

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

So here is what is going on across Delaware’s blogosphere….

The Colossus of Rhodey is bemoaning some publication’s or journalistic attempt to describe the left side of the Supreme Court as being moderate… Like Jane Fonda’s hell he says…. He also revisits John Edwards (remember him) sending a campaign staffer to by a Wal*Mart Playstation 3, while slamming Wal*Mart in his campaign speeches… The seventeenth of November was a light day for him, …but then Battlestar Galactica came on that evening… as his review on the eighteenth brings that episode back to life….

Duffy  has a post covering open ended gaming... it’s worth it visiting to see his reminiscence of his reaction to playing on a 2600…. I didn’t know that Americans spend more on games than movies? He also finished an extensive piece on religion and science.. Instead of debating between science and religion…we should include science in the classification of religion… I was intrigued by this statement….and after turning it over, I would have to say it is true… “There are many points of contention and conflict between Arab Islam and the West, but the chief religious contention between Islamists and the West is not really between Islam and Christianity but between Islam and Western scientific-materialism.” And to show you that Republicans never learn... Trent Lott is again appointed to the Number 2 spot….. Wow.

Delmar’s Dustpan covers a cover girl, a beauty of Delmar fame… Another Delmar, beauty, this architectural wonder, was once owned by the William Freihofer Baking company. But with new news of a priestly scandal, Delmar’s Dustpan makes a surprising find about the difference between two Delmarva newspapers… The News Journal and the Daily (Salisbury) Times….. If one’s blood has not boiled once yet today, they should view his catch (same link) of the FBI knowingly sending 4 men to jail to protect the identities of their informants… Two died.

Merit Bound Alley tells us of Joe’s plan to hook up with Tyler Nixon for a seminar of alternative energy, featuring a symposium of solar, wind, and bio fuels.. Someone named William Kempton is speaking on wind. Joe M is still in the process of trying to find out how many Karen Peterson votes were written in during the election just passed… but the Department of Elections does not plan on releasing them until the next year… He also gives a head shout to another blogger who made his predictions for the next race… two years away…. titled appropriately… “True Addiction“… Equally fascinating was Joe M’s personal vignette covering the problems being hidden within the Wilmington Catholic Diocese.

Delaware Watch recommends visiting Merit Bound Alley as well. (I didn’t check out the audio…) Dana Garrett takes on the Republican Party’s blame game among themselves and their propensity NOT to blame those who made the decisions …but underlings of those who made the decisions…. no matter what the economic status is within their families…. He also notes that Liberals have outed the Conservatives among our neighbor to the North… Apparently across the board, the term Conservative is equatable to Creationism, which was another once firmly held belief, despite the total absence of fact to back it up…. Dana also pokes holes in capitalist theory… Guess who’s gross domestic product — a measure of all the goods and services in the economy — rose 10.2 percent from July to September compared to the same three-month period during the previous year? Did anyone say Chavez? “It’s ironic, this revolution. The rich are even richer now.” Dana also uncovers a little know legislative attorney who defends Rep Wagner’s little past double dipping episode: charging in front of a judge, that anyone who wanted to sue against collecting from the state twice…. “had no standing to do so.” Aye! Protecting the little guy, huh?

Nancy’s The Delaware Way has a piece attributing the Democrat’s win to Dean and moderate conservatives who left the Republican Party… Even she admits she is reeling from the events of this past week with her pictorial representation she posts here…. She appears to be going through a light phase… going back a week is her celebration that Andy Reid accepts that his play calling sucks….

From Down State, Mikes Musings, starring a blogger still remarkably self absorbed since 1962, shares with us one of his life changing moments….. But more important for us, is the changing of Delaware’s status away from being the first state… nay, even being a state at all! But solutions are the real reason Mahaffie is happy. Using technology to bring back the best of olden times, is what technology is all about….

Tommywonk has his thing on Purple America…. He also celebrates another blogger’s bump to the home page of Daily Kos… He takes time to eulogize an economist responsible for uttering these profound words of wisdom: What George W. Bush has done has been to shift taxes from the present to the future–and also made future taxes uncertain, random, and thus extra-costly from a standard public finance view. So no matter how high our taxes go… Democrats cannot be blamed….

This person is wondering what the difference is between a Republican and a Democrat… Do we see seeds of a future post? Perhaps… But nevertheless, he has picked a new chairperson for the Republican Party.. One who has combed through all evidence and knows their weaknesses inside and out… The name of their new chair, may surprise you….. And this, will make you want to hug your kids forever.

Dave Burris,  quotes an article from TIME, outcrying that Republicans were only 77,611 votes shy of taking control of the House of Representatives, and that just a shift of 2847 votes in Montana, could have kept them in control of the Senate…. In fact, instead of drowning his sorrows for the Republicans faulty showing, he is crowing that in a bad year, where they should have been squelched, they weathered the storm rather well… “In a year that was supposed to be a big, blue wave where Democrats dominated from sea to shining sea, it almost wasn’t that at all. I can’t imagine conditions that would favor the Dems more, so this will probably be the best they can do.” he boasts.

Delaware Liberal, along with Tommywonk, and FSP, praise Joe M. for his work in pursuing the missing write in vote… a vote whose total was to be suppressed until after the choices were made for Senate leadership…. Also Jason goes out on the early line in his predictions for two years hence… I wonder how prognosticatable he will be? One of the interesting aspects of our blogosphere is the interaction between right and left… This interesting exchange covers Bush’s handling of the Iraqi war…I hope no one eats their words…. He comments on FSP’s head scratching over what was going on with the National Republican Leadership.. Dave Burris with this quote: “I spoke to the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club on Wednesday, and one portion of my message to them was that I was certain that our leaders in Washington had gotten the message that voters sent on Election Day.
Now, I’m not so sure.”
And we have breaking News that Mike Castle has filed again…One must check out the link provided… We also have the traditional rant over the “liberal media” which is not so liberal after all.…. then proves it with this worthy piece about the News Journal burying an environmentally sensitive piece that might offend the entrenched powerful….even though not publishing it could kill someone over time….. That Delaware blogger had better slow down… He just might burn himself out….. lol
At least I’m glad to see he his taking a break… on this post election weekend….

Oh! And as if we needed another one……….From the ranks of our regular commentators, a new Delaware blog is now on the boards as of 11/17……Welcome. Here is its opening post…..We shall see if it makes any difference… Most likely, due to “the fix” that’s in ….. this blog too will matter very little…….