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Just look at North Carolina.  In 2010 both houses went Republican. But they still had a Democratic Governor to keep them in check.  That check was erased last November. Today with a Republican Governor, and super-majorities in both houses, North Carolina is a model for what would have happened if Romney had won the Presidency and the Senate become Republican….  Unchecked power.  Basically a Tea Party’s wish list…..

So far, these changes have already done in North Carolina…..

A.  Parents and families seeking Federal Assistance must first take a drug test, which they must first pay costing $100.  That money is then used to help fund the benefits for those… who passed….

B.  Passed a bill requiring photo identification at the polls.

C.  Personal and Corporate Tax Cuts

D.  Restrictions on Abortion

E.  Cuts to Education Funding

F.  Increasing out-of-state tuition for state schools.

G. Ending the public funding of Judicial elections.

H  Devastating rollbacks of environmental legislation

I.  Blocked the expansion of Medicaid under Obama’s Health Care Act.

This has happened in a few short months.  The bills are instantly brought up for a vote, discussion is waived, and the vote is taken… It is always partisan with those representing good government, always losing.

This is what the rest of the nation avoided this past November…

In business it is one of the traits we try to teach.. It is not a natural tendency. The natural tendency is to point the finger elsewhere, as is well known by anyone who has raised little children. Sometimes their excuses are hilarious. And sometimes those of adults are even funnier.

But in business we teach those coming up that accepting the blame does many things. It stops the investigation process. Life gets back to doing everyones job to the best of their ability.

Secondly, the person most responsible, is now in charge of finding how and why the mistake happened. Most of what we experience takes place between our two ears. For someone else to guess at what is going on there, makes a hearing sound like the comments running mad of an inane post on some blog somewhere… Everyone is an expert on what the head hancho was thinking. Better to let the person who actually knows what thought processes went down, determine the weakness and broken links, then offering it up to pure speculation…..

Third, as soon as the acceptance of accountability is made, the story, if a negative, starts to go away…. The usual formula is that on the break of the next day, the scandal is half as bad, and the next day after that, it is again half as bad or one fourth as bad as originally, and that ratio continues until soon, no one really cares.

One would think a business man at the head of the Republican Party would know this. (But then, he was only an investor; not a business man.) This moral characteristic compared to that of our current commander in chief, echos the thoughts of most Americans, …. we chose the right man to be in charge.

But here, is why, Mitt Romney says, he lost the election.

It was Governor Christie’s fault after Hurricane Sandy.

It was the GOP Primary Debate Moderators.

It was the 47% who get things for free and don’t want to do an honest days work.

It was Hurricane Sandy’s fault.

As long as it wasn’t Romney’s fault.

Forget: unemployment dropped to 7.8 the weekend after the debate.
Forget: Detroit should go bankrupt.
Forget: They are closing down all Jeep plants in the USA and making them in China.
Forget: My Vice President can’t tell the truth. Even about a marathon he ran 20 years ago.
Forget: My convention was built on a twisted lie concocted by misrepresenting the words of the President.
Forget: My bright shining moment of royal entitlement, was usurped by an empty chair.

As long as it wasn’t Romney’s fault.

Bottom line, America sensed that, or more properly put, a majority of American’s sensed that. And that is why, a commander in chief, who says, “I’m responsible for Benghazi, the buck stops here,” is always preferable to having someone who has no regard for the collateral damage his bomb throwing may cause, … because…. it is always someone else’s fault……

Tomorrow, is the day… like a wedding, can’t wait for it to finally be over so life can go on again…. But there is one last thing to do.

Look at the Republican Party. The only reason Romney is doing well, is because he pivoted in the first debate, and became a liberal. His past track record had almost pushed him to the point of no return, until he reinvented himself upon that first debate stage. In other words, Romney is now the more liberal candidate, if one just looks at what he has said since October 4th.

However the old message is still prevalent in Delaware’s Republican exoskeleton. Kovach who once was considered a decent person, is now a compromised decent person. Kevin Wade, is nothing more than a word to rhyme with suede. Jeff Craig wants us to believe that if you can run a 16 X 40 foot retail outlet buried in the middle of a Fairfax strip mall, you can run the entire state’s government. Greg Lavelle believes that if you trash your opponent hard enough, you will get elected. Cathy Cloutier believes that no one gives enough of a hoot, making it so simple that she can be endorsed by the pro choice and pro life movements in the same election. Evan Quietsch believes the United Nations has set up a secret outpost somewhere in the woods of the 11th District, and that his challenger is the Manchurian Candidate who is actually from Manchuria. Rick Jensen has to ignore 99% of a story to make his case in support of any Republican who shows up on his show. Dori Conner, is running “Go, Go William Penn” down in Cavalier Country. NCCE Blake has to put stickers on his campaign signs, that say “I’m not Tom Gordan.” Then there is DelawarePolitics.Net, which although it has great people, they all get their orders from Homer Simpson. There is Brian Pettyjohn who, whenever his name gets mentioned, reminds one of the Lollypop Guild soliciting a hooker on the side of the Yellow Brick Road… And then, there was Two Timing Booth, kicked out for…. oh my. Don’t even get me started on Bodenweiser…. And above all this mess, flies the green faced witch on her magic broom, saying 2014, 2014…..

What happened? Siegler, is this what happens when you put the NRA actually in charge of something?

From top to bottom this party is (I’ll bend over backwards and be very nice here)…. dysfunctional… It is time for it to go away….

I heard a caller put it very well on Al Masciti this morning. Business needs representation. With this party they don’t have it. What they do have is Jack Markell, Chip Flowers, and Beau Biden, working with them as well as representing “we the people” who simultaneously do the necessary work for these businesses as well as us who depend on their health to live well ourselves…..

Delaware works better as a single party state than as a two party one…. Why? Simply put, everyone is an individual again. There is no reason NOT to work with someone who’s viewpoint is different from yours… It is called “compromise” and with today’s Republican Party from the top down, that compromise gene is simply not in their chromosomes……

Now here is my argument… Any vote for any Republican, weakens our state. I’m guessing we need an 85/15 democratic majority to permanently make this party go away…. I’m worried that many in Delaware may not vote this time because our national election is a foregone conclusion, and really, there is no reason to suspect or worry that any Republican will win….

Here is why you must… Your vote against the Republican Party, is needed to make it be gone forever….. We need single party government now more than ever… WE need cooperation between workers and businesses, and only one party, the Democratic one, can provide that.

Some say we need another voice to balance out one party rule… We will have them. 21 separate voices in the Senate, and 45 separate ones in the House, but only if they are all Democrat … Every person is an individual, and every person has to represent their district. There are some conservative districts, there are some progressive districts. but it still will take a majority to get anything passed.

At least if there is only one party, they will get things done the old fashioned way. The conservatives will express their needs, the progressives will express their needs, and some type of compromise all can live with, will get hammered out….

That can’t happen if there are Republicans anywhere in government to mess things up…..

So do your civic duty… Vote Democratic or Libertarian, or any another candidate…. Just make Republicans go away…. I used to like watching cartoons on Saturday… Now, that I have to watch them 365 days at 24/7, it is too much…. (Now, where’s that Advil?)

Make them go away.

(Editors Note:  I usually frown on doing negative pieces because they are so………… negative.  But this one,  turn out to be the chance of a lifetime.  If I ever do an expose on lying, I will never have another opportunity to accomplish one with the breadth and scope of this one.  Therefore,  for history, I  hereby overrule my anti-negative rule of engagement.)…  Begin below:

General Motors:  Romney Lies

Chrysler :   Romney Lies

America’s Teachers:  Romney Lies

CIA:   Romney Lies

Army Chief of Staff:   Romney Lies

Secretary of the Navy:  Romney Lies

Bain Capital Employees:   Romney Lies

Texas Gov. Rick Perry:  Romney Lies

Ex Congressman Newt Gingrich:   Romney Lies

Congressman Ron Paul:   Romney Lies

Washington Post:   Romney Lies

Atlantic Monthly:   Romney Lies

US State Department:  Romney Lies

Israel:  Romney Lies

US Air Force:  Romney Lies

Rick Santorum:  Romney Lies

Mitt Romney:  Romney Lies  Romney Lies

Michelle Bachmann: Romney Lies

New York Times:  Romney Lies

Des Moines Register:  Romney Lies

Chicago Tribune:  Romney Lies

And there is so much more….  I hope you read the links…  Like a hurricane the power is not in one wave, but the infinite onslaught of the sheer numbers.

And we still, don’t know what he is hiding in his tax forms…

It begs the question how the America we grew up in, the America that threw out Richard Nixon, the America that voted for “I cannot tell a lie” Jimmy Carter, the America that voted for Ronald Reagan, the America who threw out George HW. Bush for going back on his pledge: Read my lips, no new taxes, the America that tried so hard to find a lie in “I did not have sex with that woman, the America that grew so tired of the lies of Dick Cheney, they burned Republicans out of Congress,  that America… the America that used to love truth,   can now embrace a liar who simply put, can’t seem ever to tell the truth?

Tell me, why would you vote for him?

In our hearts, we are all campaign coordinators..  That’s why when other people are fixing their yards for the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, we are reading poll results.  That’s why when our neighbors have picks down and paid for for Sunday’s games, we are mulling over the nuances of Sunday morning’s talk shows…  In our hearts, we are all campaign coordinators….

When looking back one of the most fascinating aspects that historians will see from this race, is that one of the candidate who is running in October, is a completely different individual from the one who  stood up on the Republicans stage back on August 11,2012  and raised his hands saying the deficit would be balanced solely on the cuts to necessary programs; not one penny from additional revenue.  In one appearance, at his first time on stage with the existing President, they will note we had an extreme conservative make himself into the more liberal of the two moderates on stage.

So if we assume this new Mitt Romney is for real,  we have to look at who he will be bringing into Washington with him.   Who are the people riding the Romney Express into Washington?

(This list was compiled from googling “dumb republican rape comments” …  And one important fact to consider, is… not a single one of these are complaining about Mitt Romney’s new Moderate stance.   Were they previously assured of something before the conversion took place?   Here is a short list ….

Akin, a congressman running for U.S. Senate in Missouri, said rape survivors don’t need abortions because “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

King, an Iowa congressman up for re-election, deflected a question about abortions for 12-year-old rape victims by saying, “I just haven’t heard of that being a circumstance that’s been brought to me in any personal way.”

Walsh, a House incumbent in Illinois, asserted that “with modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance” where abortion is necessary to protect a woman’s life or health. “There is no such exception as life of the mother,” Walsh concluded. “And as far as health of the mother, same thing.”

Mourdock, the Indiana state treasurer and Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, opined that “even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

Paul Ryan’s opposition to abortions for rape victims.

Abortion should be prohibited even in cases of sexual assault—is the party’s official position

12  Republican nominations for US Senate—went to candidates who would ban abortion even for survivors of sexual assault.

Ted Cruz, the former Republican solicitor general of Texas, also opposes a rape exception.

So does Pennsylvania nominee Tom Smith.

So does West Virginia nominee John Raese: “I will proudly stand against the destruction of innocent human life unless the life of the mother is in jeopardy.”

When Vermont Republican MacGovern was asked whether “a woman should be forced by the government to give birth to a rapist’s baby,” he answered: “I’ve always in my career and to this day been loyal to the principle of life. I’m pro-life. I’m profoundly pro-life. I’m pro-life to my core.”

Rep. Deb Fischer was pressed for her position on the Republican platform’s call for “a constitutional amendment banning all abortions with no exception for rape or incest.” She responded: “I am pro-life, and I believe in the sanctity of life. I do believe that there should be an exception made for the life of the mother. (not for rape?)

In Ohio, state treasurer Josh Mandel rejected a rape exception and declared, “I’ll do everything I can to protect innocent life.”

In Michigan, Rep. Pete Hoekstra was asked whether a woman should have to bear her rapist’s child. Hoekstra, who was already on record against a rape exception, replied: “I believe life is a gift.”

Wendy Long, a member of Romney’s Justice Advisory Committee, boasted during her primary that she was “100 percent pro-life,” whereas her opponents would grant “exceptions” to an abortion ban.

In Washington, state Sen. Michael Baumgartner admitted that “rape is a tragedy” but concluded: “I still believe life begins at conception. That is consistent with my Catholic beliefs. And I believe we must protect life.”

In North Dakota, a reporter asked Rep. Rick Berg: “You would not make an exception for rape?” Berg replied: “No.” The reporter asked about punishment for a woman who has such an abortion: “Should we put her in jail? Should we fine her?” Berg answered: “Those are things that need to be worked out through the legislative process.”

Three of the party’s candidates seem not to have addressed the rape question. Kevin Wade, the nominee in Delaware, has repeatedly said he opposes “taking human life.” Dan Bongino, the nominee in Maryland, opposes federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research and believes “life begins at conception and should be protected.” Kurt Bills, the nominee in Minnesota, reportedly sidestepped a rape question but opposes embryonic stem-cell research and boasts that he’s been a “co-author on every … anti abortion bill”

According to Slate, of the 28 nonincumbent nominees, 12 to 15 share the view of Akin, Mourdock, and the party platform. They believe a rape victim should be forbidden to terminate her pregnancy. This is no longer a fringe position..

Romney may be a moderate.  From June 13, 2011 to February 22nd, 2012, he got pummeled for it by all the other Republicans in every debate.  But Bush W also ran as a moderate.  But once in office, Bush W. didn’t run his agenda.  Those riding on his bus  did…. 

This just in from CNN… There is a lot of polling that is showing a large segment of Republicans do not trust Romney.. From October 21, here is what CNN found out….

  • Romney’s economic plan has 59 points. Cain’s had 3.
  • Many Republican voters don’t like him, trust him or relate to him. It’s the same thing that plagued the former Massachusetts governor in the 2008 election.
  • It’s not that he is not conservative; it is that they don’t think he’s sufficiently anything.
  • Romney’s character in the debates was accused — by one after another — of being inconsistent, dishonest and untrustworthy.
  • Romney deceptively “mixes apples and oranges”
  • Accusation that opponents direct at Romney? — that he misleads.
  • Romney is accused of “huffing and puffing” over very little tiny things or over things he frequently does himself…
  • Republicans feel “”It’s time for you to tell the truth, Mitt.” One Republican ad against him, called him … “Mitt-leading.”
  • Gingrich: Romney needs taught a lesson: Don’t exaggerate the facts.
  • Republicans are fed up with his tendency to shade the truth. Romney excels at it.
  • Look at the Las Vegas debate again and read the body language. It’s clear that Romney’s opponents would not buy a used car from this man. CNN
  • Romney tries to look presidential; the message sent by some of his opponents this week was simple and direct: buyer beware.
  • Romney is the worst kind of politician, the kind who will say anything and pretend to be anything to get elected.(Remember, this is the same view held by many Republicans, from conservative radio talk show hosts to members of the tea party, of the current occupant of the White House)
  • His net worth is over $200 million from his multitude of investments. If elected he’d be the richest president in history.
  • His wealth is scattered in so many different bank accounts scattered around the globe in places like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.
  • His five sons have a trust fund worth over $100 million. The Romney family has paid no taxes on that $100 million – not one cent in gift or estate taxes – for the past decade by taking advantage of loopholes.
  • His old company, Bain Capital, is known on Wall Street for perfecting the art of the “leveraged buyout..
  • Under Bain’s stewardship, companies like American Pad and Paper, GS Industries, Dade international closed plants and let go hundreds of the worker. Bain investors made hundreds of millions from these deals.
  • When Romney was governor, Massachusetts ranked 47th out of 50 states in terms of job creation.
  • Romney personifies an unattractive side of the elite 1%. In short, they are able to avoid tax rates that apply to the 99%.
  • The richest 400 Americans have more money than the bottom 150 million… combined. That means the top 1% controls 25% of the total income in this county.
  • Romney’s continued insensitivity on issues of wealth and privilege contribute to an image of an out-of-touch plutocrat who is insensitive to the economic pain being felt by the average American.
  • His dubious claim that he knows what it is like to be unemployed.
  • “I don’t trust Romney. He shouldn’t make my son’s death part of his political agenda. It’s wrong to use these brave young men, who wanted freedom for all, to degrade Obama,” said Barbara Doherty,..
  • So according to CNN, and Fox News, these are most of the reasons why Republicans don’t trust Romney….
  • It is surprising that they still hold true.

So why is he the contender and neck and neck in the polls? Simple… The $1 billion in dark money has no other candidate with which to stop Obama….Obama will do aways with the Bush Tax Cuts and $1 billion of dark money doesn’t like that. The true real deep down dark contest is between $1 billion dollars of dark money and Obama… not Romney versus Obama….

Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it… Gas is $3.35 a gallon now! Obama is definitely the best president ever! Why would anyone want to vote for Romney who said gas should be $5.00 a gallon?

With High Republican Turnout I'm Sure to Be Wellfed Nov. 6th
Photo Courtesy of Soggy Log

They thought he was nuts.

Got this from a local grade school teacher.  A discussion ensued and she stepped in to get the little minds back on track with their studies.

“He likes Romney” said one little kid, pointing at the other.  Figuring she would end it with a speech on how we have to get along and accept that others might not share our beliefs,  she set him up with this question…..  “So, what’s wrong with that?”

“Romney wants to take money from poor people and give it to the rich people…. ”

In her head, she thought…” Why yes, yes he does.”  Stunned by his simple direct and true assessment,  she forgot what she was going to say, and simply ordered all the kids back to their seats…..

“Romney wants to take money from poor people and give it to the rich people…”


Boys and Girls.    In today’s world, we get so much piled on we can’t remember any details…  Sometimes we are like the bloke on the bottom of a Rugby pile as press report after press report piles on.  This last instance of “rape being touted as God’s will”, and then the outrage by every person without a penis over the rapist culture that IS deeply embedded inside the Republican Party (read their party platform),  I realized that I couldn’t remember all the slips that Republican former rapists let slip out in public… Akin I remember because he’s the first.  Mourdock I remember because he’s the last… But who were the other ones in between?   A blank.  (which could be caused by Tequila)  So, … I turned  to our expert historian extrodinaire, and lifted this off Steven Colbert’s show last night… He used the newest generations wording, and called this group Team Rape, no doubt inspired by the Twilight series……   I prefer the older inversion,   The Rape Team….   (And I agree with Steven Colbert, that the name is not very nice, but c’mon, they were kinda’ asking for it…)

First Colbert….

“….And folks, Mourdock is not the first member of the GOP to drop the R-word this campaign season. First we had Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, who said “legitimate rape” victims couldn’t get pregnant because “the female body has ways” of shutting “that whole thing down”. Then there was Iowa Representative and angry dinner roll Steve King, who said he’d never heard of a girl getting pregnant from statutory rape. Pennsylvania Senate candidate Tom Smith equated rape with out-of-wedlock pregnancy. And Wisconsin state representative Roger Rivard offered the sage advice that “some girls, they rape so easy“.

This is the GOP  Rape Team… Does it stand for all Republicans?  Very surprisingly….. YES…. Because their head of the party and his Vice President successor,  have not distanced themselves from these remarks….   ”  ha, ha, ha, he’s just being silly”  was all they said.    This is the GOP:  now known as the Rape Team…   I put together this theme song for them….

Who You A’ Gonna Call; The Rape Team?

(The Rape Team!)
If there’s somethin’ progressive in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

If you’r polls are down, an’ it don’t look good
Who ya gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man

If you’re seein’ sperm runnin’ through your head
Who can you call?
(The Rape Team!)

Some invisible vagina, sleepin’ in your bed
Oh who ya gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man

Who ya gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

If you’re all alone, pick up the phone
And call
(The Rape Team!)

I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
I hear they likes it.
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Who you gonna call?
(The Rape Team)

Mmm, if you’ve had a dose
Of those little blue pills…
You better call
(The Rape Team!)

Let me tell you somethin’
Bustin’ makes u feel good
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man

Don’t get caught alone, oh no
(By the Rape Team!)

When he comes through your midnight door
Sayin’ no, will make him want it more.
I think you better call
(The Rape Team!)

Oh, who you gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)
Who you gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

Ah, think you better call
(The Rape Team!)
Who you gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

I can’t hear you
Is that a hand over yo’ mouth?
(The Rape Team!)
Like it, bitch….
(The Rape Team!)

(song originally written as Ghostbusters, and sung by Ray Parker, Jr.) All parties involved with this song, are against rape.