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Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

Legislature starts tomorrow. Two progressive pushes are underway for that wonderful day. Ooga, Ooga, Ooga which is mentioned here, is a bipartisan show of support for Karen Petersen’s Open our Genereal Assembly bill. The other “push”, unofficially called “A Subtle Push for Wind Power,” will meet with legislators to bring them up to speed on where we are with wind……is covered by Nancy here.

Wind power carried the weekend. Dana carries a letter from Schwartzkoff on wind power. So does Tommywonk
Nancy has it here.

Unfortunately John Carney does not have a letter to his friends in the General Assembly. Perhaps it is because his friends Thurman Adams, Patty Blevins, Tony Deluca, Harris McDowell, Terry Spence, and acquantences Charlie Copeland, “Bill” Lee, Helene Keeley were all involved in the conspiricy to kill Bluewater wind. (I’ll take Tony DeLuca, with the candlestick, in the conservatory). Some support for windpower there John Carney. …If you can’t control your friends in the middle of the campaign, how do you expect us to trust you to do if you ever become governor?

Now Jack, on the other hand, kicked butt for Delaware. Tommy covered it here, Nancy has it here, and Delaware Liberal lays it down here.

The best synopsis, is that after the holidays, shopping sprees, time with the families, and the first salvo of election season, Delaware is waking up, rubbing their eyes, looking over what happened with wind on December 18, then going WTF!

Because if you look beyond what happened, it was killed. Not by a vetted process, but done in, as often are progressive Senate bills quietly killed for no apparent reason, being left to languish into oblivion. More than likely, saving money for each of Delaware’s citizens, is a rather low priority to these who operate in secrecy, and can never be held accountable……….

Just as the openess of the PSC gave us a deal that was hammermeshed into a win, win, win situation involving Delmarva, Bluewater Wind, and each Delawarean, it was the secrecy of the Legislative Council, that murdered it. But most amazing, is that when one asks why it was murdered, one is met with silence. They know what they did was indefensible. Is there any better example of why we need to completely Open Our General Assembly to the view of all Delawareans? Is there?

Not only did we get info that wind would have to fight harder, but as Tommy points out, gas will be higher this summer. $4 a gallon. Ditch those SUV’s today! A handy guide used by those in the energy fields, is that with every dollar increase in gasoline prices, other energy costs rise by 30%. This summer instead of $200 dollars a month to run our air conditioning, we will apparently be paying $260 dollars a month. Taking the base of 263,418 residental customers, Delmarva will, instead of having a revenue of $52,683,600 in one summer month, Delmarva will be raking in $68,488,680 out of yours and my pockets

Oh …………………Now I get it………….No wonder Delmarva has been fighting this Bluewater thing so hard……………

If Bluewater Wind was producing electricity THIS summer, our rates would stay the same. Not just this for this summer would it stay level, but it would not rise for any summer during the next 25 years, no matter how high gasoline climbs as the planet starts to run out……$5……$6…….$7……$8? Don’t laugh too early. i laughed at the prospect that gas would ever reach $3 a gallon.

Oh, did I mention Obama won Iowa? You can here Tommy’s take on it here, Dana’s take on it here, Delaware Libs take on it here, DWA’s take on it here,

You mean there was a Republican caucus as well? FSP is here, and Digital Federalist is here, and our favorite Curmudgeon is here.

Iowa has made the rest of the Democrat’s primary campaign boring. Their most vibrant and exciting candidate bowed out. Had there not been three major candidates in the race ahead of him, things may have turned out differently. He was apparently close to tracking 10% among Democrats, which is a number that Ron Paul enthusists are clinging to with both hands. Delaware Watch had several posts regarding our favorite son. He played well, he played very well. The media should be cursed when it grinds up fine people like our own, and Chris Dodd and leaves us with “Mr Inexperience, Another Clinton, and Corporate Lawyer.” Just wait for the General election. But hey, Gravell and Kucinich are still trudging……………..The Republicans still have Giulianni to kick around; half the delegates should show up at the Republican convention, decked out in blonde wigs…….And Ron Paul to get excited about…..He hit fourth,has money, and is in New Hampshire, even if he was outFox‘d out of a debate.

Other news: Mahaffie is taking a trip. Care to guess where? And Duffy has a tale about a fateful trip that will have you biting off the tips of your fingernails Hube takes on the News Journal by comparing it to WDEL……Merit Bound Alley has taken on a new spark. Regular postings of high caliber. Welcome back to the fight, Joe. This time i know our side will win…….

And win we shall. It starts with participation. If you can, be here or here tomorrow. 94% is a big number and that is who we need to keep in mind that we are doing all this for…………..


Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

If you haven’t already voted, you need to vote in the poll over at Delaware Liberal by 6:00 pm today. It is a rather tough choice. (I should mention to the reader out of full disclosure that someone has nominated my blog to be part of the process, which as they say at the Oscar Awards, just being nominated to be part of a very select group, is honor enough…..)

But in trying to decide on who I thought was the most influential blog this past year, I was at a loss. For how does one define whatever it is, that makes a blog: “the best blog of the year.” The confusion begins as soon as you say: ” Perhaps I like this one and should vote for it”…..

So what do you like? That is the conundrum….Let me list several examples: Do you like to comment? Then some blogs being more social than others, excel in that category. And if you like comments, do you enjoy “piefights” for sport, or do you prefer more substantive fodder, bordering along the lines of intellectual debate? Because even if you like commenting, styles differ around many blogs within this state.

Perhaps one could consider a blog by the number of scoops it accumulates over the year? Several blogs have broken substantial original stories this year. Some bloggers have actually become the news that they then report to others…..

Or is a blogger to be taken seriously by the number of public appearances on alternative media? Quite a few bloggers do just that, often on a weekly basis. One could call them “celebrities” in the media world. Is that a viable criteria for a choosing good blog, one that has feet in two different types of medias?

Or is a good blogger one who digs though reams of research and points out lies and mistruths, that up unto that point have been overlooked and would have led to catastrophic consequences if they had continued unnoticed?

Does one base a good blogger based on style? Too harsh or too gentlemanly would knock one out of the running? And is spelling and punctuation even important in this day and age?

Perhaps a good blogger should be based on influence. How many influential people look to see what has been written lately, and base their daily decisions on which way the wind seems to blow throughout the blog? How many real events have changed because of a blog would be another way of stating it.

Or does the blogger who hits hard at corruption and lies and innuendo, and thereby keeps the entire community honest, become the one who best represents the community.

Maybe the better blogger is the one who has multiple one liner posts that say “So and so has a post over here….” or again, maybe it’s the one who takes up two or three pages by covering all angles of one topic with great depth, thereby allowing the reader to become an expert in one reading.

Is the better blogger the one who writes on one topic, or the one how has no favorite topic and bounces around all over the news feeds?

Is the better blogger the one who writes independently, or the one who filters the local blog scene, to where everyone goes to in order to find out what there is to read today’s hot topic?

Bottom line, there are a myriad of traits that have become blogging over this year….There are niches of each category that have been carved out by a different person, that have become that person’s specialty, and are easily recognized by other bloggers. So like a newspaper that has different sections, a reporter, an editorialist, a feedback section, a sports page, a “living” page, the obituaries, our blogging world has its same.

When seen as a whole, however, that is when one can appreciate the quality with which we have been bestowed…

Let me give an example. With the wealth of talent at Delaware Liberal, I mean 5 contributors, it serves as the liberal news feed. Often with the question of “I wonder what is going on, ” I look over the daily entries and something usually becomes intriguing. For with 5 contributors if a newsworthy event happened, no doubt one of them picked up on it……This blog has become the draw for liberal commentary, often featuring comments from the “other side”, by that I mean Sussex County.

First State Politics, presents the other side of the news spectrum. Again blessed by a wealth of contributors, there is usually an opinion that either makes enough good sense, or makes so little sense at all, that it generates a wealth of responses. FSP is the draw for comments from the other side, the nucleus around which the little electrons fly.

The Colossus of Rhody, one of the earliest blogs in the state, probably has one of the most extensive blog rolls in the state…It often takes over the News Journal’s job and bust’s on dopey letters that actually bypass the dopey editorial board’s censorship and eventually become published. Although it has several contributors, most often the postings are attributed to Hube.

Then there are the dual blogs. These are tag teams of two people who both post on a regular basis. DWA recently has acquired Mat Marshal, formerly of Soapbox fame, who posts alongside Mike Mathews. This blog often breaks stories of local interest, and has a vibrant comment section.

Delaware Watch has been a mainstay of the Delaware scene for in blogger time frames, a long time. Recently it has became a dual blog with the addition of Stephan Crocket, although unfairly and out of habit, it is still considered by most to be Dana Garrett’s blog…..

Delaware Way, brings stories to the mainstream. Where does she find this stuff I often marvel. With a wealth of comments on others blogs, and featuring other’s stories on her blog, she mixes the sauce that uniquely make Delaware a vibrant blogging community. I am trying to think of a blog where I have not seen her name. Her importance within our community cannot be overrated. She is our social butterfly.

And now to the “Rangers”. These solo activists often have a particular cause with which they are attached. Kilroy has locked in on Education, particularly that of his Red Clay District. Sincerely dedicated to improving education he has exposed inadequacies and poked holes in ineffective administration, often illuminating for the first time, excesses promulgated by our “departments of education” whether they be large or small…..In the meantime, “our kids don’t know nothin…”

Tommywonk has taken on wind power, among other causes. During the fight, I made it a point to click on to “wonk” first to see if new developments had occurred. If they had, it was there, with links….Tommywonk represented the fight during on Delaware’s news station, WDEL. He was at the PSC meetings, a rally in Rehoboth, and WGMD in Sussex County, sometimes quite early in the morning…..

Maria Evans has occasionally scooped Tommywonk when it came to wind, a feat worthy of honorable mention in itself. Often doing the legwork herself, making the calls to solidify a story, she has provided the precise caliber of ammunition necessary, and we certainly hope she continues to do so.

Although she is far from what her blog’s name implies, Delaware Curmudgeon as entered the foray this year in 2007, often providing the clearcut biker’s insight and perspective that are sometimes lacking and much needed within our blogging community.

The cause of freedom, a worthy cause in itself, often mixed with a sharpened economic perspective can be found digitalized at the Federalist, aka 2007.

What makes Delaware…..Delaware? Mike Mahaffie keeps us focused. A picture is worth a 1000 words….(How many words are represented by a picture of 88888’s?) The little things: water tanks, USGS markers, sunsets, all line up to make us realize we have a state worth fighting for, that it is the little idiosyncrasies that make up the wondrous whole.

Staying grounded would be my characterization of this next player. When one goes too far on a limb, Pencader Days calls them out. Often as I cross his blog I realize just what it is that makes life important. And that is a gift that adults readily appreciate from one another….Whether it is to laugh, or to cry, I always leave this blog better than I enter………………

MBA, Merit Bound Alley, after months of slumber has again began to rumble this latter part of December. Reports of smoke and the smell of sulphur have been reported by the natives. A scientific team has been dispatched.

That’s it. If you haven’t voted, why not? Head over to Delaware Liberal, and look to the Left, at the top of the page.

As we go into election year, we will have partisan bickering (I hope, it’s fun) as well as the common sharing of ideas…..We have the opportunity to free our state government from secrecy (again) as well as force the candidates by our dialogs to address real problems and not those of their own making. And we will have the opportunity to move wind power forward, by exposing and eliminating the roadblocks placed along the path towards cheap clean energy.

2008 should be a good year…..But after taking the time to look back, one has to say that among Delaware’s blogging world, 2007 was amazing……..

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

There has been some bantering about on some of the local blogs about a “war on Christmasbeing undertaken by a large majority of unseen beings…..Those beings go by many names….liberal, conservative, Jews, atheist, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc,etc……

Forgive my aloofness, but I seem to be skeptical about this war….Christmas, at least from my perspective, seems to be alive and well….

The majority of my household are actually looking forwards to its coming.

I have been known to startle people who hardly know me, by stating that I still believe in Santa Claus…..This little bell I have still rings for me when I shake it, and legend persists that as long as one still believes in Santa, they too can hear it’s crystal clear tones……

Hopefully, after I explain how I rationalize this belief, you too perhaps may be persuaded to believe again in Santa Claus, no matter how jaded you think you are today……..

Years ago, I began thinking about this question when I heard either as a story or a joke, about a child who not only believed in Santa, but questioned the sanity of those who did not? According to this child, those out there who did not believe in Santa, were absolutely daft!….After being told there was no Santa by his older sibling, he responded with the question: “if that is so… then how come everyone all over the world gets presents from him on Christmas Eve?”

Wiser heads may chuckle at the story….But….heads much wiser than that,…..may realize that this kid has a point…….

Why is it, …if one stops to think, that everyone gets a present under their tree on Christmas Day? Almost to the point that it matters little of what their religion may be? And what is it that makes this illusion persist, despite the didactic railings by Bill O’Reilly who as America’s Grinch, emphatically persists that there is “No Santa Claus” and never will be? (Tell that to his staffer who sued him for harassment: no Santa Claus indeed)?

Something forces the myth to continue, for an awful lot of trouble is undertaken by grownups of all ages to insure this tradition continues……

Some blame “Crass Commercialism” for the “war on Christmas.” More than likely they are just weary of standing in line, while they do their part to propel our economy forward….For in honest truth, if Christmas were abolished, our entire retail structure would collapse in shambles. Most of our retail outlets operate in the red all year until the start of black Friday shopping…… So a life without Christmas would be very bleak indeed: featuring unemployment, depressed wages, revenue shortfalls, cutbacks, more pink slips….

At the bottom of this”War on Christmas”, lies the question of why human beings spend so much time, energy, and effort on making other people happy? Is this trait prevalent in any other species of animal,… or plant? Does it make evolutionary sense that when one can ill afford to survive economically, that he undergoes further hardships to insure a smile on someone else’s face? From a logical perspective, it makes little sense at all…..Yet we still do it religiously.

This season, duty bound by a Pollyanna, I had no choice but to stand in line, at the last minute for what i thought was a perfect gift for someone I barely knew….(if anything at that time, I was grumbling in Scrooge fashion as to why I cowardly lacked the guts to just hand over a piece of American currency.) In the line in front of me was a young lady, I would guess of college age, buying two perfume sample kits, with assorted scents inside one case……At 17.69 apiece, it came to over 35 dollars….That’s over one third of a C note…..Being that this was no Paris Hilton in front of me, (my bad luck again), and remembering my past financial situations each semester that I returned home for the holidays, I thought that this poor person must love whoever was meant to receive those trinkets, a lot…..For why else would they spend money they so much needed for themselves, ….on someone else….And this person was not alone. As I looked to my left and right, at the 30 some checkouts open, and lines ranging between 5 and 10 per line, it was obvious that this poor person in front of me, was not a misguided, overly sympathetic, communist….sacrificing herself for the good of all…..She was part of the human equation, powered by something deeply rooted inside us, who was just like everyone else…..As I walked out to my car, still pondering the significance of what had just happened to me….I had to wait behind a line of 15 carts ahead of me, going through the security checkpoint at the front entrance……As I looked over the carts, all full, in front of me, I realized that at least 1500 dollars was leaving that store that very minute…..$1500 a minute yields $90,000 an hour… On this early shopping day, (this store being open for fifteen hours) means that on that day, more than likely, $1,350,000 was being spent on people other than the shoppers themselves….That was just in one store. There were 5 such mega stores in the mall I was shopping, all doing the same brisk business, and by multiplying that by the number of malls nationwide… gets a sense that Christmas is not dead, dying, or losing its oomph….It is as strong as ever.

So where is this “War on Christmas” coming from…..A quick look at the Google Page “War on Christmas” provides some answers…..All the picks lifted by Google’s algorithm show past-their-prime commentators desperate to maintain their ratings….and no one else….So is this “War On Christmas” just a made up thing, a ploy to capitalize upon the masses emotions, in order to drum up ratings for a network? (How come all of these commentators work for Fox?). Are we being hoodwinked by our news purveyors just so they can charge a higher rate for their advertising dollars?

According to Google: apparently so…..

So anyone who promotes the “War on Christmas” must be immediately suspect as trying to sell us a ball of wax in the form of our hero, Santa Claus…..

For like it or not, these television radicals like John Gibson and Bill O’Reilly, are way off base….There is a Santa Claus and proof of it is in every checkout line across this country…….It may not come in the form of a man who plays with elves, and kills grandma as she stumbles home on Christmas Eve……, but it is there, regardless of religion, regardless of creed, regardless of race, regardless of sexual preference, regardless of economic status, regardless of political persuasion, regardless of nationality, regardless of geographical location. It is there;….somewhere deep within our genomes the “Spirit of Christmas” lies, dormant through most the year, until a sudden ringing of a bell, activates it into action…….

It is this so called selfless “Spirit of Christmas” that pervades our planet this time of year, that I call “Santa Claus”. And I do believe in him…I do believe, I do believe…..With all my heart I believe that Santa Claus is alive and well and that under billions of trees, presents will appear inexplicably this Christmas day, often under trees that could ill afford them……And that is how with no trace of shame I can look in the eye of a 5 year old who has had his vision shattered by his older sister, and tell him not to worry, that there truly is a Santa Claus and pending his behavior, there will indeed be something to look forward to on Christmas Morning….

So my dear friends. As I read through what I have just espoused, perhaps without some common bond of emotional understanding, my argument may appear weak to you and ineffective……But if by some small chance, it touches a nerve and causes you to re-evaluate your own perspective on these wonderful Holiday’s,…………(so wonderful that we will be paying its bills for months to come)……..please accept it as my humble present to you dear readers, for all you have given me this past year………

So with all the warmth and sincerity that I can muster, going to all of you outside the perimeter, no matter how, when, where, or what your religious preferences may be, and knowing that we all carry the same gene deep within our beings:

Merry Christmas, friends. Merry Christmas….

I know it is early in the campaign, and to my recollection only Dave at FSP has publicly committed and supported a candidate. The rest of us have talked about them, but have not signed up for anyone in particular….

So what I propose to do, is have some fun with predictions, not of the candidates, but of who some of you will support…..For those of us involved in sports, it is quite similar to the line on a game….no more…. Like the Prognosticators who pick the weekend games prematurely, I will be wrong on some occasions… It will be hilarious if I am wrong on all……Much ribbing should deservedly come my way…..However having read most of your posts, I do not think that will happen. Many of you who closely guard your thoughts, have given clues, which read by a good poker player, foretell your hand…..

Feedback is free…and it should be interesting at least to see how this plays out……for fun of course……

Will start out with the stinker……Dave at FSP quietly ditches Mitt and returns to 2000 in support of the new (or return to the old) McCain…….(see, I told you this would be fun….)

Liberalgeek holds out for Obama….

Hube bites his tongue and supports Biden……

Shirley stays true to Ron Paul……All she has to see is him on the back of a Harley, and she’s with him all the way……….

Tommywonk sticks with Obama….although he is tempted by Biden, I see him holding out for “a new future”.

Alan Coffey, Libertarian that he is, goes with Ron Paul.

Judd Bennett (Jud’s Rant) sticks with McCain.

Frank Knotts will think of leaving Thompson, but in the end will give ole Fred his support…..

Jason330 will still pine for Obama, but go with Biden

Donviti will try them all and despite what he says right now, will settle on Hillary. It has something to do with his ex:)

Ryan at JttR is jello for Giuliani

Duffy will eventually support Biden.

Dr Nick. a hard one, who rarely comments or posts, (I going back to Feb 07 here) will go with Obama.

Randy from FSP, will go with the still-to-come, new and improved John McCain.

David Anderson of “Stop Taxing” will go with Huckabee.

Matt from the Soapbox will support Obama.

DWA’s Mike Mathews will go with Richardson, then switch to Obama as Richardson fades, the finally to Biden as Biden gains ground and excites America who unlike us, will be seeing him for the first time……

Dana will continue to be pro-Kucinich, but after some discussion, he will agree that the Cleveland Congressman’s campaign won’t take off, and go with Biden.

Paris Hilton will chose Biden. He’s hot…..

Joe of MBA, will think of his little one, and go with Obama.

Mike Castle, in his consistent pick of losers, will side with Giuliani. “Hello Hon, I’m in a meeting right now.”

Nancy, although she has affection for Edwards, will waver for a while, but will eventually fall in and support Biden.

Disbelief will stick to Obama, but will think about Biden very hard.

Perry Hood will go with Ron Paul.

Tyler Nixon will write in Teddy Roosevelt.

Rick Jensen will go Giuliani.

Gerry Fulcher will go with Tancredo.

Liz Allen will go with Hillary.

Anon will go with Gravell. Something about the rock….it reminds him of himself.

Mike Mahaffie will pursue Huckabee for a while longer, but in the end, that “evolution” comment will flip him over to Biden.

Rebecca Young will fall in with Biden.

Kilroy will think of going Huckabee, the strongest on education, but then at the last minute, surprise himself and switch to Biden, who will do more for Delaware than anyone else ever has…….

John Feroce will go Guiliani.

John Kowalko will support Biden.

Markell will fall in with Biden, as will Carney.

Protack…….will do the same……(As governor he will need a president from the same state).

Ron Williams from the News Journal, will be 5 months too late following the old party line, and go with Hillary.

Al Mascitti, will go with …..he will be all over the place until the actual day arrives……..the smart move: Biden.

I know I forgot someone….I read his/her blog all the time….I apologize for not remembering so feel free to drop your take in the comments section, which on WordPress, is at the end of the tags, on top of the post………

Courtesy of Dept. of Defense
Courtesy of Dept. of Defense.

The Nov. 3rd special election dominates local blog-versations. Which does one prefer, a party hack running a clean campaign, or a clean candidate, being run over by party hacks?” In the silence, whispered speculation continues to grow……….creating an atmosphere quite opposite of the “open government” supposedly endorsed by both candidates……Hmmmm.

What’s this? Breaking News? From DWA……at least someone other than Dana, sees liberal tendencies in, shall I say, “JC”.

Due to a deliberate lack of a response to Jason’s ultimatum, most of the inside track on the Senate 14th election, has been culled from Dana at Delaware Watch. We have the rundown on Bruce’s attempts to “con” lobbyists to knock on doors (not). Knock, knock. “Excuse me ma’am. Sorry to interrupt your dinner hour. Look, I represent the Big Booze interests (that’s with a “z” sound on the end…..not “bs”) and I was wondering if you had given any thought about having a big Ennis for your next state senator……” Or…….. how about, “I represent the Delaware Gaming Commission and we feel that your Ennis is good for gaming…..”

Dana also gives us the scoop that everyone’s favorite FOIA democrat, Thurman Adams, has let lobbyists know that any support for Christian, means they go into a drawer, literally. Kind of odd when someone who supports prayer in school, won’t support a “Christian….”

At FSP and Delaware Liberal they seem to revel in the silence. Other than a brief mention of the News Journal piece on “absentee ballots“, there it little news about the candidates of the 14th. All we have is Dave’s word that a candidate exists……….. Although the Copeland GOP seems to create scandals out of nothing just to surround their shining star candidate with some tarnish…..Oops, its not a scandal if corrected in 7 days. Its, for you francophones, a faux paux. For the rest of us (as Nancy picks up on Dave’s line), it is called a “typo.” I would offer up that the LEAD ( prounounced leed) PAC (Copeland’s $25,000) should, based on knowledge that the money was Copeland’s, the idea was Copeland’s, and the Printer was Copeland’s, the PAC should be pronounced LEAD(led) PAC as in very dense, heavy metal.

What is sad, is that Delaware had a shot at someone who could lead FOIA in the house, another Karen Peterson perhaps……but now, after all this, how could she ever vote against a Copeland directive? Is a vote for Christian, truly a vote for Copeland. If so, Ennis becomes the lesser of two evils……..(Copeland vrs. Daniello) .You heard it here first…..

Other news…..

For those who missed it Matt at the Soapbox fills us in on the John Edwards interview. That was actually the high point of the night, but the MSM carried the entertaining interruption instead. The Soapbox gives the rundown for those who missed it, complete with expletives…..By the way, Matt is actively looking for guest posters on his site…..

Jerry Northington gets honorable mention on Daily Koz for calling on Congress, perhaps “his” Congress, to tell Bush “No”!

Over at Pencader Days we have an allegory of today’s politics. Formula One Racing. Describing F1 Racing to NASCAR fans is like describing Football (soccer) to football fans (Go Eagles!). Having once lived in a Formula II racing town, I get it. (Duff, sell that clip to “Speed”. It is that good.) However, my money is on the “Iceman”. I’m partial to Finns.

New blood, or the return of old blood at WGMD has excited Mike Mahaffe. Based on Mike’s introduction, I will have to tune in. If he is half as good as Maria Evans, it should be quite an asset to this growing progressive state. Mike also gives us the date for the Supreme Court hearing (Nov 27th) on Delaware vrs. New Jersey, or “Historical Precedent” vrs. “Cheney’s secret plans”.

Speaking of Cheney, he seems to keep a low profile these days. But his mechanizations still make waves, as mentioned here in Del Liberal

In a rather awkward situation, taking a moment from filling in from a great guest appearance, Mike Matthews introduces us to the new blog, of the person that made such guest appearances possible. (Click and you will understand what I am talking about.) As a blog, it is different, yet for many of us, very, very familiar. We should have a very, very interesting run………Many of you have, but if you haven’t, stop by and add your congratulations……

Also DWA has a disturbing video. Kent State it isn’t……………

It appears that Kilroy has it in for John Carney. Of course he is a Levin fan. But still, his pictorials always entertain…..But although the Carney bashing is solid entertainment, do not let it dissuade you from reading the very proactive attempt to fuse administration and parents interests within the Red Clay School District. I am beginning to think, with Posts like these, that Kilroy’s on to something big. It should be done for every school district!

Our favorite Curmudgeon, seems to be the only one to pick up on the story of NASA keeping their “air safety” study secret. That’s ok, we don’t need it here in Delaware……WE HAVE MIKE PROTACK.( third sentence: question 6 ) (All should read this entire revealing link, as well as the comments. (Remember writing them?)) before discussing the Republican Governor’s race. Back to the Curmudgeon. I sense in each of her posts, that political and government agencies: “CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” Not only NASA, but the City of Philadelphia, and RedState. com seem equally unwilling to publish the “truth”. Perhaps Alice In Wonderland is more prevalent than I thought. Someone should check RedState for Alice’s mushrooms. “Ignoring Ron Paul“, because he is “not” a Republican……Come on….he is on every official Republican Debate, he registered in Congress as a Republican, and he raised more money than Tancredo, and he has done so, because he is the ONLY Republican who correctly BLAMES BUSH for what’s wrong, not illegal aliens…….which puts him right up there with Hube, Kilroy, and Dave to name a few…. ‘Yo! Losers at RedState……Ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall……”

Speaking of Ron Paul, our local Libertarian has this clip which adequately explains why Ron Paul is doing so well, and why some who are “old School”, are hesitant to jump on board……after all…..15 to 20 percent of Americans are Libertarians, according to Cato Institute

On another topic, pursue this: “Primary care physicians are nothing more than gatekeepers for the insurance companies.

Merit Bound Alley has the perfect answer for Hube, who I slighted in my last episode by not publishing his full take on Global Warming. MBA in the video “Silver Bullet” gives a sobering look to prove it really doesn’t matter if man “is or isn’t” the cause of global warming…….What matters is whether we don’t, or do something about it………..

Speaking of one of the contributors to The Colossus of Rhodey, something is happening to his reception of Fox News Channel! It is no longer Comcastic! All other news services are working fine…..Conspiracy perhaps? Doing a little personal sleuthing, on 10/15/2007 Comcast added Fox Business News to channel 106 (site of the old Bloomberg which moved to 103.) My guess is that these are paired, and for your analog TVs, the digital interference from channel 106 creates the sordidness of the analog signal of Channel 65. With electronics, anything can happen……

And just to show, that despite great differences in opinion, that when it comes to protesters, celebrities rule……..the same opinion lurks here on the right, as it did here on the left…….. Which leads one to wonder…..are there really a right and left anymore?

When it comes to wind power in Delaware, those distinctions do not apply. Right and Left line up on the same side, against Delmarva and it’s lobbyists (McDowell-Copeland), which seems to be the only entities left in opposition to the wind farm going forward……..

This has kept Tommywonk busy. Bouncing between radio broadcast, to blogging on wind here,
here, here, here, here, here.

Whether one is dealing with the price of wind in the Netherlands, or the increase of transmission lines across New York, or the seasonal carbon replacement factors that wind would replace, or the variances in wind velocity at 80 meters between summer and winter, perhaps something like this could keep things in perspective. A small break would be nice, for on October 29th, the hard work for wind begins anew……….Hey! Is anyone dressing up like Gary Stockbridge, Harris McDowell, or Charlie Copeland for Halloween? If so,……I would recommend not going trick or treating…………..for your own safety…………

Even I had to laugh at this one.

Of course they worked with us for 5 years. I guess they learned from us you can hide a lot in Homeland Security.

Hi, this is an open letter to those at Quantico who have the unfortunate task of monitoring me. Yeah, I know that I am the most boring case you have had to deal with, but, orders are orders.

I hope in the short time you have been impressed by how much I love this nation, how exciting it is to see it grow. I know many of you had preconceived notions about bloggers, particularly those who disagree with your commander in chief, but I hope over time, you have changed your opinion.

As you know, I am a human, and have to deal with human issues…..such as needing more money than I have to raise a family. But still, life is good when you suscribe to a simple code: Duty, Honor, Country.

That is what I want to talk to you about…..You have jobs to do and you have been told that doing such will benefit our country. Hopefully you have come to understand that I love this country as much, if not more than you do…….. That arguing for a better way is not destructive to this country’s interests.

I guess the difference between you and I is that, as someone who himself must use people to accomplish my means, I can see when others are doing the same. It is one thing to do what I do in the context of making money, and sharing it with those who work for me. For when I am successful, so are they. But it is far different for someone to delude others into giving all, and then taking it for himself and disappearing.

As you have so sworn, you are there to defend the Constitution. As a matter of fact, that is why I am here as well. Following orders, makes you loyal to your commander in chief… That is fine except in this rare case. But what if …….he is not pursuing America’s best interests, which are those outlined in the Constitution? Do you still have a duty to protect the reputation of our president, or then does it become your duty to honor your country?

Most of you, who hail from a rural beginning, know what it like to take a walk in the woods. Most of you would give anything now to be back home, wandering around your homesteads. So in a sense we are working on the same line. You are working to keep America safe from external threats….That is your job and you do it well. Me, and those like me, are working to keep America safe from internal threats, often more dangerous in the long run, than those outside the country.

One must fight a bar bully and cancer in different ways. Being tough helps in a bar fight, but being sensitive, knowing exactly where the cancer is, can save ones life in this other fight. Both fights require great courage……

I know as youthful persons, you have the belief that you need to channel peoples attention away from what you are doing. You need to watch us in secret. But think for a minute of the real reason and of whom you are fighting for……Your commander in chief, or you mom and dad, brother and sisters, family and friends?……..

If your leaders actions endanger their safety, are you helping the right side?

Just questions only you can answer……But I hope as you plod through my boring epistles and phone conversations, that you keep in mind that sometimes , those in power can go a little too far off center for this country’s own good……..

And when something leans to far and starts to fall, it takes quite an effort to straighten and right it up again………..

Just keep it in mind, that’s all……

WTF?photo by SUCHAT PEDERSON, News Journal

Hube is married to a Latina. Chavez is also a Latina. It may seem hard to believe, but based on evidence to the contrary, it could be possible that Hube supports the policies of Chavez. Even up to a whopping !% chance that he does. IT COULD BE POSSIBLE.

Mike M is familiar with geo positioning technology. In the wrong hands, that could be dangerous. He has recently returned from Canada, which has less stringent border requirements than does the US. There could be a chance that he spoke with someone about sensitive technology. Perhaps even a gigantic 1% chance that it possibly could have happened. BUT STILL, IT COULD BE POSSIBLE.

Randy, has left WGMD. Sometimes a personal event can change a person’s perspective. He is knowledgeable of radio technology. That knowledge in the wrong hands, could be dangerous. Perhaps there is even a 1% chance that he will instigate some type of disruptive event. You say it is far fetched. I say THERE IS A POSSIBILITY!

Congressman Mike Castle has supported the war in Iraq. despite the fact that it removes resources devoted to finding Bin Laden in Northwestern Waziristan. Why would someone WANT TO LET UP pressure on America’s number one terrorist, if that person wasn’t being a sympathizer to Al Qaeda’s cause? What other reason would representative Mike Castle have for aiding and abetting Bin Laden? The chances are possible that he is a mole, operating not to defend the Constitution, but under code from a lanky Arab who climbs over rocks and shoots a gun……(at least that is all we ever see him do…) You laugh, but look at the results. There is at least, if one rounds up, a 1% chance that congressman Mike Castle is helping Al Qaeda. IT COULD BE POSSIBLE.

Dave at FSP supported McCain in 2000, and now supports Mitt. Anyone who supports Mitt Romney is aware of his views on Iraq. His sons have not joined any branch of the Armed Services…. Does that mean that secretly, Mitt does not want them fighting and killing terrorists? By default, anyone who does not want to fight or kill Al Qaeda, must want them to live. Therefore anyone who WANTS a terrorist to live, is being supportive of their cause. Dave, who supports Mitt, who supports his sons’ decisions. which indirectly support sparing the lives of terrorists, could be considered a co-conspirator. At least there could be, again rounded up, a 1% CHANCE THAT IT IS SO.

The Cheney doctrine is as follows: Even if there’s just a 1 percent chance of the unimaginable coming due, act as if it is a certainty. It’s not about ‘our analysis,‘ as Cheney said. It’s about ‘our response.’ … Justified or not, fact-based or not, ‘our response’ is what matters. As to ‘evidence,’ the bar was set so low that the word itself almost didn’t apply.

You laugh, but look at those arrested so far on terroristic charges. Granted it is hard to arrest, and prove intent before a crime has been committed. Sometimes the flimsiest of evidence is necessary to proffer a conviction. And sometimes the evidence is stretched a little too thin. We are fortunate that ultimately our actions will be judged, not by government officials, but by twelve citizens culled from a pool of those who could not escape their jury notices. We are fortunate that members from such a group would be skeptical of the government’s infallibility.

But acting on the possibility of 1% chance of a terrorist attack, as we demonstrated in the above examples, crosses the line that differentiates the reasonable from the unreasonable.

The underlying tenet that makes unthinking Americans susceptible and willing to believe this nonsense,.. is that on an emotional basis, it makes sense. After all, I still vaccinate my children for diseases they have less than a 1% chance of exposure.

However that being granted, the simplistic doctrine of “if at least 1 percent, then act becomes especially frightening in the context of international conflicts, not just because of the number of threats misconstrued to meet the 1 percent threshold is overwhelmingly large, but because the consequences of misconstrued military action are so terrible, expensive, and irrevocable.

Therefore the emotional argument turns against the 1% doctrine. What do we have to give up to maintain such an unrealistic level of security? Here are some examples……….

At the last Drinking Liberally, I ordered a Heineken. Across the bar was a Miller Lite drinker, dressed conservatively, who glared at me. I deduced there was more than a 1% chance he would give me trouble…….I shot him.

My wife visited the Doctor. “Anything wrong” he asked and she said “I woke up with this scratchy throat. It could be allergies.” He said it could be cancer and if it is, we don’t have time for conclusive tests. Begin chemotherapy now, just in case.

The leader of the free world, conferred with his second in command. The consensus was that they could attack a third world nation intent on building a nuclear weapon before the leader’s term was up. Just as in the last engagement, no one worked through the possible consequences of their drastic action. Perhaps Russia will retaliate with a nuclear attack of their own. There is at least a 1% chance of Armageddon.

As Cheney said. “It’s about ‘our response.’ … Justified or not, fact-based or not, ‘our response’ is what matters.

So impeach now.

Poor little Paris. She gets blamed for everything. But this time it is truly not her fault. Only the timing between the fulfillment of her punishment and the commuting of any punishment for Scooter Libby, has thrust her in the limelight on this issue.

Being a celebrity, Paris Hilton received a harsh sentence that no one else would get for the same crime. Scooter, on the other hand, due to his celebrity status with Dick Cheney, gets a pardon that no one else would get for the same crime.

Bush says the his Republican judge, that he appointed, gave too harsh a sentence.

Does anyone remember the woman who was put to death by lethal injection in Texas. The one who had become a Christian and changed her life. She was asking that her sentence be committed to life in prison, instead of death, so that she could continue to do some good with what life she had left?

Bush refused. He told her, ” you did the crime; the court set your time; I don’t give a dime.”

She took it like a man.

Apparently any decision made by the court of the United States of America, does not apply when it goes against the will of the White House. In other words, America is governed by two sets of principals: one set applies to Bush/Cheney; the other set to all other Americans.

We have our hypocrite.

One could argue this callous disregard for all laws of our nation has run throughout this administration since the day it took office. In fact, as evidenced most recently by Dick Cheney, they have actually said their office is above the law, in no uncertain terms.

If this premise is not challenged, then a major precedent is being set before our eyes. Whoever the next administration may be, will continue to push legal interpretions further and further, until the Divine Right of Kings is thrust upon us as fait accompli.

It is for this, we must start holding our Presidency accountable, starting today. Not for political stakes, mind you, but to define which side of royality we want our president on.

We can thank Paris Hilton for this. To see her exit her jail cell with her head held high, her punishment complete, her life back on track, and then compare it to an characterless administration that continues to refuse its acceptance of any accountability for the millions of things it has done wrong……………….

No wonder Americans paid more attention to Ms Hilton, than they did to this tepid administration. She deserves it…………………..

Likewise, the enablers like Delaware’s congressman Mike Castle, who stood by as this happened, and still stand on the sidelines and wring their hands, still vocally supporting this administration instead of calling for accountability………..they should take a page from Paris Hilton’s handbook as well……………..