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All four postal unions sent a joint letter to Senate Majority Harry Reid on Aug. 5 expressing “utter dismay” at the introduction of S. 1486, the postal bill co-sponsored by Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) and Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), the chair and ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

The bill continues the disastrous policy of mandating massive pre-funding of retiree health benefits and provides for major downsizing measures to pay for it, the letter notes.

In case you haven’t followed, Congress requires the Post Office to make inordinately huge pension-plan payments, for reasons which nobody can really understand.   In the final analysis, USPS pensions are a government obligation, and it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference whether they come out of a) a well-funded pension plan, b) a badly-funded pension plan, or c) just out of US government revenues.

A 2006 Congressional mandate requires the agency to “pre-pay” into a fund that covers health care costs for future retired employees. Under the mandate, the USPS is required to make an annual $5.5 billion payment each year for over ten years, through 2016. These “prepayments” are largely responsible for the USPS’s financial losses.

No other business prepays for all employee’s actual medical hospital bills 20 years from now when they retire… It’s crazy actually. Lets assume you will be in a nursing home at $120,000 a year and you will (let’s be nice), live 10 years… Therefore it will cost you $1.200,000. So, assuming you are currently 53, giving you 12 more years of work left, we would take $100,000 of your income every year for the next 12 years….

Think you’d go broke? Do you know any business that assesses themselves so harshly? Of course not. No one would assess themselves that harshly. But Congress did assess the postal service that harshly. Congress forced this huge payment, which takes money out of running the business to be sure, just like you losing $100,000 a year takes money out of you.

Obviously the unions are upset. For to be able to make the payments on these huge pre-payments, they are cutting people’s pensions and benefits to pay for it. Imagine working 40 years and retiring tomorrow with no pension, so those retiring in 20 years hence, will be fully funded? They ave a right to be mad.

Here is what Senator Tom Carper proposed.

  • Destroy 80,000 full- and part-time jobs after a one-year delay, by eliminating Saturday mail delivery and give the Postmaster General authority to eliminate additional delivery days in the future;
  • Slash tens of thousands of additional jobs after a two-year delay, by allowing USPS to reduce delivery standards and close hundreds of mail processing facilities and thousands of post offices;
  • Mandate the elimination of door-to-door delivery, threatening at least 16,500 additional jobs, and
  • Impose “cruel and discriminatory” changes to the Workers Compensation program that would leave injured federal workers vulnerable to impoverishment when they reach Social Security retirement age.

“This massive downsizing and the bill’s assault on postal employee benefits are not necessary,” the letter says. “They are being driven by the irrational retiree health financing policy that no other business or agency would adopt. The Postal Service has already pre-funded decades of retiree health premiums, more than any other enterprise in America. Indeed, USPS has already set aside an estimated $49 billion for such premiums, approximately 50 percent of total expected costs over the next 90+ years.”

Do you think they’re a little bit angry?  Do you think they’re a little bit justified?

“The 30 members of the Senate who have co-sponsored S. 316, the Postal Service Protection Act of 2013, have taken the right approach. That bill (Bernie Sanders )would strengthen the Postal Service, promote innovation and, most importantly, resolve the retiree health and pension policies that have crippled the Postal Service in recent years,” it says.

Bernie Saunders bill is aimed at promoting the prosperity of the Post Office, as well as those who work for it.  Tom Carper’s bill, which insists on imposing the $5.5 billion penalty, is aimed at promoting the prosperity of financiers and banks.  After all, who do you think, gets commissions investing off that $5.5 billion?

Banks = Delaware = Carper

That is why a Senator from little ole Delaware is in the heart of kicking  down the US Post Office.    Makes more sense now, doesn’t it?


In the bi-partisan Senate(sic) negotiations broke down today on figuring out how to accomplish background checks for hand held weapons…. By an overwhelming majority, Americans support the notion that every gun be registered to a single owner, and if a crime occurs, that owner can be charged with a conspiracy to that crime, provided he had not reported that weapon stolen….

A reader has brought up the major fear all gun owners have on getting their guns registered.  They hide behind the Constitutionality that registering guns with the Government, is the first step to confiscation.   This is not their real reason.

Their guns are illegal.  Not to them, But at some point in the past, they bought a gun in a shady private deal that did not require a background check, and the possibility lurks that their weapon they’ve had for years, probably in all fairness, was actually the stolen property of another gun owner….and with a registry, that fact will be found out.!!!

As soon as a registry goes into effect, computers will begin matching the numbers….

And, it is not these law abiding gun owner’s fault.  They performed their transactions legally, and the seller of the weapon probably in good faith, performed the transaction legally…. But with the ability to trace weapons, a gun registered in 2013 can be  found to have been stolen in 1989…..

Obviously this is a real fear.  I think all of us would feel the same.  I know I would.  Likewise, for us to move forward in taking effective action to prevent future tragedies like Newtown, we need to solve this issue.

The reality is that these once-stolen guns, are now in new homes, and those new owners are law abiding citizens… Without a registering of firearms, this criminality, possession of stolen merchandise, would never have been determined…

So by declaring no one will be prosecuted for having stolen merchandise, would go a long way to make sure fixing one injustice, does not create another…

We need amnesty against any legal action taken to retrieve ownership of a long lost gun. In most cases a statue of limitations would be long in effect, but we need a blanket Federal amnesty protection given priority over state an local laws on criminal prosecution….

We need this amnesty because we need universal background checks.

That accountability is key to holding criminals responsible..  As we go forward into the future, we will  need that clear accountability to control which guns confiscated from criminal belong to law abiding citizens who can then get return of their stolen possession, and which guns confiscated can lead us to more criminals who are using the current holes in our system to funnel guns to 7-11 and convenience store robbers….

We need oversight and accountability to accomplish this….

And putting law abiding citizens at risk for crimes of the past of which they were unaware,  gets in our way of doing what an overwhelming number of Americans want….  closing the ability of criminals to get possession of guns…..

I think tacking amnesty for gun owners covering any issues a gun registry may illuminate,  needs to be in any gun legislation bill put forward….  It is no different from granting immunity, which across this nation prosecutors do every single day……..

So let’s get it done.

The story goes that Warren Buffet, rather worried about his investments early 2008, wanted to talk to God… God told him to use his phone and he’d send him the bill… He got and paid the $333 million dollar charge. His investments flourished, too… That would be the end of the story, except he was down in Sussex County recently, following up first hand on a corporate case being processed out of Georgetown… once again, he asked God for the right to call, and agreed to accept the charges… When he got his bill, he was fuming… He was only charged 25 cents… “God”, he said, “you ripped me off on that first call, big time!”… God said, “Warren, don’t you get it? In Sussex County, that’s a local call…”

Local call or not, Sussex County is weighing in on whether to say a prayer before County meetings or to not… Here are a few takes on that policy: one, two, three, four……

As someone who grew up where prayers were always said before football games and county meetings, it isn’t a big deal…… That is, as long as everyone agrees it isn’t a big deal. You don’t see prayers before meetings conducted in New York.

Not because New Yorkers are heathens, but because in New York, you have a multiplicity of religions, so praying a prayer from one of them, is a slap in the face for all others…

Why it’s even an issue in Sussex County is because the Positive Growth Alliance, has been building condo’s like ants, and lots of people who did not grow up in Sussex County, now live there. Many have different ideas of religion than those who’ve always been there all their lives…

If everyone believe in the same version of God as does David Anderson, then of course, duh, why are we even arguing about it… Of course we’re going to pray to God to guide us through this meeting.. That’s what He’s for!

Suddenly, thanks to Rich Collins and the Positive Growth Alliance, we have tons of people who do object to having David Anderson’s version of God, one who dislikes Homosexuals, and one who casts pox on Democrats, one who believes married people should have sex only when they have children, one who believes sex between animals is immoral, one who believes taxes are caused by the devil, one who believes that nature was made to bulldoze and pave with a combination of petroleum and gravel. … one who believes that oil companies have the divine right to pollute oceans, one who believes that animals were made for us to kill. … one who believes a national religious holiday should fall on the first day of deer season.. one who believes pick up trucks and baseball caps are proof that homosexuality is a sin,… on who believes killing someone with a gun is not a sin, but taking that gun away for the safety of others is…

(yes, I’m having fun and talking tongue in cheek)…

The point I’m making is that Sussex County is changing; and it is changing mostly thanks to Rich Collins and the Positive Growth Alliance.

Can you make new citizens join the current religion? If so, then by all means, just like the days of old, they will see no qualms in having a tiny prayer before the meeting.

But if they don’t want to join that religion, then, to force one group of religious people to impose their prayers on others, is not American…In fact, it’s kinda creepy…

If in an effort to show fairness, the Sussex County decided they would do prayers from all religions in alphabetical order, when they came to “B” and hit Buddahism, giving an Buddahist prayer before the session, most of those in the audience would be saying WTF! This is our nation, why do we have to listen to such crap…

Which is… exactly what those Buddahists think, who have opened a business in Millsboro, and have come before the county to ask for a variance on something or other that is in their antiqued code….

So… If it is unnatural for a Baptist to suffer a Buddahist prayer, it is equally unnatural for a Buddahist to sit through a Baptist prayer…

It’s not about one religion being right and the other wrong. It’s about who the citizens are that make up Sussex County. If you want to blame anyone over this controversy, the blame solely lies with those who built up Sussex County and brought in all these new people to begin with… Now that they are here, we have to make Sussex County as fair to them as New York, is fair to us, when we take our business up there……

Positive Growth, huh? Depends on your version of positive I guess………….

We were round tabling this discussion when one person said… “What if the US just gave up after Pearl Harbor?”

Valid point.

Now I’m all for people speaking their mind. I’m all for supporting the majority. And like the founding fathers, I have implicit faith in the ability of the people to sort out our problems and separate wheat from the chaff… if not the first time, then definitely over time.

Most ordinary people I know have far more wisdom than any leader I’ve had the privilege to share conversation with. Therefore I believe in the sanctity of the people’s choice. If the people voted him in, he’s there for a reason.

But that’s only if the election was fair. If someone padded the ballot box, or switched vote totals, than obviously this premise wouldn’t apply for the very reason that the choice of the people was not the person who was actually representing them.

Mike was bushwhacked, sort of like the US was at Pearl Harbor or on 09/11…Reading his interview yesterday in the News Journal, one gets a sense that perhaps this was not a fair fight…. By election laws it was, and we all have to accept the primary results. However, if Mike doesn’t run as a write-in, he is putting himself in the same position as if the United States did nothing after Pearl Harbor or 9/11….

And with Mike, it is not about winning, although winning would be nice. It would be about whether good or evil triumphed. Polls say it’s Mike’s race to lose. He actually has enough money to send every voter a personal card telling them exactly how much he’s done for them, how that will soon change for the worse, and explain how to write in his name and send the evil perpetrators back to their cardboard boxes.

If Mike doesn’t do this…. exactly then, what is he saying to future generations of Americans? ? That we should just give up when hit from behind with a baseball bat? That it’s the American way to lay down and bend over? That being a man, is knowing when to run away and hide? That brutality and tastelessness are the new American Way? That perhaps Christine was right? Castle has no man pants on? That the wishes of Delawareans don’t matter; we’ll stop immediately and do what Californians tell us? That how we brush off defeat is a better mark of character, than coming back strong and punishing the evil that befell us?

And sentences keep coming one after another… the list keeps going on…

But if I were in Mike Castles shoes, and if it were me looking over the entire scene before me… I would have no choice but to say I’m in… Oh yes, I would wait till the last minute of September 30th to do so… and I would create a smoke cloud beforehand by pretending to roll over and let bygones be bygones… …. …. and from somewhere out of the fog, then overwhelmingly, I’d strike.

I wouldn’t hold back.. It’d be my last race, it would be the one I pulled all my stops for. Every person I’d ever helped would get a personal appeal from me. Unconditional Surrender would be our rallying cry, just like for the troops of WWII… Our goal would be not just to win, but destroy the O’Tea Party forever.

Ok, Hannity O’Tea Partiers: so you were secretly prepared and yes, you overran Poland, and yes, you then went on to incorporate the Low Countries, Denmark and Norway, and even surprised France pushing their ally Britain into the water… But this time, you went too far.. You’ve taken on the United States. You’ve pissed off someone five times your size. We will Normandize you, Elbetize you, Dresdenize you, give you a Kolnectomy, Rhineantipuovertize you, Remagenisque you, and even liposuctionize your Battle of the Bulge. We will Pattontize you, Bradleydice you, and Marshall you into a corner from where you can’t maneuver.. We will take average civilians and turn them into a fighting force the world has never seen…

We will do so for the honor of America.

What kind of an America? An America where truth wins out, where decency prevails, where honesty and hard work eventually win out over trickery, skulduggery, and political assassination. You wanted to play dirty? We’ll show you how it’s done… In doing so we will show the world that modernism prevails, that decent people still run America. that the “Boehner Bullshit” is just that. It’s time to show the world what we’ve known all along.. That in America, it’s the people who run politics..Not the Politics who run the people…..

I’d tell every Delawarean… Do yourself a favor… Turn off your TV’s.. You got a question? Call me or my staff directly! We’ll talk to you… try talking back to their commercials! Where will that get you?

That stuff they’re airing? That’s not Delaware talking, That’s California money talking… That’s rich bitch snitch drug money being laundried to throw a Senate seat into supporting their snatching up of all your money… You want to keep some of your money? Call me. Call my staff… That’s Delaware talking.

Do you want reason to take on ins’hannity?

Well, it’s on. Support me. You can’t let the devil win… ”

Well anyway, if I were Castle, that’s exactly what I’d do. And I would do it selflessly, not to win, but to give Delawarean another alternative between a Democrat and our equivalent of the brown shirts of the Nazi Party.

Yes, if there is still good left in America, then Castle needs to run.
If the doesn’t, then the America that came back after Pearl Harbor……. is gone.

Video courtesy of The Story of Stuff

This explains America’s failure to appreciate cap and trade. If you don’t know what cap and trade entails, you will after seeing this…

Republicans who don’t vote Primary Day in Delaware, will regret it. This is the day to decide the fate of their party. Does it choose the ineffectual path of being moderate, just to stay elected, or…. does it choose to mean something?

Christine O’Donnell means something… She has Palin’s support. She has the NRA’s support. She has the anti-abortionists support. She has the Republican leadership in Congress’s support.

She has all this momentum because they feel she better represents the fight Republican’s have always had. Hide under a rock like Castle has for 10 years? No way. Better to attack and show ones conservative true colors, than to hide behind the mantle of being a nice guy, who when it comes time to support the causes dear to the conservative movement, you run the other way.

Crazy Eileen was an omen. Like the prophets of old who came down the mountain wearing animal skins, she was equally shocking in a way. She got the worlds attention that Mike Castle was not.ready for a conservative candidate.

Before you vote, remember Sarah Palin. Call your friends and remind them that conservative philosophy is under attack, and this time by Republicans…

The best vote is to retire Mike Castle. A vote for Christine gives us all a breather and gives this Senate race some traction so it can finally get off the ground….

In Delaware there is a battle which will determine the future direction of the entire Republican Party: the Senate primary, between former governor/congressman Mike Castle, and former candidate/virgin Christine O’Donnell.

Cow Tipping is a sport frowned on by farmers; but readily enjoyed by drunken students. They go into a field at night where cows are sleeping standing up. The giant, intimidating, heavy cows are almost perfectly balanced, and with a tiny push, they fall over sideways, hitting the ground, waking up with a start, wondering what the hell just happened…

Today, on WDEL, with commercials from both Christine and Mike Castle opposite each other on air, we saw the beginning of a cow losing it’s balance.. Wednesday morning, it will wake up and wonder what just happened!

In this year of opposition, what does the Republican party stand for? If you follow national politics, you would say they stand for no… They are for tax cuts, except when Obama proposes them, and they say no! They are for a stronger military, except when Obama proposes them, and they say no! They are for a better healthcare, except when Obama proposes them, and they say no! Mike Castle, as Delaware’s lone congressman, has been part of that process for two years…

Christine O’Donnell stands for something.. She is against abortion. Mike is not. She supports the right to bear arms. Mike does not. She is for limiting the size of government. Mike is not. She is for helping families raise their children with American values.. Mike is silent on that. She does not cater to homosexuals… Mike is rumored to have… She is for a balanced budget. Mike is not.

Now there are ways both candidates can take these words, by twisting them into pretzels, say they are not true. That’s what candidates do… and we are tired of it…
Bottom line, is that Mike Castle has a record. He votes on the floor of the House of Representatives. And his voting record caterers more to the state’s surplus of Democratic voters than they do to Republican core values… Christine, does not have a voting record, but she has mouth. Her mouth, consistently, without fail, echoes the tenets of core Republican values… She’s even been on Fox News and John Beck. Where has Mike Castle shown up? On “The Colbert Report”.

If Mike Castle wins Tuesday’s primary, the real loser will be Delaware’s voters. They will have to chose from two boxes that look alike. Both vote Democratically; both spend money on things while lauding their fiscal prowess, both are for abortion, neither is endorsed by the NRA, neither will be endorsed by her hotness, Sarah Palin, and neither will ….. well,….. put it this way… The race will be rather boring; why go out and waste time voting? Dime or dozen. Both are the same…….

Now… if Christine, on the other hand, wins on Tuesday Republicans suddenly have a chance at winning a new Senate seat… Each time Biden comes in for Coons.. Palin covers for Christine. Suddenly Delaware has a choice… between someone who espouses to continue the change that was voted in two years ago and someone who will takes us back before 9/11 to the glorious days of 2000…. all the way back to when Bush was elected, back to when the economy during the first days of his administration, couldn’t be stopped… O’Donnell will reverse the clock, giving tax break after tax break until this economy gets itself off it’s haunches and starts roaring again…

Do Delaware voters deserve a clear choice? or do they have to look at the minutia that separates to identical suits cut out of the same cloth?

The Castle campaign has tried to disparage Christine… All that means is that they failed at convincing the voters on the high ground… The question every Republican voter needs to ask, is this:… If you can’t win on the high ground, Mr Congressman… why in the hell should I vote for you because your huge campaign chest outspent your opponent on the low ground?

Does this make sense?

His disparaging radio ad on WDEL shows just how out of touch he is. The Castle campaign lashes out that Christine is ridiculous because she can’t pay her bills…Pooh.pooh, on her… they say.. But let me tell you Mr. Congressman….90% of Delaware’s small, and even some large businesses can’t pay their bills right now… They are short-paying all over the place! So Christine, by being closer to what they are going through, is actually better able to represent them, than say someone, who swelled his campaign chest by slipping through Congress, exemptions for large chemical companies to import chemicals without paying their fair share of duty on them.. Huge corporations can have Mike Castle change the laws just to make them more money…. and small businesses can’t even pay their bills… and the Mike Castle campaign is bashing her for the same?

These past two years, Mike Castle has spent a lot of effort to balance his votes between conservative and liberal… He is perfectly balanced at this moment… just so he can pretend to be a conservative before September 14th, and then liberal before November 2nd…. In fact, he is so perfectly well balanced, that one Republican interloper, has been able to sneak up to the sleeping cow, and with just a little additional push, tip that old cow over…

Tonight, a small progressive enclave dissolved when their charismatic leader stepped down… Well… not exactly did it completely dissolve like a Fizzie in a glass of ice water… but there were several explosions that cracked and chipped a couple of ice cubes.

The details like all minutiae are trifling and will not matter years from now… just little “he said”, “she said” stuff…

Most reading this have already heard the details…

So I (as usual) will address the big issue….

They’ve run out of steam…. When started, the Progressive Democrats under it’s previous leader harbored some closet Republicans who considered themselves far-thinking. You can’t really call them Republicans since “far thinking” and Republicans can never be grouped in the same category. ( Those Republicans are now Democrats, btw.) But that was just the kind of organization it was… They were the modern equivalent of the Grangers.

The problem with progressives… they were too successful…

For heavens sakes. They guy we’ve all shaken hands with, IS VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

And to top it off: THE PRESIDENT IS PART BLACK! I thought it’d be another hundred years, based on Jesse Jackson’s performance of yesteryear…. but no… it’s happening now. How progressive is that?

The US Senate is 59 to 41 for the good of America.. The House is 257 to 158 for the good of America. This is not a dream. The American people spoke and it is happening now.

The Delaware Senate is stacked 15 to 6 for the good of Delawareans no matter what their financial income.. The Delaware House is stacked 24 to 17 for the betterment of all Delawareans… This is not make believe; this is reality folks…

There is only one Republican holding statewide office… only one… and he barely held on against a name that no one can remember, despite the fact that no one seriously challenged him….

Progressives… You rocked… Rebecca.. With results like that: you’re a legend. Howard Dean would be proud….


What Progressives are suffering from is championship fever… We gave everything, took out every Republican we set our sites on, and got the prize… We’ve been in a daze ever since… Starting next Thursday, games begin for real.. No more preseason fluff… The only thing that matters is the final score…

Will Progressives return to the fight like last seasons Steelers? That is the fate of almost every champion…. Rare, are the ones who achieve a second year… The Giants, the Patriots are two that come to mind… Every person caring for the continued improvement of America, must get the lethargy out of their system if they want to me more than a one hit wonder…

We need fired up…

It would be nice if we showed America that WE REMEMBER! We remember what Republicans did to destroy this once great nation. We remember the greatness of the Clinton years, when every income strata benefited and grew richer financially. THAT is real progress… not taking from one strata and giving to another… but using the tool progressives have in better supply than anyone else… brainpower… and creating livable solutions that benefit the whole of society; not just the family of a refrigerated trucking firm.

It would be nice if we showed them how much Delaware resents Republicans… that no matter how nice of a guy they put up… whether his name is Castle, Bonini, or Wagner, they can’t win BECAUSE THEY ARE A REPUBLICAN…. Yes, that is a legacy worth fighting for… That is a worthy going-away-thank-you gift for Rebecca…

So let’s do this.

This goes on every Democratic paid for billboard October 1st

Reading a recent old copy of the News Journal, I saw an article where some Republican buffoon, said something like: “yeah, we’re gonna stick it to Chris Coons that he’s a tax and spend Democrat.”

I laughed out loud…

Go ahead … Make us draw attention to you..

Now that the major primaries have passed, now that the issues have been settled, we can all move on since the rest of the primaries are only to determine the actual people who will be running……..

Therefore, starting today, the stimulus spending bill has come under debate…

As well as it should… It was a big bill…. It was definitely voted on through a leap of faith. If successful, it completely wipes one major party off the face of the planet! If it fails, it offers the only justification for that pathetic party to have ever existed in the first place…

And so, … it should be debated…

Now with debates, anyone can say anything… If you can open your mouth, if you can form words with your tongue, if you know the rudimentary rules of the English language, you can say anything… There is no limit…

It is up to us, to determine whether what is being said, fact… or fiction.. It is up to us to use our intellectual processes, our years of experiences, or natural born instincts, to analyze the sound waves emitting from a speaker’s mouth, and to make a judgment on whether what is being said… is fact, …. or …fiction.

Sometimes we need help…

So let us turn to Republicans to help us determine whether the stimulus package was a good thing after all…

As everyone knows, the passage of the Stimulus Package was essentially a Democratic undertaking. Every Republican member of the House and all but three Republican members of the Senate voted against it.

( Mike Castle is in the House; Mike Castle is a Republican )

Obviously they think the Stimulus Package is bad. They’re right…. It’s bad for Republicans… Every elected Republican’s job is in jeopardy, .. if the Stimulus Bill turns out to be successful…

As for the rest of us, …all the evidence out there now, shows it is helping.. All the evidence out there now, shows it has made a differenceAll the evidence out there now, shows that America sorely needed the Stimulus Bill, and the American economy today, is alive only because this Bill got passed over the outrageous objections of all Republicans but three …

Three economic analyst firms, IHS Global Insight, Macroeconomic Advisers and Moody’s have estimated that between 1.6 million and 1.8 million jobs have been created so far. The White House offered a much broader range, between 1.5 and 2 million jobs.

Yes, as Rick Jensen pointed out on WDEL this afternoon, some jobs are not high priced or long term… The actual percentage of those he mentioned as having no merit, roughly a thousand out of the 2 million figure quoted by the White House, is exactly 0.0005 of one percent. So we can assume, thanks to Rick Jensen, that this bill, which Mike Castle voted against, has been 99.9995% successful at creating new jobs…

So what are these Republicans objecting too? $ 288 billion in tax cuts.
Mike Castle voted against $288 Billion in tax cuts… That is the same thing as raising your taxes… Do you know why the upcoming Christiana District Referendum is now necessary? It is because for 8 years, Mike Castle voted to streamline government. He voted for tax cuts, so his wealthy friends, who used to support our schools with their taxes, didn’t have to anymore. Keep your money he told them. We’ll cut jobs and expenses… Now, in a bad economy, every homeowner will have to cough up more to keep our schools open… All because Mike interfered with what was working beautifully, and screwed things up…

And now,… when we need jobs, Mike Castle votes against $288 billion in tax cuts? Is he nuts? or is he worried those tax cuts might be successful and he will lose his job come November 2010?

You don’t have to be a scientist to figure that one out..

But the Republicans biggest opposition to the Stimulus Package was that it created jobs….

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele laid down the party line on CNN: “Let’s get this notion out of our heads that the government create jobs. Not in the history of mankind has the government ever created a job.”

Hoover Dam, TVA, WWII, every military contract ever signed, Kellogg & Root, every bulldozer operator on every Federal Highway, every Congressional staffer, every state employee, every public school teacher, etc., does not exist according to the republican party. They are simply not there… This is the doctrine Mike Castle subscribes to?

Contrary to Steele’s assertion, in the history of mankind, the government has in fact created many, many jobs (including the one he held for a few years: lieutenant governor of Maryland) (and they wonder why people have no confidence in Republicans.. Ha!)

Equally peculiar, was the rush by these same Republicans who said government never created any new jobs, to claim credit even though they voted against it, for the new jobs their Federal Government was bringing to their district….

Which leaves the third leg. Entitlements. Much of the spending in this area has been on Medicaid—an effort to help state governments, run by Democrats and Republicans alike, cope with the rising costs of residents left uninsured or under-insured by the economic downturn. It would be hard to find any Republican who would commit that we need to let seniors die a wretched and painful death, with no medical care because the Federal Government didn’t want to spend some extra dollars… But that is exactly what Mike Castle voted to do, when he voted against the Stimulus Bill… It’s a dammed good thing he was in the minority…

So Mike Castle voted here and here to kill the Stimulus Plan.

The question is simply put….. Was this the best decision for Delaware?

He voted against the creation of 1.6 to 1.8 million jobs.
He voted against $288 billion in tax cuts during an economic crises.
He voted against emergency money to keep seniors from dying painful and wretched deaths when state funding ran out…

Does he know he made a mistake?

We only send one, let's send our best...

You tell me.